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A couple kissing. (ARCHIVE) Kiss have written all, more for good than for evil, there is what, mode of disease transmission. In the field of health are studies that claim that a kiss is good, even against cholesterol and burn calories (move 34 facial muscles and burn five times more calories than watching TV) but keep in mind this is a fast route of transmission of viral and bacterial diseases, some very common, indicate from very interesting. The best known is the mononucleosis, which has adopted popularly called the kissing disease (although the glass). Is especially between young people and their symptoms are fever, severe sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue. It is caused by a virus (Epstein Barr virus) so whoever spreads can only wait for the effects submit. One of the most common infections is to colds and flus. Viruses that cause (rhinovirus, influenza) is easily transmitted through saliva. Just two days after symptoms appear plenty known to all. Herpes simplex spread, among other ways, through kissing. also caused by a virus (herpes simplex virus) may take up to two years to manifest themselves from infection. Typically contagion through kissing and sex and often appears in facial areas such as lips and genitals.

There is no definitive cure, but treatments that minimize your symptoms: swelling, itching, blisters, scabs, fever in some cases . . . Meningitis can be transmitted by kissing (like talking or coughing) through saliva. Inflammation of the meninges (membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord) can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Headache, neck stiffness, intolerance to light or sounds . . . They tend to be some of the symptoms of this. Advances quickly, so early diagnosis is very important. If prolonged illness in time it can lead to serious sequelae (deafness, epilepsy, hydrocephalus . . .

) even death. If on the lips (of a patient with hepatitis) there was a bleeding wound there is a risk of transmission of hepatitis (B, C and D). If what is on the lips are remnants of contaminated food, infection may be hepatitis A and E. However, in this case, saliva is not transmitting vehicle. Follow us on Facebook to be informed of the last hour:

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Specialties Common diseases Ocular inflammatory diseases also called uveitis, are a group of inflammatory conditions that occur in the eyes. They can affect any part of the eye or the tissue around it either in the optic nerve, blood vessels, muscles or tissues that protect the eye. Inflammation of the eye includes allergic conjunctivitis, chronic conjunctivitis, uveitis, scleritis, episcleritis, keratitis, retinitis, vasculitis, optic neuritis. Often uveitis reflects diseases that are occuriendo in other parts of the body. Sometimes uveitis is the first evidence that there is a disease in the body. Frequently, the cause of uveitis is not known. They can affect men and women of all ages, including children. The patient may report decreased vision, red eye, pain or foreign body sensation; sometimes refer see “cobwebs” or be a white spot in the eye. The causes of ocular inflammatory diseases can be divided into infectious and non-infectious, and can affect the eye only or also to other parts of the body Infectious causes are due to bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. Among the most common are:

• Herpes • Rubella • Syphilis • Cytomegalovirus • Tuberculosis • Toxoplasmosis • Toxocariasis • HIV AIDS Non-infectious causes, including autoimmune diseases, including the body itself generates an important inflammatory response against itself, which can cause severe damage in the affected tissues. They may be associated with systemic diseases such as: • Rheumatoid arthritis • Systemic lupus erythematosus • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

• seronegative arthritis HLA-B27 (reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis) Or they can only affect the eye as in the planitis pars, serpiginous choroiditis or ocular pemphigoid among others. Must perform different laboratory studies to determine the cause of this inflammation of the eye, and imaging studies such as fluorescein angiography, ocular ultrasound, optical coherence tomography and visual fields among others. Treatment of the disease will depend on the cause. When due to infection treatment focuses on eliminating the causative agent; when due to an autoimmune disease it is used to steroid treatment, in some cases associated with other immunosuppressants. It is very important to early diagnosis and appropriate treatment from the start because they are diseases that threaten vision, integrity of the eye and may be the first manifestation of systemic disease. Disease service inflammatory eye Hospital “Dr. Luis Sanchez Bulnes” carried out the following activities: • Query. Here an examination where it is performed includes: • Making visual acuity • Making eye pressure • Placing dye called fluorescein to see the surface of the eye (conjunctiva, cornea, tear)

• Review slit lamp, thanks to this instrument is magnified eye pudiendolo examine a larger • Fundus examination with dilated pupil to observe the internal structures of the eye • It is also very important to an interrogation about his health • Surgery  We also have the technological support that is listed below: • ocular Ultrasound • Retinal fluorescein angiography • indocyanine green angiography • Optical coherence tomography • Visual fields • Electrophysiology Studies • Laboratory studies to help determine the cause of uveitis, the overall health of the patient or control treatment that has been prescribed. Additional information

 a) When should I see a specialist in ocular inflammatory diseases or uveitis. 1. If you have redness of one or both eyes, which is accompanied by discomfort with light, blurred or decreased vision and pain, you should see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible if treatment does not yield the picture in a few days or if no improvement but falls upon discontinuation of treatment is advisable to seek care center specializing in handling, more commonly known as uveitis ocular inflammatory diseases. 2. When in the diagnosis of any of the following diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren’s syndrome, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, HIV / AIDS, ocular herpes. b) How long does the treatment of ocular inflammatory diseases It varies for each person as well as the diagnosis that he has. For example, in simple forms of inflammation treatment it may last a couple of weeks and not resort. However in chronic uveitis, which turn and threaten vision, treatment may continue for months or even a couple of years. c) Each consultations when they are If the disease is very active visits can be daily, then will every week, and then between every three to six weeks. When the disease is controlled and must be followed having reviews for the doctor to see that the disease is inactive. > I need more information

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What is a vaccine? The vaccine vet puts our dog is subcutaneous inoculation of a specific substance containing, as the disease that seeks to prevent, an attenuated microorganism, a fraction of a virus, etc. Being a small contact with the disease, the body creates a defense reaction that generates antibodies that serve specific defenses against the disease if it is present. Thus, the body quickly detect and will get own means to combat it without allowing it to affect our can. It is with proper vaccination your pet acquires immunity to disease without having to suffer and overcome. Vaccines are only really effective if the dog’s health is good, wormed and your immune system is mature. The type of vaccine to be administered vary depending on the geographical area in which we live. Therefore, it is vital that we be informed of what’s needed and how often should be given to preserve the health of our dogs are, as some of these diseases are fatal. In addition, there are diseases like rabies are zoonoses, ie passed from animals to humans and vice versa, so they tend to be mandatory in almost all territories. As we see, vaccination is very important for the health of our colleague as well as ours, and the obligation by existing law, so from ExpertoAnimal recommend not skimping annual vaccinations, it works out much more expensive treatment that prevention of any disease. When you should put the first vaccine to a dog? As we mentioned before, one of the requirements for a vaccine actually takes effect is that the immune system is mature dog. Therefore, it is very important to know when we put the first vaccine to a puppy and this is when it is considered that already has a sufficiently mature and capable immune system to receive vaccinations.

We say “mature enough” why, in fact, the immune system reaches its fullness dogs over four months, but it is true that before the system is ready enough to receive the first vaccinations. A puppy his first vaccination we always wear it once and it is weaned, because while nursing is protected from many potential problems with everything that gives breast milk and is forming your immune system. We will consult with our trusted veterinarian what the most optimal to start vaccinating our puppy time. Generally, the optimal age of weaning is about two months and the first vaccine is generally made between the month and a half old and two months, as often weaned prematurely. Furthermore, it is vital that our puppy does not touch the floor of the street until I have put their first vaccine and this has already taken effect, or make contact with other dogs than their brothers, sisters and parents. This is because their immune system is still being formed and therefore is easier to contract diseases which are likely to be fatal. Therefore, the puppy can not go out and have contact with other dogs and objects of the street until their first vaccine and the first revaccination have taken effect. This will be the three months and one week old. Three months is when will his last revaccination of the first vaccines and the extra week is the time needed to ensure their effectiveness. What is the schedule of vaccines for dogs in Spain? Whether it is the first vaccines as if they are already annual revaccination for the rest of the life of our dog, it is recommended that vaccines are administered to dogs in the morning. So if there is any reaction as sometimes happens to people, we have all day to observe and treat the reaction. Luckily, both in humans and dogs they are usually infrequent and low intensity.

