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All entries johancamilocriado anime world The world of anime originates in Japan, comienso the twentieth century, when marked both in society and Japanese culture. In Japan, anime has become one of the bases of Japanese culture. There are genres of anime for all ages and social levels, which has promoted its integration in the population to be part of the routine life of the Japanese. its extention to Western countries had a premature exist more than the manga. many generations enjoyed anime series as (HEIDI or frame) can be considered the precursor of the insertion of anime in the European television programming. thanks to this expacion much as in Europe and the United States the Japanese have aprobechado their success to use the anime as a lure tourists to his country, for this have used techniques such as the hiring of people dressed in cosplay, this is dressed in a costume of some anime character that best identified. The anime is still considered, especially in the West something to denomidadas people (geek) in Japan is used as a description of people who are fanatical to something or someone, while Europe and North America is generally used for social marginalized. Definition of the term anime is the word whose meaning encompass cartoons Japanese prodedencia both inside and outside the country, there are other theories about the origin of the term, but all agree that comes from some language in its initial meaning was that of animation. this palbra in any language or Latin root, comes from the term anima, now become the term soul. This concept associated with anime creates us the idea that it is a technique by which the drawings come alive with movement.

the description of the image is because it was a very popular anime in my childhood called zenki a keeper god who protects Mankind by the seeds of man which his true appearance is when this great and is very powerful. It was constituted one of the most watched cartoons in Japan in 1985 to 90. Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the October 27, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on October 27, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/10/27/mundo-del-anime/ IMPACT ON NETWORKS IN SOCIETY the phenomenon of social networking became popular in early 2010 with the appearance of facebook although previously existed other social networks such as msg, myspace, GeoCities, anyway. social networks was triggered global world of the Internet, we know little impact of social networks in nuetra society. social media allows the public to millions of images of people or videos that entertains us with a series of tools assigned also causes us feelings of pain, sadness, anger, powerlessness: for example when we see a child aborted on an image in networks, this allows us a sentimineto of tristesa is how society is handled in information networks.

That’s why they have denounced abuses around the world where little is known about these outrages not transmitted in the major national news. the technological avences in her field of communication has always been the subject of study of social sciences that generate transformation into habits and constumbres of society changing lifestyles, it also creates new vocabularies but to see are accelerated entered confucion and ignorance of the usubilidad, meaning through all these studies today speak of the private security of a user of the problems is the use of social networks is that through this we are exposed. our data are shared and surfing the net, these cases concerned mainly teenagers or children. another effect of social networks more in depth is the power of manifestation that the broadest sense of the word obtained transmission and communication of views and content into a powerful social instrument. Leave a comment of johancamilocriado the September 25, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Tagged name: johan camille servant code: 310485 Posted by johancamilocriado the September 25, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/09/25/impacto-sobre-las-redes-sociales-en-la-sociedad/ STRATEGY TO DEFER

is another way to accept a painful and necessary to the public reality, where this reality is not assumed immediately if no future in order to give the public more time to get used to the change and so this recorded when the time comes. the strategy of deferring Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the September 19, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado the September 19, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/09/19/estrategia-de-diferir/ sexual education for adolescents [Embedded content] a guide for teens. 1 comment

I johancamilocriado of the June 14, 2013 • Video • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 14, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/06/14/educacion-sexual-para-adolescentes/ teen sex [Embedded content] 1 comment I johancamilocriado of the June 14, 2013 • Video • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 14, 2013 https://johancamilocriado.

wordpress. com/2013/06/14/sexo-en-la-adolescencia/ causes and consecuenicas of sex in adolescents [Embedded content] very interesting. Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the June 14, 2013 • Video • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 14, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/06/14/causas-y-consecuenicas-de-las-relaciones-sexuales-en-los-adolescentes/ sex at an early age.

It is common to see many young boys and pubers practicing sex with their partners, traendo it many problems for themselves and their esteemed parents. So now the index Parent (Dad or Mom) adolescents is truly alarming. Youth, teens and adults should understand that sexual relations should be conducted with the couple under the following conditions: They should be old enough to do so (at least 18 years of age). This should be done with the couple who you love; but not a taste. Sex is for procreation or to enjoy pleasant moments. It should be performed when both agree to. Consider always risks such as STDs (sexually transmitted emfermedades). Not do just meet your partner. It must be pleasant, cheerful, soft, slow . . . .

