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NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung erupted Equine herpesvirus in Herford NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung Two horses in the District of Herford, infected with herpes, had to be euthanized. Photo: Roland Weihrauch / dpa. chl / Johl Herford. On a horse farm in Herford several horses suffering from herpes. Two animals in which the symptoms very . . . Herpesvirus ausgebrochenWestfälischer in Herford display Ralle 3 products “Westfälischer Anzeiger Intestinal flora in NICU in Herford control Westfälischer Anzeiger

Herford – A spread of dangerous intestinal germ has attacked several children on the Preemie station of Klinikum Herford has been prevented. Meanwhile, the antibiotic-resistant germ was detected in seven children, she . . . and more »Presseportal. de (press release) not secured windows – Burglary: POL-HF Presseportal. de (press release) 32278 Kirchlengern (ots) – (time) in the Monday night unknown assailants went into a company building in Sülkampweg. “A standing on tilt window is an open window. ” This emphasized repeatedly by police Herford regard to . .

. and more »Westfalen-Blatt Construction in the District Police Herford raise questions: Supervisor . . . Westfalen-Blatt A photo of 2015: The Commissioners Edwin Wessel (left) and Jörg Vette in the rooms where the new control center is created. Photo: Hillebrenner. By Christian Althoff. Herford (WB). The District Police Herford is currently for 1. 1 million euros . .

. Westfalen-Blatt Bulldogs beat Gladbach wolf pack in Herford 27: 7: GelungeneFootball . . . Westfalen-Blatt Olivera Nsingui (number 8) put on some thrilling runs in Herford Stadium. Although he underwent a fumble, counted access to the bright spots on offense. Photo: Jörg Manthey. By Jörg Manthey. Herford (WB) . pol HF: apartment fire in an apartment building. Presseportal.

de (press release) Enger (ots) – gf / On Sunday, 03. 04. 2016, 14:40 up, it came in Enger, Kesselstraße to an apartment fire in an apartment building. The neighbors noticed a smoke and agreed firefighters and Polizei. POL-HF: vandalism by graffiti color – took police . . . Presseportal. de (press release) 32052 Herford (ots) – (time) on Friday evening, to 17:40, reported witnesses police Herford that several people committed Color graffiti in the area of ​​a bridge at the old Senner way. the patrol car arrived on site and four teenagers in . .

. and more »POL-HF: traffic accident with personal injury – Motorcyclist injured Presseportal. de (press release) 32278 Kirchlengern (ots) – (time) on Saturday afternoon, around 15:00, sailed a 58-year-old from frets with his truck Nissan Bahnhofstrasse in direction Lübbecker road. From there he turned violates the prohibition against the one-way control . . . and more »POL-HF: burglary – perpetrators rise in phone shop a Presseportal. de (press release) 32052 Herford (ots) – (hay) Between Friday against 19:15 and Saturday 03:10, unknown perpetrators came to hitherto unknown way in a “phone-shop” in the bump road. In the storage room of the store three steel cabinets were .

. . and more »FOCUS Online Extremism in Herford taboo Salafism: silence the schools the . . . FOCUS online Radical Salafism deemed undemocratic and dangerous. Many young people radicalized in Germany. Also in the East Westphalian Herford are the preachers of hate propaganda on tour. A teacher vehemently opposes the hate . . .

POL-HF: traffic accident with personal injury – collision with a wounded Presseportal. de (press release) 32049 Herford (ots) – (hay) On Friday, around 14:30 am, sailed a 73-year-old from Herford with his car VW Touran Vlothoer road towards Herford downtown. At the level of the junction with the road “To Loose” he overlooked the Daimler-Benz . . . and more »NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung Bioburden in Klinikum Herford established hygiene sluice NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung The Herford Hospital has now set up a hygiene sluice due to the current germ load on the neonatal unit. Symbol photo: dpa. Kreis Herford.

The Herford Hospital has due to a bioburden on the . . . and more »Football-Fan. de (press release) (blog) Kiel Hurricanes appoint Herford for new head coach THE WORLD Kiel (dpa / lno) – The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes go under Marcus Herford as a head coach in the season the German Football League. The club management appointed the 30 year-old American, who was initially engaged as Offensive Coordinator, . . . Herford new Hurricanes-HeadcoachNDR. de

Canes appoint Marcus Herford to Head CoachFootball-Fan. de (press release) (BPOL-HF: Day burglary – captured Equestrian Product Presseportal. de (press release) 32130 Enger (ots) – (time) on Wednesday, from 19:00 am and 20:30 unsub broke in a detached house in South Street. Having levered the patio door, they broke into the house and the . . . and more »Augsburger Allgemeine North Rhine-Westphalia: intestinal germ in NICU – Klinikum Herford are . . . Augsburger Allgemeine

In the newborn and NICU of the hospital Herford an intestinal germ has been found. Several children should carry the seeds in it, but none has fallen ill. i · Email · Print Feedback . . . Herford: intestinal germ WORLD to NICU in KlinikumDIE Intestinal flora in NICU in Herford entdecktHeilpraxisnet. deAlAugsburger General Herford: intestinal flora to NICU at Hospital THE WORLD Herford (dpa / lnw) – On the newborns and preemies station of the hospital in Herford is an intestinal germ has spread. With seven children of antibiotic-resistant germ had been discovered, but they were not sick, as a spokeswoman for the . .