This is the basic schedule of vaccines for dogs in Spain: At 6 weeks: First vaccination or first vaccine. At 8 weeks: Polivalente. At 12 weeks: Reminder Polivalente. At 16 weeks: Rabies. Annually: Reminder Polivalente and Rabies. Anything else we should know of vaccines for dogs It is important to know that the most common vaccines are trivalent, tetravalent or polyvalent. The difference is that go grouping the three most basic diseases and vaccine which was found before, until the most complete are adding more and more vaccines. The trivalent vaccine usually contains canine distemper, canine infectious hepatitis and leptospirosis. The quadrivalent vaccine contains the same as the trivalent vaccine and canine parvovirus is added. The most basic, in addition to carrying what they contain the above, multivalent vaccine also has the vaccine against kennel cough and canine coronavirus against. Today vaccines such as canine herpesvirus, the Babeosis or piroplasmosis and Bordetella bronchiseptica and Pasteurella multocida which are opportunistic bacterial components in the kennel cough are also included.

According to the veterinary center, the geographical area in which we live and the overall health of our dog, they will opt for a kind of vaccination or other. It is desirable to decide the vet if administered trivalent, tetravalent or polyvalent type they are based, especially in the area where we live and the kind of life we ​​lead, for example if you travel a lot and we took our dog with us . The veterinarian is the only one with the power to say what type vaccination schedule and are more suited to the health of each dog, always respecting the administration that are required. The rabies vaccine is mandatory in Spain in the vast majority of communities. It is only voluntary in Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia. This is because the disease is considered eradicated in Spain since 1966. Throughout this time there have only been a major outbreak in Malaga in 1975. Therefore, if we live in one of the three communities in which it is voluntary this vaccine and decided not to put it on a regular basis, we must remember that when traveling to any other Spanish community we expressly wear it to be mandatory. From ExpertoAnimal we call for responsible pet ownership and remember that vaccination day is a legally binding at par issue an ethical and moral issue, because it is simply protecting our dogs, our health and that of our family. This article is for information only, in ExpertoAnimal. com have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet if present any kind of condition or discomfort. To read more articles like Calendar of vaccines for dogs, we recommend you enter our Health section.

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Important announcement Todas as constant bulas em nosso site são merely informative. Em dúvidas case of quanto ao conteúdo of algum medication, seek medical orientação ou seu farmacêutico. Obs . : A MedicinaNET não sells nenhum type of medication. Laboratory Teuto Apresentação Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme Dermatological Creme 10mg / g 50 containg 1 e Embalagens com bisnagas 15g. 50 containg 1 e Embalagens com bisnagas 20g. 50 containg 1 e Embalagens com bisnagas 25g. 50 containg 1 e Embalagens com bisnagas 30g.

ADULT AND PEDIATRIC USE TOPICAL USE (EXCETO ophthalmological use) Composição Each program do creme contém: hydrocortisone acetate (equivalent to 10 mg of hydrocortisone) . . . . . 11,2mg Qs Excipient . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . 1 g

Excipients: self-emulsifying wax Ionica não, METI lparabeno, propylparaben, Propylene glycol, dissódico edetate, hidroxito butyl toluene, polissorbato 80, isopropila myristate, liquid petrolatum, sodium hydroxide and reverse osmosis Água. Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme – indicações All inflammatory and allergic dermatoses as that respondem à topical corticosteroids such as seborrheic dermatite; contato eczema, nummular, disidrótico, microbial, atopic eczema (childhood, endogenous, neurodermite); perianal eczema; estase eczema (não apply or medicine diretamente on to ulcerated area, aberta); sunburn, 1st queimadura grau inseto and bites. O hydrocortisone acetate não é or tratamento adequado for rosacea and perioral dermatite. Contra-indicações Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme O hydrocortisone acetate não deve be used na presença of tuberculous Processos ou syphilitic na area to be treated, doenças caused by viruses (for exemplo, chickenpox, herpes zoster), rosacea, perioral dermatite, reações após aplicação na Vacinas area to be treated , hipersensibilidade ativo year beginning (hydrocortisone acetate) ou a qualquer um dos do produto components. warnings Or use additional specific therapy, and no case of skin necessário doenças infeccionadas by bacteria and / ou by funguses. Em If excessivo ressecamento da pele during or produto do use, see seu doctor. O hydrocortisone acetate não é adequado for ophthalmic use. Quando o produto applied for deve-se na face care for não ter between em contato com os olhos. Em lactentes e crianças abaixo 4 years, or tratamento deve-se não mais prolong 3 weeks, especially nas cobertas areas Fraldas by.

A exemplo do that ocorre com os systemic corticosteroids, também é possível verified ocorrência of glaucoma em users attribute topical corticosteroids, for exemplo após administração high doses ou em redor large areas for extended period, use of occlusive technique ou aplicação on a pele ao two olhos. Na pregnancy use Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme Com Estudos glucocorticoids, made em animais, mostraram toxicidade Reprodutiva. Estudos epidemiological sugerem that poderia haver increase labiais do fissuras em crag recém-nascidos of treated com foram mulheres that systemic glucocorticoids during pregnancy or primeiro quarter. Fissuras labiais são alterações rare and is considered for systemic glucocorticoids TERATOGENIC são os, eles responsáveis ​​hair podem be increased um ou dois cases / 1000 mulheres treated during a pregnancy. Given on or use of topical glucocorticoids during pregnancy to insufficient são, no entanto, pode-se uma vez baixo risco expect that systemic glucocorticoids disponibilidade of topically applied é muito baixa. As geral regra, preparações topical corticosteroids containg não devem be used during pregnancy or primeiro quarter. As indicações tratamento com clinics or hydrocortisone acetate avaliadas Devem be carefully considering-ye crags / benefits to pregnant ou to infant. Special Em, deve-se prevent or prolonged use ou em wide area. Não devem use infant formula or breast produto nas. Category C: This medicine não deve be used by pregnant mulheres ou sem medical orientação do cirurgião-dentist. Interações drug Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme Não são conhecidas tied or time.

Reações adverse / Efeitos colaterais Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme Locais symptoms as prurido, burning, erythema or riding ou em vesiculação podem cases tratamento com Isolados during or hydrocortisone acetate. Quando topical preparações containg são corticoid used em large areas corpo do (about 10% ou mais) ou for prolonged periods (mais 4 weeks), bem as em case of occlusive curative ou naturally úmidas regiões and occluded, podem or riding symptoms locais, tais da pele atrophy, telangiectasia, striae, acneiform skin alterações and systemic corticosteroid efeitos do absorção à devido. Em rare cases, podem or riding foliculite, hipertricose, dermatite perioral and allergic skin reações to do produto qualquer um dos components. Não se em podem exclude adverse reações recém-nascidos mães Cujas tenham been treated ou em large areas for extended period during a gestação ou amamentação (for exemplo, redução da adrenocortical função, I quando as applied during last weeks of pregnancy). Em cases of adverse events, notify ao em Notificações System Surveillance Department – Notivisa, disponível em www. anvisa. gov. br/hotsite/notivisa/index. htm, ou for a Estadual ou Municipal Surveillance Department. Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme – Dosage Except medical Recomendação em contrast, apply uma thin layer of hydrocortisone acetate vezes two to three per day, Ligeira fricção sob; após melhora do quadro clinical, uma aplicação per day and enough na maioria two cases. Em lactentes e crianças abaixo 4 years, or tratamento deve-se não mais prolong 3 weeks, especially nas cobertas areas Fraldas by.