. . . . . . . . and not wild. ACCOUNTABILITY do it without hurting the couple. Young people and teenagers who are parents, have led to a problem in the future and a lot of headaches to his own parents, affecting the economy of your home and disorders in their feelings. Eh here are some tips for all parents who are unwillingly: 1) Try to finish their studies.

2) At the same time procuring employment. 3) Always ask advice of their parents and future in-laws. 4) DO NOT rush to marry in marriage. 5) to refrain to continue having sex with your partner. 6) Organize a plan of economic and emotional improvement. 7) Ask for spiritual help. 8) Take on the challenges of this situation. Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the June 14, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 14, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress.

com/2013/06/14/relaciones-sexuales-a-temprana-edad/ Sexually transmitted diseases According to data from the Ministry of Health in Mexico they have increased sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), particularly genital herpes, syphilis and human papillomavirus (HPV). What are the reasons for this increase? Some may be the lack of prevention programs, little or misuse of condoms to avoid infection among young people, or ignorance on issues of sexual education in adolescents. However, what worries is that sexually transmitted infections continue to grow. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently in the world there are at least 340 million new cases of infections sexually curable year as syphilis, gonorrhea, ytricomoniasis chlamydia transmitted among people aged 15 to 49 years. These are the 5 most lethal, both men and women. 1. Gonorrhea is a disease caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that grows and multiplies easily in warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract, including the cervix, womb and fallopian tubes in women, and in the urethra in both sexes. The bacterium can also grow in the mouth, throat, eyes and anus. 2. Syphilis is a curable infection if diagnosed early and treated with medication prescribed by a specialist.

Untreated syphilis causes serious health complications, such as damage to the skin, bones and cardiovascular problems. Because syphilis sores can be hidden in the vagina, rectum or mouth, it may be that a person does not realize that your sexual partner has syphilis. 3. Genital herpes: according to WHO, each year 20 million people are infected by this virus. Often, genital elherpes no symptoms. Some people carry the virusen the body but does not manifest itself until they become infected again. Other symptoms are itching or burning, pain sensation when the urine passes over the sores, or swollen and tender to the touch in the groin, neck and underarms lymph nodes. The symptoms disappear within the next three weeks or less if treated with medication. Touching the sores can spread herpes to other parts of the body or his partner (a). 4. Chlamydia: This infection is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, which affects the genitals of women. Although lainfección Chlamydia has no symptoms, serious complications that can occur “silently” cause irreversible damage, including infertility. This infection causes discharge from the penis of an infected man.

It can be transmitted during vaginal, oral or anal. It can also be transmitted from mother to child during partovaginal. 5. Human Papillomavirus (HPV): for those who choose to be sexually active, a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is the strategy most likely to prevent genital HPV infection, according to experts . However, it is difficult to determine whether the partner who has been sexually active in the past is currently infected with the virus. Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the June 14, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 14, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/06/14/enfermedades-de-transmision-sexual/ more responsible young

Repression and prohibitions as sex education methods have historically demonstrated their inefficiency, definitely not work. Educating with these methods contributes to the structuring of an irresponsible, unhealthy and negative sexuality. Much of “prohibitions” made by adults to adolescents do not work and instead generate external control and external consciousness. Sexual repression and prohibition only produce a negative conception of sexuality, it contributes to this is lived with double standards and does not enable to build responsible sexual life. Regardless of the prohibitions, a proportion of young people decide to start your coital sex life. The data disclosed in the various research shows that adolescents have sexual intercourse and not coital, orgasmic and orgasmic no activity. A good proportion of adolescents has decided to start their coital sex life despite prohibitive and repressive sexual education received in the family and the school system. Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the June 13, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 13, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress.

