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Depending on rate solid source up to 95 percent of adult people have been infected with the herpes virus: In their blood the corresponding antibody for the herpes simplex virus is detectable. The highly contagious viral slumbers, it has been infected with him forever in the spinal cord of the person concerned and breaks again, if the patient, for example by disgust or strong sunlight has a weakened immune system. But what about the few people in whom the corresponding antibodies is undetectable? Are these immune to herpes? Where does the immunity against herpes? A study from 2003 showed: children who develop chickenpox, can a certain immunity against other viruses from the family of the chickenpox virus – which include the herpes simplex, as the medical term is for cold sores develop. So who suffered from child under chickenpox, which might put in his other life is not quite so easy with herpes on. But this is by no means guaranteed. Rather, one can assume that some people are not too easily infect with the virus, as they have an appropriately trained immune system and that they will not also come into close contact with the pathogen. For this reason, they do not carry the herpes causing organisms. More likely, given the large number of infected world population that few people simply are lucky that they never suffer despite the infection under the cold sores as they do not break simply. Almost everyone carries the virus in them Because of course also people in whom the Herpes virus never breaks out, these have in themselves and infect other people with it.

Most often, infection occurs way before the age of six, and often takes the infection without symptoms. The alleged immunity must but never last forever: After surgery or serious illness such as cancer or HIV, it has the herpes virus more easily and breaks out. Often you lean in this case before already by administering against cold sores drugs, so that they continue to not break. In people with healthy immune systems herpes is dangerous only in exceptional cases; only for high-risk patients or pregnant women, the outbreak can be dangerous. There is no vaccination The immunity against the herpes virus can not be produced by vaccination. Although the researchers worldwide are working on a matching vaccine, but there is still no solution: Who is once infected, the no longer get rid of the stubborn virus. The research, which concluded that a chickenpox disease could increase the immunity to the virus – but other findings are not currently available. Immune to genital herpes? Apart from cold sores, which form in a herpes infection in the face, there is also another herpes variant that is highly contagious: genital herpes. Even against this type of virus, the human body can not develop immunity. Nevertheless, this virus is less common; only about a third of the adult population has corresponding antibodies in the blood. This is partly due to the so-called cross-protection: Who has cold sores, is often immune to genital herpes, and reverses.

This is probably connected with the relationship between the two viruses that the immune system produces antibodies against those virus with which you get infected first. Subsequent Herpes infection can then be prevented by these same antibodies. How can I protect myself from infection? Since the regular Herpes simplex virus, as already mentioned, is present at up to 95 percent of adult humans, the prevention of infection is almost impossible. Very few people develop a certain immunity after chickenpox disease as a child. To avoid infection, you should for example not use the same towels as acutely ill with herpes, and you should of course avoid touching the infection – even through the skin to the highly contagious virus can spread! Preventive aciclovir tablets can be taken. For people whose immune system is compromised acutely – for example, in HIV disease – corresponding tablets are also verabreichert prophylactically so that the herpes virus can not use his chance. strengthen the own immune system Since herpes breaks out in strong sunlight, a sufficient UV protection should be applied before each sunbath. Commercially and Lip Balms are available, regular sunscreen there doing well. Also pay attention basically on the defensive power of your immune system: Through a balanced, vitamin-rich diet, regular exercise and adequate relaxation sessions. Although after things stand the research no complete immunity against herpes can be reached, can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, the outbreak of the disturbing cold sores often.

must be accepted that in some people apparently a genetic predisposition for the outbreak of cold sores is present, while others hardly have to suffer. Until the research further insights gained in this area, and perhaps even developed a vaccine with which everyone can develop immunity to the disease, people must live with the perhaps most common virus in the world.

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Fever blisters (herpes simplex labialis) This widespread disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is characterized by the emergence of small, oozing blisters on reddened skin or mucosa. The passage in question is sensitive and painful. The blisters heal without scarring, but have a tendency to come back. There are two types of herpes simplex virus. Both can use the skin, mucous membranes of the whole body and the brain attack. HSV Type 1 is the most common type. It is usually limited to the mouth and lips. HSV type 2, however, particularly affects the genitals. The allocation of the two types to the respective locations is not obligat. Mehr than 90 percent of adults have antibodies to HSV type 1 in the blood, about 25 percent have antibodies to HSV type 2. Antibodies to have formed, this means that the person has been in contact with the virus.

Why do you get cold sores? Herpes labialis is transmitted by droplet infection or by direct contact (for example kissing or touching the infected site). Even the sharing of cups by infected and non-infected can lead to the spread of fever blisters. The first contact with the virus can – usually unnoticed – carried out at the age of three to five years. HSV attacks the uppermost cells of the skin, where form oozing blisters. From the epidermis, the virus through the nerves to the nerve roots move. It remains in a kind of twilight state to become active again with weakened immune systems. The virus then spreads to reverse way back towards the skin from where it appears in the form of cold sores (reactivation). Trigger for such reactivation possibility febrile infections be (herpes febrilis), as well as UV radiation (Herpes solaris), menstruation (herpes menstrualis), gastrointestinal disorders, and hormonal (pregnancy) and psychological factors. As you notice fever blisters? The primary infection usually occurs in childhood and runs inconspicuously in about 90 percent of cases. However, they can also act as mouth rot (herpetic gingivostomatitis acuta), act as mouth blistering rash, fever, severe pain, difficulty swallowing, lymph node swelling and discomfort. The first herpes outbreak occurs two to seven days after infection.