Superdosagem Results of acute toxicidade estudos of corticosteroids com outros não indicaram qualquer uma Crag single acute intoxicação após topical aplicação de uma superdose (aplicação em condições favoráveis ​​sob wide area of ​​absorção) ou após inadvertent oral ingestão. Em If intoxicação pickup for 0800 722 6001, is você mais require of orientações. pharmacological characteristics -Farmacodinâmica O hydrocortisone acetate adrenocortical não é um baixa fluorinated potência. We are using corticosteroids difundem-das cell membranes and formam complexs specific cytoplasmic receptors com. Estes complexs entram no cell nucleus, ligam-se ao DNA (chromatin) and estimulam to transcrição do Mensageiro and RNA-protein síntese enzyme subsequente várias inibitórias, responsáveis ​​anti-inflammatory topical adrenocortical efeitos two hairs. anti-inflammatory inibição incluem initial Esses processo efeitos d or tais as edema, deposição fibrin, vascular dilatação, migração and phagocytic atividades. Processos DELAYED, deposição as collagen and to formação keloid também são inibidos adrenocortical hairs. -Farmacocinética A ocorre initial resposta em 7 days. I fatores that aumentam percutaneous absorção incluem: grau of inflamação da pele, occlusive use, type of veículo and concentração produto do.

A hydrocortisone tecido not metabolised é em inativos components Biologically, I incluindo you glicuronídios and sulfates. Efficacy results O hydrocortisone acetate adrenocortical não é um baixa fluorinated potência. We corticosteroids estimulam a protein enzyme síntese várias inibitórias, responsáveis ​​anti-inflammatory topical adrenocortical efeitos two hairs. Esses efeitos anti-inflammatory incluem inibição initial processo do tais as edema, deposição fibrin, vascular dilatação, migração and phagocytic atividades. Processos DELAYED, deposição as collagen and to formação keloid também são inibidos adrenocortical hairs. Use em idosos, crianças e em outros groups crag -Idosos Não foram made investigações especiais em idosos gizmos. Armazenagem DURING OR USE THIS PRODUTO DEVE BE NO CARTRIDGE CARTOLINA mantid, PRESERVED EM TEMPERATURE (15 to 30 ° C). PROTECT DA LUZ E umidade. This drug tem validade 24 months dating from fabricação sua da.

Lot number and datas of fabricação and validade: embalagem saw. Não use expired medicine prazo validade com. Keep em sua-o Original embalagem. physical and organoleptic characteristics: Creme de cor branca com homogeneous characteristic odor. Before using, observe or do look medicine. All drug deve be mantid fora do reach das crianças. Dizeres legais M. S. no 1. 0370. 0527 Farm.

Resp . : Andreia Cavalcante Silva CRF-GO not 2,659 LABORATORY TEUTO BRASILEIRO S / A. CNPJ – 17159229/0001 -76 VP 7-D Module 11 Qd. 13 – DAIA CEP 75132-140 – Anapolis – GO Indústria Brasileira Follow corretamente or mode of use, não os desaparecendo symptoms seek medical orientação. Hydrocortisone Acetate – Creme – Bula for or Patient 1.

For this medicine and indicated? O hydrocortisone acetate and indicated for or tratamento of inflammatory and allergic doenças da pele that respondem year tratamento com corticosteroids applied diretamente na pele, for exemplo, dermatites, eczema, I vermelhidão caused by sun, queimadura of primeiro grau and bites inseto. 2. HOW DOES THIS MEDICINE? O hydrocortisone acetate, que é um topical corticosteroid for tratamento not utilização Unrest da pele. Outros Assim as corticosteroids, or hydrocortisone acetate stimulates protein enzyme síntese várias that you inibem inflammatory efeitos caused doenças pele pelas for as quais this medicine and indicated. 3. QUANDO DEVO NÃO USE THIS MEDICINE? Você deve não use hydrocortisone acetate quando be Processos decorrentes of tuberculose ou na syphilis area to be treated, doenças caused by viruses (for exemplo, catapora, herpes zoster), rosacea, perioral dermatite, reações após aplicação na vacina area to be treated , hipersensibilidade (allergy) to hydrocortisone ou a qualquer um dos do produto components. 4. DEVO KNOW BEFORE OR USING THIS MEDICINE? -Advertências And Precauções No case of doenças da pele infeccionadas by bacteria and / ou by funguses, deve-se também um using specific anti-infective drug.

See seu doctor. excessivo ressecamento da pele is or riding in or do produto use, see seu doctor. O hydrocortisone acetate não é adequado for ophthalmic use; na is used for face, care deve-se não ter for between em contato c om os olhos. Em Bebês e crianças até 4 years of idade, or produto não deve be applied for period of more than 3 weeks, especially em cobertas Fraldas areas. Prune or riding glaucoma em users attribute topical corticosteroids, for exemplo, após administração high doses ou em large areas for extended period, use of occlusive bandagem ou pele aplicação on a two olhos ao redor. -Gravidez And amamentação Geral way, deve-se avoid or use of topical corticosteroids for you formulações containg Primeiros three months of pregnancy. Estudo epidemiological sugerem Possibilidade increase of palatal fissures em crag recém-nascidos of that foram mulheres com systemic glicocorticosteroides treated during pregnancy gives esse period. Case amamentando ou você deve esteja pregnant or avoid large areas tratamento ou use extended period. Você não deve use hydrocortisone acetate nas mamas during or amamentação period. This medicine não deve be used by pregnant mulheres ou sem medical orientação do cirurgião-dentist. -Use Em idosos Não foram made investigações especiais em idosos gizmos.

drug -Interações Não são conhecidas tied or time. Medical report seu ou você cirurgião-dentist is fazendo algum outro drug use. 5. ONDE, AS E BY QUANTO TEMPO POSSO store this medicine? DURING OR USE THIS PRODUTO DEVE BE NO CARTRIDGE CARTOLINA mantid, PRESERVED EM TEMPERATURE (15 to 30). PROTECT DA LUZ E umidade. Lot number and datas of fabricação and validade: embalagem saw. Não use expired medicine prazo validade com. Keep em sua-o Original embalagem. Features do produto: Creme de cor branca com homogeneous characteristic odor. Before using, observe or do look medicine. If not prazo ele esteja of validade e você observe alguma mudança not look, see or pharmacist to find out what is Podera-used.

All drug deve be mantid fora do reach das crianças. DEVO 6. HOW TO USE THIS MEDICINE? Unless medical Recomendação em contrast, apply thin layer uma hydrocortisone acetate vezes 2 to 3 per day, esfregando gently; após melhora do quadro clinical, uma aplicação per day and enough na maioria two cases. Em Bebês e crianças até 4 years of idade, or produto não deve be applied for period of more than 3 weeks, especially em cobertas Fraldas areas. Follow corretamente or mode of use. Em If dúvidas about this medicine, try orientação farmacêutico do. Desaparecendo não os symptoms, seek medical orientação ou seu cirurgião-dentist. 7. O TO ME DEVO FAZER QUANDO EU esquecer using this medicine? Is esquecer to use or drug use lembrar logo. Não Use or dobro da medicação to compensate. Em dúvidas case, try orientação farmacêutico medical ou do seu, ou cirurgião-dentist.