com/2013/06/13/jovenes-mas-responsables/ sexuality in young adolescents ADOLESCENT SEXUALITY Sexuality is part of the normal development of the child and adolescent. From early childhood the child experiences pleasurable when touched, being caressed and kissed feelings, and observe the expressions of affection and sexual attitudes of the adults around him, sometimes it tries to imitate. During the prepubertal period sexual identity and the child continues to gather information about sexuality from friends, teachers and family is established. At this stage the child may develop a negative attitude towards sexuality if he finds that adults avoid talking about the parts of your body related to sexuality, described in euphemisms or reject any conduct related to sex, including the child can express spontaneously, as the erection (2). At the onset of puberty it raises concerns about sexuality. In the first stage of adolescence is frequent masturbation and sexual fantasies, sometimes with same-sex partners, prompting questions about sexual orientation, with anxiety and guilt. Masturbation is more common in boys than in girls. It is usually motivated by curiosity and the desire to enjoy intense pleasure. Later it can be lived as a discharge of anxiety or stress. In middle adolescence the first physical contact (exchanges of kisses and caresses) usually occur as a form of exploration and adventure in late adolescence and usually involving sex intercourse begin.

Unlike adult, adolescent sexual activity is often sporadic, with long periods during which the teenager remains abstinent. Many teens maintain what is called a “serial monogamy” with intense and passionate infatuations, but duration shorter than the adult. Are more frequent sexual dysfunctions, which may relate to: fear of pregnancy, to be discovered, conflicts of conscience or acting under pressure from the couple. Also they influence the conditions in which many teenagers have sex, so uncomfortable and quickly. The risks of adolescent sexuality Statistics show that the risks are high and confirm that our children do not usually go well prepared. Among the most prominent risks: Pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, etc. ). adverse experiences involving negative attitudes towards their self-esteem, security, trust, and even to his future sex life. Some of these experiences are carried out without any preparation, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. accentuating the negative effects.

Tips to prevent risks Parents and educators should promote training and awareness of adolescents in relation to the risks they carry their sex. We must insist on them sex is not a game and to behave as adults requires a sense of responsibility. Here are some things that we have developed to try to help with these tasks: [Embedded content] Leave a comment I johancamilocriado of the June 13, 2013 • Permalink Posted in Uncategorized Posted by johancamilocriado on June 13, 2013 https://johancamilocriado. wordpress. com/2013/06/13/sexualidad-en-jovenes-adolecentes/ adolescent sexuality

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What are they and how the 6 main sexually transmitted diseases (3/3) are prevented

(See Part Two) Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, human papillomavirus, genital herpes and HIV. Six diseases that have transformed the lives of many human beings and that we sin many times to see too far. The worst thing is that we can be foreign to them being infected, because several of them are asymptomatic. Your first weapon is information. In this third and final part flagrantest information about herpes and HIV. GENITAL HERPES Although not one of the three most common STDs, genital herpes is one of the most feared because it has no cure. If you get herpes, you have it for life. There are two types of viruses: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) causes cold sores and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) which is responsible for genital herpes. At least 50 million people in the US They have genital herpes. Prevention: A condom reduces the risk of infection, but HSV the spreads in the skin contact

Have sex with a person you know who is not infected symptoms: usually occur within two weeks after having maintained contact itching, burning, soreness and small blisters It occurs in the genital area Small ulcers occur when the blister is broken Pain occurs if urine touches ulcers The lymph nodes are enlarged or pain in the groin Headache, fever and general ill feeling Treatment: No treatment Antiviral drugs controls the duration and prevent outbreaks Things to remember: The first outbreak is usually the worst

A person need not have symptoms to spread herpes Despite popular belief, HSV-1 can cause HSV-2 through oral sex Herpes causes HIV is more transmissible If you have syphilis, your partner should also be treated You are more likely to get AIDS if you have syphilis. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) You can not make a joke about HIV: the HIV / AIDS has already killed more than 25 million people worldwide, and is not something of the past. About 75% of people living with HIV are men and every year there are about 60 thousand people infected. HIV weakens the immune system of your body and destroys a type of white blood cells (CD4 cells) that protect your body from bacteria. Prevention: Use a condom for both intercourse and for oral sex. HIV is transmitted primarily through body secretions. If you inject drugs, never share needles

If you work in the field of health, strictly follow universal precautions (the established procedures for infection control to avoid contact with body fluids) Have sex with a person you know who is not infected symptoms: The initial stages cause no symptoms or flu-like illness Some early infections can develop into meningitis or severe cold symptoms that may require hospitalization As low CD4 cell its normal level, you can have swollen lymph nodes, skin problems or sores around the mouth. The more cells die, skin and mouth problems develop more frequently As CD4 cells fall, the person develops AIDS Treatment: Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to suppress the virus, CD4 increase and strengthen the immune system. Things to remember: Always inform your previous partners if you have been diagnosed with HIV Advances in HIV treatment have stabilized mortality rate, but it is still an epidemic

If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV, contact your doctor immediately. The risk you have HIV / AIDS can be decreased with post-exposure prophylaxis, which is a combination of HAART. *** Technorati tags: Man, Sex, Sex, Sexual Relations, Disease, Herpes, HIV, AIDS. Technorati Tags: Man, Sex, Sex, Sexual Relations, Disease, Herpes, HIV, AIDS.

