Treatment for Genital Herpes – Herpes – 3 Natural Remedies

Natural Herpes Remedy # 3 (Aromatherapy) Aromatherapy, in its simplest form, is the use of flavorings in a therapeutic way to help improve physical and emotional well-being. Usually, aromatherapy uses essential oils from the herb to cure a health problem or an emotional problem. The oil is to be applied directly to lesions of herpes, once daily after showering. The oil helps not only genital herpes, but any external pain heal faster. Natural Herpes Remedy # 2 (Treatment Food) What you eat may well play a role in helping to reduce and even prevent outbreaks of genital herpes or lip. People with herpes should try to avoid an abundance of meat, eggs, dairy products and breads and baked goods. You may also want to avoid nuts and limit your intake of alcohol. Foods that are recommended are vegetables, seeds, fruits (excluding citrus fruit that are too acidic! ) And sea vegetables such as seaweed and algae. Herpes Natural Remedy # 1 (Vitamins and Minerals) 2,000 mg of vitamin C is highly recommended – to be taken twice a day, and a gram of citrus bioflavonoids once a day.

The latter nutrient can be purchased at almost any health food store. It is also recommended that you take 500 mg of lysine daily. The reason Lysine is so effective is that herpes outbreaks are stimulated by an imbalance of amino acids, arginine and lysine. If you have an outbreak of herpes, you should increase intake to 3,000 mg lysine. Beta carotene – the precursor of vitamin A – is another nutrient that some professionals recommend to help control genital herpes. This, along with vitamin C, can help strengthen your immune system, which is your first line of defense against this virus. I invite you to apply natural treatment for herpes explained here. Thanks for reading, Greetings – Claudia Martinez They came for: genital herpes cure herpes has no cure herpes cure female genital herpes treatment

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Skin Metastases of adenocarcinoma of the rectum with distribution herpetiformis

INTRODUCTION Cutaneous metastases from internal malignancies are rare. Their presence implies a poor prognosis, since they are a sign target tumor spread. The recognition of these lesions is very important because sometimes constitute the first manifestation of a malignant tumor. Cutaneous metastases adopt a variable clinical expression, including clinical forms that resemble other skin benign processes 1. 2. We report a patient with cutaneous metastasis simulating a herpes zoster. CLINICAL CASE A man of 62 years, with no personal history of interest, admitted to hospital for study of microcytic anemia of 4 months evolution and diarrhea. For the past two months the patient had erythematous asymptomatic skin lesions localized in the iliac fossa, groin and upper third of the left thigh, previously diagnosed as herpes zoster by your family doctor and treated with oral famciclovir without improvement. On physical examination, multiple papules and vesicles on an erythematous base, infiltrated, located in the pit iliac, pubis, groin and upper third of the left thigh were observed, distributed following the dermatome L1-L2 (Fig. 1). They were accompanied by a discreet Lymphedema of the left lower limb.

skin biopsy was performed which showed normal histopathology epidermis, without evidence of viral infection and whose lymphatics dermis appeared permeated by groups tumoral cells (Fig. 2). These cells were large, pleomorphic, some clear cytoplasm to the nucleus shifted to the periphery, mimicking a “seal ring” (fig. 3). These findings were consistent with lymphatic invasion spread by cells of a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Given these data and clinical patient who had a colonoscopy was requested, with a formation of malignant characteristics in straight, tending to estenosar it was appreciated. Histopathological examination of the lesion was adenocarcinoma of the rectum. study was completed with bone scan, in which no bone metastases and computed tomography (CT) were found Thoracoabdominal in which, apart from the tumor mass, adenopathy was observed in left and high retroperitoneal lymph nodes of metastatic characteristics groin area. The patient underwent surgery and referred to the oncology department for treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Fig. 1 . — papules and vesicles on an erythematous base in the pit iliac, pubis, groin and upper third of the left thigh. Fig.

2 . — Dermis with lymphatics permeated by groups tumoral cells. (Hematoxylin-eosin, × 40. ) FIG. 3 . — Large cells, pleomorphic, some clear cytoplasm to the nucleus shifted to the periphery mimicking a “ring seal. ” (Hematoxylin-eosin, × 100. ) DISCUSSION The frequency of skin metastases of internal malignancies. It is estimated between 0. 6 and 9% of patients with cancer 3.

