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Many doctors say that 1 in 10 people carry the genital herpes virus. However, genital herpes rarely discussed in society and often leaves infected with a sense of isolation and condemnation. Fortunately, there is hope. With the right combination of herbs and nutrition at the right dose, genital herpes can be reversible. Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual intercourse and oral sex. The first outbreak of herpes is called primary infection. Its duration is 10 to 14 days and symptoms can include flu, small groups of painful blisters that appear around the genitals or anus and vaginal discharge in women. After the first outbreak, some people have regular recurrences, while others never again have other symptoms, but the virus is still latent. The problem is that about 4 out of 5 people who have the herpes virus have no idea they have it because the symptoms are very mild, therefore transmit it unknowingly. Even if there are no symptoms at all, the virus may still be in the area, and there are 1 in 10 chance of passing. Because doctors say there is no cure, it seems like a life sentence. Those who are infected may feel dirty, contaminated, and lowering their self-esteem. Sexual contact including kissing should be avoided during

an outbreak. The virus can be active even without symptoms means that unprotected sex with new partners will always be risky. Often people feel that their sex life is ruined and marred relations this “permanent” virus. Unlike other chronic diseases, such as HIV, there is no support group for people with genital herpes. The Infected people often feel alone and overwhelmed. Because so little is known about the disease, can feel ashamed to tell your friends, family or their sexual partners. While the medical profession genital herpes considered as being incurable, it has been found that with medicine natural, it can be reversed. Herbs such as galangal, lapacho, astragalus, cat’s claw, myrrh, and privet are antivirals.

Thyme, licorice, and pepper are herbs that specifically fight the herpes virus. Reishi, which is a fungus, stimulates the immune system and is antiviral. Lysine is an amino acid that is known which works to monitor and help prevent herpes. Thuja Cream and propolis can be placed directly on the skin to soothe irritation caused by blisters, and also fights herpes. To cure herpes, as well as defend against their return, a healthy immune system is vital. Echinacea, vitamin C and zinc are among the nutrients that help develop a healthy immunity. In order to obtain the dose and combination of proper nutrition, it is important to follow a healing method that can ensure that the treatment suits each individual. If you are suffering from this virus, you should review this comprehensive and holistic treatment to cure genital herpes. The most important thing to remember is that natural medicine there is a lot of hope. Genital herpes is reversible

and many people who once suffered greatly from continuing outbreaks are now enjoying a healthy sex life and . revisa active . . . then here the most effective natural remedies to cure genital herpes, sores or shingles.