How to Cure Cold Sores Quickly With 5 Natural Products

You slept at night with a strange tingling and itching on your lips. Upon awakening you realize that there is a reddish blister or a set of small blisters filled with fluid. Well these are some of the characteristics caused by the cold sore virus. You will spend time for these blisters scab will form and fall on their own. But nature is wise and offers products that naturally help us to heal cold sores. Here we will show you 5 of these products so that you learn how to cure cold sores quickly and without complications. How to cure cold sores quickly 5 Natural products Ice Take an ice cube when you just feel the tingle or see the blister is starting to grow and place it over the blister will help growth blister stop and help you heal quickly. Castor oil Castor oil not only helps improve oily skin if not its healing properties also serve to heal cold sores. Simply soak a piece of cotton or gauze in castor oil and pass where there has been cold sores. It will help relieve itching I moisturise your lips.

Chickpeas You can soak a handful of chickpea all night. Liquefies morning chickpeas and with the help of a thin cloth extracts all the juice you can, take a piece of cotton or gauze wet it and pass through the area where there has been cold sores. Melissa Lemon balm is a plant that helps cure cold sores by having components known as polyphenols ie are anti-inflammatory. To use it you must make an infusion of lemon balm with gauze then rub on your lips where the blister is. Tea Tea is a natural product that retains the proliferation of the virus is considered antiviral. You can use it in various ways like brushing your lips with a tea made with tea or you can take a tea bag soaked in hot water, let it cool and place this bag for 5 minutes blisters repeat this process for 2 hours in the morning and evening. Note that when you’ve had an episode of these is likely to be repeated again. To avoid this, eat healthy foods, especially Hydrate and practice sport or daily exercises. I hope these wonderful products you have taught how to cure cold sores quickly. If you see blisters are infected do not hesitate to call a doctor before it gets worse.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the ultimate cure of herpes virus with natural remedies! Related content Popular Searches . . . labiar herpes producer bite the lip images product to cure herpes on the lips of the mouth  [Total: 2 Average: 3/5] How to Cure Cold Sores Quickly With 5 Natural Products scribed by: admin average rating 3/5 – 2 rating

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Gestationis “Herpes gestationis”. Revision … – SciELO

Gestationis “Herpes gestationis”. Review . . . – 64 REV CHIL OBSTET Gynecol 2012; 77 (1): 64-71 Clinical Cases Gestationis “Herpes gestationis”. Review from a clinical case Claudia de la Cruz F. 1 Cristián Navarrete D. a, Daniela G. Majerson 1 William G. Romero 1 Angie Vergara R. 2 Sergio González B. March 1 Department of Dermatology, 2 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3 Department of Anatomy pathological ca, Faculty of Medicine, Catholic University of Chile.

a Student, School of Medicine, Catholic University of Chile. SUMMARY pregnant is susceptible to changes in the skin and fanéreos that can be physiological and pathological. The recognition of these entities is essential for proper operation. Classification and nomenclature of dermatoses of pregnancy has been controversial and confusing, especially given the poor knowledge we have about the origin of these entities. The objective of this review is to report on the current knowledge of Gestationis from a case, focusing on diagnosis and treatment as multidiscilpinaria pathology. SUMMARY KEY WORDS: skin disease, pregnancy, skin diseases, gestational herpes, Gestationis The pregnant woman is susceptible to physiologic and pathologic Changes Both of the skin and appendages. Recognition of These entities is Important for Appropriate management. The classification and nomenclature Have Been controversial and confusing, mainly Because of the poor knowledge That We Have Regarding the origin of esta entities. The purpose of This Review is to Contribute to the current knowledge of pemphigoid gestationis, based on a case-report STI diagnosis and treatment as a multidisciplinary pathology. KEY WORDS: Dermatoses, pregnancy, skin diseases, herpes gestationis pemphigoid gestationis INTRODUCTION Skin changes during pregnancy are known and varied. Multiple explanations have been proposed for these phenomena, including: immunological, metabolic, vascular changes (redistribution of flows and opening of new vascular beds) and endocrine (increased melanocyte stimulating hormone, estrogen and progesterone increase). These changes may be physiological or pathological (1). Within the first, are pigmentary changes are included in this item hyperpigmentation and melasma; changes in skin appendages as