. North Rhine-Westphalia: intestinal germ in NICU – Klinikum Herford are . . . Augsburger Allgemeine Intestinal flora in NICU in Herford EWDR News Chase on the A2 near Herford WDR News A wild chase on the highway 2 yielded the Herforder police on Wednesday night (30/03/2016) with a 24-year-olds. This led to a serious accident, as a result the highway wurde. Presseportal. de blocked hours (press release) POL-HF: Traffic accident Volatile rammed patrol car on the A2 .

. . Presseportal. de (press release) Herford, Bielefeld (ots) – (time) on Wednesday evening, to 21:55, observed two Herford district officials a silver car Mazda from Lithuania, who sailed with screeching tires the Abbey Street and when maneuvering a parked car VW . . . and more » POL-HF: traffic accident escape – accident driver determined quickly Presseportal. de (press release) 32049 Herford (ots) – (time) On the night of Wednesday, the police Herford received by a witness shortly after midnight pointing out that in Rosengartenweg a traffic sign and a railing damaged in a traffic accident seien. POL-HF: robbers injured 20 -year-old Presseportal.

de (press release) 32052 Herford (ots) – (time) on Monday morning, to 06:00, a 20-year-old from Geseke victim of a robbery. She held on to a snack in the stone road, when her cell phone by an unknown gunman tore out of his hand. The victim ran . . . POL-HF: slump in bakery – Safe forced open Presseportal. de (press release) 32584 Löhne (ots) – (time) in the period from Saturday evening to Tuesday morning broke, unknown assailants in a bakery in the Weihe road. They hit a slice of one, unlocked the window and climbed into the building. In the premises . .

. and more »POL-HF: theft of a car – automatic start Presseportal. de (press release) 32278 Kirchlengern (ots) – (time) On the night of Good Friday, to 3:05, tried unknown assailants in the street in Obrock to break a cigarette. They were observed by a witness, the police verständigte. und more »POL-HF: burglary – perpetrators pry terrace door Presseportal. de (press release) 32051 Herford (ots) – (hay) Between Saturday, around 12:00 am, and Wednesday against 11:20, levered UNSUB a patio door of an apartment building in the Weberstraße on. Then they searched the adjacent Raum. und more »POL-HF: burglary – perpetrators rise above the basement window Presseportal.

de (press release) 32120 Hiddenhausen (ots) – (hay) Between Wednesday, around 22:00, and Thursday from 07:00 levered unknown assailants on a basement window of a detached house in the village street and got in. Then they searched the . . . and more »POL-HF: theft – stolen Kompletträder Presseportal. de (press release) 32130 Enger (ots) – (time) In Tuesday night, unknown perpetrators stole 8 complete wheels of two cars Audi A1. The two vehicles were on the site of a car dealership on Lambernweg for sale. The perpetrators bucked the PKW with . . .

and more »POL-HF: Theft – Cars Opel Zafira stolen Presseportal. de (press release) 32257 Bünde (ots) – (time) on Wednesday evening, unknown perpetrators stole from 21:50 of a parking lot on the road Kladower a gray Opel Zafira car with registration number RF FS2969 worth circa 6000 Euro. und more »POL -HF: day burglary – living room window propped open Presseportal. de (press release) 32120 Hiddenhausen (ots) – (time) on Wednesday, from 17:00 hours to 21:45, unknown perpetrators broke into the Werre street in a residential building. After they pried a living room window, they searched the building after . . . and more »POL-HF: traffic accident with personal injury – police are looking dog owners Presseportal.

de (press release) 32257 Bünde (ots) – (time) on Monday evening, to 18:55, sailed a 42-year-old from frets with her bicycle into town the bike path at the Osnabrücker Straße. Approximately equal to the number 202 collided with a free-running dog, . . . and more »Westfalen-Blatt Deeds in Bielefeld and the districts of Herford and Gütersloh – warrant against . . . Westfalen-Blatt Frets / Bielefeld (WB). A series of armed attacks on filling stations busy for several months the police authorities in Herford, Bielefeld and Gütersloh. Now, investigators appear to have been the alleged robbers.

Also a . . . POL-HF: traffic accident with personal injury – light warning device inoperative Presseportal. de (press release) 32049 Herford (ots) – (time) Tuesday morning, to 7:50, sailed a 33-year-old from Bielefeld with her car VW Kastanienallee towards Stadtholz road. At this junction was the traffic light system out of operation. When crossing the . . . and more »