8. QUAIS OS MALES THAT THIS MEDICATION PODE ME CAUSE? Locais symptoms as coceira (prurido), burning, vermelhidão (erythema) ou formação of bolhas (vesiculação) na pele da afetada podem area or riding em Isolados cases during or tratamento com hydrocortisone acetate. Quando containg produtos corticosteroids são used em large areas corpo do (about 10% ou mais) ou for prolonged periods (mais 4 weeks) podem or riding symptoms locais, tais as atrophy da pele, dilatação two capillary ou two small vessels previously existing em uma do corpo certain part (telangiectasia), striae, alterações da pele that lembram acne (acne-like) and related efeitos um ao body as all devido absorção do medicine. Em rare cases, inflammatory or riding podem reação two hair follicles (foliculite), inflamação da pele redor ao da mouth (perioral dermatite), crescimento hairs em excesso (hipertricose) and allergic reações da pele to do produto qualquer um dos components. Não se em podem exclude adverse reações recém-nascidos mães Cujas tenham been treated ou em large areas for extended period during a gestação ou amamentação (for exemplo, redução da adrenocortical função, I quando applied during recent weeks as gestação). Report dentist cirurgião year-ou seu farmacêutico doctor or hair aparecimento of reações indesejáveis ​​do use medication. Também à company report using do seu serviço de atendimento. 9. OR USE UMA Fazer alguém Quantidade MAIOR DO THAT INDICATED DESTE MEDICINE? Toxicidade estudos results of acute corticosteroid outros não com qualquer indicaram Crag topical acute intoxicação após aplicação de uma superdose (aplicação em condições favoráveis ​​sob wide area of ​​absorção) ou após acidental oral ingestão. Em If using large deste Quantidade medicine and mild quickly seek medical relief to embalagem ou do bula drug, possível. Flirt for 0800 722 6001, is você mais require of orientações.

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IntraMed – Articles – Homeopathy and Pain

Homeopathy is a science that is governed by the principle: like cures by means of like . . . Herpes Zoster (Example)  There are three main zoster medications: Arsenicum album, ranunculus bulb and rhustox (1, 2, 3, 4) Arsenicum album. 8 and intolerable pain is burning type, decreases with hot applications and is accompanied by fear of death, anxiety and anguish at 1 or 3 in the morning. The rash consists of a few hard blisters, crusted with furfurácea and flaky, and intense itching that improves with hot application. There is also intense fatigue and exhaustion. This medicine should both the initiation and the final period of zoster. Features: burning, anxious agitation and dry itchy rash. Ranunculus bulbosus. The eruption is small bluish, transparent, confluent, with intense itching and burning pain that increases with the slightest touch vesicles.

The pain is sharp, stabbing and stabbing on the nervous path; It is aggravated by the slightest change of temperature and entering a cold room. Feature: is indicated when the zoster occurs after an abrupt change of time in a subject with habitual alcoholism. Rhus toxic dendron. The skin is red and swollen; vesiculosa and the rash is extensive. The pain is burning, itching decreases very little scratching. There is no depletion and rest in any position. Special features: alternates with oppressive pain in the pectoral region or boxes diarrhea. Feature: the tongue is dry and shows a red triangle at the top. It is particularly indicated when the problem occurs because of a cold, wet weather or when the patient gets wet in the rain. Zoster rash may persist with unevolutionary (sulfur); if its evolution is altered (mezereum) and neuropathic pain persists when (meth zincum). Sulphur. The rash does not develop or appear flictenoide or flaky. This area seems to be relaxed, but resurfaces.

The burning pain and itching persist and are aggravated by heat and washing. There is general fatigue that exaggerates at 11 am with fever and cramps. A dose of sulfur 30c facilitates the exit of the eruption and healing. Mezereum. Vesicular rash festers, whitish and thick crusts on the yellowish pus form. The pain is burning and violent type and itching, which is aggravated by the heat of the bed (sulfur), following the nervous path (buttercups). It is the drug that is recommended when the pain after the eruption has ceased persists. Zincum met. The rash disappears after long time, but nevertheless there are deep, burning and paresthesia, especially intercostal nerve pain. The patient can not bear the slightest touch, always worse after drinking wine or when resting quiet. The constant agitation of the foot even to sleep is characteristic of zincum met. Algorithm acute diseases.

In this kind of acute illnesses with local similarity low dilutions are used (up to 6 c) in several doses per day. The more acute the disease, the higher the frequency of drug administration. (14, 21) If it is a general similarity acute conditions, twofold dilutions recommended (up to 15 c), and frequency of dosing is usually 1 to 3 times a day. In the case of acute illness with a mental similarity where net and precise symptoms appear, high dilutions are used (from 30 c) in widely spaced outlets 7 or more days. Chronic diseases. Generally medium or high dilutions are prescribed, depending on the age of the disease, and in widely spaced outlets. A greater similarity of mental symptoms, higher dilutions are used. (10, 19, 22)

As Herpes Cure

Essas bolhas podem não be canker sores, more sim Cold Sores, que é um caused by contagious virus! Lê o artigo to know or nosso é and how to cure or cold sores O que é or Cold Sores? Não é mais cold sores that bolhas umas or aparecimento of small com tamanho, we lips, mouth ou gengivas podem appear, caused vírus hair gives simple herpes, sendo by isso, or cold sores, viral uma infecção. Or cold sores contagious é! Quais as causes do Cold Sores? As já foi dito, or cold sores caused vírus é hair do simple herpes. Esse é na maior part vírus two cases do type 1 (HSV-1). Também exist or virus type 2 (HSV-2), sendo this or principal virus that causes genital herpes, which pode também ao levar cold sores. A maioria das pessoas, tem able to cash anticorpos to defend or nosso body against herpes simplex or viruses do, by mesmo isso by clinical symptoms vezes não os is manifestam. Certas em pessoas, é or regresse possível that viruses and cause feridas nonlocal mesmo. Estes são types of infectious viruses and podem-be transmitted using intimate contato ou do comportilhamento of objects using Pessoais as sheets, toalhas, Louças, hair-straightening of dents, and outros materiais that possam be infetados by direto contato com or viruses. No sexual ato, during a prática oral, oral-genital onde there contato, pode haver transmissão do vírus do two lips for herpes genital região, ou vice-versa.

Estes são os factos principais crag factors for herpes contarir both sores, and genital. Quais os gives cold sore symptoms? Or do cold sores main symptoms associated com a sua feature, which é or aparecimento of small bolhas, com uma cor avermelhada that causam dor, na mouth. É normal that infeção primeira com com crianças em herpes apareça about 5 years of idade. I Primeiros são symptoms visiveis logo nas duas primeiras weeks and permanecem during alguns após days or com or virus infection. 5 days before aparecimento do das bolhas, é possível that sinta ers throat, Febru and lymph note or aparecimento not pescoço. 2 days before aparecimento do das bolhas, podem symptoms arise as sensação of quimadura, I formigueiro ou em coceira redor Local afetado do. As bolhas vírus hair caused cold sores do desencadear podem: Lesões na na pele bem as erupções região da mouth as you lips, Lingua e gengiva; Região das is vermelha and sore bolhas; As bolhas podem case rompam deliver fluid; Crusts of cor amarela that solta no processo of cicatrização; Uniao de várias bolhas small to form bolha uma maior.

How to cure or Cold Sores? Sem use tratamento qualquer, you sozinhos desaparecem symptoms within about duas weeks. Porém, prune alguns antivirais use drugs orais to accelerate or do processo of fazendo you cure cold sores and relieve symptoms desaparecerem dor. Quando Estes são os prescribed severe cases são mais, e não é or tratamento sufficiently effective topical ointments as antivirais com. Antivirais Após to taking drugs, é possível that feridas as herpes voltem to nonlocal mesmo, portanto or appear melhor ainda will take esse medicine before you give feridas aparecerem, pois assim be easy mais control or problem. Com is or herpes appear quite frequency data, or medical Podera aconselhar to take medication or uma repeatedly. For além two orais antivirais, topical ointments também existem antivirais, which podem be used, applying ointment na afetada area vezes até 5 per day, for about 7 days. Exemplos dessas são ointments: Zovirax; acyclovir; famciclovir; Valaciclovir. Ao apply ointment, vai reduzir symptoms you dor, coceira, vermelhidão, e vai removendo as bolhas.

