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15:05 Reduction of inflammation and pain caused by MSM 14:50 Environment, Nature, Food -Lob Review 14:41 ** The ultimate food Thread ** 14:32 Today’s’m . . . . 14:17 V. A. rheumatoid arthritis 13:46 Cannabis in chronic pain 13:01 I would like to introduce myself :-) / Disease, Lupus? 12:47 Medicine.

Use of cannabis from 2003 12:44 of the thread-NEGATIVE about what I have NOT happy about today 09:34 Your opinions and advice please ! ! / Complete denervation 08:14 What you have today you happy? 07:50 Ärztezeitung, articles Collection 07:36 \x26amp; quot; remedies \x26amp; quot; – Who did what tried? 01:42 Weather Station 00:50 Hello. Wanted to introduce myself. / PMR 22:32 PMR!

I did it! 19:28 too tired, tired, tired 18:32 Does anyone rheumatologist specializing in SLE. 18:11 surgery on the lung – exposing Humira 11:34 jetting off 01:01:16 Humira and have some questions 28. 09. 2003, 13:04 # 1 a boarischer Schwob Mouth ulcers / oral mucosa Hello Round, So I Geht’s degree really dirty – and not even because of the rheumatism, but because I’ve caught a rough urethritis. In addition, I now have a mouth full of canker sores (inflammation, covered with whitish fibrin, on the edge red), which is probably due to the weakened immune system.

The canker sores I bekämpf for several days with myrrh tincture, and now also with Candio-Hermal gel . . . . . . all of which neither is really what brings. One burns like hell, the other . . . . well, can any one tell me how a gel to adhere to the spot? Finally, you have to make your mouth again sometime yes .

. . And tut’s bring nix. I wish you therefore to ask if anyone of you has experience with canker sores, and what do you do against it, which means help you . . . . . . . Would be nice if I could get good advice :-) regards ak

PS: Rinse with Chamomile I do also. Niente. Stray – brooder – Lebeweib! Year 1979 Mixed connective tissue disease (SLE heavy) with skin involvement, pulmonary spins too, vitiligo, Sorbitintoleranz and still a few quirks MTX, Quensyl, Sandimmun, prednisolone et al. 28. 09. 2003, 15:12 # 2 Iris Birgit guest Hello Atti! Basically, I use all inflammation in Mundbreich sage and if all else fails, that anything Lokalanäthetisches (however you spell it) eg.

Tantum Verde. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Get well, lg, iris 28. 09. 2003, 15:37 # 3 The sheep Hi Atti, I made oral antiseptic very good experience with betaisodona. This stuff is liquid and can be easily applied with a Q-Tip. For me, the aphthae but often suggest proper holes in the oral mucosa, then help me oodles of paracetamol tablets.

greeting a compassionate Easy ————————————— www. flekkurs-welt. de display 28. 09. 2003, 16:18 # 4 a boarischer Schwob Hello you two,

locally (at) aesthetic sounds very fantastic ! ! ! Just numb everything . . . . . Aaach, a dream :-) But helps against inflammation? Salbeitee I try from time – but fear that it this is already much too late. The betaisodona . .

. . . hurts? And how quickly will help it? The paracetamol . . . . . . take only the pain, or help also cause what the canker sores? Because – just so the pain is gone, I do not want zudröhnen so me.

I do so because of the rheumatism often enough. Would be great if P. what helps against canker sores . . . . . . then would also equal the pain away :-) Thanks for the answers Grüssla ak Stray – brooder – Lebeweib!

Year 1979 Mixed connective tissue disease (SLE heavy) with skin involvement, pulmonary spins too, vitiligo, Sorbitintoleranz and still a few quirks MTX, Quensyl, Sandimmun, prednisolone et al. 28. 09. 2003, 16:33 # 5 Iris Birgit guest In the Packungsbeilange of “Tantum Verde” What is certain is that it helps against inflammation. Tantum verde you get a prescription at the pharmacy. Betaisodona is very effective; but only if the inflammation with bacteria, viruses or fungi is in Zusammhang. 28. 09.

2003, 16:38 # 6 wolf hi atti, I have often problems with the oral mucosal membrane, for I find that if I have to take a lot of cortisone again. My doctor gave me ampho-Moronal lozenges. this I take if I have probs eat after each. the drug called amphotericin B. no idea whether it also helps, for me it helps super. just try is nothing bad. hope to have helped you. lg sito Fortunately you do not find if you seek it, special when you let it find you!