The presence of these metastases is a sign of poor prognosis, it is a clinical sign of tumor spread in April. Clinically most cutaneous metastases present as papules or nodules firm, painless, well demarcated, erythematous or purplish, solitary or multiple and progressive growth. However, there are other clinical patterns of presentation in which the lesions mimic other skin conditions such as erysipelas (skin metastases erysipeloid), alopecia areata, Kaposi’s sarcoma, keratoacanthoma, sebaceous cysts, morphea, pyogenic granuloma, multiple cylindromas, hidradenitis suppurativa or herpes zoster 1. In our case, skin metastases adopted a distribution pattern simulating a herpes zoster 5-9. In a review of the medical literature, it indicates that 26 cases of cutaneous metastases Herpetiform, 18 were due to internal malignancy, four to one squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, three to melanoma and to adnexal neoplasm. One patient had Herpetiform metastases 6 months after being surgically intervened rectal adenocarcinoma 8. The mean age of the patients with metastases Herpetiform is 61 years old and the male: female ratio of 1. 4: 1. Lung and breast are the most common primary tumor, and the trunk is the place of settlement in 85% of these metastases, followed by the legs (11%) and arms (4%) 7. The histology of the primary tumor it is compatible with adenocarcinoma in most cases 7. in 12. 5% ​​of patients skin lesions appeared to precede in diagnosis of primary tumor. There are several hypotheses that attempt to explain the mechanism by which these metastases adopt this so characteristic morphology.

It has been suggested an isomorphic phenomenon where previously there was a herpes zoster infection. Other authors advocate a spread of metastatic cells by perineural lymphatics, and even by the fenestrated vessels dorsal root ganglion. It has also been attributed to tumor cell implantation accidentally during surgery in September. Correspondence: Jose Torne. Gardens, 11 2nd F. 47005 Valladolid. Spain. itorne@aedv. es Received November 10, 2005. Accepted February 14, 2006.

STORCH Syndrome – Immunological tests serum useful in the diagnosis of infectious diseases

STORCH Syndrome: The acronym TORCH refer to Toxoplasmosis, Other infectious agents, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes Simplex. Later it was modified and syphilis agreagó, denominating STORCH, These infections have characteristics in common, however, the diagnosis is often difficult. STORCH diagnosis: 1. The clinical features overlap and can be indistinguishable at first. 2. The infection may not be evident. 3. Maternal infection often asymptomatic. 4. may be needed for special laboratory tests.

5. Treatment of toxoplasmosis, syphilis and herpes simplex is based on an accurate diagnosis and can significantly reduce morbidity STORCH Common features: prematurity Stunted growth hematological disorders ocular signs (cataracts, chorioretinitis, etc) central nervous symptoms (microcephaly, hydrocephalus, etc) Alterations in other organs (hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice) STORCH How to make diagnosis: The History and the EF newborn. It is difficult to interpret neonatal IgG titers and that crosses the placental barrier and is difficult to measure IgM antibodies against specific microorganisms. Employ joint degrees maternal and fetal-neonatal IgG.

It is important to ask a reliable laboratory determination of IgM and IgG and be careful interpretation because it is very common, their mistake, this results in misuse of medication and great emotional condition to the couple. Syphilis systemic disease caused by Treponema pallidum Primary infection: Ulcer or chancre secondary infection: Skin rash, mucocutaneous lesions, lymphadenopathy tertiary infection: cardiac abnormalities, oftlamológicas, gomatosas injuries. microbiological diagnosis: darkfield microscopy Serological diagnosis: nontreponemal tests (*) Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)

Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) treponemal tests: Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed (FTA-ABS) T. pallidum particle agglutination (TP-PA) (*) Only one type of test is insufficient for diagnosis. (*) Generally relate to the activity VDRL – CSF is highly specific. Treatment: The reaction Jarisch – Herxheimer is an acute reaction within the first 24 hrs after treatment for syphilis. Treatment of primary and secondary syphilis: Pencilina G benzathine 2.

4 million units IM A single dose ALL it should discard HIV clinical and serological follow-up at 6 and 12 months Early Latent Tx: IM benzathine penicillin G 2. 4 million DU Late latent or latent (*) of unknown duration: Pencilina G benzathine 7. 2 million in total, administering IM 2. 4 million per week for 3 weeks (*) Alternative Doxycycline or if allergic teraciclina Síflis tertiary treatment: Pencilina G benzathine 7.