Over a period of eight to ten days, the fever blisters heal. At a later time, the virus is reactivated – a new cold sores formed. The fever blisters are found mainly on the lips and around the mouth, but can also on the rest of the skin, for example, on the cheeks, on the nostrils, on the earlobes or the eyes, rarely on the buttocks (gluteal herpes simplex) occur. The first signs of cold sores are itching and distension, rarely pain. Within a short time results in small, oozing blisters that heal subsequently under crusting. The crust falls off after about eight to ten days. Until the entire cold sore covered with scab, you can also infect others with herpes. Approximately 30 percent of HSV-infected people have repeatedly struggling through life with cold sores. How does your physician diagnose fever blisters? Often the doctor reaches the combination of the personal medical history and the appearance of cold sores, to make the diagnosis. Swabs and a blood test (only useful for a primary infection) confirm the diagnosis. Which complications can occur? Infection of the wound by bacteria

Spread of the disease to the eyes with a possible reduction in vision (corneal herpes) To a very severe propagation can occur in children when their skin is already damaged by eczema. Encephalitis by herpes The heaviest herpes course occurs when the patient’s defenses is weakened, for example by chemotherapy or in AIDS patients. In florid genital herpes in the context of pregnancy give birth via a Caesarean section should be sought, as the newborn can become infected when passing through the birth canal with the virus. This can cause the newborn to a serious disease with a mortality rate of 30 percent. What should be considered even in cold sores? Avoid touching the sores, they can be transferred to other parts of the body (such as fingers or genital area). Wash after touching the sores hands. General healthy lifestyle with a varied diet, sports and adequate sleep strengthens the immune system of the body. Drinkware not use with others. What can the doctor do? The doctor examines whether treatment is necessary.

Treatment should start as early as possible, ie as soon as you notice the first signs of fever blisters. Local can be the cold sores dry paint with antiseptic additives or apply a cream-viral. In repeated cases of severe cold sores you may prescribe-viral tablets your doctor. ‘Lg Dany

Frequently asked questions about sudden hearing loss and tinnitus

I have a sudden loss of hearing suffered, how fast I should be treated? A few years ago the sudden hearing loss was defined as a medical emergency and had to be treated immediately after arrival in the practice or clinic. This extreme view has changed, the sudden hearing loss is now considered as a therapeutic urgent cases and it seeks to immediately, but at least no later than the next day to treat him. The sooner the treatment is after sudden hearing loss, the higher the proportion of patients whose sudden deafness improves or disappears entirely. Out of it whistles in my ear, especially when it is quiet. But the whistling stops repeatedly. Am I in danger of suffering a sudden loss of hearing? Short-term ringing in the ear is quite normal. In an anechoic chamber even every man is able to perceive a whistle in his ear. The risk of suffering a sudden loss of hearing, is not higher or lower than for any other people for them. What are my chances of healing when I experienced some hearing? The prognosis for recovery after a sudden loss of hearing is very different judged depending on the criteria that one uses to assess. For the patient to listen to normal in one ear, but actually counts is the complete restoration of hearing, since even at low residual damage the so-called “binaural hearing” is not reached again.

Although the hearing improved after a sudden hearing loss in up to about 80% of cases, reach only 30 to 40% of patients a completely normal hearing. Another issue that remains mostly ignored, is the question of whether an accompanying tinnitus after sudden hearing loss disappears. Up to 30% of sudden deafness patients permanently retain a tinnitus after sudden hearing loss. After a sudden hearing loss I have completely lost on one side my hearing, I need a hearing aid? If you listen carefully to the other ear, you need a hearing aid. Although a hearing aid is often able to improve the hearing, but it is never able to reach the performance of a normal ear. Unless you have approximately equal hearing on both sides, you will always focus on your listening to the healthy ear and regardless of how pronounced is your hearing do not observe the diseased ear. What is the cause of a hearing loss? To date, there are no clinical method that is able to unequivocally prove the cause of hearing loss. There are many indications that the sudden hearing loss is due to different causes. For the majority of patients a regional circulatory disorder in the inner ear is present. As other, somewhat less common causes are known as autoimmune processes, so something like rheumatism, viral infections of the inner ear, for example, simplex herpes, and considered in rare cases, an increased pressure of the fluid in the inner ear. Helps the infusion treatment ISSNHL really?

The effectiveness of an infusion treatment with so-called circulation conveyor Direction agents could not be unambiguously assigned as yet a solid clinical study is missing. But it would be premature to conclude from the absence of such a study on the ineffectiveness of the circulation-promoting drugs. The results of clinical studies show that an infusion therapy, the further addition of glucocorticoids (for example cortisone) for infusion ISSNHL can be effective. It is believed that this effect of glucocorticoids for inflammation and autoimmune reactions play a role. Whether an infusion therapy in the patient’s conduct, neck, nose and throat doctor and patient must discuss together. In no case should then, however, sacrifice the administration of glucocorticoids. What can I do so I can get no further sudden deafness? In any case, one should avoid both permanent noise pollution as well as try to short-term peak noise levels, such as may occur when fireworks on New Years Eve, for example, to avoid. Whether healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids and give a low-stress lifestyle, to prevent a sudden loss of hearing is not proven with certainty, but at least probable. Can a serious serious medical condition to be the cause of my hearing loss? In a few cases other serious diseases can mimic some hearing about at every bicentennial sudden deafness patients found a after a thorough further investigation, albeit benign tumor of the auditory and vestibular nerve. In rare cases isolated small strokes can affect a range of auditory pathway in the brainstem and even rarer are first manifestations of multiple sclerosis, which may at first seem like a sudden hearing loss. The vast majority of patients, however, apart from the damage of the inner ear, otherwise completely healthy.

Is stress the cause of sudden hearing loss? Many sudden deafness patients report that they were exposed just before the sudden loss of hearing a particular mental stress. A direct explanation model, such as stress could cause some hearing but there is no. Perhaps sudden deafness patients are similar to heart attack patients often those who are not able to cope with high mental stress to come. Therefore, these are not a mental illness, but also a measurable physical damage to the inner ear. How do I know that I have some hearing? The sudden deafness manifests itself in a sudden occurring within seconds or minutes hearing loss on one side. Many patients report that they feel a slight pressure sensation, similar to as if batting would be stuck in the ear. Often the same time at their hearing a loud whistling. Since often the directly adjacent organ of balance is also affected, there may be a spinning sensation. An exact diagnosis requires the implementation of different auditory and vestibular tests in ear, nose and throat specialist.