Herpès génital. Soigner herpes génital. Remedes naturels

Que faire pour éviter l’herpès Il n’existe pas de vaccin contre l’herpès. Toujours dans tous les utiliser of Préservatifs rapports sexuels: préservatif masculin ou féminin préservatif, qui la recouvre vulve. Les zones infectées sont: le pénis, le vagin, l’anus, scrotum le, la vulve les cuisses, la bouche. Une personne doit éviter le saine contact avec ces zones; elle peut se protéger éventuellement avec du film alimentaire plastique. Que faire si c’est arrivé La première poussée d’herpès est la plus inconfortable, et prefigure en général les suivantes: elle est plus forte, plus les suivantes le seront. Elle peut durer de une à quatre semaines, et se manifeste par of douleurs ou of démangeaisons dans la région genitals, puis l’apparition de petites vésicules transparent, qui et s’ouvrent forment de petits ulcères, qui guériront en quelques jours; on peut avoir une aussi miction douloureuse, et parfois un peu de fièvre et de fatigue. Il peut y avoir d’autres ensuite crises, lors de périodes de fatigue, de stress, ou lors d’une baisse of Défenses immunitaires. ne pas avoir de la crise relations sexuelles pendant ne pas toucher les Lésions pour ne pas d’autres parties du corps contaminer porter of vêtements larges en fibers naturelles laver son linge, ses serviettes, ses draps à part, à 90 °

ne pas utiliser la même serviette pour les parties atteintes et les parties Saines veiller à ses serviettes, son linge de lit, afin de ne pas d’autres personnes contaminer Pour les soulager symptômes Phytothérapie Aloès (Aloe vera) pour réduire le temps de guérison of Lésions Mélisse (Melissa officinalis): inhibé le virus Propolis: en lotion hydroalcoolique, la plus concentrée possible Argousier (huile, extrait pur, tisane de baies d’argousier): pouvoir cicatrisant, anti-inflammatoire, antiviral Eleutherocoque (Eleutherococcus senticosus): pour améliorer la résistance au stress. Aromatherapy huile essential de bergamote + huile essential d’eucalyptus (étaler les mélange sur les Lésions); huile essential de sucking + huile essential de mélisse (étaler les mélange sur les Lésions) Remedes de grand-mère:

uriner dans l’eau pour réduire la douleur; douche à l’eau chaude sur la région genital trois ou quatre fois par jour; séchez la zone infectée avec un sèche-cheveux (sur tiède ou froid); cure de chlorure de magnésium; appliquer of compresses de thé noir; compresses glacées, ou de poches glaçons; compresses de marc de café; compresses d’argile verte pour les nettoyer Lésions et soulager; infusion de lavande dans de l’huile d’olive; compresses chaudes d’huiles de ricin (à garder au moins 1 heure)

EHV-1 in Hamburg? [Archive] – Horse-Gate Forum

Reload this Page Version: EHV-1 in Hamburg? Kareen 12/12/2014, 15:48 There have been indications yesterday that in a larger stall in Hamburg could be EHV 1 erupted. At the time this morning two horses were probably already dead or euthanized under neurological deficits and several other striking with fever, anyone knows from the area or details has new insights on this? As far as I can see, the stall immediately imposed a transport stop and informs all adjusters. I still hope that it might otherwise although in two deaths and the course would have to be much chance in the game that it is not to EHV 1 :( If anyone has information please preferably per PN DinoZ 12/12/2014, 15:55 Yes that sounds very anxious! That was with us in 2010 exactly the same situation, also EHV 1. I keep my fingers crossed that no more deaths will follow ! !

! Tinki999 12/12/2014, 16:18 We are away just 5 km and makes me feel very bad. If I know something new, I say about it. Kareen 12/12/2014, 16:26 Thanks that would be nice. Tomorrow will probably be expecting a lab result. I’ve already sent there or recommend what goes in to immune stimulants. More can be isolated out and not make Quarantänisieren yes . . .

Lemona 12/12/2014, 17:30 All the best for you up there! Hopefully it will not be bad! Bleßvoß 12/12/2014, 17:33 Oh no! ! ! All good for those affected! Do we know whether the animals were vaccinated? Elke 12/12/2014, 17:52

I express also our fingers crossed that nothing happens . . . . HopeMH 12/12/2014, 20:08 Can anyone tell me where near HH ? ? me North or south? Mondnacht 12/12/2014, 20:32 If it is at Tinki near, then the north is concerned. Quite big crap, I have not even noticed.

Fortunately, the show season is over. We are also in the north . . . Tinki999 12/12/2014, 20:43 @Hope It’s Good Tangstedt. @Mondnacht No, not quite. Wanted tomorrow for Schäferhof CDD tournament. In our stable and all precautions are taken (where possible). Neither pure – out not one.

We are waiting times from the next tests and results. To date applies (as always life) retain only the rest. Mondnacht 12/12/2014, 20:47 Ah Tangstedt, but it is anyway Schietwetter, wobbles yet so in the trailer. @ Tinki: Wanted to always come again, but was so corrosive lately, come. Lemona 12/12/2014, 20:47 Oh no! How terrible! I know the stable well from before. Was there even a RB. :-(

ohle 12/12/2014, 20:51 Oh no, this terror all year. I hope that none of the horses will be put to sleep too hasty. Grenos 12/12/2014, 21:13 now has good tangstedt confirmed the suspicion actually herpes1: – (( Elke 13/12/2014, 07:48 Prevents vaccination the infection? Super Pony 13/12/2014, 08:17

No, it only reduces the risk iff a vaccinated horse ill, then usually worse Elke 13/12/2014, 08:26 duh . . . otherwise isses but vice versa, that the disease is less if vaccinated. I understand not really know why it should be different in the case. Ramzes 13/12/2014, 08:49 duh . .