28. 09. 2003, 17:55 # 7 registered user Geez, Love Atti, the characteristic I- these things do soooo mad WEH and ähem- they last about 14 days, unfortunately for me . . . . . what hjlft I do not know, unfortunately, but that reminds me just a: had quite a long time no several take much vitamins B and C and zinc seems to help . . .

Can you wish- just speedy recovery and the Tantum verde could fold . . . . ‘ll ask at the pharmacy, or in principle by Schleimhautanästhetikum . . . . Biba and ales love ! ! Monique 28. 09.

2003, 20:14 # 8 registered user Atti Hello Atti, my daughter Jane has thus gr. Problems whenever she got chemotherapy. Sage rinse and Betainodine with Q-Tip help and Vaseline with marigold it comes from Medicare. Stomach / intestinal course the immune system plays a role which should be placed on the Order and that takes time. Gastric protection against Medicare. 30 minutes before.

Oh you know all this certainly. BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY yet Bussi Gisipb with Jane www. lupus-rheuma. de  Attached Thumbnails Attached graphics 28. 09. 2003, 20:38 # 9 the monster Hello atti, had under a severe cold a arge stomatitis and also all full of canker sores. I ended up at the dentist, the einpinselte me something helped really well.

Unfortunately, I do not know what that was. It tasted a bit like Zorivax. Maybe you should also go to the dentist. The is finally responsible for something! Get well soon and greetings from Monsti Say the day as it is given to you, rather than push you on irretrievable. (A. de Saint-Exupéry) ______________________________________________ 28. 09. 2003, 21:19 # 10

“Hessian Witch” Hello atti, know your problem only too well ! ! ! Weeks ago about 2 I have the request on the subject of “broken mucosa asked” Acute helped me Subcutin® N solution acts as a disinfectant and an anesthetic. so I could at least swallow without pain again. For prevention you gave me to drink here in the forum the tip given pineapple juice, I had a great mind only burn for and Co. But I can now enter with quiet ‘conscience this advice on. By Imunsuppressivetherapie we tend Rheumis unfortunately so. I drink every day now pineapple juice and canker sores show up only here and there, overall rücklaüfig. Pressures Get the thumb is the bals helped you

greeting Ulla 28. 09. 2003, 22:43 # 11 Ulmka guest Hello Atti, I used to always smeared my canker sores with Kamistad gel that stunned something. However, it is quite difficult to get the stuff to where it needs to be, it is in fact quite slippery. When my daughter once had the whole mouth full of sores, me the pharmacist recommends Bepanthen lozenges. The have very well helped (active ingredient Dexpanthenol = vitamin B5 variant). To what Monsti wrote, I realize: Zovirax helps yes to viruses we Herpes – and precisely these herpesviruses solve the trench mouth from (absolute upper disgusting and painful).

Did you ever for mouth ulcers or cold sores? If so, the biestigen virus may have been, quite activated by the stress that you have in a push back – and then Zovirax should help well against the bubbles! Get well Ulmka 29. 09. 2003, 11:33 am # 12 a boarischer Schwob Hello my dears! Thank you for your many posts with tips. Now I know again not at all what I should do * g * I’ll probably go nacher to the pharmacy, and let me give an anesthetic (sounds fantastic – simply stun). The different with the lozenges listen well to – because I can imagine that the drug is everywhere.

This gel that I grad remains simply not where it should stay . . . . . . . That with the dentist, I’m going to even let me think . . . . . .

I had already thought about it. But . . . well . . . . you that knows. Yet another medical appointment :-) As for the solutions, tinctures and other medicines, I will me the pharmacist simply times seek advice . . .

. And what the herpes viruses (herpes zoster? ) As for . . . . . . so cold sore once I had never (emphasis on “lips” * g *) Maybe I should try the real time with the Zovirax . . . .

. . . I can tell you happy by the way, that at least the thing on the cheek ever so slowly is red and slightly hurts less :-) The rest remains the same – but at least SOMETHING! With love to you all! ak Stray – brooder – Lebeweib! Year 1979 Mixed connective tissue disease (SLE heavy) with skin involvement, pulmonary spins too, vitiligo, Sorbitintoleranz and still a few quirks MTX, Quensyl, Sandimmun, prednisolone et al. 29. 09.

2003, 12:21 pm # 13 a boarischer Schwob ie HM . . . . . at the pharmacy was now not really fruitful. Do me Kamistad gel with home made, and the stunned least good. The Bepanthen lozenges have recently another recipe, and bring probably nothing more. Other lozenges she had not there, and for the rest you need a prescription or so. Hmph. then Werd so but this afternoon to go to the doc .