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The effect and consequences of piercings in the mouth –

The effect and consequences of piercings in the mouth, 3. 0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings VN: F [1. 9. 22_1171] Rating: 3. 0 / 5 (4 votes cast) While piercings in the tongue, lip or cheek may be attractive to some people, it is important to know that involve a number of health risks that must be considered before making the decision to colocártelo and once you take it. These are the main consequences of piercings in the mouth may have for health: What health problems can cause a piercing in the mouth? Health problems that can cause the fact of having a piercing in the mouth, not just restricted to the oral cavity, can also affect the overall health of the person. These are its effects: Infections: The wound caused by piercing attached to the large number of bacteria present in the mouth and the introduction of new bacteria piercing management leads to increased infections in the mouth.

Disease transmission: Oral piercing is a potential risk factor for transmission of herpes and hepatitis B and C. Endocarditis: Due to the wound where the piercing is placed, there is the possibility that bacteria enter the bloodstream and can lead to endocarditis (an inflammation of the heart and its valves) in people with heart problems that can not be diagnosed beforehand. Nerve damage / bleeding: The placement of the piercing may damage the nerve and loss of sensation in the area where it is placed or cause movement problems, especially in tongue piercing. If instead perforate some blood vessels, may cause continuous bleeding. Periodontal Disease: People with oral piercings, especially with large tongue piercings are at increased risk for periodontal disease. The piercing can damage the gums causing them injuries and recession, which may involve loose teeth and even their loss. Damage to teeth: The blows caused by piercings can cause breakage of a tooth. One study concluded that 47% of people who took a pierced tongue for 4 years or more, suffered at least partial rupture of a tooth. allergic reaction to metal: A hypersensitive reaction, called dermatitis can occur in susceptible people. Swallow piercing: If the piercing is released into your mouth can lead to choking hazard, and if you swallow it, you can injure your digestive system or your lungs. If despite all these possible consequences, you’ve decided to go ahead with the oral piercing, you should consider these tips: If you wear the piercing since you have not visited the dental clinic, contact your dentist so you can check that everything is correct and that there are no symptoms of infection. Keep always clean piercing using mouthwash after every meal.

Try to avoid the shock of piercing teeth. Beware the piercing talking and eating, especially the first few days until you get used to their presence. Make sure the piercing is in perfect condition every so often to keep it or not swallow. When you play sports, take it off to avoid any problems. Visit your dentist regularly and remember to keep a perfect oral hygiene if you do not want to expose you to infections: brush your teeth twice a day and floss used at night. Of course, the best way to avoid these risks is not to make the piercing or take it off if you already wear. So think a moment whether it is worth compromising your health for an aesthetic whim.

Prices Acyclovir – Buy Zyrtec Online Gaibertuti

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Salivary gland infections

General information An infection in the salivary glands occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects the salivary gland or duct. It may be the result of a reduction in the volume of saliva or obstruction or inflammation of a salivary duct. This condition is called sialadenitis. Saliva is responsible for rinsing the mouth almost constantly. Involved in digestion, it breaks down food and helps keep the mouth clean and dragging bacteria and food particles. It also controls the amount of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the mouth. When saliva is not freely moved by the mouth, the amount of remaining bacteria and food increases there, which can cause infection. Every human being has three pairs of major salivary glands (major) located on both sides of the face. The parotid glands, which are the largest, are on the inside of the cheeks, resting on the lower jaw and in front of the ears. An infection in one or more of these glands is called parotitis. The submandibular glands are located on each side of the jaw, below the jaw. The sublingual glands are found at the base of the mouth, under the tongue.