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The meninges are the membranes covering the brain and …

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meningitis The meninges are the membranes did cover the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). The meninges are the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). They act as a barrier between the central nervous system and the rest of the body, acting as an extra barrier to to infection. They act as a barrier between the central nervous system and the rest of the body, as an additional barrier to infection. Meningitis is infection of the meninges. Meningitis is infection of the meninges. It can be Caused by bacteria or viruses. It can by bacteria or viruses. There are Approximately 3500-4000 cases reported per year in the UK. There are approximately 3500-4000 cases reported per year in the UK. Bacterial meningitis is a less common form of the disease. Bacterial meningitis is a less common form of the disease.

It is always serious and severe. It is harder and harder. Viral meningitis is more common but normally less serious. Viral meningitis is more common, but usually less severe. Bacterial meningitis is Caused by Several different types of germs, Which live naturally at the back of the nose and throat in one in ten people and can be spread by close prolonged contact, coughing, sneezing and kissing. Bacterial meningitis is. By different types of germs that live naturally in the back of the nose and throat in one out of ten people and can by close long time, coughing, sneezing and kissing Only in some do the germs overwhelm the bodies defenses and cause meningitis. Just do in some, the germs overwhelm the bodies defenses and cause meningitis. The bacteria can not live long outside the body so can not be picked up from water supplies, swimming pools, buildings or factories and only Certain types of bacteria (meningococcal C) spread more Rapidly in crowded areas. The bacteria can not live long outside the body so it can not also picked up from water supplies, swimming pools, buildings or factories and only certain types of bacteria (meningococcal C) spread rapidly in crowded areas. Incubation for bacterial meningitis is between 2 and 10 days. Incubation of bacterial meningitis is between 2 and 10 days. Viral meningitis is a less severe illness but can quietly be very debilitating, and very rarely, can progress through headache, fever and drowsiness to deep coma.

Viral meningitis is a less severe disease, but can still be very debilitating, and very rarely, progress can headache, fever and dizziness to deep coma. The incubation period for viral meningitis can be up to 3 weeks. The incubation period for viral meningitis can be up to 3 weeks.

The Facial Nerve: An Update on Clinical and Basic Neuroscience Research: E. Stennert, O.

I: Invited lectures. – Anatomy. – Comparative anatomy of the central representation of the facial nerve. – The facial nerve – Peripheral and central connections of proprioception. – Facial nerve fiber orientation, linkage between central nervous organization and muscular function. – Changing ratio between myelin thickness and axon caliber in developing human facial nerves. – The denervated muscle. – to what extent can poor functional recovery of denervated muscles be attributed to incomplete as opposed to inappropriate reinnervation after surgical repair of severed nerves? . – Morphologic studies on human and rodent facial muscles. – denervation and reservation of muscle: Physiological effects. – Postdenervation muscular changes in facial paralysis. – Effects of electrostimulation therapy: enzyme-histological and myometric changes in the derivated musculature.

– Rehabiliation of facial expression ( “mime therapy” ) . – The injured nerve. – Fine Structure of degeneration and regeneration of peripheral nerve fibers. – regulation of transferrin receptors and iron uptake in normal and injured nervous system. – Clinical experience in nerve grafting. – Prognostic value of electroneurography palsy in Bell’s. – Role of laminin for axonal growth. – Bell’s palsy: Synopsis by at otologist. – Role of oncogenes in neural regeneration. – The facial nucleus and its cellular environment. – The role of microglia in regeneration. – The role of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the regenerating facial nucleus. – The role of astrocytes in facial nerve regeneration.

– Pathophysiology of hemifacial spasm. – II: Free papers and posters. – Anatomy and the denervated muscle. – Anatomy and histology of the mimic muscles and the facial Supplying and posters nerve. – motor innervation pattern of the orbicularis oris muscle in guinea pig. – Why does the frontal muscle “never come back”? Functional organization of the mimic musculature. – affection of mimic muscles, simulating damage of the facial nerve in patients with muscular faciocapulohumeral dystrophy. – Muscle ultrastuctural changes in long-standing idiopathic facial nerve total palsy. – Comparison of myosin in denervated and Immobilized muscles. – Respiratory-related electromyographic activity of facial muscles. – stimulation of the regeneration process in denervated muscle. – Peripheral communication of the facial nerve at the angle of the mouth.

– Development and reinnervation of rat muscle grafts in inter specific transplantations. – trigeminal facial nerve communication and its clinical application. – Observations on the geniculate ganglion in adult human dissections. – Spatial occupancy of the facial nerve in the fallopian canal. – Funicular structure and nerve fiber topography in the extratemporal facial nerve. – Physical training. – The role of physical therapy in patients with facial paralysis – State of the Art. – Functional recovery and electromyographic / electro euro graphic evaluation in Bell’s and Ramsay Hunt’s palsy patients undergoing physical training. – Treatment of facial paralysis using electromyographic feedback – A case study. – eutrophic electrical stimulation in long-standing facial palsy. – Plastic surgery. – graft hypoglossal-facial anastomosis with gold lid weight. – Individually adjusted curvatures of upper eyelid gold implants: a valuable approach.

– Static suspension of Eyebrow with Gore-Tex Plastic surgery. – temporalis transfer for correction of lagophthalmus. – pectoralis minor transplant in the Netherlands. – An experimental model for complex dynamic control of the reinnervated face. – pectoralis minor muscle graft for the treatment of unilateral facial palsy. – Extended follow-up study of vascularized muscle transplantation for treatment of long-standing facial palsy. – Eye sphincter substitution schemes. – resuscitation schemes for partial facial palsies. – Freeze-thawed skeletal muscle car grafts: experimental evalutation of thesis grafts in facial nerve repair. – facial nerve paralysis: weightlifting gold implants as alternative to tarsorrhaphy. – facial reanimation in facial nerve disorders facial paralysis. – in children and Others. – steroid therapy for facial nerve palsy in children.