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IGG C / U $ 231.60 coxsackie B 1/2/3/4/5/6 4102 BC. IGM C / U 1045 CPK MB $ 255.98 $ 155.15 2638 CHROME BLOOD $ 243.79 $ 243.79 4136 CHROME URINARY Cryptococcus neoformans Ag 2456 2457 $ 406.31 $ 101.58 262 Cryptosporidium COLOUR IN BLOOD U DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE URINE $ 167.08 2518 dihydrotestosterone (DHT) $ 141.60 $ 264.10 4384 2185 DEOXIPIRIDOLINA desipramine $ 253.95 $ 253.95 N, N-Dimethyltryptamine 2186 2850 2550 DOPAMINA DIMETOXIFENILTILAMINA $ 231.60 $ 193.00 2549 URINARY FREE PLASMA DOPAMINE DOSAGE 578 $ 243.79 antithrombin III (INMUNOLOG.) $ 51.13 586 DOSAGE OF MACROBULINA (Immun.) $ 53.45 $ 223.47 2588 4521 DOXEPIN COXSACKIE ECHO ECHO virus IgG $ 248.34 Ac 2195. $ 284.42 2196 ECHOviruses IgG Ac. IgM $ 284.42 4606 BLOOD TEST PREGNANCY $ 52.82 ENTAMOEBA 4674 AC histolytica. IGG 3190 $ 446.94 $ 1,030.00 PCR enteroviruses 3200 angiotensin converting enzyme EPSTEIN BARR $ 263.33 1055 VCA IGG ANTIBODIES $ 325.19 EPSTEIN BARR 1060 VCA IGM ANTIBODIES $ 325.19 Early 4726 EPSTEIN BARR Antig. Ac $ 237.69 928-BARR-receive early EPSTEIN (SERUM) $ 105.23 -FC-BARR-3206 EPSTEIN ANTI-EA $ 105.26 3207-BARR-EPSTEIN ANTI-EBNA $ 418.81 2204 Erythropoietin $ 406, 31 1155 fAUCES, QUICK TEST $ 136.54 $ 253.95 1135 2206 phenylethylamine phenytoin or phenytoin – primidone-TEOFILINA 2379 $ 182.84 $ 127.99 350 FERRITIN FLUOREMIA $ 121.89 $ 121.89 352 351 FLUORURIA folate ( ELISA) 2384 $ 166.49 $ 190.97 prostatic acid phosphatase Phosphatase BONE BY RIA 2199 $ 176.08 $ 99.55 2121 1065 FRUCTOSAMINE binding globulin androgens and oestrogens (GLAE) $ 287.28 $ 304.73 3290 GLUTATION Peroxidase 5708 2092 HBeAc HALOPERIDOL $ 294.58. (ANTIBODY HEPATITIS B “e”) $ 146.27 $ 341.30 2694 2524 CROP HELICOBACTER Hemoglobin A-2 $ 170.65 $ 120.35 1070 2083 Haemoglobin HEPATITIS A IgG antibody (IgG HVA) BY RIA OR $ 234 00 1075 HEPATITIS A ANTIBODIES IGM (HVA IGM) $ 208.03 2081 ANTI HEPATITIS B “CORE” IGM BY RIA or ELISA $ 246.49 1090 HEPATITIS B ANTIBODIES “s” SURFACE (Ac HB 1080 $ 167.22 HEPATITIS B ANTIBODIES “CORE” IGG (HBC IGG) $ 200.31 1085 HEPATITIS B “e” antigen (HBe Ag) $ 171.22 1200 HEPATITIS B surface antigen (HBs Ag) $ 167.22 3340 x HEPATITIS B DNA (LOAD VIRAL) HEPATITIS B 3331 $ 1,696.35 $ 861.38 3360 x PCR HEPATITIS C (viral genotype) $ 1,523.67 1095 HEPATITIS C ANTIBODIES IGG HEPATITIS C $ 267.43 3350 VIRAL LOAD PCR HEPATITIS C $ 1858.88 5973 RIBA LIA 3370 HEPATITIS C $ 1,523.67 $ 934.52 2093 x PCR HEPATITIS DELTA ANTIBODIES IGG $ 398.27 6008 HEPATITIS E AC. IGG $ 365.68 2510 SIMPLEX HERPES I IGG ANTIBODIES $ 116.59 6034 Herpes Simplex I / II AC, IGG / IGM x IFI $ 264.10 3390 x PCR HERPES SIMPLEX HERPES VIRUS 2519 $ 902.01 6 BC. IGG $ 325.05 2520 herpesvirus 6 BC. IGM $ 325.05 1100 ARCO HIDATIDOSIS 5, IFI, HAI $ 145.85 hydroxyprogesterone 17-OH 2099 $ 138.15 6300 $ 1.529,77 HISTOCOMPATIBILITY HLA A HLA AB HISTOCOMPATIBILITY 6307 6303 $ 3,047.34 $ 1,529.77 HISTOCOMPATIBILITY HLA B 6401 HISTOCOMPATIBILITY HLA DQ HISTOCOMPATIBILITY 6426 $ 1,529.77 $ 1,529.77 HLA DR 2729 MOLECULAR Histoplasma capsulatum AC.IgM $ 155.11 1105 HIV PCR viral load $ 1,466.79 WESTERN BLOT 1110 HIV (AIDS IB) $ 909.23 2436 HIV-1ANTI-P-24 (CORE) $ 470.00 $ 365.68 6520 2703 HOMOCYSTEINE HTLV-1 ANTIBODY $ 233.63 TOTAL 6503 WESTERN BLOT HTLV-1 7067 $ 950.77 $ 264.10 YEAST IDENTIFICATION IGA 2774 secretory (saliva and tears) $ 98.86 $ 120.33 2556 SPECIFIC IGE 2775 INFLUENZA A AG. $ 105.23 2776 INFLUENZA A AC. IgG $ 105.23 2781 INFLUENZA B AC. IGG $ 195.03 2782 INFLUENZA B AC. IGM $ 195.03 $ 284.42 6819 2547 Circulating immune serum electrolytes Fecal $ 50.79 LACTOSE TOLERANCE TEST 2902 $ 36.57 2678 Legionella pneumophila IgG ANTIC $ 105.23 LEPTOSPIRES AC 853 .- (clumping) $ 173, 41 3096 LYMPHOCYTES B LYMPHOCYTES CD20 CD56 3099 $ 270.20 $ 270.20 2075 lipoprotein (LPA) 2854 $ 243.79 $ 17.02 clot lysis MANGANESE IN URINE 7343 2784 $ 186.90 $ 182.84 MANGANESE IN BLOOD 7426 metanephrine METOTREXATO FRACTIONED $ 260.04 $ 253.95 2611 2913 1130 microaggregates MICROALBUMINURIA PLATELET $ 24.74 $ 159.48 2112 $ 219.41 MICROGLOBULIN Beta 2 2914 7550 mYOGLOBIN $ 103.47 $ 119.86 URINE myoglobin in 1134 MONITORING FARMACOS ENF. CRON. (Anticonvulsants) $ 199.09 DRUGS MONITORING 1136 ENF.CRON. (Caffeine-Lamotrigine) C / U $ 260.04 $ 203.16 3565 3557 MOPEG MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS 2915 x PCR Mycoplasma hominis $ 1,090.95 INSULATION-GROWING $ 147, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae 13 2916 2918 AC.IgG $ 84.49 Mycoplasma Pneumoniae AG. 7700 Mycoplasma $ 203.16 / $ 304.73 918 UREAPLASMA CULTURE Neisseria Mening AG.HISOPADO-UROGEN.ELIS Normetanephrine $ 245.53 $ 219.41 2377 $ 219.41 3570 2219 NORTRIPTYLINE N-telopeptide IN URINE $ 365.68 1058 Opioid 7926 $ 174.71 $ 60.95 urine osmolality $ 342.46 2067 2791 osteocalcin IN URINE oxalic acid 8011 $ 166.59 papillomavirus (HPV) $ 1,117.36 Paracoccidioides brasiliensis-AC 2920 $ 104.04 2944 Parainfluenza IgG I / II / III ANTIBODIES IgG $ 105.23 2943 Parainfluenza I / II / III ANTIGEN $ 105.23 AC 2947 MUMPS MUMPS IGG $ 182.84 2948 BC. IGM 3585 $ 195.03 $ 487.58 Parvovirus B19 IGG 3590 parvovirus B19 IGM PEPTIDE C $ 548.52 2788 $ 241.15 8332 $ 365.68 organochlorine pesticides URINALS pyridinoline 3609 3615 $ 284.42 $ 132.05 2497 CARINI PNEUMOCYSTIS FREE PSA And TOTAL $ 438.82 $ 203.16 8768 QUINIDINE HORMONE rECEPTORS 800 966 estrogenic $ 352.09 MAMA progesterone receptors reovirus $ 352.09 457 – 458 AC -FC $ 96.28 reovirus – AG -FC $ 96 28 2495 Rotavirus – -AC- MN AG (ELISA) $ 265.46 $ 265.46 2809 Rotavirus -AC- RUBEOLA 1145 AC 1150 RUBEOLA IGG $ 156.47 $ 156.47 2983 AC IGM IGG $ 199.09 MEASLES ANTIBODIES 2984 MEASLES ANTIBODY IGM $ 223.29 2647 SELENIUM BY ATOMIC ABSORPTION 2892 $ 190.97 $ 365.68 9045 SEROTONIN PLATELET SEROTONIN URINARY 2969 SYNCYTIAL $ 284.42 $ 132.76 BREATHING ANTIBODIES IgG ANTIBODIES IgM RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL 2970 $ 148.99 2971 RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL ANTIGEN $ 253.95 $ 426.63 2893 9164 somatomedin C Streptococcus pneumoniae AG URINE $ 223.47 9161 Streptococcus pneumoniae AG BLOOD $ 223.47 $ 107.67 1005 986 STREPTOZYME BETA SUB UNIT $ 129.25 qualitative chorionic gonadotropin 1010 BETA SUB UNIT chorionic gonadotrophin CUANTIT $ 129.27 987 $ 14.16 protamine sulfate superoxide dismutase 3665 $ 327.08 $ 104.18 2100 T3 992 FREE TEST reptilase 1185 $ 24.26 $ 213.31 2897 bioavailable testosterone FREE TESTOSTERONE $ 182.84 $ 352.09 3680 2086 THYROGLOBULIN TOXOCARA Cannis Ac. Toxoplasmosis IgG $ 316.92 9571 $ 121.89 IGG x 2903 TOXOPLASMOSIS ELISA IGM BY IFI TOXOPLASMOSIS 9580 $ 105.23 $ 142.21 ELISA IGM x 871 toxoplasmosis IF (GAMMA SPECIFIED) 696 $ 105.23 Treponema pallidum HEMOAGLUT.DE TREPON $ 37.56 3700 Ag Trichinella spiralis. IgG TRIPTOFANO SERICO $ 365.68 $ 219.41 2905 2988 2528 troponin T $ 152.37 $ 147.09 UREAPLASMA UREALITICO CULTURE 2907 vancomycin BLOOD $ 280.36 Ac 2924 Varicella Zoster IGG Varicella Zoster 2925 $ 207.22 $ 304.73 2996 Ac IGM Varicella Zoster Virus 2926 AG $ 265.46 $ 365.68 JUNIN Ac IGG JUNIN VIRUS 2927 Ac IGM 938 $ 365.68 $ 146.27 2935 VITAMIN B12 VITAMIN B6 PIRIDOXINA VITAMIN D 2993 $ 375.84 $ 375.84 25 HIDROXI