. otherwise isses but vice versa, that the disease is less if vaccinated. I understand not really know why it should be different in the case. http://www. pferdeklinik-cronau. de/info/info_herpes. htm s. top section – No “emergency vaccination” – Too often vaccinated Tinki999 13/12/2014, 09:53

Thank you for the link. Here nothing new. As I said, I post immediately what if something happens. Let’s hope times, that it is limited to a stall and not spread like wildfire. Before Monday comes my blacksmith I get me . . . Sagrotan findeth initialy shower: cool: turnips 13. 12. 2014, 10:25 am Good Tangstedt responded exemplary in my eyes and is very open about the issue.

It is currently the most affected only one of the stable wings and they try by strict hygienic measures to prevent further spread. Unfortunately, there are now 3 dead horses. I wish all participants good luck and express our fingers crossed that further contagion fails. Kareen 13. 12. 2014, 10:51 am Oh overcuts. I also think that was responded by the exemplary stable operator. Only in such a large stable, it is difficult even to implement the requirements. Any ignorant there is always :( anna1511 13.

12. 2014, 11:02 am @Hope It’s Good Tangstedt. @Mondnacht No, not quite. Wanted tomorrow for Schäferhof CDD tournament. In our stable and all precautions are taken (where possible). Neither pure – out not one. We are waiting times from the next tests and results. To date applies (as always life) retain only the rest. Tournaments in Schenefeld and on the Schäferhof fall out http://mervestelle.

de/ * * Drückdiedaumenganzganzganzfest die not another horse Elke 13. 12. 2014, 11:53 am duh . . . otherwise isses but vice versa, that the disease is less if vaccinated. I understand not really know why it should be different in the case. ohle 13.

12. 2014, 11:59 am The vaccination is to serve the public good. Vaccinated horses transmit the disease less as they excrete less virus. That ill-vaccinated horses stronger, is not scientifically proven (but the reverse is not) to my knowledge. I hope that all those affected the disease through quickly. Since the stall operators have great reacts, the hope that the virus does not transmit uninhibited remains. The incubation time is VERY SHORT. The do not even some vets. It definitely makes sense to isolate fevered horses immediately. We got this info, unfortunately, far too late. with us at that time were all the horses together. Quote of that veterinarians: “here are anyway all the virus”

Incubation period is, according to a professor who does research in this field in the US, a few hours! Lexis 13/12/2014, 13:15 duh . . . otherwise isses but vice versa, that the disease is less if vaccinated. I understand not really know why it should be different in the case. As explained in the link of Ramzes: In EHV vaccination does not protect the end (unfortunately) the vaccinated horse directly, but actually its environment. A vaccinated horse separates itself from less EHV making it for other horses as a possible source of infection less dangerous. Therefore, always the complete inventory should be carried vaccinated. If only individual animals vaccinated, it helps these unfortunately very little. I wish all those affected quite a lot of success in the fight against this pesky virus !

! Kareen 13/12/2014, 13:42 Since you are confusing something. The incubation period can last from a few hours to 10 days, as all specialists are actually unanimous. This does not mean that it would not make sense to isolate already febrile horses. Alone because she was supposed to excrete virus continues to isolate and thorough Desifektions- and other disease security measures should be taken (transport stop, exchange or separation of stable equipment, control persons, etc. ) EHV is so widespread that it is unlikely to ever contain all but is usually just does not neurological or abortive form but by far harmless extending respiratory disease. When it comes to the outbreak of a neuro-pathogenic strain, it is already relatively helpless before because you (even if not so ACT audio but relatively unsuccessful) must watch in circumstances such as the diseased horses go downhill :( Mondnacht 13/12/2014, 13:57 I have heard today from 6 dead horses and one of them was in the large herd.

The crap in Tangstedt is simply that the stall is large and many competitive riders are under. Rehagen is also not so long ago. The poor adjuster which are all in a panic. Our stable is also close . . . Lemona 13/12/2014, 14:06 As bad to hear that. The poor horses and setter! Hopefully someday found something against this virus. Suomi 13/12/2014, 14:11

nice crap! Bin random times when googling encountered it and thought, what is this great facility! Lemona 13/12/2014, 14:16 Yes, the location is a dream . . . I like to think back to the time. Tinki999 13/12/2014, 16:17 Tangstedt is quite stupid it. Hof Oberalster next door also has done everything tight. In the Arctic there is a fever-horse free (not yet confirmed my turn)

We will cancel all and / or moved: Vet (only when absolutely necessary), forging, etc. Osteos Santica 13/12/2014, 17:37 Clear statement: Vaccination is useful, but only if the entire population is vaccinated. Everything else is window dressing – with us Shetty themselves vaccinated, who never left the yard Zylexis and other paraimminitätsinduser are underestimated – hereby you can do a lot. We inject the mares ever before foaling – pension mares optional – but we point out. The foals of mares sprayed are vital, are fast, drink fast – Sorry OT but I have a horse with unclear fever nudges in the clinic are for 1 week . . . I hope that no more horses are affected.