In addition to the major glands, salivary glands hundreds of small (minor) deposited from ducts located in different parts of the mouth saliva. Causes Usually, the infection in the salivary glands is the result of a bacterial infection. The bacterium Staphylococcus aureus is the most frequent. Viridans Streptococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pyogenes and Escherichia coli from other bacteria responsible for these infections, include the following. These infections are the result of reduced saliva production. This reduction usually occurs because the salivary gland duct is obstructed or inflamed. Viruses and other medical conditions can also reduce saliva production. Among them, they include: Mumps (a contagious viral infection that is most common in children who have not been vaccinated) HIV influenza A and parainfluenza virus types I and II herpes

Salivary realization (crystallized minerals that form in the salivary ducts) mucus blockage in a salivary duct tumor Sjogren (an autoimmune condition that causes dry mouth syndrome) sarcoidosis (a condition characterized by inflamed areas in different parts of the body) dehydration or malnutrition cancer radiotherapy of head and neck poor oral hygiene risks The following factors may increase the chance of getting an infection in the salivary glands: have more than 65 years old have poor oral hygiene He not received the mumps vaccine

The following chronic conditions can also increase the risk of infection: positive or AIDS Sjogren’s syndrome diabetes malnutrition alcoholism bulimia Xerostomia: Dry mouth syndrome symptoms Symptoms that indicate an infection in the salivary glands also point to other conditions. In the list that follows, symptoms that could indicate an infection in the salivary glands are detailed. Consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis if the following symptoms: unusual or unpleasant taste in the mouth constantly

inability to open the mouth fully discomfort or pain when opening the mouth or eating pus in the mouth dry mouth sore mouth pain in the face redness or swelling over the lower jaw, in front of the ears, under the jaw or in the base of the mouth swelling of the face or neck signs of infection such as fever or chills Consult your doctor immediately if you have an infection in the salivary glands and fever, difficulty breathing or swallowing or worsening symptoms. You may need emergency treatment. complications While an infection in the salivary glands can lead to complications, these are rare.

When the infection is left untreated, pus can lead to the formation of an abscess in the salivary gland. Following an infection in the salivary glands caused by a benign tumor, the glands may become enlarged. Malignant (cancerous) tumors can grow rapidly and cause loss of movement on the affected side of the face, which can affect all or part of the area. In cases of recurrent mumps, severe swelling of the neck can cause destruction of the affected glands. Complications can also occur if the initial bacterial infection spreads from the salivary gland to other parts of the body. Among the complications, cellulitis (a bacterial skin infection) or angina Ludwig (a form of cellulite that affects the base of the mouth) are included. Diagnosis The doctor can determine if you have an infection in the salivary glands by visual examination. The presence of pus or pain in the affected gland may indicate a bacterial infection. If the doctor thinks you might have an infection in the salivary glands, may request other tests to confirm the diagnosis and determine the underlying cause. The following imaging tests may be used to analyze in more detail the infection in the salivary glands caused by an abscess or a salivary tumor specificity: ultrasound magnetic resonance (MR)

Computed tomography (CT) In addition, the doctor may perform a biopsy of the glands and affected to detect viruses or bacteria in the sample of tissue or fluid salivary ducts. Treatment Treatment depends on the severity of the infection, the underlying cause and any other symptoms you may have, such as inflammation or pain. They can antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, pus and fever or aspiration can be done with fine needle used to drain an abscess. Among the treatments at home include the following: drink eight to 10 glasses of water with lemon per day to stimulate saliva production and keep clean glands massaging the affected gland apply warm compresses to the affected gland rinse your mouth with warm salt water sucking sour lemons or sugarless lemon candies to stimulate saliva flow and reduce inflammation Most infections in the salivary glands do not require surgery. However, it may be necessary in cases of chronic or recurrent infection.

Despite being rare, surgical treatment may include removal of all or part of the parotid salivary gland or removal of the submandibular salivary gland. Prevention Most salivary gland infections can not be prevented. The best way to reduce the risk of infection is to drink plenty of fluids and maintain good oral hygiene. This includes brushing and flossing twice a day.