Siliceous and sepia: 2 drugs for psoriasis

Article We know that homeopathy is based on individualize every human being in form and how to react to the noxas and to disease. That is the most beautiful part and the most interesting is homeopathy regarding therapeutic and other medical techniques by which, those we are dedicated to her, we enthused us and continue studying and observing every day new approaches, new cases of other colleagues and other schools. Nor is it true that we also have, among human beings, ways to react and sick who are similar. In this form of sick like others,

in the history of medicine, they were called diseases. But every disease, by definition, takes place in a and given individual is the individual reaction process to a certain noxa of that individual causing the illness. Ultimately, the disease and nosological diagnosis itself (and feel disagreeing with other homeopathic schools) 1 are also important when identifying and similimum seek, as not all humans react that way and they are able to do certain diseases, but another 2. I say all this up psoriasis, For I will present 2 medications, which in its clinical course and throughout life, often have psoriasis. What we are going to identify is within the diagnosis nosology of psoriasis, what signs and symptoms and peculiar characteristic we must find to prescribe and what results we expect.

Of course there are many more homeopathic medicines that treat psoriasis, but these 2 that I present are very common clinically speaking. First discuss what is psoriasis in clinical settings and then in the symbolic, to understand why skin reacts that way. Then we continue with the description of medicines. What is psoriasis? A pathological level we can say that is an inflammation of the skin, consisting of an increased turnover keratin layer of the epidermis, causing desquamation and hardening of the affected parties. You can take accompanied by itching or asymptomatic. The spontaneous evolution is towards chronicity and if the will dealing with suppressive ointments (corticoids, immunosuppressants, etc. ), ends impacting innermost areas such as the joints (psoriatic arthritis) and forms gravest internal organs such as the kidney, causing

renal failure (Confirming the law of Hering) 2. According injuries are distributed is classified basically: – Psoriasis drops. When the distribution points is in like drops of water, and appear capriciously in the body. – Typical Psoriasis. Lesions start at the elbows, knees and back of the body. – Inverse psoriasis. The lesions appear on the face body, joint folds of the elbow and popliteal area the knees.