. . . . regards ak Stray – brooder – Lebeweib! Year 1979 Mixed connective tissue disease (SLE heavy) with skin involvement, pulmonary spins too, vitiligo, Sorbitintoleranz and still a few quirks MTX, Quensyl, Sandimmun, prednisolone et al. 29. 09. 2003, 15:17 # 14

registered user Hello atti! I had until this morning and again those stupid canker sores in the mouth . . . . I these things since I missed getting braces. The braces today I have not more, but the phten have remained My dentist recommended time my Kamistad stuff. That always helps quite good, but tastes disgusting. Get well Melanie is really rich, who has more dreams in his soul, as can destroy the reality. 29.

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Comparison of therapeutic efficacy of acyclovir 5% cream with silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream in herpes

STUDIES Year: 1992 | Volume: 58 | Issue: 4 | Page: 243-245 Comparison of therapeutic efficacy of acyclovir 5% cream with silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream in herpes zoster B Rao Prasanna, Jerome Pinto, Kamat . Correspondence Address: B Rao Prasanna Source of Support: None, Conflict of Interest: None Abstract The effects of acyclovir 5% cream and silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream were Compared in 2 groups of patients of herpes zoster. Acyclovir cream what more beneficial Only When used within the first 3 days or When the lesions were resting predominantly papular. In the later stages silver Sulphadiazine cream what effective. Keywords: acyclovir, Silver Sulphadiazine, herpes zoster

How to cite this article: Prasanna B R, Pinto J, Kamat. Comparison of therapeutic efficacy of acyclovir 5% cream with silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream in herpes zoster. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 1992 58: 243-5 How to cite this URL: Prasanna B R, Pinto J, Kamat. Comparison of therapeutic efficacy of acyclovir 5% cream with silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream in herpes zoster. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol [serial online] 1992 [cited 2016 7 Apr]; 58: 243-5. Available from: http://www. ijdvl. com/text. asp? 1992/58/4/243/3807

Introduction Acyclovir (topical, oral, parenteral) [1], [2], [3] has now been accepted as the antiviral of first choice in herpes zoster. The usefulness of silver Sulphadiazine (SS) cream topically in zoster has been demostrated in Earlier studies. [4] The present study aims at comparing the efficacy of the two. Material and Methods One hundred patients of herpes zoster Entered the study (between February 1990 and October 1991), 18 of them were later excluded for want of adequate follow up. Thirty seven were Treated with acyclovir 5% cream, Applied 5 times a day and 45 with silver Sulphadiazine 1% cream, Applied 4 times a day. They were asked to return for follow-up, at least once in 3 days. The complaints and morphology of lesions at each follow up were Noted. The number of days, dass die individual type of lesions (papule, vesicle, pustule, crusting, erosion) lasted, and the total duration of the acute disease (until all erosions healed) which calculated for each patient. results [Table – 1] Compares the response of individual types of lesions to the 2 treatments. Since the patients Entered the study at different stages of Their disease Their Response to treatment differed.

[Table – 2] Compares the responses DEPENDING upon the day of the disease on Which treatment started and what [Table – 3] Compares the response in the 2 groups DEPENDING upon the predominant type of lesion at the start of treatment. Student `t ‘test what used to find out the P value. [5] The P value which <0. 05 Only When acyclovir which started within the first 3 days or When the lesions were resting predominantly papular. Comments Acyclovir [1], [2], [3] sub is currently a popular antiviral drug in the treatment of herpes virus infections. It is a guanosine analogue. The drug is Rapidly converted to acyclovir monophosphate by the viral thymidine kinase in the infected cells. This is then converted to disphosphate and then to triphosphate (ATP) by the host kinases. ATP Inhibits the viral DNA polymerase and thus causes irreversible chain termination by competing with guanosine. Topical acyclovir has been found useful in zoster. [2] Montes et a1 [4] have reported the usefulness of silver Sulphadiazine in treatment of zoster and suggested did silver ions probably inactivated the virus, as what demostrated by in vitro study. HOWEVER no direct comparison between the 2 drugs has been reported. Our study has shown thatthere is insignificant overall difference between the duration of zoster in the 2 groups. It was HOWEVER Observed did When acyclovir which started within the first 3 days of the disease, the healing time which Significantly (P <0. 05) less than that of the silver Sulphadiazine Treated group. Papules and vesicles Appeared to subside more Rapidly When acyclovir what used. In the case of the difference papules what significant (P <0. 05) as where there what no significant difference in the healing time of the other types of lesions. So the zoster subsided Significantly faster When acyclovir what used When the lesions were resting predominantly papular. The Disadvantage of acyclovir is did it is expensive When Compared To SS cream. It is clear THEREFORE did acyclovir is not cost-effectiveness in all patients. Its use shoulderstand be restricted to the immunocompromised patients and the early stages of the disease. Cheaper, cost effective alternative: such as silver Sulphadiazine shoulderstand be used in all other cases. References 1. Huffe J. Antiviral treatment in chickenpox and herpes zoster, J Am Acad Dermatol 1988; 18204-6. . 2 Levin M J, J Zaia A, B Hershey J, et al. Topical acyclovir treatment of herpes zoster in the immunocompromised patients. J Am Acad Dermatol 1985; 13: 590-6. . 3 Douglas R F Jr. Antimicrobial agents: antiviral agents. In: Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological basis of Therapeutics (Gilman A B, Rail T W, Nies AS, Taylor P, eds), 8th edn. New York: Pergamon press, 1990; 1182-201. . 4 Montes L F, G Muchinik, Fox C L. Response of varicella zoster virus and herpes zoster to silver Sulphadiazine. Cutis 1986; 38, 363-5 . 5 Mahajan B K. Methods edn in biostatistics for medical students and research workers, 5th. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers, 1989; 115-55. Tables [Table - 1], [Table - 2] [Table - 3]