– Developmental aspects of the facial canal: A light and scanning electron microscopy of the study. – Vulnerability facial nerve palsy in entraped: Comparative study in guinea pigs and humans. – Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome: report of two cases and review of literature. – Course of the facial nerve in congenital dysplasia of the external auditory canal: A high-resolution computerized tomography study. – Lyme borreliosis – Main cause of acute peripheral facial palsy in childhood. – Dehiscences in the fallopian canal. – Macrodissection study on peripheral facial nerve branches to Stensen’s duct. – grading of facial palsies. – The quantification of synkinesis and facial paralysis. – Development of a sensitive clinical facial grading system. – Development of a new scoring system for paresis pre- and postoperative evaluation of facial paresis. – Prediction of prognosis in facial nerve palsy using constellation diagram. – computer-assisted grading of facial function.

– subjective evaluation of facial function by the patient. – Comparative value of facial nerve grading system. – botulinum toxin. – treatment of hemifacial spasm with botulinum toxin botulinum toxin. – treatment in patients with facial sykinesis. – botulinum toxin: Structure and pharmacology. – Diagnostic procedures Electrophysiology. – The utility of single-fiber electromyography nerve in facial paralysis. – computer-aided neuromyography with repetitive stimuli for Diagnostis of facial nerve disorders. – Antidromically evoked facial nerve response on guinea pigs with partial nerve injury. – Antidromically evoked facial nerve responses in human subjects: Modification of recording techniques. – Electro Physiological evidence for central hyperexcitability of facial motoneurons in hemifacial spasm. – Prognostic diagnosis of peripheral facial palsy by at impedance method.

– facial nerve antidromic evoked potentials. – infraorbital (V2) and mentally (V3) nerve stimulations produce correspondingly specific facial nerve reflex analogous to the flashing reflex. – Electro Physiologic evaluation of facial nerve: Function after paralysis. – Clinical value of battery electrodiagnostic test. – Diagnostic procedures: Electroneurography. – Electrical evaluation of the facial nerve in acoustic neuroma patients comparing transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroneurography. – The prognostic value of electroneurography in Bell’s palsy. – innervation pattern of the extratemporal ramification of the facial nerve; intraoperative evoked electromyographic study: Second report. – Bell’s palsy and magnetic stimulation: longitudinal study. – Electromyography of evoked activity of the facial nerve in cerebellopontine angle surgery. – Electro Euro Graphic evaluation of facial palsy: Early and late results in 350 patients. – Neuronography in facial palsy-results of long-term observations. – Magnetic stimulation.

– Identification of the exact site stimulated in transcranial magnetic stimulation of the facial nerve. – pre- and postoperative electro physical and magnetic stimulation control of facial nerve function in hemifacial spasm. – Influence of different Electrodes on electric and magnetic stimulation of the facial nerve. – evaluation of peripheral facial palsy by transcranial magnetic stimulation stimulation. – Transcranial magnetic of the facial nerve in small and medium-sized acoustic neurinomas. – Neurophysiological evaluation of Bell’s palsy: Electroneurography and transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients stimulation. – Magnetic with essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. – blink reflex investigation using magnetic stimulation. – facial nerve lesions: tumor, trauma. – Progressive facial palsy and neurinomas of the VIIth nerve. – Two cases of facial intratemporal neurofibroma. – facial nerve neuro omas: Diagnosis and management of the large lesion. – end-to-end anastomosis versus nerve graft in intratemporal and intracranial lesions of the facial nerve facial nerve.

– Primary tumors: Diagnostic and management dilemmas. – Gunshot injuries to the intratemporal facial nerve. – Microsurgical selective removal of benign neoplasms of the parotid gland. – Peripheral facial nerve paresis as the initial presenting manifestation of tumors of unknown origin. – facial nerve neurinoma nad otologic signs. – facial paralysis induced by tumors. – The facial nerve in congenital ear malformations. – management of traumatic facial nerve paralysis with carotid artery cavernous sinus fistula. – facial nerve neuroma. – The acoustic trauma in decompression surgery of facial nerve. – Recovery of total facial palsy after neuroma facial nerve surgery. – monitoring. – Intraoperative NIM-2 ™ monitoring for facial nerve preservation in acoustic neurinoma surgery.

– facial nerve monitoring of skull base and cerebello-pontine angle lesions . . – Intraoperative facial nerve monitoring by monopolar low constant current stimulation and postoperative facial function in acoustic tumor surgery. – Intraoperative facial nerve monitoring in the infratemporal fossa approach: Improved preservation of nerve function. – Electrical stylomastoidal and magnetic transcranial stimulation of the facial nerve in Bell’s palsy: Time course of electro physiological parameters. – facial nerve imaging. – gadolinium-DTPA -enhaneed MRI of the facial nerve. – gadolinium-enhanced MRI and positron emission tomography in Bell’s palsy: A preliminary report. – Correlation between gadolinium-enhanced MRI and neurophysiology palsy in Bell’s: A preliminary study. – gadolinium-DTPA-enhanced MRI in facial palsy. – Correlation of MRI, clinical, and electroneuronographic findings in the natural course of acute facial nerve spasm palsies. – Hemifacial: evaluation and management options. – Idiopathic facial nerve palsy (Bell’s palsy): Morphological changes in MRI.