2 million in total, administering IM 2. 4 million per week for 3 weeks neurosyphilis: Aqueous crystalline penicillin G 18-24 million units per day, administered every 4 hours 3-4m or continuous infusion for 10- 14 days. Alternate Regimen: procaine penicillin plus probenecid Allergy: Ceftriaxone 2 g daily 10-14 days Syphilis 50% of infants of mothers with primary or secondary congenital disease will siflis is decreased 40% in the early latent syphilis and 10% in the latent siifils. The risk of intrauterine syphilis increases with gestation and is high in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, no clutch can ocurrie in cuelaquier time. toxoplasmosis 20-60% of pre-pregnancy women vs Toxo IgG positive. Fetal Diagnosis: Cordocentesis demonstrating IgM

Inoculating mice with liquid aminiótico Seroconversion of the mother during pregnancy. Rubella Up to 85% of women have Acs against rubella. fetal, neonatal diagnosis: Cordocentesis to 19-24 weeks Virus culture Biopsy placenta (PCR) contact epidemiological Mother seroconversion cytomegalovirus The titles are not useful against CMV IgG as 60-70% of non-pregnant women are positive. The urine culture is diagnostic

Intrauterine diagnosis: Amniotic fluid culture IGM vs CMV in fetal serum by cordocentesis Biopsy (see inclusions) Mother documented seroconversion Intrauterine transmission range is 40% after primary CMV infection, of which approximately 15% will develop significant illness during childhood, of which 90% survive with neurological sequelae including deafness in 30-65% herpes virus Most adults have Acs positive for VHS. Is a diagnosis is difficult Serological tests for HSV types 1 and 2 Conjunctival culture samples, pharyngeal or cefalorraquiedeas Case 1 Mother goes to the Health Centre with the following STORCH, he presented a spontaneous abortion and refer diagnosed with rubella .

. . . . . . Toxoplasma IgG vs Negative IGM vs Toxoplasma Negative IgG vs Herpes Type 1 Positive IgG vs Herpes Type 2

Positive Herpes Type 1 vs. IgM Negative IgM vs Herpes type 2 Negative Acs vs Rubella POSITIVE CMV IgM vs Negative CMV IgG vs Negative VDRL

Negative What would your recoemndación for the patient: Getting the vaccine as soon as possible and avoid pregnancy See a specialist Perform typing of IgM and IgG Do nothing left to the natural evolution of disease. The patient serology is performed and presented positive for rubella IgG and IgM NEGATIVE. It should rule out another infectious cause and be referred to a specialist for assessment. case 2 Mother goes to the Health Centre with the following STORCH, he presented a spontaneous abortion and refer to study . . . .

. . . Toxoplasma IgG vs POSITIVE IGM vs Toxoplasma Negative IgG vs Herpes Type 1 POSITIVE IgG vs Herpes Type 2 POSITIVE Herpes Type 1 vs. IgM

Negative IgM vs Herpes type 2 Negative Acs vs Rubella POSITIVE CMV IgM vs Negative CMV IgG vs POSITIVE VDRL Negative What is your recommendation: Studies are within normal limits

It should perform more sophisticated type PCR studies Find other noninfectious cause Give treatment for CMV, Herpes and Toxoplasma before the next pregnancy.

New study changes old beliefs about herpes zoster (shingles)

For decades, medical wisdom about herpes zoster (shingles) said that it was a unique experience in life. What it is normally believed that patients were protected against a new recurrence after a single event herpes zoster virus. However, a study published in the February issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings says that recurrences of shingles would be much more common than doctors suspect. “It was believed that recurrences only had among people with compromised immune systems, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or with a blood-borne cancer, but that is not the case,” says lead author Dr. Barbara Yawn , director of research at Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester. “Recurrence was prevalent among people with immune capacity and the results were quite surprising. ” The research team examined medical records (dating back to the period between 1996 and 2006) of almost 1,700 patients over 22 years of age with documented events of shingles. This condition causes a specific type of skin rash and severe pain. Then they looked at the medical records of the area to determine whether these patients received treatment at some point because a second event and gave them track up to 12 years (average follow-up was 8 years). The data revealed a recurrence rate of about 5 percent, the same percentage as would be anticipated in a cohort of the same age and having its first case of shingles. Some patients have had three recurrences. .

In this regard, Dr. Yawn noted the following: “That’s only 8 years and to continue to provide follow up on these patients throughout their lives, the recurrence rate is likely to be much higher than 5 percent”. The study found that women who are more likely than men to have shingles, also were more likely to experience disease recurrence. Although the team suspected recurrence rates higher among older patients, age did not seem to make anyone more susceptible to suffer another attack of the disease. By contrast, the scientists found that the most amazing factor for recurrence was the pain felt by patients during the initial event. Who felt a pain that lasted more than 30 days from the onset of shingles were more likely to have recurrences, especially during the first three or four years after the initial event. That was also a surprise to the research team. “We thought to present a worst case possibly creating more resistance in patients to a second recurrence, but the data raised exactly the opposite,” says Dr. Yawn. The results suggest that the vaccine against shingles, known halved the first occurrence of herpes zoster, help patients avoid a second event. “Until now, it had not been possible to tell patients what was the risk of herpes zoster second time, but this study provides another piece of information for patients and physicians to discuss the possibility of a recurrence and to consider tactics prevention, “explains Dr. Yawn. For more information on the Mayo Clinic click the logo:

Copyright © 2011 by Mayo Clinic. All rights reserved. Image © iStockphoto. com / Joel Carillet

Genital herpes: une IST imprévisible

L’genital herpes touche près de deux personnes millions of in France, soit environ 20% of the active population sexuellement, en particulier d’âge des la tranche 25-35 ans. Le primarily responsible for l’genital herpes (80% des cas) est le herpes simplex virus type 2, qui se transmet d’une autre à une muqueuse génitale lors d’un rapport sexuel. Peut également The transmission avoir lieu au cours de rapports gold-génitaux (ou cunnilingus fellatio): c’est le herpes simplex virus type 1, l’responsible for cold sores, qui est alors en cause (20% des cas). On peut être sans porteur du virus lésions apparentes “Dans 50% des cas, cette sexuellement transmissible infection (IST) n’occasionne pas de Symptômes” explains Nicolas Dupin, professeur à l’hôpital of dermatologie Cochin, à Paris. Cependant qu’elle est la personne du virus porteuse peut à son transmettre partner. Le risque of contagion is Important plus en cas de immunitaire déficience, ou les lorsque des lésions présentent genital mucous membranes. Les femmes sont souvent plus touchées L’herpès apparaît lors des premiers généralement sexuels rapports. D’autant plus if you name des partenaires is important. Dans un stable couple, you risque de transmission d’un autre infect a partner sain est seulement 10% par an. Les femmes sont souvent plus porteuses les hommes d’herpès that 18. 9% des femmes et 70 ans 35 souffrent de cette infection contre des hommes 14.

7% (source: étude SUVIMAX, 2005). L’herpès a virus récidivant Une fois contracté, you herpes virus l’refuge dans un où il nerveux ganglion “dort” en attendant des facteurs ou des stimulations qui le réactiveront. Il plus ou moins ressortira fréquemment alors sous forme de poussées, tous les mois, tous les semesters, voire tous les ans. Mais est différent chaque cas: lorsque l’herpès ne se manifeste une seule qu’à reprise, ne peut jamais le virus réapparaître . . . Lors d’viral infections (grippe, par exemple), le système est moins immunitaire vigilant, car il concentrate south mener à la Bataille: l’profite pour genital herpes in gagner, ou regagner lors de récidives, you organes them sexuels et se multiplier . D’autres peuvent circonstances favoriser the réapparition de l’genital herpes. Parmi elles: le stress, fièvre, émotions them, the fatigue, l’alcool, règles les, les rapports sexuels brutaux trop au soleil et les expositions. Quels risques pendant la grossesse? Une femme enceinte porteuse du virus de l’herpès doit être particulièrement vigilante: des risques de transmission au fœtus existent. Ils DEPENDENT notamment à laquelle the date you contracté virus été pour la première fois.

If the primo-infection to au lieu cours de la grossesse, il ya plus de probabilités that the virus will transmette future maman enfant à son lors de l’accouchement, car il ya d’herpès davantage dans les voies Genitals à ce moment-là . Néanmoins, if the femme est déjà du virus porteuse avant sa grossesse et qu’elle ne pas present poussées de l’infection, les anticorps herpétiques passent dans le sang du bébé et le Protegent, dans une certaine mesure, de l’infection. Le risque d’autant plus will limit the future maman aura signalé antécédent à cet are obstétricien. A traitement préventif be adapted alors lui prescrit. L’herpès neo-natal peut laisser important Séquelles des et des décès provoquer. Toutefois, ce type d’affection est très rare. Reconnaître Symptômes them l’infection herpétique Chez la femme comme chez l’homme, lésions them occasionnées par l’genital herpes localisent ou autour sur organes génitaux (vulve, pénis, gland, anus, fesses, cuisses) them. Chez la femme: l’genital herpes débute par des douleurs et des brûlures localisées. Ensuite a vulvaire oedème is formed, puis des petites et dessus vésicules apparaissent is rompent, laissant place à des micro-ulcerations douloureuses assez. Dans certains cas, des ganglions peuvent is nicher vers l’aine. De même, une cystite, sciatique une, une sensation of fatigue générale et de la peuvent fièvre is manifester. “Le virus de l’herpès, lors de récidives chez la femme, est souvent avec une confondu mycose vaginale, une ou une allergie candidose médicamenteuse” souligne le Pr Dupin.