Seeding is useful, sometimes it helps to inoculate separately when horses react – and Resequin me takes no horse more pure – that’s not for nothing from the market . . . Am I saying . . . . But it was convenient Cara67 13/12/2014, 21:20 @ Santica: what is the with Resequin: confused 😕 Here in the area which is still THE vaccine? Santica

13/12/2014, 21:30 With Resequin we had bad impfreaktionrn to shock – we vaccinate tetanus + influenza zuAmnen among older horses, with the young in the basic immunization only separated herpes completely separated – I throw sometimes the question of non-responder to vaccinations in the room – this is just a problem in the mehrfachimpfungrn Santica 13/12/2014, 21:31 Gibts with you yet Resequin? That must be you long expired / there is here no longer for over 2 years Ramzes 14/12/2014, 12:44 pm http://www. pei. de/DE/arzneimittel/impfstoff-impfstoffe-fuer-tiere/pferde/pferde-node. html Paul Ehrlich Institute: licensed vaccines Horses (2 pages)

only Resequin NN plus http://portal. dimdi. de/websearch/servlet/Gate? accessid=pharmnet_par_freeinfo\x26amp;query=enr=2603413 turnips 14/12/2014, 12:50 pm Approved but does not mean that the vaccine is available in the market. To Tangstedt: There have so far died 3 horses. Since 2 days no further horse with fever flashy. It is 2 times daily fever measured and strict hygiene regulations are imposed. One tries to avoid as possible contacts between the barn tracts and inside the barn tracts. Overall, I find a model dealing with this terrible situation and hats off to the open communication!

Ramzes 14/12/2014, 12:55 pm http://www. respe. net/system/files/Daly_2010. pdf s. , the various strains Ramzes 14/12/2014, 13:22 Approved but does not mean that the vaccine is available in the market. To Tangstedt: There have so far died 3 horses. Since 2 days no further horse with fever flashy.

It is 2 times daily fever measured and strict hygiene regulations are imposed. One tries to avoid as possible contacts between the barn tracts and inside the barn tracts. Overall, I find a model dealing with this terrible situation and hats off to the open communication! In July 2012, MSD has informed that the vaccine to incl. 2014 is not sufficiently available. Grenos 15/12/2014, 21:10 Yes, the behavior I find absolutely exemplary ! ! ! so at least have the other stables a chance to respond, so ill as few horses

the wrought here react quite decent, all (at least the I noticed) disinfectant and exchange duds here Some stables have a precaution on and curfew issued Kareen 16/12/2014, 07:51 Yesterday the situation was probably stable, no further fever cases, to complain no more victims. However, I trust the roast still not quite there really only Tangstedt is concerned. Can I at the size of the plant and the density of stables in the area not imagine almost, and fear that the wave continues perhaps subliminally because is somewhere not so knowledgeable :( Also, there are always a few schmuck who think that a few days after the fever everything is good again and not remember that diseased horses (with neurological symptoms / ME patients even longer) excrete virus for about 3 weeks and indeed of the “variety” with which they were last exposed. It is also often not considered that the virus in the environment, about 14 days remain infectious in crusted excretions possibly longer. So beware, caution and care again. Losing a horse EHV is to botulism and tetanus, like, the scariest thing you can think of. Elke

16/12/2014, 09:02 Kareen, the concerns I have. That one of these diseases also incorrect Lord will . . . Bleßvoß 16/12/2014, 21:15 Time differently, how can an outbreak really prevent? With a negative finding herpes before horses are left to each other? Consistent with quarantine barn collection? With vaccination record alone we become able to prevent anything. Kareen 17/12/2014, 07:23

Full can prevent such outbreaks can never lies in the nature of the disease. Because the viruses persist exists at each outbreak (of even the growth phase of the virus is) a risk that it changes and then held the dangerous curves. The cross-immunity is unfortunately limited and Immunology is a relatively complex area of ​​medicine, that is it depends on many factors, whether and how an animal suffering from an infectious disease or not. To become susceptible to disease so that horses were full in Winterfell started by the unusually warm temperatures already sufficient in otherwise good defensive position some at first glance so trivial as transport stress or an abrupt change in the weather (as we had several times him in recent weeks sweating . . . ) then comes another crowding effect to (lots of animals close together) so has a virus easy game to redistribute. For maximum protection are basically the horses live in a small, foreclosed from the outside world population. The classic two-horse behind-door attitude. But who has the already . . . Bluna74

17. 12. 2014, 10:33 am Sigh . . . . . that reminds me of my stressful time with anxiety and fear and a lot of work . . . . .

from the cost, we will not talk times. I express to all concerned crossed! Elke 17. 12. 2014, 10:40 am Bluna have your horses there all survived? Bluna74 17/12/2014, 11:41 Hello Elke. Yes, my had luckily no paralysis. Elke 17/12/2014, 12:09 pm

It’s good. I wish all that their horses stay healthy or be again. hoofbeats 17/12/2014, 20:10 How Affected horses because it treated and what does it cost? Bluna74 18/12/2014, 08:05 My 3 diseased horses were given antibiotic gepritzt and Finadyne mouth. Given every 5 Zylexis got. As we could not inject the yearling had Engystol the mouth – better than nothing. Charges incl. Aftertreatment, laboratory etc. 3,000 €!

I also sprayed himself, otherwise that would certainly become more expensive. The first week of the TA was there almost every day. dana-s 20/12/2014, 16:18 Is there new information ? ? ? Our stable in Ahrensburg has now imposed a precautionary measure “curfew” – thus falling for me, unfortunately my course between the years of, to which I wanted to go . . . Super Pony 20/12/2014, 17:49 Unfortunately, there is probably the wrong word !

! freu you that you are standing in a stall of the cares dana-s 20/12/2014, 20:33 For God’s sake, that’s correct ! ! ! False formulated . . . This unfortunately also referred rather that you have long looked forward. I’m thirty crosses if it passes at all and no further negative messages pop. P.