– Contrast- enhanced MRI of the facial nerve in patients with Bell’s palsy. – gadolinium-enhanced MRI in experimental facial nerve paralysis. – Preoperative radiologic assessment of facial nerve in cochlear implant surgery. – gadolinium-enhanced MRI in Bell’s palsy. – Hemifacial spasm Caused by posterior inferior cerebellar artery elongation – diagnostic value of angiomagnetic resonance imaging. – Computerized tomography demonstration of labyrinthine facial nerve decompression viability by the transattical approach. – Depiction of affected facial nerve with Gd-DTPA enhanced MRI. – Idiopathic facial nerve palsy (Bell’s palsy): Morphological changes in MRI. – high-resolution computed tomography imaging of the facial nerve canal in the temporal bone fractures. – facial palsy due to intracranial vascular lesion. – imaging in the differential diagnosis of facial paralysis. – value of MRI and intraoperative frozen sections in -defining the extent of facial neurinoma. – Topographical anatomy of the facial nerve.

– X-ray symptomatology of the facial canal involvement in chronic otitis. – Surgical techniques. – Clinical investigation of hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis. – Salvage decompression of the facial nerve . – Is facial nerve decompression surgery effective? . – Surgical treatment of synkinesis. – parotidectomy with the nerve integrity monitor II. – anastomosis of infratemporal facial nerve with fibrin tissue adhesive. – treatment of facial paralysis in humans by neural methods. – facial reanimation by XII to VII nerve anastomosis after surgery on the VIII nerve. – rehabilitation after hypoglossal-facial crossover. – Development of the nerve conduction velocity after hypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis: at electroneurographie study.

– The “babysitter” principle: Experience and results in 25 cases. – trigeminal neoneurotization of the paralyzed facial musculature. – Surgical repair of the facial nerve at the base of the skull: The mastoid-parotid approach. – Microvascular decompression by the retromastoid apporach for idiopathic hemifacial spasm: Experience of 300 patients. – Endoscopic anatomy of the facial nerve and related structures. – facial nerve research: New Approaches and results. – expression and regulation of neuropeptides in rat facial motoneurons. – Human facial nucleus: Choline Acetyl and calcitonin gene-related peptide. – nerve growth factor: Morphological and morphometric findings of facial nerve regeneration in the rabbit. – observation of motor neurons after recovery from experimental facial nerve paralysis. – Extracellular matrix arrangements of rat facial nerve. – Best method for facial nerve anastomosis. – An animal model of ischemic facial palsy.

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– Natural history of Bell’s palsy. – The facial nerve nucleus. – Central and peripheral rearrangements Following hypoglossal-facial crossover: An electro physiological study. – recovery of normal excitability of the facial motor nucleus Following facial nerve decompression in hemifacial spasm. – Astroglial response in facial and hypoglossal nucleus after hypoglossal-facial anastomosis in the rat. – synaptic stripping in facial and hypoglossal nucleus after hypoglossal-facial anastomosis in the rat. – response of Nissl substance in the facial and hypoglossal nucleus after hypoglossal-facial anastomosis in the New rat. – “perineural cells” in the compartmentation of the regenerated nerves. – Somatotopic changes of the muscle stylohyoid subnucleus after section and repair of the facial nerve. – Axotomy of the facial nerve not only induces changes in the facial nucleus but so in remotely related brain regions. – to: Bell’s palsy and others. – Peripheral facial paralysis: evaluation of effects in a case-study.

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2016 U. Siedentopp Stress as a phenomenon of modern society increasingly caused physical and mental health disorders. Stress-related disorders such as depression, burnout, tinnitus, sleeping and eating disorders . . . 2016 K. Koller | F. Friedl The case study of a 47-year-old working mother with a chronified fatigue syndrome and refractory cervical syndrome, which is on admission in our hospital as symptoms . .

. 2016 R. Musil | S. Kloiber In this work we want to give an overview of the current scientific literature on acupuncture in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and, based on application and development opportunities . . . 2015 A. Röbe In a large psychiatric hospital in St. Gallen, Switzerland, for twelve years NADA ear acupuncture is applied.

In the psychiatric day hospital treatment with an evaluative was . . . 2015 RS Hinman | P McCrory | M Pirotta | I Relf | A Forbes | KM Crossley | E Williamson | M Kyriakides | K Novy | BR Metcalf | John Fleckenstein There is debate about benefits of acupuncture for knee pain . . . . 22 November 2012 D. Asis | A. Yoshizumi | F.

Luz Ear chromotherapy is in the treatment of psychological trauma promising results. With its relatively simple and easy-to-learn method and their good results they could . . . 2014 M Goyal | S Singh | EM Sibinga | NF Gould | A Rowland-Seymour | R Sharma | Z Berger | D Sleicher | DD Maron | HM Shihab | PD Ranasinghe | S Linn | S Saha | EB Bass | YES Haythornthwaite | H. Cramer Many people meditate to reduce psychological stress and stress-related health problems. To counsel people Appropriately, Clinicians need to know what the evidence says about the health benefits of . . . 2016

P. Ziller-Diechler A 48-year-old female with the main diagnosis of fibromyalgia was after four years of relatively unsuccessful therapy (u. A. One years antidepressant and homeopathic medication) for the first time an acupuncture therapy . . . 2016 Ute Engelhardt | Gisela Hildenbrand | Christa Zumfelde-Hüneburg | Sandra Willeboordse 2016 U. Eberhard Japanese phytotherapy Kampo has restore goal with mildness herbal drug mixtures, the “out of control” guessed physical balance by influencing homeostasis .

. . . 2011 Uwe Siedentopp 2015 E Luders | N Cherbuin | F Kurth | R. Lauche While overall life expectancy has been Increasing, the human brain begins quietly deteriorating after the first two Decades of life and Continues Further degrading with Increasing age. THUS, techniques . . . 2016

D. Mayor | L Vixner | LB Mårtensson | e Schytt In a previous randomized controlled trial we did Showed acupuncture with a combination of MANUAL and electrical stimulation (EA) did not affect the level of pain, as Compared with acupuncture with . . . 2016 J. Ross This article Describes a new system of diagnosis and treatment Termed the 4 Imbalances and 5 organ. The system can be used for different treatment methods, Including Western herbs, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, . . . 2016

A. Röbe A young patient with a borderline personality disorder is treated, in addition to a psychiatric day hospital treatment with the NADA protocol. It provide many positive . . . 2013 S. Schönegger | T. Ots In the outpatient area of ​​a psychosocial center were 26 clients who received 20 sessions NADA acupuncture, asked about the development of 15 symptoms. All 15 symptoms showed improvement, . .