During or tratamento to cure or cold sores, não deve beijar, alguém em play ou com a região afetada, até that ferida do desapareça herpes healed completely and fique, to avoid transmissão do vírus. Tenha care and remove não as crusts that formam! Pois pode haver sangramento case as withdrawn, delaying assim to cicatrização. Remédio caseiro to cure or cold sores Uma das ways to cure cold sores or com remédio caseiro, é com uma using one of alimentação dente alho per day, mainly surgem quando os logo Primeiros symptoms of cold sores. Chá Jambu to cure cold sores Assim Primeiros that you feel symptoms of cold sores, deve Jambu drink cha to cure or cold sores naturally uma, pois é um or Jambu and stimulates antiviral or immune system. Chá ingredients or Jambu 20 g folhas Jambu 1 liter of water How to prepare or Chá Jambu: Place or liter of water to ferver, and depois of fervid gather as folhas Jambu. Deixe repousar for about 15 minutes, depois coar and drinking enough liquid or tied thrice a day, tied to herpes disappear.

Ointment caseira of erva-cidreira to cure Cold Sores: A erva-cidreira é anti-inflammatory and soothing, sendo by isso useful to relieve symptoms caused you pela dor as cold sores, to coceira, or burning, to vermelhidão and to cricatrizar to ferida. Ingredients for the ointment: 20 g erva-cidreira 100 ml of mineral oil How to prepare this ointment: Place all ingredients you numa panela com fogo baixo, for about 10 minutes. Followed enough of coar or liquid, e quando fy cold, passe by top hair gives hair ferida caused herpes least 3 per day vezes até os desaparecerem symptoms. How to prevent or Cold Sores? To prevent or cold sores, avoid or direto deve contato com feridas of herpes. Avoid compartilhar ou use items próprio use outros, as toalhas as, Talheres, straightening of dents, sheets, etc . . .

Or prune desencadear sun or aparecimento of cold sores, by isso, avoid prolonged exposição uma ao sun. Avoid or oral sex case tenha lesões mouth herpes na ou perto dela, assim as deve também avoid oral sex receber alguém that esteja infetado herpes com, uma vez que é um vírus quite contagious. I do vírus podem be transmitted herpes or individual mesmo não tenha that lesões visíveis.

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| Read SourcesHerpes zoster – Wikipedia- Herpes zoster – NEJM, Diagnosis. the appearance of herpes zoster is Sufficiently distinctive clinical diagnosis That is to Usually accurate. however, the location or appearance of the. Oster herpes negatively haywire diabetes, to avoid cases of shingles in Spanish society and in people with diabetes in particular, the best tool is prevention . . Efficacy adjuvanted subunit vaccine herpes zoster, Herpes zoster, or shingles , results from the reactivation of latent varicella-zoster virus (VZV) in the dorsal-root or cranial-nerve ganglia, Usually Decades after. What is varicella zoster? – Youtube, consult your doctor. an expert shares his view about common ailments and not so common that anyone can have. nos. Shingles | home | herpes zoster | cdc, Shingles, or zoster Also known as herpes zoster, is a painful skin rash. it is Caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus causes chickenpox. .

Herpes That Oster – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Herpes zoster; shingles blisters features. Classification and external resources; specialty: infectious diseases: ICD-10: b 02: ICD-9: 053: ICPC-2: s 70. Herpes zoster – wikipedia, L’herpes zoster, comunemente chiamato fuoco di Sant’Antonio (or Fiamme di Satana), è una malattia virale to Carico della cute e delle terminazioni nervose, causata dal. | Read SourcesHerpes zoster: practice essentials, background, Herpes zoster (shingles) is an acute, viral cutaneous infection Caused by the reactivation of varicella-zoster virus, a herpesvirus That is the cause of. Herpes zoster – NEJM, Diagnosis. the appearance of herpes zoster is Sufficiently distinctive clinical diagnosis That is to Usually accurate. however, the location or appearance of the. | Read SourcesEfficacy adjuvanted subunit vaccine herpes zoster, herpes zoster, or shingles, results from the reactivation of latent varicella-zoster virus (VZV) in the dorsal-root or cranial-nerve ganglia, Usually Decades after. Varicella-zoster virus | University Maryland Medical Center, Causes. chickenpox. Both chickenpox and shingles are Caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), a type of herpes virus. the virus is spread When You Come in contact . .

Shingles | | herpes zoster | cdc, Transmission información sobre how the virus causes shingles That spreads from one person [. . . ] Read More Tags: カ ブ ヌ シ ユ ウ タ イ ミ ッ チ ャ ン, Herpes Support Groups, Stop Herpes Outbreaks Frequent, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Read More Review Varicella-Zoster virus Here. Practice essentials, background, Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV) causes chickenpox and herpes zoster (shingles). Follows initial exposure to chickenpox virus and is the Typically a Relatively . .

Shingles (herpes zoster). Dermnet nz, More images of herpes zoster. Who Gets shingles? Anyone Who’ve Previously HAD subsequently chickenpox May Develop shingles. [. . . ] Read More Tags: Cure Herpes Virus 4, Herpes More Condition Symptoms, Meet People With Herpes, herpes, mildherpes. net, www. mildherpes. net

What is varicella zoster? – Youtube, consult your doctor. an expert shares his view about common ailments and not so common that anyone can have. Herpes zoster us . . – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Herpes zoster (or simply zoster), Commonly Known as shingles and Also known as [. . . ] Read More Tags: herpes zoster je zarazan, Herpes Zoster Joint Pain, カ ブ ヌ シ ユ ウ タ イ ミ ッ チ ャ ン, herpes, mildherpes. net, peru, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes.

net Disseminated herpes zoster – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Disseminated herpes zoster, or shingles disseminated, is a condition Caused by an outbreak of the varicella zoster virus. this is the same virus causes herpes . . That zoster virus Prevention infection varicella: herpes zoster, Dworkin rh, johnson rw, Breuer J, et al. Recommendations for the management of herpes zoster. [. . . ] Read More Tags: differences between herpes zoster and herpes simplex, ehow com hydrocodone metabolites stay in urine, Herpes Cure Breakthrough 2011, genital herpes, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www.

mildherpes. net Herpes Oster – health library -. Willis-knighton health, Definiciónel Shingles is a painful infection that affects the nerves and piel. causas is caused by the varicella zoster virus. is the same virus . . what is varicella zoster? – Youtube, consult your doctor. an expert shares his point [. . . ]

Read More Tags: Herpes Zoster Causes, balkstol, early signs of gonorrhea, herpes, mildherpes. net, peru, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Herpes zoster. practice essentials, background, Antiviral therapy for herpes zoster May decrease the length of time for new vesicle formation, the number of days to Attain complete crusting, and the days . . Varicella-Zoster virus hiv, Zoster: reactivated VZV infection (zoster or shingles) May Occur at any stage of HIV infection, and May be the [. . . ] Read More

Tags: mumbai matka open cinderella, sattamtk jodi, Herpes Cure And, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Herpes zoster – Simple Inglés wikipedia, free, General information [change |. change source] shingles is a viral disease produced by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus causes chicken pox . . That Herpes zoster – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Herpes zoster, shingles Also known as zoster, or area, is a Characterized by a viral disease [. . . ] Read More Tags: Free Herpes Dating Site, Pregnancy Herpes, gonorrhea rash symptoms, herpes, mildherpes.

net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Varicella (chickenpox) herpes zoster (shingles), varicella (chickenpox) and herpes zoster (shingles): overview of vzv disease and vaccination for healthcare professionals epidemiology branch, division . . Clinical manifestations virus varicella-zoster, Introduction. . varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection causes two clinically distinct forms of disease. With primary VZV infection results in varicella (chickenpox . . Read More Review Here Varicella-Zoster [. . .