Soothes and tastes: Melissa

The healing properties of lemon balm appreciate the people since ancient times. Even as a culinary herb is popular for its pleasant lemon taste – for example in salad. Originally, the balm comes from southern Europe, but is widespread since ancient times in Central Europe. In the Middle Ages its calming, cardiotonic action was legendary. Charlemagne ordered in the eighth century, that they should be grown in every monastery garden. And Hildegard von Bingen recommended in the 12th century, the balm to strengthen the heart and a good nights sleep and pleasant dreams. Even the famous doctor Paracelsus she appreciated in the 16th century and very knew their positive effect on heart. The still known nun-Melissengeist created late 18th century, who was born around 1775 nun Maria Clementine Martin. It contains alcohol and essential oils, including the Melissa. Against Herpes is a herb skin with nervousness and restlessness, mild insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort or herpes simplex infections used – Today is the balm – because of its lemon scent also called lemon balm. Your essential oil, which contains, among other citral, geranial, neral and citronella, is calming and helps therefore to fall asleep. In functional gastrointestinal disorders, it also unfolds its healing effect.

It alleviates cramps and bloating, the formation of gastric juice is stimulated. But Melissa can do even more. Especially their bitter and tannins prevent multiply viruses. Melissa is therefore a recognized remedies for cold sores that can heal the sores quickly and can prevent the emergence of new bubbles. For treatment creams are used which contain high-dose balm extracts and at ease herpes symptoms a gentle alternative to synthetic drugs are. enjoy Relaxed The best way Melisse take effect as tea. The preparation is simple: for a cup of tea, you pour a teaspoon of lemon balm leaves with a quart of hot water and let the whole ten minutes. According to the degree of discomfort you can drink several cups a day. Even as a sleep of aromatic tea is perfect. Relaxing and soothing is a bathroom with Melissa. To do this, make a decoction of 60 grams of lemon balm leaves and a liter of water. Scalding the leaves with boiling water and let the Sud pull ten minutes.

Then strain it off and give it to 34 to 36 degrees warm bath water. But beware: If you are allergic to lemon balm you should avoid lemon balm preparations. Even those who have thyroid problems, should cautiously deal with Melissa. Some of their ingredients may have a dampening effect on the thyroid. Ask therefore the safety your doctor. For the application of balm leaves during pregnancy and lactation No safety studies are. Also for use in children below 12 years ranging findings not yet made. Yummy for lettuce Summer salads are the balm stimulating taste – simply chop some leaves small pieces and put under the salad. The balm gives as sauces a fresh touch, a popular ingredient is any of these fish. And with exotic dishes is a good and easy to be procured replacement for lemongrass. Even summer drinks, whether with or without alcohol, it gives that certain something. Because it grows well even in the bucket, it is always and everywhere use.

Since its pleasant smell evaporates quickly, Melissa should always be used fresh.

he can help? Home remedy for herpes? | Board Archives

Question of zuckerschnecke001, 9. SSW – 04/11/2007 Hello, It comes as it always comes cold sore on Sunday morning * lol * someone knows a pregnant-viable means against herpes? Thanks in advance and LG, Sara he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply Wayrita – 04/11/2007 Toothpaste on it and let it dry . . he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply Mijou – 04/11/2007

Hello, No, the home remedies do not help really. You can slip on some toothpaste which dries the bubbles from something. Really can help only the usual virostatic ointments. They may apply because the amount is winzigst in pregnancy. The prohibition on the package insert is according to my Gyn only to the fact that the manufacturers can secure legally. For someone whose child is (another reason) born ill, can not claim that this was because of the ointment. This is true for many drugs that are officially banned in pregnancy, are according to doctors but allowed. I myself have bekomen in two pregnancies once each herpes. I have repeatedly applied a tiny amount of the usual herpes ointment daily. The herpes remained small, and hurt not also. Grüßle, Mimi

he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply AndreMG25 – 04/11/2007 The best help as honey: D Apply every 3 hours. Helps better than any ointment. LG Andre he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply Pinkewolke83 31 SSW – 04/11/2007 Hello! I was recently the dermatologist because I’ve got herpes, the doctor said to me one should definitely during Shwangerschaft use any herpes creams, did so a zinc lotion get (you get at the pharmacy) Although looks genuine sch ** * from but helps very good at drying .

. . He has seen an extra in his red book and said there is nothing which is compatible with the pregnancy . . . At the pharmacy I was told you could use this new, small herpes patches during pregnancy, it was mine but too big :-( This ointment with balm or whatever it is now does not help, he said . . Well, I think to myself halt until after pregnancy I hold it that way from! Lg he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply jack.

russell. terrier 10 SSW – 04/11/2007 so you can take the herpes ointment quiet. I was also and have specially gegogglet and in there was the one who anointed for cold sore take darf. man may only take no pills against herpes. lg nancy he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply Sammy1080, starting today 16th week – 04/11/2007 I specially with my FÄ called, and the hatm ir said I should take ne ointment, that would be no problem. Had already 3 times during my short Herpes SS. This is really corrosive. The last time I was un with my parents, of course, no ointment had it and had to buy new.

Since my pharmacist said that the next time, when I would notice any Jukreiz what indeed points to herpes, a piece to take ice and hold it on the lip until it is no longer I. That should stop the virus well. For me, it was already too late, because the bubble had developed, and there have therefore not yet been tested. (Glad I now bissle rest before) But try it can indeed times if you have no bubbles. greeting Shirin he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply celina 23, cuddles since 22:08. with – 04/11/2007 At the pharmacy you can get you an herbal cold sore ointment. a cold sore on the lip, since I have every few weeks, I had these very common during pregnancy. Lg

he can help? Home remedy for herpes? Reply JeannieBCN, dislocated. SSW – 04/11/2007 Herpes I’ll either silver or water my Propolis cream. Additionally Arnica to assist healing. regards Jeannine pregnancy Our big topic around the exciting 40 weeks of Pregnancy to birth. Tips for you!

Maxitrol® eyedrops |

Maxitrol is a medicine for the treatment of infected eye infections. This drug is a prescription and apply to medical prescription. The antibiotics contained in Maxitrol eyedrops (neomycin and polymyxin B sulfate) are not effective against all pathogens that cause eye infections. Incorrect use of this product may cause complications in certain circumstances. Therefore, use Maxitrol eyedrops never by itself for the treatment of other diseases or for third parties. Even in subsequent new infections in the eye, you may apply Maxitrol eyedrops only reconsideration prescription. During the course of treatment with this medicine regular checks of your eyes by the doctor or the doctor are necessary. Note for contact lens wearers During treatment with Maxitrol eye drops, do not wear contact lenses. For known or suspected hypersensitivity (allergy) to an ingredient of Maxitrol eye drops at various viral diseases of the eye, in certain bacterial eye infections, for fungal infections of the eye, injuries and ulcers of the cornea and in newborns. If consult deteriorate treated Maxitrol eyedrops eye discomfort after 2-3 days of treatment, or if new symptoms occur, your doctor or health care professional. If the application of eye drops Maxitrol temporarily leads to blurred vision or discomfort, you should wait until the symptoms have disappeared before you drive or operate machinery. Inform suffer your doctor or pharmacist or your doctor or pharmacist if you suffer from other diseases (especially diabetes) if you had earlier by viruses (herpes) or fungi caused eye infections, if you have allergies or if you taking other medicines (including those purchased ) occupy or use in the eyes!

Use during pregnancy and lactation without the express permission of your doctor or health care professional. adult The doctor determines the dose. Usually to 1-2 Side effects can occur with the use of eye drops Maxitrol: Dilated pupils, cornea damage. For diseases that have a thinning of the cornea results in the use of this product a perforation of the cornea can cause (damage to the cornea with breakthrough) under certain circumstances. It can be a dropping of the eyelid or rarely exophthalmos (protrusion of the eyeball) occur. With prolonged use of eye drops may occasionally Maxitrol glaucoma (glaucoma), optic nerve damage, changes in visual acuity and visual field, delayed wound healing or secondary infections occur in the eye. Active ingredients contained in eye drops can reach the bloodstream. Side effects are possible other than at other points of the body on the eye under certain circumstances. In case of any side effects (especially skin allergies and rashes in the eye area), from which you suspect a connection with the application of Maxitrol eyedrops, cancel treatment and immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist or your doctor or pharmacist advice. If you notice any side effects that are not described here, you should tell your doctor or pharmacist or your doctor or pharmacist.

Application Note Shake bottle for 30 seconds before use. In order not to compromise the sterility of eye drops, touching the dropper tip with neither the eye nor with his hands. Bottle cap tightly immediately after use. durability Apply: Only until the expiry date ( “EXP” see package). use content not more than 30 days after opening the bottle. Storage / Storage At room temperature (15-25 ° C), protected from possible of heat and light and out of reach of children. Further information can be obtained from your doctor or pharmacist or your doctor or pharmacist. These people have the detailed information for specialists. Please bring after cessation of treatment each bottle with remaining eye drops to your dispensary (doctor’s office or pharmacy) for proper disposal. In pharmacies against a doctor’s prescription, entitling only be filled once.

Bottle of 5ml eye drops.

Studies on the prevalence of infection with the ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2) in 20 mixed

Rohlederer, Birgit (2010): Studies on the prevalence of infection with the ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2) in 20 mixed farms with cattle and sheep in Bavaria. Dissertation, University of Munich: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine preview PDF Rohlederer_Birgit. pdf 15MB Abstract The Ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2) is the causative agent of sheep-associated Malignant catarrhal fever (SA-BKF), a usually fatal infection, lymphoproliferative disease which occurs in cattle and other ungulates worldwide. Most of the observed in cases of Bavaria SA-BKF in cattle are due to a common position with sheep representing the virus reservoir of OvHV-2. How strong the virus infection is common in the Bavarian sheep, could previously only be surmised. For cattle lacked solid data on the incidence and significance of possible subclinical infections. In this work, the respective prevalences of OvHV-2 infection in the sheep and cattle numbers by means of a competitive ELISA and PCR seminested were identified and collected comprehensive anamnestic data to farms in 20 Bavarian mixed farms.

Two study groups were formed of ten establishments with and without clinical accordingly, virologically confirmed BKF cases in cattle between January 2007 and December of 2009. All examined flocks were infected OvHV-2 to a large extent. In companies of Group 1, in which clinical cases of BKF in cattle occurred, the median seroprevalence BKF virus specific antibodies of each sheep was 100% and the prevalence of identified by genome detection OvHV-2 infections was 92%. In the flocks of Group 2 on the other hand only a seroprevalence of 73% and a OvHV-2 genome prevalence of 58% were observed. Also, the investigations of the cattle showed a clear difference between the two study groups. In companies of the group 1, the seroprevalence were 24% and exclusively in establishments that group OvHV-2 DNA was at 13 cattle detectable in the blood. The herds of Group 2 were only 16% seropositive for BKF-pathogen-specific antibodies and the blood no animal reacted in the PCR. That especially in the studied mixed farms, where a particularly close and direct contact between sheep and cattle existed, both the seroprevalence in cattle, as well as the number of cattle with detectable OvHV-2 DNA in the blood were relatively high leaves, infer a causal relationship. Also entered in these mixed farms, which also had very high OvHV-2 prevalence in flocks, on subclinical OvHV-2 infection in eleven cattle. These animals showed repeated investigation and up to one and a half years after initial diagnosis not associable with BKF clinical symptoms. The normalized to cell number containing OvHV-2 genome copies in the blood samples of cattle, as, interestingly, of the sheep, was in a range of 1. 7 x 10-4 and 1. 7 x 10-1 OvHV-2 genome copies.

In blood samples from cattle with clinical BKF contrast the relative OvHV-2 genome content was much higher. In the organ samples of acutely ill at BKF bovine finally the highest relative OvHV-2 genome content was detected in the lymph nodes and spleen. The relative OvHV-2 genome content of cultured in vitro can be stimulated with Con A lymphocytes of subclinical infected bovine increased over ten weeks to clear, however, fell by a peak at 8. 4 x 102 again. The actions undertaken in this thesis studies are the first time prevalence data to OvHV-2 infections in selected Bavarian herds and flocks before. The results show that most of the examined sheep are actually infected with OvHV-2 and happen that subclinical bovine in Bavaria OvHV-2 infections quite. Since little is known about this form of infection in cattle and in general the occurrence of OvHV-2 infections in Bayern is underestimated, there is a further research and reconnaissance requirements. Abstract Ovine herpesvirus 2 (OvHV-2) is the causative agent of sheep associated Malignant Catarrhal Fever (SA-MCF). The disease lymphoproliverative the occurs worldwide and is mostly fatal in bovine and Several other ungulates. Most cases of SA-MCF in cattle can be attributed to the factthat cattle and sheep, the reservoir hosts of OvHV-2, are kept together. Before this study the prevalences of OvHV-2 infections in sheep flocks as well as the relevance of subclinical infections in cattle were completely Call unknown for Bavaria. THEREFORE the aim of this study what to deterministic mine the prevalences of OvHV-2 infections in sheep and cattle in selected farms in Bavaria, keeping a special focus on subclinical infections in bovine.

Two groups of ten farms each were defined based on the presence or absence of confirmed cases of clinical sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever (MCF-SA) in cattle between January 2007 and December 2009. Samples collected from all 20 farms were Analyzed for the presence of specific antibodies by competitive ELISA and of OvHV-2 genomes by seminested PCR. Further anamnestic information Regarding the farms which collected by questionnaire. As expected, most sheep tested were infected with OvHV-2. In farms of group 1, where clinical cases of SA-MCF had been Observed, the median prevalence of antibodies against MCF virus in sheep sera reached 100% and the prevalence of OvHV-2 infections as Judged by PCR which 92%. In contrast, for sheep of group 2 a seroprevalence of 73% and OvHV-2 genome-prevalence of 58% only was Noted. The cattle data confirmed thesis interesting differences. 13 animals of group 1 were OvHV-2-DNA positive and median seroprevalences within herds were 24%, Whereas in cattle herds belonging to group 2 seroprevalences were 16% and in none of thesis samples OvHV-2 genomes were detected. Especially in farms where cattle had close and direct contact to sheep, seroprevalences as well as the rate of OvHV-2-DNA positive cattle were particularly high. Hence, a connection Could be confirmed. In synthesis farms eleven cattle were Identified in addition to be subclinically infected with OvHV-2 and Further analyzes Could be Conducted. These bovine did not show any clinical MCF-like symptoms, not even in repeated clinical investigation up to 1. 5 years after the initial diagnosis.

Blood samples of thesis animals, similar to Those of Several sheep assayed, contained 1. 7 x 10-4 to 1. 7 x 10-1 OvHV-2 genome copies per cell. In clinically affected cattle a markedly higher relative amount of OvHV-2 copies which quantified. Finally, samples collected from organs of a cow euthanized due to acute SA-MCF, Showed the highest relative amount of OvHV-2 genome copies in the lymph nodes and spleen. The numbers of OvHV-2 genome copies in in vitro cultured lymphocytes of a subclinically infected calf were Measured overtime and a peak of 8. 4 x 102 OvHV-2 copies per cell detected. These cultured lymphocytes were successfully stimulated with ConA. For the first time reliable prevalence data of OvHV-2 infections in selected Bavarian farms keeping cattle and sheep were Obtained. The results Showed dass die vast majority of all sheep Examined were infected. Further More, it did what shown subclinical infections so Occur in cattle in Bavaria. Very little is known about this type of Particular OvHV-2infection to date. More Over the overall impact of OvHV-2 infections in Bavaria is silent underestimated.

Hence, Further research is needed to understand and clarify thesis issues.

Abrasions and lacerations –

Abrasions and cuts we have all heard. Quick one has in the kitchen cut with the knife, or children to have the knee scraped playing. Small and superficial wounds usually heal quickly and without complications from again. Larger and deep wounds must be sometimes treated surgically. To prevent wound infections, abrasions and cuts should be cleaned and disinfected prior to bonding. In the case of wound infection help antibiotics. symptoms injured skin Skin surface abraded with abrasions, swollen and bleed, sometimes contaminants such as dirt and Split with lacerations superficial or deep skin transection, deep lacerations often bleed heavily, wound edges are swollen and, depending on the violation subject smooth or jagged. causes Abrasions, for example, by falls and sports injuries Cuts by knives, saws, broken glass, paper and other sharp objects.

treatment Cleaning with sufficient saline or Ringer’s solution (if necessary also with water) Remove large debris with sterile swabs or tweezers with very dirty abrasions cleaning under local or general anesthesia antiseptic rinses as Octanisept and iodine solution Hydrogen peroxide or silver nitrate solution with heavily bleeding wounds sterile wound covering, for example, plasters, compresses or special wound dressings surgical care for injury to nerves, tendons and major blood vessels Sewing or stapling of large or deep cuts Antibiotics such as cefadroxil, cefazolin and vancomycin wound infections self-help let bleed contaminated wounds Clean wounds and rinse with antiseptic solution

drape; with poorly adhesive spray plaster bodies are suitable for sensitive skin skin-friendly and hypoallergenic patch (for example, paper plaster) cover larger scrapes loose and imagine a doctor Fasten When bleeding lacerations sterile compress with light pressure. in the healing phase creams, ointments or lotions with Dexpanthenol or camomile extract and grain creams and gels with urea, allantoin, heparin and extractum Cape. prevention unsure possible OSH measures (gloves, work shoes, safety covers) and protective clothing (helmet, protectors) diligent and focused work in the kitchen Careful handling of cutting tools damaged (particularly for glasses or cups) sort Tetanus vaccination to prevent a tetanus infection When the doctor? with large, gaping or deep wounds, severe bleeding

with wounds on the eye or in the immediate vicinity of the eye when foreign bodies in the wound are (in the wound left) immediately if signs of wound infection (throbbing pain, pus, fever, possibly shivering). For details on scrapes and cuts and treatment of abrasions and lacerations can be found at “meine-gesundheit. de”

Natura Foundation monografie – l-lysine

” back Download PDF file description L-lysine in the body met many functions. It accumulates in the muscle tissue, aids in the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract, promotes bone formation and the formation of collagen. For conversion of lysine into hydroxylysine, a component of collagen Vitamin C is required. effect The most noticeable effect of L-lysine is its effect against viral infections. In particular herpes infections, for example, cold sores (herpes simplex) or shingles (herpes zoster) can be effectively treated with L-lysine. Genital herpes is L-lysine has proved less. After the discovery that arginine stimulating effect on the growth of herpes liquid cultures and lysine-resistant, further clinical studies were to performed. This showed that the multiplication of the viruses can be kept under control, if it is possible to maintain the lysine-arginine ratio in favor of lysine high. It is believed that this effect is because the virus takes up the very similar chemical structure of the lysine in a lysine surplus instead of arginine.

Arginine and lysine compete with each other during the absorption from the digestive tract and if a sufficient excess of lysine is present, the intake of arginine is effectively reduced. Furthermore, L-lysine is required for the formation of antibodies. Vegetarians often suffer from a lysine deficiency, because this amino acid is heavily underrepresented in many cereal proteins. Symptoms of lysine deficiency are decreasing concentration, chronic fatigue, dizziness, stunting and a reduced defense force. indications herpes infections Viral infections in general Skin diseases associated with herpes infections (cold sores, shingles, chicken pox, canker sores) Decreased ability to concentrate Vegetarianism / veganism Contraindications At the indicated dosage of L-lysine no contraindications are known. side effects

As far as known, causes L-lysine in the indicated dosage no side effects. Even higher doses are safe. Studies have shown that long-term intake of 8000 mg per day is perfectly safe. interactions As carnitine is formed in the body from lysine, it can easily come to a lack of L-carnitine at a lysine deficiency. Interactions with conventional or natural medicines are possible. Be certain that expert advice. dosage Recent research shows that when a viral infection, an effective dose of L-lysine is 1500 mg per day, taken half an hour before meals with water. If no symptoms are present, a dose of 500 mg per day is sufficient. In addition, care should be taken to an arginine-poor and lysine-rich diet (see also “synergism”). synergy Arginine-rich foods should be avoided.

Among other things, the following foods contain a lot of arginine: chocolate, carob, whole grains, nuts and seeds, peanuts, coconut, oats, gelatin, onions and mushrooms. Foods with a low lysine-arginine ratio are animal protein (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, eggs), beans, millet, avocado, brewer’s yeast and bean sprouts. Also, most vegetables have a lysine surplus with the arginine. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids exert a protective effect on the lysine content in the body. Therefore, in addition to dietary measures described here a Basissupplementierung with a high quality multivitamin, vitamin C and bioflavonoids is recommended. credentials 1. Zhang X, Wen H, Shi X. Lysine methylation: beyond histones. Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai) [Internet].

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