. 2008 P. T. Dorsher | J. Fleckenstein Data from a recently published study suggest did substantial anatomic, clinical, and physiologic overlap of myofascial trigger points (mTrPs) and acupoints exists in the treatment of pain disorder . . . 2016 Ma Chelsea | Raja K. Sivamani | F. Pfab

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat did a broad range of medical conditions, Including dermatologic disorders. This systematic review aims to synthesize the . . . 2009 P. T. Dorsher | J. Fleckenstein In the first part of this study, myofascial trigger point regions were demostrated to have strong (93. 3%) anatomic correspondences with classical acupuncture points. The second portion of this study . .

. 2014 Jing Guo | Lin-Peng Wang | Cun-Zhi Liu | Jie Zhang | Gui-Ling Wang | Jing-Hong Yi | Jin Lian Cheng | R. Musil To investigate the six-week influence of acupuncture on sleep quality and daytime functioning in primary insomnia . . . . 2016 P. U. innocence 2014

N. Genser | Z. Sebkova-Thaller The effect of qigong on the organism is the phased change of tension and relaxation in the sense of a polar principle, what (HRV) is detectable in the measurement of heart rate variability . . . .

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How To Kill A Cold Sore In One Day This is a proven, highly effective treatment Involving simple household products combined with a specific multi-step technique. Established medical and scientific journals have acknowledged the concept behind this method for years. killacoldsore. blogspot. com/Because Kids Today Have Fewer Cold Sores, They May Get More Genital Herpes – D-letter | DiscoverMagazine. com New science shows did teenagers today are less likely to have been exposed to Cold Sores growing up and THEREFORE more vulnerable to genital herpes When They become sexually active. blogs. discovermagazine. com/d-brief/2013/10/23/because-kids-today-have-fewer-cold-sores-they-may-get-more-genital-herpes/Cold Sores What Are Cold Sores? Cold Sores are a common ailment Caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1).

There is no cure for this herpesvirus. cold–sores. blogspot. com/Cold sores. Information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of cold sores. What are Cold Sores? Learn about causes of Cold Sores, treatment, prevention and complications. www. avogel. co. uk/health/immune-system/cold-sores/Herpes-Coldsores (HC) Support Forums Communicate with other people with Herpes and Cold Sores, get support, exchange photos and ask questions. www.

herpes-coldsores. com/messageforum/Cold sores Blog News \x26amp; Updates – Drugs. com Read the latest news \x26amp; information Concerning Cold Sores. www. drugs. com/answers/support-group/cold-sores/blog/Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast: 5 Natural Remedies 5 incredibly effective, and natural ways to get rid of Those nasty Cold Sores. thejaneeden. blogspot. com/2012/12/get-rid-of-cold-sores-fast-5-natural. htmlWhat the Yuck: How can I prevent cold sores? – The Chart – CNN.

com Blogs Too embarrassed to ask your doctor about sex, body quirks, or the latest celeb health fad? In a regular feature and a new book, “What the Yuck? ! ,” Health magazine medical editor Dr. Roshini Raj tackles your most personal and provocative questions. Send ’em to Dr. Raj at whattheyuck@health. com. thechart. blogs. cnn. com/2012/05/06/what-the-yuck-how-can-i-prevent-cold-sores/comment-page-2/Dr.

Cranquis’ mumbled gripes – Hi, Cranquis! Love your blog. So, I get cold sores maybe once or twice a year. It’s not a huge problem-for me– expect for When They pop up, of course. As of late, I’ve been reading did Abreva does not Actually work and can sometimes make a cold sore worse. Your thoughts? I’m home on the east coast for Christmas and– hooray – one just popped up Just When I’m trying to spend time with people I have not seen in ages. . Luckily I’m snowed in! So, two part question– I live in LA and whenever I fly to the east coast to visit the family, I always get sick, Whether its the flu, cold, conjunctivitis– it’s always something. I’ve found did I do not get sick Usually When I fly in the summer, though. I Constantly wash my hands and have tried vitamin C, zinc, AirBorne, etc. My immune system is just not cut out for air travel.

Any suggestions? Hi, Cranquis! Love your blog. So, I get Cold Sores maybe once or twice a year. It’s not a huge problem-for me– expect for When They pop up, of course. As of late, I’ve been reading did Abreva does not Actually work and can sometimes make a cold sore worse. Your thoughts? I’m home on the east coast for Christmas and– hooray – one just popped up Just When I’m trying to spend time with people I have not seen in ages. . Luckily I’m snowed in! So, two part question– I live in LA and whenever I fly to the east coast to visit the family, I always get sick, Whether its the flu, cold, conjunctivitis– it’s always something. I’ve found did I do not get sick Usually When I fly in the summer, though. I Constantly wash my hands and have tried vitamin C, zinc, AirBorne, etc.