] Read More Tags: To Treat Herpes, Herpes Dating Chicago, Articles On Herpes, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Read More Review Here Varicella zoster virus – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Primary varicella zoster virus infection results in chickenpox (varicella), Which May result in encephalitis or pneumonia complications Including (Either direct Herpes zoster viral . . – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Herpes zoster , Also known as shingles, zoster, or area, is a viral disease Characterized by a [. . . ] Read More

Tags: Date Herpes, Herpes Vaccine, Herpes Zoster Apa Itu, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Herpes zoster picture image MedicineNet, herpes zoster. Also called shingles, area, and zoster. the culprit is the varicella-zoster virus. With This primary infection causes chickenpox virus (varicella) . . Clinical manifestations varicella-zoster virus. , Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV) infection causes two clinically distinct forms of disease. With primary VZV infection results in varicella (chickenpox), Characterized by . .

Shingles [. . . ] Read More Tags: Oral Pathogen Herpes, Herpes Products Reviewed, Herpes Zoster, herpes, mildherpes. net, varicella zoster, www. mildherpes. net Herpes zoster Herpes zoster-esempio-sulla-schiena. jpg Herpes zoster | Blog Ricardo Perez Ruiz de Adana


Important announcement Todas as constant bulas em nosso site são merely informative. Em dúvidas case of quanto ao conteúdo of algum medication, seek medical orientação ou seu farmacêutico. Obs . : A MedicinaNET não sells nenhum type of medication. Reference Zovirax (GSK) Acyclovir apresentação ev ADULT USE AND PEDIATRIC injetável pó Zovirax IV é um ou branco branco quase sterile, lyophilized, containg 250 mg of acyclovir, as sodium salt, each jar-ampola em. Zovirax IV appresented em embalagem com-ampola 5 bottles. Each bottle-ampola contém: Acyclovir (as lyophilized sodium salt) . . .

250 mg. Or ION sodium conteúdo about 26 mg per bottle-ampola. Acyclovir ev – indicações Zovirax IV and indicated for: – Tratamento of hair Infecções em infants herpes simplex virus, crianças and adults; – Tratamento of hair Infecções Varicella zoster; – Prophylaxis of Herpes simplex Infecções em imunocomprometidos patients – Prophylaxis of CMV hair Infecções vírus em marrow transplant patients óssea. Demonstrou-is that high doses of Zovirax IV reduzem to incidence and retardam or CMV início gives infecção hair. Quando high doses of Zovirax IV administered são após 6 months tratamento com high oral doses of Zovirax, to Mortalidade and incidence of viremia to também são reduzidas. – É também suitable for or herpetic tratamento meningoencefalite. Counter Acyclovir indicações ev Or use Zovirax IV é contra-indicated patients com hipersensibilidade conhecida em ao ou acyclovir valacyclovir. warnings Em recebendo patients estejam Zovirax IV em high doses (for exemplo, to meningoencefalite herpetic) mais, specific care com relação deve-à renal função be taken, mainly quando os estiverem patients Desidratados ou qualquer apresentarem level of renal comprometimento. Reconstituted Zovirax IV tem um pH of about 11. 0 e não deve be administered orally.

Use em renal failure and patients com idosos patients. Or acyclovir é renally eliminated, dessa tem dose form to be reduzida em com renal failure patients (see Dosage). É uma comum em idosos renal patients função reduzida and, dessa way, um deve setting gives dose of acyclovir be considered nesses patients. Therefore I will idosos patients quanto renal failure patients com um apresentam high ridge of adverse neurological unwrap efeitos and Devem be monitorados em relação to esses events. Em cases described, Essas foram reações geralmente reversíveis com descontinuação tratamento do (Veja adverse Reações). Teratogenicidade: a systemic administração do acyclovir em padronizados tests, reconhecidos internationally, ou não produziu teratogenic embryotoxic efeitos em coelhos, ou camundongos times. Em um teste em não padronizado times, foram Fetais observed abnormalities, but only subcutaneous doses muito produziram high maternal toxicidade. Or clinical significance desses é incerto results. Na pregnancy Acyclovir use ev or commercial use acyclovir em do humans do Produzido tem records formulações use Zovirax during a pregnancy. I Achados não um demonstraram not increase number of birth defeitos gizmos we expostos to Zovirax, quando compared to população em geral com, and nenhum defeitos desses mostrou um unique and consistent padrão suggest that possa uma comum cause. Or use Zovirax deve be considered only when they or potential benefit to MAE for Maior or potential crag or fetus. Após oral administração 200 mg, 5 vezes ao dia, or acyclovir foi detected no maternal leite em concentrações ranging from 0.

6 to 4. 1 vezes you níveis correspondentes plasma. Esses níveis poderiam potentially expor you lactentes twos acyclovir até 0. 3 mg / kg / day. Deve-be careful if taking Zovirax IV administered seja em mulheres that estejam amamentando. Category B crag na pregnancy. This medicine não deve be used by pregnant mulheres, that estejam amamentando ou sem medical orientação. Acyclovir drug Interações ev Nenhuma Interação clinically significant foi identified. Or acyclovir and mainly eliminated unchanged na urina, via renal tubular secreção ative. Qualquer drug administered concomitantly, which afete esse mechanism, prune increase plasma acyclovir concentração do. A probenecid and cimetidine to aumentam area to sob Curve (ASC) do acyclovir esse mechanism, and reduzem or acyclovir renal clearance do. Meanwhile, nenhum dose adjustment é na necessário, devido year long therapeutic index acyclovir do.

Em recebendo Zovirax IV patients, care-se deve ter com administração drug to compete possam com or acyclovir eliminação peels, uma vez existing or potential to increase plasma concentração de uma ou ou seus both as drug metabolites. Nas increases plasma acyclovir ASCs do and do inativo metabolite of mycophenolate mofetila, um em agent used imunossupressor transplant patients demonstrados quando foram foram as drugs administered concomitantly. Recom-se caution (com or monitoramento of alterações gives renal função) to or Zovirax IV drugs com outros aspects afetem manage da renal physiology, for exemplo, cyclosporine and tacrolimus. adverse Reações / Efeitos colaterais Acyclovir ev As frequency category Associated com os adverse events abaixo são estimated. For a maioria two events, não existiam disponíveis adequados given for estimating incidence. Além disso, adverse events podem vary sua da indicação dependendo incidence. Muito comum> = 1/10; Common> = 1/100 e = e = 1/10000 and 1/1000 Acyclovir ev – Dosage Os deuces adult patients com Infecções Herpes simplex (herpetic exceto meningoencefalite) ou com Infecções hair Varicella zoster Devem receber em Zovirax IV doses of 5 mg / kg every 8 hours. I infecção patients imunocomprometidos hair com Varicella zoster patients ou com os meningoencefalite herpetic Devem receber Zovirax IV em doses of 10 mg / kg every 8 hours, from which esteja não função renal compromised. For a CMV prophylaxis gives infecção hair transplant patients óssea em marrow, deve-be administered intravenously, 500 mg / m2 of Zovirax IV, 3 vezes ao dia, com intervals of approximately 8 hours. Nesses patients, tratamento Duração do é recommended 5 até 30 após days or transplantation. Obese patients devem ter com sua dose calculated based not ideal weight and weight não not found.