A psychosomatic level archetype, psoriasis is an expression of a need for protection against the environment, because the organic system considered aggressive. The skin, against aggression from the environment, reacts always doing more keratin (a callus by rubbing the shoe, or corns in the hands of field workers, etc. ), but in this case also reacts well when he feels the environment hostile (subconscious emotional feeling) 3. The first lesions usually appear on the elbows and knees, because these joint areas, as we move through the world, are the first to contact the environment (the first joint against which we collide before an obstacle are the knees) 3.

This psychosomatic factor suggests that psoriasis You will occur in people who feel a certain degree of psicoemocional hostility in the world around them and, That is why (subconsciously, of course), your skin reacts that way. It is also true that it is a way of genetically facilitated reaction (often find family history). If the internal problem is not managed correctly, the patient may remain locked in the movement of life, which represents level of disease psoriatic arthritis, in which every move is being painful (physically and emotionally). Having clarified some of what we are talking and knowing that the skin is par excellence, the slate of Psychosomatic expression, since it is an ectodermal layer the same embryonic origin of the whole (SN) 3 (both central SN as SN vegetative) nervous system can better help the suffering body if we read his skin.

Let us then with drugs: siliceous Keyword: morbilliform pruritic psoriasis. How do we recognize a patient siliceous? – Pale, clammy skin, hands and sweat Rosos ft 4. – Appearance usually fragile and lanky. – Tendency to rickets. – Very anxious, shy and stubborn. – Chilly, but often go little warm because clothes they stick with sweat and overwhelms them in May. – Phobia needles and pins (dream of it) 6. Background

ENT chronic suppurative and repetition. Bronchitis chronified. Disorders with vaccines 4. Aspects of the lesion – Configuration morbilliform. – Appearance in confluent scaly red patches. – On occasion they can fester in July. – They are often itchy and may be accompanied by scratching lesions 8. clinical evolution – My experience, in all cases, has been with the power 30 CH, used every day with a power 3 granules diluted in half a glass of water. – The reaction usually do not wait more than 15 days. Time also depends on the age of the lesions (more seniority longer recover costs). – The treatment is local, only apply calendula ointment and creams hidratrantes usual (for me,

which manufactures Nivea blue pot is the cheapest and the most effective). Clinical cases David Case David is 5 years old. Usually it has many angina repetition and it is asthmatic. From 2 years present psoriasis lesions, which have been spreading despite corticoid topical treatments. As can be seen, the lesions are morbilliform appearance (as if they were a measles) and Itchy (the child, unconsciously scratching as she undresses) (fig. 1). They are erythematous and in this case also the

biotype is clearly siliceous. We employ siliceous 30CH 3-0-0 daily for 3 months (Fig. 2). Figure 1 David. Psoriasis morbilliform. Figure 2 psoriasis lesions healed; 3 months. At 3 months they had gone all injuries and as the residual broncorrea that was due to their crises asthmatics, which have also disappeared. The vital aspect General is extremely recovered. In this case we must

annotate the help of sunbathing (20 min daily) in its recovery but must also take into account that previously had done and never left the injury, he was only eased a bit. If Tania Tania is 8 years old. It presents psoriasis lesions from 3 years old, his mother are very desperate. I note that psoriasis, emotional level, worse mothers carry their children in all cases I have observed. Rating something like a divine curse that has fallen to them, or that is a consequence of not take good care of their children. This maternal anxiety the capture children and, in my opinion, aggravate the essence

deep, which we discussed above, psoriasis, as the child tries to protect even more of a next is anxiogenic environment. Tania has a very docile, sweet personality and depends heavily on his mother, but is restless and stubborn. In this case it is not thin or with underfed aspect, as in the case of David, but the appearance of lesions is also morbilliform (Figs. 3 and 4). Figure 3 Tania. Psoriasis morbilliform. Figure 4 Tania. Psoriasis morbilliform. Treatment, the same proposed siliceous 30 CH (3-0-0) (Figs. 5 and 6).

Figure 5 Tania. Evolution 2 months of treatment. Figure 6 Tania. Evolution at 4 months. Healing. Also in this case we have the help of solar baths, but as in the previous case, always had relieved the case, but had never obtained a complete remission of symptoms, even with ointments corticoids. They have past 5 years, in both cases and no injuries have recurred. Sepia Keyword: painless fissured psoriasis, palmoplantar or genital 2.

skin symptoms – Yellowish, wrinkled and fissured 4 Skin. – Old-looking appearance. – Perioral area (herpes, eczema, chloasma). – Perspiration strong odor. – Peribucal seborrheic acne. How do we recognize sepia? – Slim woman, brunette, chalky complexion 2. – Haggard face with chloasma spots on the nose ( “Saddle”), around the eyes and around 6 mouth. – Thin upper lip, fleshy lower lip and cleft half.

– Ptosis eyelid, worse left side. – Ptosis of the cheeks 4. – “Everything falls in sepia, fewer hot flashes. ” 7 – Cross your legs to sit because it improves their sense of “pelvic heaviness. ” 8 – Kneeling intolerance that even makes you lose consciousness in August. How a patient behaves sepia? – Asthenic and depressed. Weeps alone 22059aos@comb. es Received May 19, 2010; accepted May 25, 2010

Cara Cepat Menyembuhkan Mata Merah Muda

Cara Cepat Menyembuhkan Mata Merah Muda 3 Bagian: Jenis-Jenis Mata Merah MudaMengatasi Konjungtivitis di RumahPerawatan dengan Resep Obat Dokter Mata merah atau silent kills penyakit konjungtivitis adalah yang atau disebabkan ALERGI infeksi. Ini akan penyakit Umumnya sembuh akan dengan sendirinya tetapi ada yang dapat Anda beberapa langkah lakukan ini untuk penyembuhannya mempercepat give mata merah jenis bergantung pada yang Anda Derita silent. Berikut langkah-langkah yang dapat patut Anda ketahui supaya Segera menghilangkan penyakit ini. Langkah Bagian 1 dari 3: Jenis-Jenis Mata Merah Muda 1 Tentukan jenis mata merah yang Anda Derita. Konjungtivitis disebabkan oleh virus, bakteri give ALERGI. Semua Jenis kills merah merah menjadi menyebabkan silent kills, berair give Gatal Akan tetapi gejala merah silent kills bermacam-macam tergantung penyebabnya. [1] salah satu Virus atau dapat menyerang Kedua kills, give individu dengan ini kondisi mengalami sensitivitas terhadap cahaya. Konjungtivitis karena yang paling virus Muncul menular give sulit diatasi.

Biasanya Penderita yang harus menjalani pengobatan berlangsung Selama hingga satu tiga minggu. Cara terbaik adalah mengobati konjungtivitis yang disebabkan mencegah munculnya komplikasi virus. Konjungtivitis yang disebabkan bakteri mengeluarkan Kotoran berwarna lengket hijau kuning atau pada Sudut kills. Kasus pada yang Lebih parah, Kotoran dapat membuat kills merekat hingga tertutup. Satu atau bisa Kedua kills terjangkit bakteri give bakteri menular sangat tersebut. Konjungtivitis yang disebabkan bakteri sebaiknya ditangani oleh dokter. Mungkin Anda dapat di rumah tetapi mengatasinya antibiotik dapat memperpendek durasinya signifikan dry. Konjungtivitis yang dengan disebabkan ALERGI umumnya diikuti gejala ALERGI tersumbat atau lain termasuk hidung berair, selanjutnya Kedua kills ini akan terkena penyakit. Penyakit ini tidak menular. Konjungtivitis yang dapat disebabkan ALERGI biasanya diobati di rumah, namun pasien ALERGI dengan yang parah membutuhkan perawatan professional medis untuk sembuh. 2 Ketahui harus pergi ke dokter Kapan. Tidak ada salahnya mengunjungi apabila dokter mata merah Anda mengalami karena moves dokter akan untuk memberikan rekomendasi mengatasi masalahnya.

Kunjungan sangat ke dokter mata merah disarankan jika moves diikuti dengan yang gejala-gejala mengkhawatirkan. [2] Kunjungi jika Anda mengalami dokter sakit mata biasa yang yang parah atau sampai jika Anda yang tidak mengalami Masalah penglihatan Hilang sewaktu kotorannya dibersihkan. Jika silent kills merah merah berubah warnanya menjadi sangat Anda harus Segera meminta medis pertolongan. Hubungi Segera jika ada dokter Anda dugaan mengalami konjungtivitis virus, misalnya disebabkan oleh yang atau sistem herpes simplex virus kekebalan tubuh Anda atau HIV terganggu disebabkan infeksi pengobatan kanker. Segera kunjungi dokter jika konjungtivitis bakteri yang tidak membaik antibiotik diobati dengan waktu dalam 24 jam.

I fear | forumclínic

I dread being infected with HIV. a year ago I had a unique relationship risk. penetration with a condom but there was oral sex on her part to me. I do not remember her having done and if there was very little and only for clitoral stimulation. I soon came two small scabs (one on each side of the pelvis and round). Thinking they were wounds of pants or belt at the time my girlfriend and I remove my hands and heal me. a few weeks now I’ve scared because soon she had gastroenteritis or so said the doctor, I went to the dermatologist frightens me that I look up those wounds and sent me fucidine cream. if it was not reaction but notice something in the inflamed groin thing before the cream no. soon after he has left as a herpes in the belly. it may be that you have been in touch again to get the cream the early days? It is like a granite / blisters. I have searched and can be herpes simplex. because shingles is not.

someone can help me know if HIV? after giving me fucidine cream wounds because you no longer had what felt swollen groin as no longer notaba. ? mi other question is, is it possible that my girlfriend is a simple herpes? I would have stuck me? to me it has not left me any skin like her. only in the pelvis and I realized when I had scabs. I did not notice before. as I can rule out that we hiv ? ? ? These days she occasionally you click on the “michelin” right. a single puncture.

it can be a symptom of herpes? I read q herpes in people cn HIV even simple it is painful. It is true? she only had a few days and has just stung a little. They were like bubbles in the belly. some almost together. the scabs pq q Always thought how is HIV? herpes can be infected and up to a time no symptoms? q You can leave if you are dieting or depressed? punctures in the side to q may be due? before going herpes first gave a kind of gastrointeritis according to the doctor but it was short lived. and a day had a sore throat. now complains a little back pain at times.

we can rule out HIV? to q may be due? Thanks in advance. also to the days of the gastrointeritis (diagnosed by a physician) will dolio few days throat. aside. but with a bit of amoxicillin is paso. ? estos symptoms of nausea and diarrhea are herpes simplex or some kind of herpes? I panic to be hiv. I terror. I’m afraid to go to the doctor and q the world ends. please. I need ayuda.

? muchas thanks. I can tell if there are any symptoms q does not square with HIV? we have not had intense fever for days or have lost weight. Unlike. I for months doing much exercise regimen and thin but soon leave and returned q fat and my girlfriend is depressed pq has fattened enough. is not normal diet with HIV? can be q q menstruation by the way recently, depression and eating little fat you have left that herpes? Consequently herpesvirus. is q I said with more people and these symptoms were not HIV. They not in q can be based. any type of herpes causes diarrhea and vomiting? Thank you

when it hurt much the right side of the throat they sent amoxicillin. he’s been taking several days. tb coincided with the decline of the rule. q may be that influence the lowering of defenses? in HIV infection symptoms of gastroenteritis and those they are at first? not after many months of the year almost no? or that I have understood. now it goes to the bathroom normally. takes milk and do not feel bad.

The consequences of stress on oral health

If you do not have enough reasons to lower levels of stress in your life through the acquisition of good habits, such as practicing yoga, meditation, the effective organization of your tasks, prioritization, and put aside what disturbs you and escapes from your hands, read on to learn how you can affect the health of your mouth, and thus have a reason to properly manage stress . . . Various conditions affecting oral health are linked to stress either directly or indirectly, among them are form: bruxism People who grind their teeth, day or night, aware or not of what they do, often bruxing more frequently and more strongly in high-pressure situations. This results in wear of the tooth surface, with the consequences that this entails, and also muscle pain in the temporomandibular joint. If you notice pain in this area and / or know you clench your teeth, either because you do during the day, or your partner has seen it done at night, so call your dentist to evaluate the need to use a splint discharge. recurrent herpes labialis Although it is an infectious disease after initial infection, the virus Herpes he is housed in lymph Gasser and released under predisposing conditions, such as stress, fatigue, emotional problems, pregnancy, menstruation, sun exposure , allergies, etc. Stress, then, increases the willingness of a person already infected by the disease manifest through a recurrent lesion on the lips. If you present an injury of recurrent herpes labialis, he goes to the pharmacy to buy an antiviral topical and keep covered injury with a thin film of the same in order to promote their development and prevent contagion to your close ones. Periodontal disease

According to a study published in the Journal of Periodontics, there is a link between stress level of an individual, the mechanisms through which deals with the (adequate or inadequate) stress and periodontal disease. They found that when there are high levels of stress, or it is not handled properly, worsen both the loss of adhesion, such as loss of alveolar bone. If you present periodontal disease, please go to the dentist for your regular checks and follow their instructions. Recurrent aphthous ulcer Although the etiology of aphthous ulcers remains controversial, one of the theories indicate a vitamin deficiency, so somehow we can relate indirectly with stress because when we are too depressed, we tend to put aside food and neglect the intake of healthy foods and balanced. If you suffer from thrush, watch your diet, try to avoid excess sweets and ensure adequate vitamin intake, even in times of stress, either through supplementation or always trying snack with fruit. (Visited 52 times, 1 visits today)

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Est une maladie L’herpès virale due to “Herpesvirus” responsible for genital et lip lésions (south lèvres them). C’est une très répandue affection; in France, même en l’absence de Symptômes, finds that 80% on adultes sont des porteurs du virus type 1 causes you bouton qui fièvre lip. L’fait partie des GENITAL HERPES MST (Maladies sexuellement Transmissibles). Il est également constantly expansion. Ne pas confondre herpès et herpès! Well qu’elles portent le même nom, il ne faut pas cette maladie confondre avec les suivantes: L’herpès gestationis: maladie de la femme enceinte provoquant prurit, puis plaques d’urticaire et à bulles ressemblant celles de l’herpès. C’est une maladie qui immunitaire n’apparait that the enceinte femme ou chez qui vient d’accoucher. Elle est sans gravitated et non contagieuse et avec une traite corticoïde is crème. L’herpès circiné: Il s’agit d’une dermatophytose, c’est-à-dire d’une peau infection of due à petits champignons, facilement transmissible between individus mais aussi de l’homme ou animal à l’couple l’intermédiaire des vêtements, tapis de douche ou des piscines du sol. Elle pair érythémateuse manifeste une plaque (rouge) arrondie, avec une bordure well limitée, centrale et une dépression, south pourtour him of vésicules petites. Le traitement est à médicaments antimycosiques based on application locale. Cause et facteurs favorisants

The cause première de l’est un herpès HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) virus. Le HSV 1 is responsible for l’herpès bucco-labial; will cause l’HSV 2 genital herpes. Le HSV multiplie et le long des ramifications migrate nerveuses au niveau pour s’établir d’un ganglion nerveux of infectée zone, où il Elit et où il demeure domicile ou moins plus assoupi. C’est lors d’un système du weakening immunitaire qu’il will be réveiller et refaire are voyage en sens inverse, pour une nouvelle provoquer poussée d’herpès. Les principaux facteurs déclenchants sont l’exposition au soleil, le stress, fatigue les règles et chez la femme. Les Symptômes Les Symptômes de l’Cold Sores Premiers signes: démangeaisons, léger gonflement, rougeur Puis, apparition of papules: the lèvre gonfle et au niveau de l’rougit infection. Les papules deviennent des puis des vésicules cloques transparent pour qui finissent pair éclater libérer one Liquide clair. Souvent des plaies douloureuses prennent Place des vésicules, puis pour former des croûtes sèchent disparaissent in quelques jours qui. Les Symptômes de l’genital herpes Chez la femme:

Quelques jours Après un rapport sexuel: fièvre et courbatures, puis inflammation of vulve rouge et qui devient is couvre of vésicules petites, souvent jusqu’à l’anus. Des douleurs is manifestent habituellement violent. Ensuite vésicules them éclatent puis des cloques forment qui et des ulcerations disparaissent au bout d’une dizaine Jours. Chez l’homme: Apparition of vésicules petites et sur le gland of douleurs. Ensuite, même chez la femme évolution that. L’évolution of maladie Les Symptômes de l’herpès disparaissent from 8 et 15 jours. Ne peut jamais L’herpès réapparaître, mais, en général d’autres crises, moins aigues, surviennent notamment en cas ou de fatigue stress. Chez le nouveau-né contaminé par sa mère lors de la grossesse et, surtout, lors de l’accouchement, serious conséquences them peuvent être; il peut survenir oculaires neurologiques ou des Séquelles, voire le bébé du décès. Le traitement de l’herpès Il n’existe aucun traitement is débarrasser permettant of définitivement du virus. Deux sont actifs traitements médicamenteux lors du réveil du virus:

L’acyclovir, sous forme de crème, comprimés ou sous forme injectable. Seule la crème est en vente free. Elle doit être plusieurs fois par jour appliquée sur la lésion, dès l’apparition d’une ou sensation of brûlure démangeaison. Le valaciclovir, sous forme de comprimés. Les traitements comprimés pair sont beaucoup plus efficaces, surtout en cas de fréquentes poussées, diminuent et le risque de transmission. A traitement naturel à base d’aloe vera est également efficace: appliquer sur la lésion avec un coton-tige de l’concentrated aloe vera ou du dentifrice à l’aloe vera, aux propriétés antiseptiques. Aloe Vera Concentrate LR Dentifrice à l’aloe vera Empêcher peut l’apparition du bouton ou accélérer they are dessèchement. The prévention de l’herpès Prévention de l’apparition des boutons Stimulation of countries défenses immunitaires réveils pour limiter les du virus, par exemple, par des Compléments alimentaires comme les d’aloe vera gels à boire et le colostrum. Aloe Vera Gel d’à boire

A prendre ou en cures quotidiennement 3 mois Colostrum Optez pour une alimentation adaptée: Limitez le chocolat, her tail, bière, légumineuses les, les fruits secs oléagineux (noix, amandes, peanuts), cereals certaines (riz brun, avoine), et the gélatine. Prenez alimentaires contenant des Compléments les éléments suivants: The lysine essentiel est un acide qui doit aminé obligatoirement nous par l’alimentation apportée être notre organisme ne peut car pas la fabriquer. Elle permet la synthèse des protéines utilisée et est comme source d’énergie en cas de besoin. Elle est utile en cas de fatigue et pour les boutons d’herpès the Prevention. Elle fréquence réduit la, la durée des sévérité et d’Cold Sores crises. A élevées twos, elle peut avoir quelques effets indésirables: nausées, diarrhees, douleurs abs. Par précaution, elle est déconseillée enceintes aux femmes et allaitantes, aux personnes ayant un excès of cholestérol et celles qui à du foie souffrent ou des reins. Les sources of lysine alimentaires sont les protéines d’origine animale (viande, laitiers produits) certaines Plantes et comme l’aloe vera. Le développement du zinc block virus will le système et stimule immunitaire; il de plus renforce le tissu des lèvres et de l’intérieur de la bouche, ce qui nuit à l’installation du virus. Aloe Vera Gel d’à boire

Contient of lysine du zinc et Prolongée L’exposition au soleil ou est à éviter utilisez one baume à lèvres index solaire à 15 au minimum protection. Crèmes solaires à l’aloe vera Prévention of transmission The se fait au cours des poussées contamination d’herpès. Il est alors d’adopter des essential règles d’hygiène strictes: se laver les mains souvent, ses yeux ne pas toucher or humecter lentilles of contact avec ses sa salive, maintenir atteintes propres et les parties sèches . . . En cas d’Cold Sores, évitez d’embrasser during the durée de l’éruption, même sur you joues them; ne pas mélangez serviettes de table, verres et Brosses à dents. Les rapports sexuels Evitez gold-génitaux pour ne pas transmettre a cold sore au niveau génital. Pour the Prevention l’genital herpes par contact sexuel direct, utilisez one during crises préservatif them. Dépister chez l’GENITAL HERPES the enceinte femme est pour éviter essential to the transmission lors du bébé au virus de l’accouchement. La pratique d’une permet d’éviter césarienne the nouveau-né du contamination.

Cold Sores –

© Jupiterimages / iStockphoto Cold sores (herpes labialis) is the best known of herpes. Cold sores is an infectious disease of the skin very common worldwide. The characteristic symptoms are swollen and painful blisters on the lip area. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto Cold sores are not only painful and annoying, plus many patients feel psychologically affected by the presence of vesicles. © Jupiterimages / Hemera Responsible for the infection come into play two pathogens herpes simplex virus (HSV) type I and type II. In most cases is the herpes simplex virus type I responsible for cold sores, whereas type II causes genital herpes. © Jupiterimages / AbleStock. com Approximately 85% of the world population is infected with herpes simplex virus type I. In 30% of cases, the vesicles are regularly features near the mouth.

In about 1% of those affected, cold sores is played once a month. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto In most cases, the HSV-I infection occurs during childhood, for example, through spread from mother to child . . . © Jupiterimages / Polka Dot Images . . . Or playing with other children. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto Adults are also easily infected with the pathogen herpes. Transmission occurs by droplet infection or contact.

For example, due to coughing, sneezing . . . © Jupiterimages / Stockbyte . . . Or kissing. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto Once you are infected with the herpes virus, the virus remain for life in the body. Heredity (DNA) of the herpes virus is hidden in the cell nucleus of nerve cells. Consequently, the immune system fails to recognize the DNA of the virus nor to attack him. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto

Nerve cells in DNA viruses are responsible for the production of new herpesvirus. Because certain triggers the root of the herpes virus is reactivated and, in infected cells, many new viruses appear. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto Herpesviruses again go nerve to the skin surface and there multiply rapidly cells. The result is the formation of blisters on the lips or around the mouth. © Jupiterimages / Pixland The reactivation of the pathogen is linked to various causes. Among the triggers include fever, . . . © Jupiterimages / PhotoDisc . .

. stress, . . . © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto . . . The sunburn . . . © Jupiterimages / BananaStock .

. . And a weakened immune system (for example, due to illness). But there are also cases where cold sores arises for no apparent reason. © Jupiterimages / PhotoDisc Symptoms of cold sores are uncomfortable but in most cases harmless. Before you can see the typical vesicles, the affected skin is taut, irritated, sensitive and itchy. © iStock Finally wet blisters form on the lips and around the mouth. Sometimes the vesicles of herpes can spread cheeks, earlobes or nose. © iStock When after a few hours blisters break, they leave behind a wound with yellow crusts. The injury usually heals within 10 days.

© Jupiterimages / Hemera The treatment of cold sores is determined depending on the severity of symptoms. If the infection of the skin or mucous membranes is moderate, not usually require treatment and the infection goes away by itself. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto However, in some cases cold sores is so widespread or so upset that treatment is required. There are different options to alleviate symptoms and accelerate the cure of the infection. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto One option is to treat the affected areas with a special cream for herpes. The substances acyclovir, penciclovir or sodium foscarnet relieve pain and prevent the herpes virus from spreading further. © Jupiterimages / Stockbyte Furthermore, there are special plasters, patches known as against herpes. The advantage of these patches is, above all, that are transparent and, once applied on herpes, can makeup. © Jupiterimages / Brand X Pictures

Cold sores (herpes labialis) can not be prevented. However, when one is infected with the virus that yes some precautionary measures you can take to avoid large extent, a new outbreak. It recommends seeking out a healthy lifestyle, . . . © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto . . . Enough sleep . . . © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto

. . . Avoid stress whenever possible . . . © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto . . . And sun protection. © Jupiterimages / iStockphoto If existing labial herpes, it is essential to wash your hands after touching an infected area.

Thus, it can be prevented contagion of the virus to other body areas. © Jupiterimages / Polka Dot Images For babies infected with herpes virus is especially dangerous. To avoid infection, you should give a close contact between mother and child. You can continue breastfeeding as long as there is no contact with the infected area.

All About Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Part II)

How the diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is performed? Blood test. Blood tests can confirm the diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or the later stages of syphilis Urine test. Some STDs can be confirmed with a urine sample Testing of bodily fluids Tests for asymptomatic persons. in most cases, STD screening is not a routine part of health care. But there are exceptions: The STD screening is suggested for ages 13-64 years. A blood or saliva test to detect human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. Most health care centers US offer a rapid HIV test with results on the same day Pregnant women.

The detection of HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia and syphilis generally takes place at the first prenatal visit for all pregnant women. Gonorrhea and hepatitis C screening tests are recommended at least once during pregnancy for women at high risk Women of 21 years. Screens Pap smears to detect cervical abnormalities, including inflammation, precancerous changes and cancer caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) Women under 25 sexually active years. test chlamydia should be through a sample of vaginal fluid or urine. The detection of gonorrhea is also recommended Men who have sex with men. They have a higher risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections. It is recommended that annual or more frequent tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea. tests for herpes and hepatitis B are also recommended People with HIV. In these cases, dramatically increases the risk of contracting other sexually transmitted infections.

frequent tests for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes are recommended. Women with HIV can develop aggressive cervical cancer, so Pap tests should be done twice a year for HPV. For men, HPV is recommended for risk of anal cancer How is the treatment of STDs? STDs caused by bacteria are generally easy to treat. Viral infections can be managed, but not always heal. If you are pregnant and have an STD, timely treatment can prevent or reduce the risk of infecting their babies. 1. Antibiotics often can cure many bacterial and parasitic infections of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. Usually, you will be treated for gonorrhea and chlamydia at the same time as the two infections often appear together. Once you start treatment with antibiotics, it is crucial to continue without interruption consumption. It is also important not to have sex until treatment is completed and the lesions disappear. 2.

Antiviral drugs. Recurrence of herpes decrease if you take daily antiviral suppressive therapy, prescription, but your partner will continue exposed to herpes. Antivirals can prevent HIV infection, but the virus still persists and can be transmitted. The earlier the treatment, the more effective it will be started. If you take HIV drugs for 28 days, starting as soon as possible, you can avoid being HIV positive. 3. Notify the current partner and couples who have had within the last 3 months and 1 year and may be testing and preventative treatment How can you prevent STDs? Stay with an uninfected or should be with someone infected partner, use protection and talk to a doctor about ways of prevention Get vaccinated against HPV before sexual activity or hepatitis B Avoid vaginal and anal sex with new partners until both have been tested for STDs Use condoms consistently and correctly Avoid excessive alcohol or drug use

Do not practice anonymous sex, casual Talk to your partner about safer sex practices Educate your child about sexual activity Male circumcision can help prevent transmission of genital HPV and genital herpes. You can also reduce the risk of HIV infection by 50% or 60%