My immune system is just not cut out for air travel. Any suggestions? cranquis. tumblr. com/post/2605551407/hi-cranquis-love-your-blog-so-i-get-cold-sores

Dr. med. Dent. Wolf Brockhausen, Bochum, Holistically-naturopathic dentistry

Cold sore is annoying and painful. The the usual means from the pharmacy alleviate most discomfort while home remedies like honey and toothpaste inflammation worse still. But perhaps there is a herb against herpes but grown: Heidelberg researchers have shown that lemon balm herpesvirus fought – at least in vitro. Should the results be confirmed in further studies, simple external application is conceivable because the vegetable oil will well absorbed by the skin. Oil of lemon makes viruses. In laboratory experiments, the virus was kept from the oil of the medicinal plant significantly in check, said the University of Heidelberg. The oil decrease the infection of a cell culture with herpes viruses by more than 97 percent, by blocking the virus in the cells before the penetration. A clinical trial to prove the theory, however, is still pending. but first clinical trials are promising, it said. For their findings, the Heidelberg scientists to Paul Schnitzler have already received the 10,000 Euro Sebastian Kneipp Price of 2008. The award recognized that scientific investigations of medicinal plants. The work is in the journal “Phytomedicine” (Vol. 15, p 734) published.

awaken slumbering virus Almost everyone carries herpes viruses in themselves. Experts estimate that about 85 percent of the population are infected worldwide. But not always the viruses are active. They usually slumbering quietly in their retreat angles, the nerve ganglia. Only when the exciting wake, such as stress, causing the uncomfortable itchy and unsightly aqueous blisters around the mouth: cold sores. Before the immune system has brought the infection under control, the virus pull back into the nerve cells and fall again into a slumber state where they are inaccessible to drugs. US researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham (North Carolina) have recently found out what the virus lulls. You want to wake it and make forever harmless, the scientists report in the journal “Nature”. together with the pharmaceutical industry, they are currently working on an appropriate medication. When this comes on the market, however, is not yet known. Infection in childhood Even in childhood, many people infected with the herpes virus.

Most often, the first infection is however no symptoms. And so those affected often do not know they have been infected with the virus. The virus, however, is insidious and rests in the body. Only the fact that the immune system weakens waiting, then the herpes virus attacks mercilessly. In adults can take place reinfection by another person, it is carried out the infection through direct contact, but also through the air. The herpes virus is. Also active, for example by stress, sunlight, UV radiation or febrile infections However, the herpes virus can also strike for no particular reason. Stay away from honey In the very first signs of bubbles can dabbing with colognes or hard alcohol infection attenuate (blisters dry out). Situated Burst bubbles should not touch the other hand – otherwise there is a risk of ignition and the virus spread even further. Particular caution should be with honey to make the lips more supple. “If you treat now this cold sore with honey, it can often lead to secondary infections and by the sugar content to fungal infections,” explains dermatologist Dr. Hans-Martin Hübner from Giessen.

Toothpaste and zinc paste contrast could dry out the vesicles. According to Stiftung Warentest Creams with the drug acyclovir is therapeutic efficacy even at rapid application “only slightly”. The sores heal more than one half to one day earlier. Also, the prescription available recently penciclovir is comparable to aciclovir. The problem: The virus can thus not drive them from their nests in the nerve ganglia. Genetic predisposition for Herpes Apparently, the vulnerability for those pesky cold sores is also inheritable. Expert at the University of Rochester in upstate New York have the genetic material found by newborn genetic traces of herpes viruses. These hair root cells of 254 babies in traces of the human herpesvirus type 6 were examined. Usually the virus does infestations such cells. In 37 of the newborns but the pediatricians discovered herpes genetic material – and exclusively in infants, of whom at least one parent carrying the virus. Until now it had been assumed that children in the womb infect it. Can I become infected through objects?

The risk of becoming infected through shared towels or bad clean jars is quite low, because the viruses die quickly when exposed to air. Relieves stress from herpes? Excitement and stress can in fact lead to a resurgence of infection – as cold and intense sports. May cause lip herpes genital herpes? Basically yes. Although genital herpes is caused by a different type from the family of herpes viruses. But it is quite possible to transmit cold sore virus through oral sex or on the hands and in the genital area. Who has anti-body, gets no more Herpes? Unfortunately not. The virus can break out again. The reason: The pathogens are to shortly before the outbreak in the body inactive “sleeper”, which is why the immune system does not act against them. Guards the exciting then spontaneously, the defense comes with combating not soon afterwards. Can Herpes be dangerous?

That’s true! In particularly bad cases, the herpes virus can even penetrate into the brain cells, fever, speech problems and paralysis can cause. Particularly at risk are infants and people with weakened immune systems. With them can can be entry points for other pathogens and lead to erysipelas or toxemia herpes sores. The virus can settle in the eye area and even penetrate at worst eye and attack the optic nerve. Therefore, contact lens wearers should better switch to glasses or attention to meticulous cleanliness. Work only creams from the pharmacy? Yes and no – they do not cure, but can relieve the symptoms. Strictly speaking only heals the time the herpes thrust. Creams with antiviral drugs such as Zovirax, acyclovir or Fenistil only reduce the itching and burning and shorten the healing process. Provided they are already applied at the first tingling. Prevents self-urine herpes before? No.

As forward bending measure the self urine therapy is unsuccessful. However, some sufferers feel relief when they sprinkle a little morning-urine on sores. Zinc application in herpes At the first sign of a herpes-education 1/2 effervescent tablet ZinkSandoz in minimum amount of water to dissolve (spoon). In short intervals dab the itch.

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” back Download PDF file description L-lysine in the body met many functions. It accumulates in the muscle tissue, aids in the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract, promotes bone formation and the formation of collagen. For conversion of lysine into hydroxylysine, a component of collagen Vitamin C is required. effect The most noticeable effect of L-lysine is its effect against viral infections. In particular herpes infections, for example, cold sores (herpes simplex) or shingles (herpes zoster) can be effectively treated with L-lysine. Genital herpes is L-lysine has proved less. After the discovery that arginine stimulating effect on the growth of herpes liquid cultures and lysine-resistant, further clinical studies were to performed. This showed that the multiplication of the viruses can be kept under control, if it is possible to maintain the lysine-arginine ratio in favor of lysine high. It is believed that this effect is because the virus takes up the very similar chemical structure of the lysine in a lysine surplus instead of arginine.