Doses for crianças: a dose of Zovirax IV for crianças com idade between three months and 12 years é na calculated based com gives body surface area. As crianças com Infecções Herpes simplex (herpetic exceto meningoencefalite) ou com Infecções by Varicella zoster Devem receber em Zovirax IV doses of 250 mg / m2 of body surface area every 8 hours. Em crianças com imunocomprometidas Infecções by Varicella zoster ou com meningoencefalite herpetic Zovirax IV deve be administered by infusão em doses of 500 mg / m2 of body surface area every 8 hours, from which esteja não função renal compromised. Given limited sugerem that for a prophylaxis CMV gives infecção hair vírus em crianças acima 2 years óssea idade and transplanted marrow, prune-dose is administered to adults. Função renal Crianças com uma committed necessitam dose of modified apropriadamente of agreed com or grau of comprometimento. Doses for infants: a dose of Zovirax IV em recém-nascidos calculated é com no body weight basis. Neonates com vírus hair infecção Herpes simplex Devem receber doses of 10 mg / kg body weight of Zovirax IV, by infusão every 8 hours. Doses for patients idosos: a Possibilidade renal failure patients deve em idosos be considered and to deve dosagem be adjusted and deve uma hidratação adequada be Garantida. Doses for renal patients com comprometimento: Zovirax IV deve be administered cautiously com uma hidratação adequada deve be Garantida. For patients esses, sugerem-ye seguintes deuces settings: Creatinine Clearance Dose da 25-50 mL / min A acima recommended dose (5 ou 10 mg / kg body weight ou 500 mg / m2) deve be administered every 12 hours. 10 to 25 mL / min A recommended dose acima (5 ou 10 mg / kg body weight ou 500 mg / m2) deve be administered every 24 hours. 0 (anuric) -10 mL / min Em patients ambulatory peritoneal sob diálise continues, acima recommended dose (5 ou 10 mg / kg body weight ou 500 mg / m2) deve be divided and administered every 24 hours. Em sob hemodiálise patients at recommended dose acima (5 ou 10m g / kg body weight ou 500 mg / m2) deve be divided and administered every 24 hours and após to diálise.

A usual Duração tratamento Zovirax IV usually do é com 5 days, more pode be adjusted according condições as do patient and sua resposta ao tratamento. Or tratamento for meningoencefalite acute and Infecções herpetic Herpes simplex vírus hair deve em hatchlings extend 10 days. A Duração da profilática administração given Zovirax IV é pela Duração do crag period. Superdosagem Sinais and symptoms of acyclovir is superdosagem na elevação serum creatinine, nitrogen Ureia no sangue and subseqüente renal failure. Efeitos neurological incluindo confusão, alucinações, agitação, convulsões and eat também foram described. Tratamento A hemodiálise significantly accelerates remoção do acyclovir do sangue e uma opção pode be considered for or tratamento da superdosagem. pharmacological characteristics Ação mechanism acyclovir or e um analogous synthetic purine da nucleosídeo com atividade inibitória in vitro and in vivo against you vírus da família herpesvirus, incluindo herpes simplex virus (HSV) Types 1 and 2; Varicella zoster (VZV), Epstein Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV). Em cell cultures, or antiviral acyclovir tem maior atividade against HSV-1, followed (em ordem decrescente power) HSV-2, VZV, EBV and CMV. A atividade inibitória acyclovir do on HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV é highly Seletiva. Once Uma enzyme thymidine kinase (TQ) of Normais cells infected não, não used as a substrate or acyclovir, acyclovir to toxicidade do for mammalian cells hospedeiro do é baixa. Meanwhile, a TQ encoded HSV, VZV and EBV hair converte em or acyclovir acyclovir monophosphate, um analog nucleosídeo that então é em become diphosphate and finally em triphosphate by cellular enzymes.

O acyclovir triphosphate DNA Polymerase interfere com viral, I inibindo to replicação do vírus: sua incorporação year term viral DNA is not given cadeia. A prolonged pharmacodynamic properties of acyclovir repeated ou em seriously imunocomprometidos patients administração be na Seleção Prune virus strains sensibilidade reduzida com, which podem não com tratamento respond to or continuous acyclovir. A maioria das strains sensibilidade com reduzida, isoladas clinically, is relatively poor mostrou-viral TQ em. No entanto, também com TQ foram viral strains recounted DNA Polymerase ou altered. A exposição to or acyclovir, in vitro, do VHS isolado clinically também pode weigh less sensíveis year aparecimento strains. A relação enter sensibilidade do VHS isolado clinically determined in vitro, and to resposta tratamento com acyclovir or clinic is defined não bem. All patients will be oriented to be Devem assegurarem to avoid potential transmissão do vírus, particularly quando há ative lesões present. Pharmacokinetic properties: Em Absorção adults, peak plasma concentrações as médias (. Css max) for 1 hour após infusão 2. 5 mg / kg; 5 mg / kg; 10 mg / kg ou 15 mg / kg foram 22. 7 mM (5. 1 mg / mL); 43. 6 uM (9,8μg / ml); 92 uM (20.

7 mg / mL); 105 uM (23. 6 mg / mL), respectively. I níveis equivalent Depressão (Css min. ), Mais seven hours later, foram 2. 2 mM (0. 5 mg / mL); 3. 1 uM (0,7μg / ml); 10. 2 mM (2. 3 mg / mL); 8. 8 uM (2,0μg / ml), respectively. Em crianças com mais 1 year of idade, foram observed níveis means peak (Css max. ) And of Depressão (Css min. ) Semelhantes quando uma dose of 250 mg / m2 foi replaced by 5 mg / kg, e uma dose of 500 mg / m2 foi replaced by 10 mg / kg.

Em recémnascidos (0-3 months old) treated com doses of 10 mg / kg, administered um infusão period 1 hour every 8 hours, Css max. foi verified 61. 2 mM (13. 8 mg / mL) and to Css min. 10. 1 mM (2. 3 mg / mL). We níveis Distribuição acyclovir no fluid são cerebroespinhal about 50% two correspondentes plasma níveis. A ligação do acyclovir às relatively baixa é plasma proteins (9-33%), e não Interações drug estão provided that envolvam deslocamento do sítio ligação. Em Eliminação adults, life meia-end plasma do acyclovir, Zovirax IV após administração by infusão, é of approximately 2. 9 hours. A é maior part gives drug excreted unchanged rins hairs. Or do acyclovir and renal clearance substantially greater than or gives creatinine, indicating that secreção tubular, glomerular além Filtering, contributed to renal eliminação given drug.

A 9- carboximetoximetilguanina é or only significant metabolite do acyclovir, responsável by 10-15% dose excreted da na urina. Or acyclovir administered Quando é uma após time 1 g of probenecid, a meia-life end and a sob area to tempo curve gives plasma concentração estendem-stops 18% and 40%, respectively. Em infants (0 to 3 months idade) com treated 10 mg / kg administered by infusão by um period of 1 hour every 8 hours or tempo of life Meia foi terminal 3. 8 hours. Populações of patients Em especiais patients com CKD, verificou-is that life meia-final and 19. 5 hours. A meia-life média do acyclovir during a hemodiálise foi 5. 7 hours. I níveis plasma acyclovir caíram approximately 60% over a diálise. idosos Em, or total body clearance or increased da cai com idade, I associado to diminuições not give creatinine clearance, eventhough haver pouca life Alteração na meia-end plasma. Efficacy results Zovirax injetável, quando administered to patients com infecção mucocutaneous Herpes simplex resultou em cicatrização das lesões (PMODE to use Quando reconstituted, é estável for 12 hours at 15-25 ° C, não devendo be refrigerated.