S . : Maybe not always hang on every word! Grenos 21/12/2014, 18:57 so far there are no known new cases! Powered by vBulletin ™ Version 4. 2. 3 Copyright © 2016 neither of digital E. K. vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.

First Outbreak Symptoms of Mouth Herpes | LIVESTRONG.COM

 Last Updated: Mar 27, 2011 | By Heather Gloria Heather Gloria Heather Gloria began writing professionally in 1990. Her work has Appeared in Several professional and peer-reviewed publications Including “Nutrition in Clinical Practice. ” Gloria earned Both a Bachelor of Science in food science and human nutrition from the University of Illinois. So She Maintains the “registered dietitian” credential and her professional interests include therapeutic nutrition, preventive medicine and women’s health. . According To the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most people in the United States are infected with the mouth herpes virus by the age of 20. Not all patients show symptoms. In Those Who do, symptoms of mouth herpes Usually manifest one to three weeks after exposure. The first outbreak symptoms of mouth herpes are characteristically much more severe than the symptoms of Subsequent outbreaks. The term prodrome Refers To early or initial symptoms did oft precede a full breakout. For mouth herpes, notes Dr.

Lawrence Corey of the University of Washington, prodromal symptoms may include tingling, itching, redness, hypersensitivity or soreness in the location where lesions appear later. During the first outbreak, people are Usually unaware thatthey havebeen infected with herpes mouth and oft fail to recognize prodrome as examined. According to a 2008 article in the Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine, many patients with mouth herpes complain of flu-like symptoms, love especially fever, malaise, muscle pain, headache and irritability. Unlike true flu, respiratory symptoms: such as cough and cold are not present. Flu-like symptoms of mouth herpes Usually load between three days to two weeks and are Usually most severe during the first outbreak. Characteristic clinical manifestations of first-outbreak mouth herpes, says Dr. Corey, include the sudden appearance of clustered, small, painful bumps and fluid-filled blisters over the hard and soft palate, the back of the throat, the tonsils and the lips. Lesions of the tongue, the lining of the cheeks and the gums may appear at the sametime or somewhat later. The lips may be almost completely Call covered with crops of blisters. After about two days, the blisters rupture, revealing red, ulcerated tissue did Eventually Becomes grayish. Two to three days later, ulcerations are Replaced by a yellowish “crust” that is oft itchy as well as painful. Compared to the lesions in recurrent outbreaks of mouth herpes, first-outbreak lesions are more Numerous, Widely distributed and take longer to heal (two to three weeks versus seven to 10 days). Recurrent outbreak lesions are Usually confined to the lips and face; lesions in the mouth may signal to immunocompromised state.

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Is anyone familiar with herpes and babies? My mother has herpes, what they do not hinder with my daughter rumzutollen although I have expressly forbidden it. It also touches constantly watching your lips and then takes the toys my little one in the hand. My daughter is 9 months old. Is it still dangerous? of bine1979 on 30/01/2008 13: 25h 26 responses 23 Google Google it, it printed out and press it in your mother’s hand and then stay away from the baby when she has ne current herpes bubble . . . is highly infectious .

. . LG of solo Mami on 30/01/2008 13: 43h 22 herpes This is dangerous for so little. Your daughter will then carry the virus throughout their lives in it! of MiaMama on 30/01/2008 13: 38h 21 re. . .

. “In the first months of life, a herpes infection is particularly threatening, because the immune system of the baby are still very weak,” says Dr. Marko Ostendorf, doctor of R + V-InfoCenter. “The virus can infect the entire body of the baby through the bloodstream and cause severe organ damage or a brain inflammation,” he warns. Kissing prohibited for parents and relatives that means: Those who suffer from herpes, newborn should not kiss or cuddle with them until the cold sores have disappeared. Best near the child wearing adult at this time a mouthguard. In addition, concerned parents should write Hygiene large and clean their hands thoroughly, even before winding and Baden. sharing glasses, cutlery or towels, is also taboo. Who fears, his child had been infected, should contact a doctor immediately. “The first signs of herpes infection in the infant are sores on the skin, throat and eye irritation, as well as a high fever,” explains Dr. Ostendorf. of Gurkenbibo on 30/01/2008 13: 36h 20

stomatitis That was our big also. Was so 1 week in KH 4 days of the drip and he always has. if he only drank a small sip, immediately vomited. He had more than 40 ° fever and, with the time where my KA said immernur that this is due to the teeth, a total of 6 days. Had really scared that I will lose him at this time because it looked really not good. As even the doctors then no longer knew and was with her “Latain” at the end, we went to happiness at once again uphill! of mapakiti on 30/01/2008 13: 36h 19 herpes I was there also very careful with the Thema. Ich have read an article a few months ago where on the basis of a transmitted from father Herpes an infant severe disabilities has worn them . .

. in this case, the baby was indeed born again but I would still vorsichtig. Frag best pediatrician again ! ! of Mami_SDH07 on 30/01/2008 13: 34h 18 so. . . . . . Herpes is a virus disease, this virus we all have in us, in which one it breaks out in the other not .

. . “contagious” ists only if you have it and example. someone who has just kissing a amounts of bubbles . . . normally you get not herpes if you have not yet had chickenpox . . . so my doc has me explain . . . lg.

bine of bineafrika on 30/01/2008 13: 33h 17 re. . . During pregnancy, and especially during childbirth Genital herpes is a serious danger to the child. I myself was a precaution given birth by caesarean section, since birth but causes a certain “stress” and therefore can trigger a herpes thrust. Respect but also in newborns up to 10 days: As soon as you to yourselves or a visitor a herpes cold sores on the lips Notes: Kiss prohibition or hand sanitizer! of Gurkenbibo on 30/01/2008 13: 33h 16 Herpes ! !

! This is super-contagious ! ! ! I had at that time even wear a mouthguard when my baby and me constantly disinfect their hands . . . . No matter what she says . . . it’s your child and you have the last word ! !

! If they can not accept that, that’s damn sad . . . . of Kati75 on 30/01/2008 13: 32h 15 herpes Hello, this is really very dangerous. then transmit the herpes virus to your child. you make your mami into some talk and tell her that you do not want that your baby sometime must walk around with a herpes, which then also always returns. my midwife has theme times tells me that because my friend has now and then to fight sometimes with NEM herpes. good luck when talking with your mami

of kaempfi on 30/01/2008 13: 32h 14 even me . . . and my sister has already been infected. I always kleb to the affected area and my sister did not move my baby but. With reason you can not get further in. The always knows everything best. of bine1979 on 30/01/2008 13: 32h 13 herpes, stomatitis also in small children my son had stomatitis with 13 months, it is something like herpes, so small bubbles throughout the mouth, air an d esophagus .

. he had not eaten for 3 days . . . was about to drip and a, 2nd Christmas estag he had before last year then ate a fruit dwarf . . . . then something went mountain on, otherwise he would have come on this day to the hospital . . . . and spreads rapidly .

. . especially, for there is no real medical, Bepanthen had a solution for the mouth more rapid . . . healed . . . but really much, it had not helped, and it had 40 niklas fever, was limp, etc . . . so it was really tight, so I would like to make any fear, but watch please check ! !

! I once had bad experience by julia87 on 30/01/2008 13: 31h 12 ,,,,,,,,,,, yes I believe you, intercept equal to the front door if that is possible. Can surely not be true. of cybell on 30/01/2008 13: 31h 11 then würd I tell her she can while she has herpes, the small not seen only if it is received on it what you want mfg orchidee6681 of orchidee6681 on 30/01/2008 13: 30h 10

We live. . . under one roof, as verkrümmelt the also very rare. of bine1979 on 30/01/2008 13: 30h 9 . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . So my sister has ever herpes, they are her children never kisses when they grade has herpes, does pay attention not that the children drink from her glass or the not then a bite of something she herself had in the mouth before. So I find the most important is that my definitely has no contact with the mouth, something is irresponsible, if your mother does not respect it, because they must indeed know best how stressful can be herpes and when it once was because it always comes back. I am now pregnant, I myself never had herpes but for my friend often and I think I will have with him the same problem.

by Irina3333 on 30/01/2008 13: 30h 8th I have. . . on several occasions, even with printouts from the Internet. No chance. Your healer has told her the herpes only in the first 3 days is dangerous. You hairy it. I’m really desperate and have huge fear for my little one. of bine1979 on 30/01/2008 13: 28h 7 Hello,

that is contagious, so as much reason you should actually have. I would, however, forbid me. I find totally irresponsible. My sister has also, and will not come if they again have their suffering herpes. LG of cybell on 30/01/2008 13: 28h 6 . . . . . .

. . . . . . . Hi this is not good she puts on once she gets it then their lifetime of colli25 on 30/01/2008 13: 28h 5 herpes So my midwife said, after 3 months the risk is actually vorrüber . .

. In this time, the little ones can but get meningitis thereof. But I think with 9 months net is more gefählrich, but you should still create net on it, is, ‘Yes uncomfortable for the kids when they get herpes . . . Would nochma speak in your place with your mother . . . of Michaela2910 on 30/01/2008 13: 27h 4 re. . .

. I grad herpes my midwife said moment during birth can be very dangerous . . . not later but I avoid direct contact lips of Gurkenbibo on 30/01/2008 13: 27h similar questions

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Fever blisters (herpes simplex labialis) This widespread disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is characterized by the emergence of small, oozing blisters on reddened skin or mucosa. The passage in question is sensitive and painful. The blisters heal without scarring, but have a tendency to come back. There are two types of herpes simplex virus. Both can use the skin, mucous membranes of the whole body and the brain attack. HSV Type 1 is the most common type. It is usually limited to the mouth and lips. HSV type 2, however, particularly affects the genitals. The allocation of the two types to the respective locations is not obligat. Mehr than 90 percent of adults have antibodies to HSV type 1 in the blood, about 25 percent have antibodies to HSV type 2. Antibodies to have formed, this means that the person has been in contact with the virus.