Chez l’homme: virale cette affection contagieuse par des douleurs au niveau du se traduit et du prépuce gland, the fièvre général et une sensation of malaise. Le plus souvent, des vésicules apparaissent in “bouquet” sur la Verge, et puis is rompent prennent the form of suintantes et douloureuses lésions. A ne pas avec une confondre mycose génitale L’herpès peut être avec d’autres infections confondu touchant them organes génitaux, notamment mycose vaginale. “Pour cette diagnostiquer affection, votre praticien doit réaliser local culture cellulaire prélèvement pour une à Visée de recherche d’herpès. Lésions lorsque sont les récentes, il est de l’aise plus clairement identifier “Dupin développe Pr him. Les médecins généralistes, gynécologues, dermatologues, ou éventuellement urologues, ce sont you enable à effectuer prélèvement. Quel traitement contre l’genital herpes? Grâce à la prévention et aux traitements available, il est possible of the limiter et la durée des fréquence d’herpès crises of Réduire douleurs them lors des poussées et de diminuer the transmission. Lors of poussées d’genital herpes, sont des soins Local au niveau proposés (crèmes) ou oral (comprimés of Zelitrex? Ou valacyclovir, tous les jours à prendre pendant cinq jours). Lorsque les récidives d’herpès apparaissent six fois dans l’année ou plus, il est nécessaire se faire of prescrire an oral traitement préventif (one tous les jours comprimé pendant six mois). Des conséquences sur le long terme

L’évolution de l’est imprévisible assez genital herpes. Pour certains, the guérison est rapide, pour d’autres non. Médicament aucun ne le traite définitivement virus infection l’est donc sexuellement transmissible susceptible à n’importe quel of récidiver moment de la vie de la personne infectée. N’a pas L’genital herpes serious conséquences, mais peut sa présence dans la qualité is répercuter of vie. L’utilization de lors sexuels préservatifs of rapports is essential if souffrez vous de cette infection. “L’genital herpes représente a également du facteur d’infection HIV virus, Souligne you Dupin Pr. Il ne peut pas être éradiqué, même chez les personnes sous traitement. Au mieux, il peut être repoussé, et ses Apparitions diminuées. Il vit aussi longtemps en général that atteint qu’il le sujet. » Sources: – Association Herpès. – Société française de dermatologie.

Causes of vaginal grains

Intimate hygiene Discover one or more grains in the vulva is certainly a cause for concern. What are the most common causes? What are the most common symptoms? Doctissimo gives you the answers. © Getty Images The appearance of one or more grains in the genital region should take consult your doctor. For injuries caused by viruses, the use of condoms does not protect a hundred percent the area. If a pain in the vulva or vagina is discovered, the inside of the female, consult your doctor. “It’s best to do whatever the case to be diagnosed and if treatment is necessary,” the Moyal-Barracco doctor. Some outgrowths of the vulva are painless and other painful. It is associated with certain symptoms characteristic to distinguish the different causes of these vulvo-vaginal grains. Grains external genitalia painless

Lunar “A mole can form a fleshiness” explains Dr. Moyal-Barracco. How does it look like? It is brown with a slight relief. But do not worry, because these moles are benign vulvar the vast majority of cases. Vulvar melanoma (cancerous mole) is exceptional. It is also advisable to consult with your doctor to confirm that it is a benign vulvar mole. And the same whether it is a brown pigmented lesion (there are moles that have no relief). Condyloma or genital wart You have seen or noticed in the vulva a small, pink and smooth or shaped cockscomb (a mole with several points) more or less large volume bulk. This fleshiness is not painful and rarely bites. These grains can be grouped.

It is probably a condyloma. There are several types but two are visible: the papulosos condilomas (embossed, pink, smooth) and acuminate or pointed, or cockscomb condilomas. These injuries are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) particularly types 6 and 1. The transmission of this virus is essentially sexual. Between 10% and 15% of sexually active women carrying the virus but not all have lesions. Only between 1% and 3% of women who carry it have genital warts, which sometimes appear after several years of infection. seborrheic verruca This wart is presented with the form of a brown or black with a thick meatiness. This benign skin lesion is a thickening of the superficial part of the skin or epidermis. Molluscum contagiosum (molluscum contagiosum) In the external genital area or vulva may appear one or more elevations or flesh-colored pink with a depressed center, like a small crater (1 mm to 5 mm in diameter). They are painless lesions that are not accompanied by any other evidence (such as discharge or bleeding). These injuries are caused by DNA virus of the poxvirus group.

Molluscum appears in the genital areas by sexual transmission. Soft fibroma (molluscum pendulum) “This soft fleshiness that is implanted in a pedicle is common in the armpits or English but can also appear on the vulva,” says dermatologist. These lesions are not contagious. Grains painful external genitalia folliculitis A red grain often with pus and painful sign of folliculitis. It is a superficial acute inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicle. “There are two types: infectious due to staph germ gold and other associated with the growth of hair under the skin,” says Moyal-Barracco the doctor. Genital herpes If vesicles which burst after a few days creating úlceras- and accompanied by intense itching and pain are observed in the vulva, it may be genital herpes. This infection is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) but also, and more often, by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV1), the cold sore virus. This herpes is characterized by more or less frequent recurrences.

Grains in the female genital area: Less common causes More rarely a meatiness vulvar chancre may be a manifestation of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. How does it look like? It is a rose erosion, hard, with a swollen base. “Syphilis is rare today but the number of cases has increased in recent years,” says the specialist. “Although exceptional, a pain in the vulva may be precancerous or cancerous,” he adds. There are two types of genital malignant lesions: intraepithelial neoplasias usually due to human papillomavirus (HPV16 is the most common a different HPV that causes genital warts) or carcinomas that develop from a preexisting inflammatory dermatoses. Grains in the external female genitalia: prevention It is not possible to prevent the appearance of moles, warts or seborrheic soft fibroids. As for the prevention of folliculitis in the vulva, Dr. Moyal-Barracco indicates that laser hair removal can be a good solution. Condom use prevents, but not totally, infection by viruses such as herpes or HPV that cause genital warts. “The only way to prevent genital warts is vaccination, said the specialist.

Genital herpes is more easily transmitted when herpes lesions. We must therefore avoid sex if the partner suffers from a crisis of genital herpes. the condom does not protect molluscum. “This may appear not protected by the condom and transmitted by touch areas,” says Moyal-Barracco. ACE. Glover-Bondeau Sources: Interview with Dr. Micheline Moyal-Barracco, dermatologist, president of think tank in vulvar pathology of the French Society of Dermatology. January 31, 2015 Fatton, B. mucocutaneous lesions of perineum in women. Pahlavi-perineología correspondence – No.

1, vol. V – January / February / March 2005 08/26/2015 Other articles in the dossier: Intimate hygiene more articles More information on this topic: Participate in our forums!

How to Cure Shingles Fast – 3 Remedies Infallible

Shingles, or herpes zoster, is a painful skin rash, consisting of fluid-filled blisters. Here we will tell you how to cure shingles naturally for symptoms and pain are no longer than they should. It is produced by the same virus that chicken pox, and only happens once, with very rare exceptions. It usually occurs when the immune system is weak. In patients with AIDS or those taking immunosuppressant may even risk your life. How to cure ringworm with natural remedies Whereas shingles is contagious 2 days before lesions appear until 4 or 5 days later (when they have crust), it is necessary precautions with hygiene use extreme, so you have to keep clean the blisters, then when they are broken. The rash usually appears in one area of ​​the body and on one side, and 25% can be complicated by what is known as post-herpetic neuralgia, in which acute pain persist and local hypersensitivity. This neuralgia can last for years, especially in patients over 70 years. For treatment it is good to use natural topical solutions, in order to soothe and heal faster blisters. 1. How to cure shingles with green tea oil or tea tree. This oil is considered antiviral and extraordinarily antibacterial, so if you put on a cotton three or four drops and apply it very gently and with light and delicate movements on the affected area, will be helping in the drying process and prevent it from you infected .

Do it 4 times a day as long as necessary. Another option is to place bags of hot green tea, but must be very careful that you do not burn the skin; the properties of this tea will make the blisters dry much faster. 2. Natural remedy based on honey Honey has many qualities and benefits for our body and skin. Why there are so many cosmetic products that use it as a base, and many drug products that leverage its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. To use honey as a remedy only you should wash the area well and apply honey directly, leaving it on for several hours. also repeated 4 times a day. 3. Dandelion This is a medicinal plant used by specialists on how to cure shingles on the skin, it eliminates very effectively the discomfort of blisters, causing them to dry quickly. To do this, prepare a good infusion of dandelion with multiple sheets in ½ liter of water, let cool, make compresses and apply them to the affected areas. It is also advisable to drink 3 cups of this tea.