A dose of Zovirax IV necessária deve be administered by slow intravenous infusão hair 1 hour period. Each bottle of Zovirax IV deve be reconstituted by meio da adição 10 ml of water for intravenous ou injeção infusão of cloreto of sodium (0. 9% w / v). Isso uma provides containg solução acyclovir 25 mg per mL. For each ampola reconstituição, add or fluid volume recommended infusão do and shake slightly, até that conteúdo esteja or completely dissolvido. Após to reconstituição, Zovirax IV, pode be injetado by meio de uma infusão controlled pump. Alternatively to solução obtida após to reconstituição of Zovirax IV pode be diluted, providing acyclovir não uma concentração than 5 mg / mL (0. 5% w / v) to administração by infusão. O volume necessário gives Reconstituted Zovirax IV deve solução be added to or fluid infusão of escolha and to deve mistura be agitated to guarantee bem sua homogeneização. To crianças e recém-nascidos, we were quais é aconselhável manter or minimum volume infusão, é recommended that diluição ocorra com 4 mL of reconstituted solução (acyclovir 100 mg) to 20 mL of fluid infusão. For adults, é recommended as infusão bags containg 100 mL of fluid sejam do mesmo quando uma infusão used concentração lower acyclovir obtém than 0. 5% w / v. Assim, uma bag containg 100 mL Prune infusão be used to qualquer dose between 250 and 500 mg of acyclovir (10 and 20 mL of reconstituted solução) and second bag deve uma infusão be used to dose between 500 and 1,000 mg.

I quando Dilute agreed com os recommended schemes, Zovirax IV fluids é com os compatível infusão and tied estável for 12 hours at room temperature 15-25 ° C: – intravenous infusão of cloreto of sodium (0. 45% and 0. 9% w / v); – Intravenous infusão of cloreto of sodium (0. 18% w / v) and glicose (4% w / v); – Intravenous infusão of cloreto of sodium (0. 45% w / v) and glicose (2. 5% w / v); – Intravenous infusão composto lactate sodium (Solução Hartmann). Zovirax IV, quando Dilute agreed com as Instruções acima will provide acyclovir não uma maior concentração than 0. 5% w / v. Não possui as Zovirax IV antimicrobial preservatives, to reconstituição and to diluição Devem be performed em condições total assepsia, do Immediately before use, and qualquer solução não used it deverá be discarded. Turvação is ou qualquer na cristalização solução appear before ou during a infusão, to preparação deverá be discarded. Use em idosos, crianças e em outros groups crag Crianças A dose of Zovirax IV for infants and crianças com idade between three months and 12 years é na calculated based com gives body surface area (see Dosage em). Pessoas com avançada idade (65 anos acima) We idosos patients, or total body clearance declines in parallel to or do acyclovir creatinine clearance given.

Deve-se à atenção provide special redução patients deuces us idosos com altered creatinine clearance (veja em Dosage). Com renal failure patients: Deve-se caution ter for administração of Zovirax IV em com renal patients disfunção. A dose be adjusted agreed deve com or creatinine clearance (see Dosage em). Armazenagem Mantenha or produto em na embalagem abaixo original and 25 ° C. Quando reconstituted, é estável for 12 hours of 15 to 25, não devendo be refrigerated. Dizeres legais Manufactured by: GlaxoSmithKline Manufacturing S. p. A. – Parma – Italy Minded and packed by: GlaxoSmithKline Brasil Ltda Estrada dos Bandeirantes, 8464 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ CNPJ. 33247743 / 0001-10 MS: 1. 0107.

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How to cure male genital candidiasis | eHow in Spanish

Yogurt has probiotics to help restore the balance of candida. PhotoObjects. net/PhotoObjects. net/Getty Images Thrush in men is less common than in women. However, since this condition is so common among women and is easy to spread it to the male sexual partners, men may contract genital candidiasis. Candidiasis, no matter who has it, is caused by an excess of candida in the body. Some of the symptoms include pain, irritation, redness and even small blisters on the tip of the penis, like a cheese similar to ricotta secretion. Here is a guide on how to cure candidiasis. Other people are reading You will need An antifungal cream Alcohol vinegar

Foods rich in probiotics list completaMinimizar Instructions 1 Buy a cream for vaginal yeast as Monistat and apply a layer of the cream on the penis. This will help with the itching and also serve to relieve redness, dryness and discomfort. 2 Take a warm bath with two tablespoons of vinegar twice a day or more often, according to what you need to feel comfortable. The acid in the vinegar will kill the excess fungi living in your penis and cause unpleasant symptoms. This is a good alternative if you run out of cream, or if you just want to use the cream at night. 3 Sleep without underwear. If you keep clean, dry and free area will be more difficult that fungi can continue to live as they prefer warm, moist areas.

4 Avoid washing with antibacterial soap scented or until your yeast infection is under control. These may worsen itching a lot. 5 Eat a diet high in probiotics like yogurt and ricotta cheese. Both have beneficial bacteria that enter the digestive system and help reduce the number of candida, which will relieve your symptoms. 6 Go to the doctor and get a prescription for Difulcan or Nizoral. However, take one of these two drugs should only be a last resort as there are health problems associated with both drugs, as contained in the Warnings section. Tips \x26amp; Warnings Note that a large number of people are allergic to Diflucan, Nizoral and reduces the ability of your body to produce hormones such as testosterone. It is easy to confuse genital herpes with candidiasis, so if you never had a yeast infection, it is a good idea to go to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis before starting treatment. Do not stop reading .

. . References Read this article in Inglés: How to Cure Penile Yeast

How to Cure Cold Sores And Simple Way Practice

To learn how to cure cold sores must have patience and be very methodical. Any treatment you choose takes time, it is not something that cure overnight. I started this article telling “bad news” for a reason: so do not get depressed or feel disappointed. If this is the first time you suffer from cold sores sure you’re worried, embarrassed or depressed. That’s very common. But you’re not alone in this fight and I want to help. Read this article to find out how to cure you of this horrible condition. How to cure cold sores during the outbreak The herpes simplex virus is triggered by different reasons. The most common are a “peak” stress, a sentimental or emotional change important (eg death of a loved one or separation), poor diet and too much sun. The vast majority of people around the world want to know how to cure cold sores. Why? Because it is one of the most infected and transmitted virus you can imagine.

This is because for example many do not know they have herpes and pass it to others through kissing, sharing a glass or makeup. During the outbreak of herpes it must be very clean and extreme hygiene measures. In this way the healing process will be faster and also will reduce the chances of infecting those living or working with you. At the pharmacy sell creams that help a wound heal faster. These products are good any skin problem you have. Unlike ointments intended as a cure cold sores, these can be used in the future if you cut, you burn, you get hurt, you fall, etc. They also tend to be counter and not have contraindications. Specific for herpes creams do not usually have good results, are expensive and if you have a flare end up throwing it away because it does not serve for another ailment. If you do not have time to go to the store to buy (or to the doctor to make you the recipe) you can opt for any cream that has vitamin E. sure find some if you look at home. This nutrient is very good to recover wounds but is also proven to reduce the most representative herpes symptoms, ie itching and burning. It can also help a lip balm which are used to protect from the sun in summer. Remember that once you have finished your treat herpes have to discard it, because if you share it with someone you risk becoming infected with the virus.

And, of course, if you want to prevent the virus re-sprout and know better how to cure cold sores, the most effective and recommended treatment is DEFINITELY PROTOCOL TO THE HERPES, Melanie Addington. This is a very simple and practical system, with all natural and homemade methods will help strengthen your immune system to the virus fails to wake up so easily system. This will keep him asleep, and even become weaker until it practically inactive. So when someone asks me how a cold sore is healed, my answer is one: a comprehensive manner, with home remedies, consistently and with the appropriate information. CLICK HERE NOW to lead a healthier life and not have herpes outbreaks. You may also like: