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What I tell you, you will scare in the next year, especially if you have been diagnosed with herpes simplex? But I would like to continue reading before jumping to any conclusions. If you feel threatened at any time, seek medical advice. Herpes simplex is not spelled out in doctors’ offices. This is a serious nerve condition, which not only causes back pain, but . . . The condition can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or what is commonly referred to as AIDS. The viral infection is not necessary transmitted through sexual obligations. Rather, the viral infection of T cells can develop. The disease is a defect in the T-cells to mediate the immune system and allows the development of this mortal opportunistic viral infection. The disease is life-threatening if the immune system is weak, since it from microorganisms of Junior’s disease. The disease is not necessary serious, but it can be the cause, or pathogenic and / or life-threatening if a host has lowered the immunity level.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) can lead to the development of herpes simplex. If during the test doctors detect HIV virus infections that coexists with one or more pointer viruses, such as herpes simplex, Mycobacterium, cytomegalovirus and / or Candida viral infections, whereby the state marked fatal. Herpes simplex causes lower back pain, since the disease erupts when the emotions and physical abilities are put to the test. The amplified musculoskeletal at this point and / or strengthened. During testing experts search dementia, wasting patterns, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and pneumoncystis. Dementia is an intellectual and cognitive deteriorating condition, as in the brain where movement is controlled and restrained, wearing sense progresses. Memory loss occurs when dementia is present. Blood transfusions with contaminated needles, infected uterus blood, etc can cause HIV, herpes simplex or arise. Semen contact, secretions from the vagina, sexual intercourse, and handling secretions from the vagina and semen can cause HIV. Each time an infected body fluids or blood, it sets them to the risk of HIV, a person is exposed. HIV affects the lymphocytes, which travels in semen and secretions from the vagina. Blood carries the viral infection as well. is HIV, they present carries lymphocytes infections in the vagina secretions and semen, during the transportation to small breaks in the mucous membrane and skin.

HIV travels and expands into retroviruses that selective cells, especially those infected contain the CD. 4 Antigen carries, CD-4 which is applied to the surface. The lymphocytes are T-4s in the first place. At this stage, HIV will multiply in the T cells or lymphocytes and begin destroying the cells. The destruction of the T cells damage muscles, joints, etc. , caused to fall resistance abilities. symptoms: Symptoms may include fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness, weight loss, fever, recurrent diarrhea, pallor, malnutrition, night sweats, lymphadenopathy, dementia, confusion, disorientation and close. In herpes simplex is not in AIDS (Not that there is in all cases), contact develops the outbreaks often sporadic and causes tingling and burning in the vagina or penis region. A greenish-yellow discharge will follow. The symptoms begin, let a few months, and develop again if the patient worries excessively. Doctors usually treat herpes simplex by drugs such as acyclovir. In extreme cases, herpes simplex chronic pain occurs, which experts will inject a drug into the body?

(Transcutaneous) The action causes an electrifying nerve simulation (TENS), relieves the pain of herpes simplex derived. The pain is sometimes unbearable. If herpes simplex develops HIV can aggravate the pain yet, since the red and white blood cells are affected, and transaminase enzymes and alkaline phosphatase. can simplex The herpes disease sometimes limit mobility due to excessive pain. In this case, you need to give your body rest, and visit your doctor as soon as possible

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Here you will find the most important information about this medicine Fenistil Hydrocort cream 00:25% at a glance. For inquiries, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. Fenistil Hydrocort cream 00:25% Contents When applied 12:25% Fenistil Hydrocort cream? – For relief of skin inflammation When should Fenistil Hydrocort cream not be used 12:25%? A contraindication (lat. Contraindication) is a circumstance in which one can not apply a particular drug, as it can lead to dangerous, damage to health otherwise. Against all drugs, hypersensitivity reactions may occur, then you need to stop the medicine immediately. If already known to be allergic to the active substance or to any of the excipients, it should not be used. The drug Fenistil Hydrocort cream 00:25% should not be used in: – Certain skin diseases (syphilis, tuberculosis) – Viral infections (for example, chickenpox, herpes, shingles)

– vaccination reactions – Fungal infections – Bacterial skin infections – Acne, steroid – rosacea Particular caution is required when: – Use on the face, especially around the eyes (risk of increased intraocular pressure) – Application in the environment of skin ulcers – Application in the genital and anal region – Age Skin How is it used 0:25% Fenistil Hydrocort cream? Adults and children over 6 years: – Apply once daily at the start of treatment, the cream 1-2

– In improvement in the disease usually takes is a single application per day. – Children under 6 years may apply 12:25% only by a doctor, the drug Fenistil Hydrocort cream; usually sufficient one application per day. – The cream is applied thinly after careful cleaning of the skin on the affected areas of skin and slightly rubbed. What side effects may occur? From a side effect is when in addition to the intended effect of the drug other undesirable effects. – For more than four weeks term use skin injury, cutaneous vasodilatation, striae, Steroid, change in skin pigmentation, skin irritation around the mouth and excess hair may occur. What else you need to know – The cream should be applied no more than four weeks. – When stopping the symptoms for four weeks or at worse, a doctor should be consulted. – For children under 6 years of treatment should be limited to a maximum of three weeks. What should be considered in pregnancy During pregnancy and lactation, you should take medication as possible only after consultation with your doctor or pharmacist! – The drug Fenistil Hydrocort cream 00:25% must not be used in the first trimester of pregnancy.

– In later stages of pregnancy, the drug Fenistil Hydrocort cream may be applied 12:25% only after careful risk-benefit assessment. In particular, a großflächige- or long-term use and closure organizations should be avoided during pregnancy. – Hydrocortisone passes into breast milk. In großflächiger- or prolonged use should be discontinued. – A contact of the child with the treated skin areas should be avoided. This notice is not intended to be exhaustive. The details are for informational purposes only and does not buy or use recommendation. This information does not replace the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. With Fenistil Hydrocort cream 12:25% comparable drugs In the list, you can quickly identify the prices of comparable medicines. The list is sorted in ascending order by price and corresponds to the recommended retail price of the manufacturer. The actual pharmacy retail price may vary. Ebenol 00:25%

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KG Disclaimer: Please note that there may possibly be differences in the approval (eg in terms of application and dosages. )

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Posted in Sex \x26amp; Love November 5, 2013 “What helps against genital warts? ” is a frequently asked question. Genital warts – as the scientific name of genital warts (genital warts) – are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, many of those affected, the disease is so embarrassed that they want to do without a visit to the doctor as possible and use for their home remedies for genital warts. However, this is of limited significance. What helps against genital warts? Are clearly visible genital warts occurred, s doctor should be consulted to identify the specific type. The low-risk types of HPV 6 or HPV 11 are not usually dangerous and sometimes even cure by itself. Also in this form of genital warts home remedies can be used. If, however one of the dangerous types HPV16 or HPV18, medical treatment should be done, because in women at risk for developing cervical cancer. The drug treatment options for genital warts (Condyline, Wartec (Warticon) and Aldara) are next to undergo surgery and laser, freezing (cryotherapy) or cauterization, when with a wire loop is strongly heated and corrosive to the wart. Genital warts home remedies and more

Have your own warts definitely identified as low-risk types and occur repeatedly, even home remedies can help such as tinctures or creams prescribed by the doctor. Some known methods of Feigwarzentherapie we present here briefly: 1. The best home remedy for genital warts: Tea tree oil The most likely reasons for genital warts tea tree oil is used, which is available at any pharmacy. The tea tree oil acts directly on the Human Papillomavirus, which are responsible for the formation of genital warts. The tea tree oil is applied several times daily directly to the genital warts and kills so gradually the virus from. 2. Drug treatment option: Aldara Aldara is the medicine most commonly prescribed remedies for genital warts. The cream contains the active ingredient imiquimod, which strengthens the immune system and thus ensures that it combats the warts themselves. Compared to other conventional medical treatments for genital warts Aldara has the advantage that the surrounding skin is not damaged. On the other hand, however, the drug can also cause side effects such as skin irritation or flaking.

3. The homeopathic help against genital warts: Thuja In homeopathy, an extract of Cedar Art Thuja occidentalis is used, which is also known as the tree of life. The homeopathic remedy Thuja is applied both externally, by being dabbed directly on the wart, and internally by the drops are taken. This makes the body’s immune system is strengthened against future infections warts. 4. Apple cider vinegar and salt against genital warts In another method, a mixture of apple cider vinegar and salt is used to make the genital warts finished off. High-quality apple cider vinegar there for example in health food stores or drugstores. The apple cider vinegar is mixed with a little salt (some give even tea tree oil added) and applied to a cotton ball. This is pressed onto the wart and fixed with a patch so that the apple cider vinegar can act. 5. Aloe Vera against genital warts

Another traditional home remedy for genital warts is the medicinal plant aloe vera, which is known for its antiseptic properties. However, it should be ensured that it is pure aloe vera plant juice is dropped on a cotton ball, or an aloe vera gel that can be applied directly to the warts. prevent ping-pong effect Whether to combat genital warts the drug Aldara is used as a homeopathic remedy Thuja or even genital warts home remedies such as tea tree oil: It is very important to avoid the ping pong effect, that new infection with the partner. Therefore, must both be treated at a wart disease and treatment continue to do so for a while, when the obvious warts have disappeared. By Sabine Will

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. Reviewer / critic writes on 10. 26. 2015 I tend to herpes and there helps no ointment. Engystol is then always my savior, because if I take regularly (every 1-2stunden) helps it and that herpes is a few days away. Was this review helpful to you? 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Reviewer / critic writes on 06. 17. 2015 Once one of my hangover begins to sneeze (with an infection, not with allergic) he gets Engystol. Previously on timely delivery, the cold is not even germinated properly.

With my old hangover I make two or three times a year for several weeks cure with Engystol strengthen the immune system. Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. Reviewer / critic writes on 08. 12. 2014 After two only briefly successful treatments with antibiotics tablets were recommended to me for my time-verschnupften hangover from my Tierheilpraktiker Engystol. Two daily tablets kneaded into the lining and the cat flu was brought under control within a few weeks. Since cat flu is a hepatitis disease, and therefore can not be healed, is to give a Engystol tablet permanently daily recommendation of the veterinary practitioner. The advice from the testimonies of the other reviewer indoor / -en I’ll remember that, thank you. Was this review helpful to you? 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful. Reviewer / critic writes on 19/08/2008

Since I take Engystol, I had no more colds. As soon as I feel it is what the march, I plug a tablet under the tongue. Even with my friend who stuck all right in the cold, Engystol looked even more wonderful. But then you have to take all 2h too and after 2 days the Erklältung had disappeared. Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. Reviewer / critic writes on 31/03/2008 I was more than thrilled when I with my girls when wellness was in the offing and a common cold calculated in this beautiful time. I then took my girlfriend Engystol and what shall I say, to me it was immediately better and the common cold is not broken. Was this review helpful to you?

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Depending on rate solid source up to 95 percent of adult people have been infected with the herpes virus: In their blood the corresponding antibody for the herpes simplex virus is detectable. The highly contagious viral slumbers, it has been infected with him forever in the spinal cord of the person concerned and breaks again, if the patient, for example by disgust or strong sunlight has a weakened immune system. But what about the few people in whom the corresponding antibodies is undetectable? Are these immune to herpes? Where does the immunity against herpes? A study from 2003 showed: children who develop chickenpox, can a certain immunity against other viruses from the family of the chickenpox virus – which include the herpes simplex, as the medical term is for cold sores develop. So who suffered from child under chickenpox, which might put in his other life is not quite so easy with herpes on. But this is by no means guaranteed. Rather, one can assume that some people are not too easily infect with the virus, as they have an appropriately trained immune system and that they will not also come into close contact with the pathogen. For this reason, they do not carry the herpes causing organisms. More likely, given the large number of infected world population that few people simply are lucky that they never suffer despite the infection under the cold sores as they do not break simply. Almost everyone carries the virus in them Because of course also people in whom the Herpes virus never breaks out, these have in themselves and infect other people with it.

Most often, infection occurs way before the age of six, and often takes the infection without symptoms. The alleged immunity must but never last forever: After surgery or serious illness such as cancer or HIV, it has the herpes virus more easily and breaks out. Often you lean in this case before already by administering against cold sores drugs, so that they continue to not break. In people with healthy immune systems herpes is dangerous only in exceptional cases; only for high-risk patients or pregnant women, the outbreak can be dangerous. There is no vaccination The immunity against the herpes virus can not be produced by vaccination. Although the researchers worldwide are working on a matching vaccine, but there is still no solution: Who is once infected, the no longer get rid of the stubborn virus. The research, which concluded that a chickenpox disease could increase the immunity to the virus – but other findings are not currently available. Immune to genital herpes? Apart from cold sores, which form in a herpes infection in the face, there is also another herpes variant that is highly contagious: genital herpes. Even against this type of virus, the human body can not develop immunity. Nevertheless, this virus is less common; only about a third of the adult population has corresponding antibodies in the blood. This is partly due to the so-called cross-protection: Who has cold sores, is often immune to genital herpes, and reverses.

This is probably connected with the relationship between the two viruses that the immune system produces antibodies against those virus with which you get infected first. Subsequent Herpes infection can then be prevented by these same antibodies. How can I protect myself from infection? Since the regular Herpes simplex virus, as already mentioned, is present at up to 95 percent of adult humans, the prevention of infection is almost impossible. Very few people develop a certain immunity after chickenpox disease as a child. To avoid infection, you should for example not use the same towels as acutely ill with herpes, and you should of course avoid touching the infection – even through the skin to the highly contagious virus can spread! Preventive aciclovir tablets can be taken. For people whose immune system is compromised acutely – for example, in HIV disease – corresponding tablets are also verabreichert prophylactically so that the herpes virus can not use his chance. strengthen the own immune system Since herpes breaks out in strong sunlight, a sufficient UV protection should be applied before each sunbath. Commercially and Lip Balms are available, regular sunscreen there doing well. Also pay attention basically on the defensive power of your immune system: Through a balanced, vitamin-rich diet, regular exercise and adequate relaxation sessions. Although after things stand the research no complete immunity against herpes can be reached, can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, the outbreak of the disturbing cold sores often.

must be accepted that in some people apparently a genetic predisposition for the outbreak of cold sores is present, while others hardly have to suffer. Until the research further insights gained in this area, and perhaps even developed a vaccine with which everyone can develop immunity to the disease, people must live with the perhaps most common virus in the world.

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Herpes Simplex is a viral disease, have suffered from the millions of people. Herpes can occur at any time, with people of all ages, regardless of gender. Why is that? we want precisely this question here pursue in www. Herpes24. de together with proposals for targeted treatment approaches so that the herpes disappears as soon as possible! A herpes disease by both the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) induced. The incidence of disease recurrence of cold sores can vary greatly, from once every few years to several times a year. Herpes Simplex is the medical name for a group of different viruses. This group includes the varicella zoster virus (which chickenpox and herpes zoster triggers), the Epstein-Barr virus (resolves glandular fever = mononucleosis from), the cytomegalovirus (Cytomegalovirus, mainly affects newborns and chronic immunodeficiency), and the herpes simplex virus that cold sores and genital herpes triggers. Herpes Simplex – Causes Are the herpesviruses once in the body, they beiben a lifetime there and are inactive until they from time to time again “awaken” and the usual herpes symptoms are recognizable. Recurrent herpes simplex infections (which tend to be less pronounced than the primary infection), can be triggered by a number of factors – but the new disease is totally unpredictable for most people.

Among the causes of cold sores can (among others) are counted: stress immunodeficiency sunlight Menstruation Alcohol or drug abuse Serious diseases (for example, cancer, HIV, etc. ) The most common types of appearance of herpes simplex disease are: Cold sores, whose visible symptoms is also called cold sores or Bläschausschlag; relates Ask around in and around the mouth, and is the most common form of herpes infection. Genital herpes is the second most frequently occurring disease with the herpes virus and affects the genitals and surrounding genital regions. Herpes Zoster (is not caused by the herpes simplex virus, but triggering the chickenpox varicella zoster virus), also known as shingles, is an inflammation of the nerves, in which forms a painful, large-scale eruption. In the interest of successful herpes treatment!

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