How to cure shingles with these remedies will be of great help and unlike allopathic medicine, you’re more likely to heal without the risk of side effects. And for permanent results and forever rid of all types of herpes, I recommend a system that is 100% natural: the ULTIMATE PROTOCOL OF HERPES, Melanie Addington. This system is unique, and is the most powerful you can apply, because it attacks the herpes from 3 angles simultaneously. This not only assures the total destruction of herpes, but also a great improvement in your immune system and your overall health. Using specially loaded with vitamins, home remedies to cure shingles and special techniques that weaken the virus foods, you are assured of complete cure. CLICK HERE NOW and feel every day you loads of energy and vitality, with a completely healthy body without herpes! You may also like:

there is no fear of AIDS: STD welcome

In the nineties, condom use was almost a reflex in the sex act. Today, that fear is gone. That, together with increased sexual partners and ignorance of the ways of transmission of some diseases, has caused sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are in runaway rise. “Are you pregnant, who is the father” asks the doctor. “I do not know,” replies the girl. “How can you not know? “. “I do not know, this had to happen during the spring. ” Just then, doctor and nurse open-eyed and wondering what’s that spring. The spring is a sexual practice very fashionable among young and not so young: the boys, several, naked lie on the floor with the erect penis and the girl is climbing over them, moving from one to another as if a spring in question. Of course, the condom or it is or was expected and that means not only unwanted pregnancies as in the case with which we began this article, but an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, which for some years are in runaway growth in our country . Syphilis, gonorrhea, papillomavirus, chlamydia, HIV . .

. all have increased. Historically, the data are better understood: in 2009, 339 cases of syphilis were identified only in Madrid. In 2010, they were already 648. In 2013 3,120 cases have been reported in Spain, according to the report notifiable diseases. According to the weekly epidemiological bulletin for the week 32 (last August), the Institute of Health Carlos III, there would be 1,514 and 1,382 cases of syphilis gonococcal infections (gonorrhea). “The trend is generally increasing, much attention also syphilis, which was almost extinct disease that has returned with force,” said Dr. Fernando Vazquez, a spokesman for the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC). Has been working on these issues since the eighties: “There was syphilis before the advent of penicillin and then lowered also increased with the emergence of HIV in the eighties Then in the nineties is at least transmission of these diseases there was. . except papilloma, by the fear of AIDS. in early 2000 reappears syphilis, with the loss of fear of HIV. we are now witnessing a large increase of STDs, especially in the case of sex between men “added the doctor.

The increases are occurring in two groups: gay men and adolescents between 15 and 25 years. Although HIV has also increased, they make it much more gonorrhea, genital herpes and syphilis. In the case of herpes also they not have numbers because it is not a notifiable disease as with the others: “Each country declares some, now is trying to unify European level to standardize data,” says Vazquez. “Even are occurring disease outbreaks not seen as lymphogranuloma venereum. Within the chlamydial there are different types and this is one of them. It gives gay. There have been outbreaks in Barcelona and Madrid,” he says. Another problem, related to gonorrhea: “The gonococcus is now considered a super bacteria: it was previously very easily but now is not because it has become very resistant to antibiotics, and that complicates the treatment and monitoring of these patients “he says. Although ETS increases are taking place in some population groups, medical affects something very important. “Rather than risk groups must talk about risky behaviors increases are taking place because the condom is not used. In addition, there are many people who believe they can not get an STD from oral sex. And this practice is spread all: HIV, although it is more difficult to spread through oral sex, and all others. In fact there are many cases of oral syphilis, “he says.

“A problem of syphilis is that, if untreated, the bacteria remain in the body and in the following phases, especially in the long term, can be very serious because it would appear what we call neuro-syphilis dementia,” explains Maria Teresa Ledo, chief medical officer of preventive medicine service hospital Torrejón (Madrid). This professional believes that the increase of these diseases is given for different reasons: “Ignorance and fear because AIDS has disappeared, people believe that AIDS is as diabetes, the alert threshold has dropped,” he adds. As papilloma, about two million women would be infected in Spain (2012 data): among 18- to 25 HPV prevalence is 29%. “But Spain is the country where there are less prevalence papilloma” he says. Behind all these increases are losing fear of HIV transmission (disease, having become a chronic disease in the West, is seen as less dangerous) and increased sexual partners: “In some cases, drugs and alcohol. Its consumption makes you relax more and not a condom is used, “says Vazquez. In Spain more than 104 million units of condoms were sold in 2013, while in 2014 were lower sales of over 102 million (Nielsen and IMS data for mass distribution, pharmacy and drugstore). “It may be due to a reduction in the activities of education and communication on sexual well-being and a migration to other contraceptive methods,” they say in company control. Perhaps it would not hurt to recover that famous campaign Make this, wear it, emphasizing that vaginal intercourse or anal are not the only ones that can infect an STD. What are STDs? There is a large number of diseases that are included in the group known STDs and which are known from syphilis, gonorrhea, or papillomavirus at least you named as trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis or pediculosis. They all have in common form of infection because they are diseases that are transmitted from an infected person to another through direct contact with the body or contact with infected fluid. The vast majority of STDs can be cured.