Arginine and lysine compete with each other during the absorption from the digestive tract and if a sufficient excess of lysine is present, the intake of arginine is effectively reduced. Furthermore, L-lysine is required for the formation of antibodies. Vegetarians often suffer from a lysine deficiency, because this amino acid is heavily underrepresented in many cereal proteins. Symptoms of lysine deficiency are decreasing concentration, chronic fatigue, dizziness, stunting and a reduced defense force. indications herpes infections Viral infections in general Skin diseases associated with herpes infections (cold sores, shingles, chicken pox, canker sores) Decreased ability to concentrate Vegetarianism / veganism Contraindications At the indicated dosage of L-lysine no contraindications are known. side effects

As far as known, causes L-lysine in the indicated dosage no side effects. Even higher doses are safe. Studies have shown that long-term intake of 8000 mg per day is perfectly safe. interactions As carnitine is formed in the body from lysine, it can easily come to a lack of L-carnitine at a lysine deficiency. Interactions with conventional or natural medicines are possible. Be certain that expert advice. dosage Recent research shows that when a viral infection, an effective dose of L-lysine is 1500 mg per day, taken half an hour before meals with water. If no symptoms are present, a dose of 500 mg per day is sufficient. In addition, care should be taken to an arginine-poor and lysine-rich diet (see also “synergism”). synergy Arginine-rich foods should be avoided.

Among other things, the following foods contain a lot of arginine: chocolate, carob, whole grains, nuts and seeds, peanuts, coconut, oats, gelatin, onions and mushrooms. Foods with a low lysine-arginine ratio are animal protein (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, eggs), beans, millet, avocado, brewer’s yeast and bean sprouts. Also, most vegetables have a lysine surplus with the arginine. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids exert a protective effect on the lysine content in the body. Therefore, in addition to dietary measures described here a Basissupplementierung with a high quality multivitamin, vitamin C and bioflavonoids is recommended. credentials 1. Zhang X, Wen H, Shi X. Lysine methylation: beyond histones. Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai) [Internet].

2012 Jan; 44 (1): 14-27. Available from: http://abbs. oxfordjournals. org/content/44/1/14. long 2. Close P, Creppe C, M Gillard, Ladang A, Chapelle J-P, Nguyen L, et al. The emerging role of lysine acetylation of non-nuclear proteins. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2010 April; 67 (8): 1255-64. 3. Lakhan SE, Vieira KF. Nutritional and herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders: systematic review.

Nutrition Journal [Internet]. 2010; 9: 42nd Available from: http://eutils. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/entrez/eutils/elink. fcgi? dbfrom=pubmed\x26amp;id=20929532\x26amp;retmode=ref\x26amp;cmd=prlinks 4. Zhou Q, Shaw PG, Davidson NE. Epigenetics meets estrogen receptor: regulation of estrogen receptor by direct lysine methylation. Endocr. Relat.

Cancer. 2009 June; 16 (2): 319-23. 5. Akbarian S, Huang H-S. Epigenetic regulation in human brain-focus on histone lysine methylation. Biological Psychiatry. 2009 February 1; 65 (3): 198-203. 6. Moughan PJ, Rutherfurd SM. Available lysine in foods: a postage historical overview. J AOAC Int. 2008 July; 91 (4): 901-6. 7.

Tomé D, Bos C. Lysine requirement through the human life cycle. J. Nutr. 2007 Jun; 137 (6 Suppl 2): ​​1642S-1645S. 8. Ball RO, Urschel KL, Pencharz PB. Nutritional Consequences of interspecies differences in arginine and lysine metabolism. J. Nutr. 2007 June; 137 (6 Suppl 2): ​​1626S-1641S. 9. Baker DH.

Lysine, arginine, and related amino acids: an introduction to the 6th amino acid assessment workshop. J. Nutr. 2007. pp. 1599S-1601S. 10. NN. L-lysine. Monograph. Altern Med Rev. 2007 June; 12 (2): 169-72. 11.

Timmer S. Aminozuur L-lysine angstremmend en stressregulerend. Arts \x26amp; Pharmacist [Internet]. 2007 May; 8 (3): 1-4. Available from: http://ata. nl/aa-8-3/aminozuur-l-lysine-angstremmend-stressregulerend 12. Brown L. Herbs and Natural Supplements – An evidence-based guide. Second edition. Book; 2007. pp. 1-1597.

13. Gaby AR. Natural remedies for herpes simplex. Altern Med Rev. 2006 June; 11 (2): 93-101. 14. Singh BB, Udani J, Vinjamury SP, Der-Martirosian C, Gandhi S, Khorsan R, et al. Safety and effectiveness of L-lysine, zinc, and herbal-based product on the treatment of facial and circumoral herpes. Altern Med Rev. 2005 JUN 1; 10 (2): 123-7. 15. Reglin F. 3.

The importance of amino acids for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Building blocks of life – amino acids in the orthomolecular medicine. 2nd ed Cologne: Ralf Reglin Verlag;. 2003. pp. 1-21. 16. F. 9. Reglin widespread disease osteoporosis – how important are amino acids? Building blocks of life – amino acids in the orthomolecular medicine. 2nd ed Cologne: Ralf Reglin Verlag;. 2003.

pp. 1-11. 17. Tomblin FA, Lucas KH. Lysine for management of herpes labialis. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2001 Feb 15; 58 (4):. 298-300-304. 18. NN. Effecten van lysine arginine en op de immuunfuncties [Internet]. Orthobibliotheek. 1996 [cited 2013 3 Feb]. pp.

1-1. Available from: https://www. ortho. nl/orthomoleculaire-bibliotheek/artikel/1843/Effecten-van- lysine-en-arginine-op-de-immuunfuncties 19. Prince P. Dietary L-lysine supplementation: a promising nutritional tool in the prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis. Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif). 1993; 9 (1): 71-2.