Herpes – All Men are Liars – Executive Style

In 2006, Australia’s first nation-wide study of the prevalence of herpes in 11,000 adults, found 76 per cent tested positive for herpes simplex virus 1 cause of the dreaded cold sores on lips. One in eight (12 per cent) carry the herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2), Which has traditionally sited Been on sufferers’ nether regions. This is Where the herpes simplex story goes from to complex – and hypocritical – Because, though HSV2 traditionally have produced most cases of genital herpes, it’s whos HSV1 MOST Causing genital infections in Australia today, Particularly Among women and gay men. Why? Apparently we need look no further than the prevalence of oral sex Increased. “Oral sex is the new black,” says Dr Basil Donovan, Professor of Sexual Health at the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research. “A 25-year-old woman is much more likely to Have had oral sex fiftysomething than her mother. ” The prevalence of HSV1 has Simple past led to a “weird double standard,” says Donovan Where we damn the carriers of the “bad” form of the virus (HSV2) when it’s whos the “less bad” virus (HSV1) that’s Causing many of the problems. Confronted Having this issue, I can tell you the social etiquette of genital herpes is HSV2 That Should carriers like myself always wear condoms or sex During “have the talk” beforehand to discuss the Risks. HSV1 carriers, however, no such standard to apply themselves. To test esta you only need to ask yourself When was the last time someone stopped you before a first kiss and said: “I think you should know, I have herpes. ”

If That Seems ludicrous, Consider That scenario plays out to Thousands of times every week in the bedrooms of Australia. A person who gets cold sores is About to Have oral sex with Someone who has genital herpes. The person with cold sores feels no pressure or social duty to divulge the fact They carry HSV1, HSV2 yet carrying the person dies a Thousand Deaths Equally if They are silent. To cope With This guilt, the HSV2 carrier faces the appalling alternative of suggesting They use a condom or dental dam oral sex before. “[It’s] the equivalent of popping on a face mask before kissing someone,” says Dr Donovan, “yet we happily kiss a person we know has ADH cold sores in the past. “There’s some real perversity in the ethics around it and it’s time the stigma attached to genital herpes was relegated to history,” I says. I was in my 20s when i contracted HSV2 and did not Have intercourse for more than a year afterwards, I was so ashamed of my new status. I’m not alone. Donovan says People Who Have three major catch herpes Concerns: the stigma, the fear of infecting Their partners and, if female, anxiety acerca infecting a baby. “There’s a double-double-standard exists That here,” Donovan says. “If you ‘ve been diagnosed With the virus, you’re stigmatized, but you probably take precautions, Which Means you’re whos to safer bet than if You Have not Been diagnosed, Because the vast majority of transmission OCCURS from People Who They do not know they’re carriers. ” What many people also do not know acerca herpes is you need not be experiencing an “outbreak” to transmit the virus.

It even sheds cells When symptoms are not present, with women far more at risk of infection than men. If a man with genital herpes (HSV1 or 2) have sex 100 times with a female partner over the course of one year and Takes no precautions other than Avoiding intercourse During a breakout, her chance of becoming infected is acerca 20 per cent, Donovan says . If it’s the woman Who is infected and she Takes no other than Avoiding intercourse precautions During an outbreak, the man’s chance of infection is About 4 per cent over the same time period. The risk for Both parties halves (to 10 per cent and 2 respectively) if the carrier Takes suppressive medication: such as valacyclovir and almost halves again (to 1. 5 per cent and 6) if condoms are used as well. The bottom line, however, is herpes That is an irritant, not a demon, and Certainly not worthy of the social incredible shame Associated With It. By far the greatest risk is to newborns can contract the virus WHO if Their mother is first infected During Pregnancy. If she was a carrier beforehand, however, she’ll pass on protective antibodies to her child in the womb and the risk is miniscule THEREFORE, Donovan says. If there is one positive to the spread of HSV1, it’s that carriers will experience far fewer Outbreaks When the virus is sited on Their genitals Because the disease does not flourish “down below”. They can suffer in private THUS Because eleven you have it “down there”, you can not get cold sores on your lips. Personally, I doubt reassuring news esta will lead to a herpes comes in first date confessions. “There’s an old saying That I think acerca syphilis Applies to herpes, nowadays,” says Dr Donovan. “It is a far greater not to publicly admit to it than to spread it privately.

” If you’d like to email me with a topic suggestion or just vent, try here. I now have too many unanswered emails to catch up on, so I’m instituting a no-reply policy. In advance, I thank you for your email.