It is very important to get treatment when the disease is to cut the chain of transmission and avoid infecting others. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year 448 million people infected worldwide four-curable STDs: chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.

Herpes zoster is an evil that grows 7% annually

The incidence of herpes zoster, “shingles”, increased at an annual rate of seven% in Castilla and Leon in the past five years, largely because of the aging population and associated chronic diseases. Rates have increased from 355 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants to 487, and the trend continues upward, because the aging population grows and diseases that used to bring more death today become more chronic becoming another risk factor. Health data handling of Castile and Leon, Sacyl, predict an increase in pathology. It is estimated that one in four people will experience an episode of herpes zoster, as the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is one of the most common in the human species (95% of adults have had chickenpox), remains latent and it can be reactivated at any time with increasing age. From the 50 years the incidence is higher. These were the reasons that led to the Ministry of Health to lead a pilot vaccination against herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia program, which is the persistence of after pain three months after the emergence of the so-called ‘ringworm’ which can continue for months or even years. It has, aware of the characteristics of the population, increasingly aging and greater burden of chronic diseases, and considering that the vaccine, which began to be marketed in late 2014, is the most effective preventive measure to avoid pictures they say that acute pain than Parthian and chronic stage that is comparable with fibromyalgia. Vaccination for the 3rd age Initially, the Ministry, the first of Spain in making this decision, has decided to vaccinate patients between 60 and 64 years of age affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and treated with inhaled corticosteroids. The reason, is more common in this group and its complications produce greater decreases quality of life. We will have to wait for how to evolve the pilot and the absence of a closed strategy for its extension, shuffled the next group can be the patients with COPD aged 65 to 69 years to cover a decade. Diabetics with advanced heart disease, are also a priority group and complicated patients who are going to cause immunosuppression, for example for a transplant, or are going to have treatment to large doses of corticosteroids. The vaccine has been endorsed by professionals because current treatments are not entirely satisfactory, neither effective nor efficient.

In the case of patients with COPD, there are some treatments but with many side effects and not with the desired efficiency, so experts believe that prevention is better than cure. He explains Dr. José Viejo Bañuelos, former Chief of Pneumology Hospital General Yague. “Shingles is very painful, difficult to treat and persistent high percentage when neuralgia is a painful post-herpetic that lasts a long time. ” http://www. diariodeburgos. es/noticia/Z6E389D78-93C9-7F5D-7BF6FA56DC150479/20150322/herpes/zoster/mal/crece/7/anual

How to Cure Herpes In The Mouth With 3 Remedios

Herpes in the mouth is not always characterized by the outbreak of water-filled blisters on the lips. They can also attack in parts of the inside of the mouth and inside of the lips, gums, palate and even the tongue. Often blisters unlike some white spots can notice reddish edges have also called thrush sprouted because herpes simplex virus. They cause pain, burning and discomfort especially to eat. Normally all people go through this situation at some stage of our life. This virus disappears with the aforementioned signals in a time of 1 to 2 weeks. But why wait so long if there are home remedies that can help you? Nature provides endless food to cure different diseases. Herpes in the mouth is no exception so learn how to cure herpes in the mouth naturally and from home. If you are interested in this information you do not stop reading what we have below: How to cure herpes in the mouth: 3 Home Remedies The salt If you want to heal quickly and definitively injuries caused by the herpes simplex virus salt it is one of the home remedies that you need, but you have to know one important thing.

This remedy can cause severe burning for a few seconds that will be worth supporting. You decide if you really want to. Remember that it is the fastest and easiest to heal these injuries. You only need to put a little salt directly to the affected area and see that for the next day this will be downsized and pain intensity will be lowered. The lemon This almost never lack food on our table is a great oral disinfectant. It will remove all types of viruses, bacteria and microbes that are causing us harm. Direct application of lemon drops in either blisters or lesions inside the mouth will make these heal and heal quickly and efficiently. Gentian violet This natural antiseptic should not miss in your kit because it is a great healing for this type of injury caused by the herpes simplex virus. Apply directly to the affected area with the help of a cotton pad in the morning and before bedtime will see that soon they will scar area. Do not miss this information if you want to know how to cure herpes in the mouth quickly and naturally. Do not forget to drink plenty of water to remove all the toxins that are in your body.

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