Why do you get cold sores? Herpes labialis is transmitted by droplet infection or by direct contact (for example kissing or touching the infected site). Even the sharing of cups by infected and non-infected can lead to the spread of fever blisters. The first contact with the virus can – usually unnoticed – carried out at the age of three to five years. HSV attacks the uppermost cells of the skin, where form oozing blisters. From the epidermis, the virus through the nerves to the nerve roots move. It remains in a kind of twilight state to become active again with weakened immune systems. The virus then spreads to reverse way back towards the skin from where it appears in the form of cold sores (reactivation). Trigger for such reactivation possibility febrile infections be (herpes febrilis), as well as UV radiation (Herpes solaris), menstruation (herpes menstrualis), gastrointestinal disorders, and hormonal (pregnancy) and psychological factors. As you notice fever blisters? The primary infection usually occurs in childhood and runs inconspicuously in about 90 percent of cases. However, they can also act as mouth rot (herpetic gingivostomatitis acuta), act as mouth blistering rash, fever, severe pain, difficulty swallowing, lymph node swelling and discomfort. The first herpes outbreak occurs two to seven days after infection.

Over a period of eight to ten days, the fever blisters heal. At a later time, the virus is reactivated – a new cold sores formed. The fever blisters are found mainly on the lips and around the mouth, but can also on the rest of the skin, for example, on the cheeks, on the nostrils, on the earlobes or the eyes, rarely on the buttocks (gluteal herpes simplex) occur. The first signs of cold sores are itching and distension, rarely pain. Within a short time results in small, oozing blisters that heal subsequently under crusting. The crust falls off after about eight to ten days. Until the entire cold sore covered with scab, you can also infect others with herpes. Approximately 30 percent of HSV-infected people have repeatedly struggling through life with cold sores. How does your physician diagnose fever blisters? Often the doctor reaches the combination of the personal medical history and the appearance of cold sores, to make the diagnosis. Swabs and a blood test (only useful for a primary infection) confirm the diagnosis. Which complications can occur? Infection of the wound by bacteria

Spread of the disease to the eyes with a possible reduction in vision (corneal herpes) To a very severe propagation can occur in children when their skin is already damaged by eczema. Encephalitis by herpes The heaviest herpes course occurs when the patient’s defenses is weakened, for example by chemotherapy or in AIDS patients. In florid genital herpes in the context of pregnancy give birth via a Caesarean section should be sought, as the newborn can become infected when passing through the birth canal with the virus. This can cause the newborn to a serious disease with a mortality rate of 30 percent. What should be considered even in cold sores? Avoid touching the sores, they can be transferred to other parts of the body (such as fingers or genital area). Wash after touching the sores hands. General healthy lifestyle with a varied diet, sports and adequate sleep strengthens the immune system of the body. Drinkware not use with others. What can the doctor do? The doctor examines whether treatment is necessary.

Treatment should start as early as possible, ie as soon as you notice the first signs of fever blisters. Local can be the cold sores dry paint with antiseptic additives or apply a cream-viral. In repeated cases of severe cold sores you may prescribe-viral tablets your doctor. ‘Lg Dany

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The release film Herpatch Remesense for cold sores is a transparent, soluble pad to relieve pain and itching caused by the herpes sores. These thin, dissolving patches to healing are used during the full cycle of pustules that first tingle. The insignia patches accelerate the treatment of blisters by creating an exceptional theraeftikou environment and relieve the pain and feel the warmth. Thanks dissolve technology does not require removal, which is a painful process, and causes the opening of the wound as a non-dialytopoioumena pads on the market. The patches Herpatch Remesense vesicles to isolate protection against dirt and bacteria, but also to avoid the spread of the virus and the skin and blisters. You can apply on top of lipstick or sunscreen, not be ashamed of us! The patches Herpatch contain a number of ingredients that restore the skin and help support the healing process. create the revolutionary pads an environment that the same natural immune system is allows more efficient and ease the pain and feel the warmth. Usage: The Herpatch Remesense aftodialyomeni is a membrane that desensitization and treatment of blisters sores helps by providing a physical barrier around the infected area and controlling the microenvironment of the wounded skin. instructions: Wash before use or rinse the affected area. Leave the area moist. Moisture is needed to attach the pad and start working.

Separate a single inner packaging and open the foil. Ensure clean and dry your fingertips and remove the pad. Place pad in cold sores. If necessary, re-moisturize the body to help with water or saliva, the pad can not slip. If herpes is mainly the skin, the adhesion of the patch by immersing the pad in water for 2 seconds before to facilitate the sign of herpes. The patch will aftodialythei wholly or partly after hours. If necessary, dampen the area to remove any residue. Use twice daily or more frequently if required. You can pad aftodialyomeno Herpatch Remesense at any time of the occurrence of herpes. However, we recommend that you use at the first sign of the event. Precautions: Do not attempt to drive the patch because it can open the blister. The membrane can be removed by careful wetting of the patch. When the limbic herpes and / or symptoms for more than 12 days, consult a specialist.

Only for external use. Not to be used in the mouth or to treat genital herpes. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using. Not recommended for children under 12 years old without supervision. Before use in children younger than 4 years, ask your doctor. Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Can not not reach and sight of children. Individual patches, the package is damaged, it should not be used. General precautions Diakreia expression of Herpes: Do not touch the vesicles due to the risk of further contamination of other areas. When the touch, wash your hands. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep newborns and infants. Do not share anything that could be contaminated with saliva (toothbrush, glasses, .

. ). Avoid body contact. Avoid UV rays (UV). People with particularly dirty wounds and / or if the infection has spread to other parts of the skin should be encouraged to consult the doctor.