20 ml. GENGIGEL Gel Tube

Gengigel® – Hydrogel Biological oral and gum care based on hyaluronic acid for the restoration of healthy gums and to alleviate at inflamed and traumatized tissue of the gums and oral mucosa. Hyaluronic acid – an active principle of nature Painful gums, inflamed oral mucosa as well as pressure points prostheses are brought by the natural, occurring in the body Hyalu¬ronsäure healed. Especially with inflammation of the body’s need of hyaluronic acid is increased enormously. The body’s own production is not often sufficient to remedy the situation. Supports to healing by applying a Hyalu¬ronsäure-containing product, is the organism the substance supplied in sufficient quantity to bring the painful changes quickly healed. Red, swollen gums recovers, gingival bleeding is less and Druck¬stellen by prostheses or orthodontic appliances and mouth ulcers recede. Even with implants, which are increasingly widespread, the hyaluronic acid can be effectively used for the care and health of the gums. Tissue regeneration and healing after dental surgery, such as Tooth extractions and Parodontalbe¬handlung Often, the dentist begins the treatment with ei¬nem hyaluronic acid preparation in higher concentrations; the patient can then continue the Behand¬lung and secure the success of therapy. The products based on hyaluronic acid are available as a gel for application to the oral mucosa, spray and mouthwash. Indication:

– Inflammatory disease states (gingivitis, bleeding gums, periodontal pockets, gingival recession) – after traumatic events, such as bruising of orthodontic constructions or removable orthodontic prostheses after professional tooth cleaning, tooth extraction and stomatitis and abrasion – postoperative wound treatment (eg after tooth extraction) – for disease states the oral mucosa which requires a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid.

tonsillitis, sores on lip, swollen gums, fever

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18. 04. 2012 Facial paralysis: pain behind the ear may precede A sudden paralysis of the face may reflect a dysfunction of the facial muscle nerve (facial nerve). Usually it involves a temporary paralysis (Bell’s palsy), which by itself will disappear after some time. In any case, the complaints should be investigated immediately ENT physician and neurologically, to make a clear diagnosis to rule out other diseases and also to reassure the patient. After all, the paralysis of the facial muscles is often experienced by those affected as a very dramatic because the mimic limitations, many people think of a stroke, but the facial paralysis is not acutely dangerous generally. Many patients notice one to three days before the facial nerve pain behind the ear of the same side of the face. Even a stiff neck or pain in the jaw joint may occur. An impairment of the facial nerve is also mirrored by drooping mouth or an incompletely closed eye. Depending on the location of the injury situation an increased tear secretion, intensive auditory perception, taste disturbance or decreased saliva production can still occur as symptoms. In the overwhelming number of cases of facial paralysis can no apparent cause for the complaints to be found.

It is believed that various factors lead to inflammatory swelling, which constrict the nerve canal, thus putting pressure on the nerve. Besides inflammation virus infections by herpes simplex for example, or Herpes Zoster trigger complaints. Infection with B. burgdorferi can also be the cause among other underlying diseases. Also, cold air or drafts encouraging the emergence of facial paralysis. If the cause can be identified, the underlying disease must be treated to eliminate the paralysis. For the treatment of the symptoms are several options available, such as cortisone or pain medications. Infections are based, these can be treated with an antiviral agent or an antibiotic. Heal the disease is not fully covered, and the facial expression remains permanently disfigured, this can be a great psychological burden for patients. Then plastic surgery can be considered. A facial paralysis can occur at any age, but most patients are middle-aged. On average 100,000 people coming 20 to 25 diseases each year. Men and women are equally affected, the disease something occurs repeatedly during pregnancy.

As risk factors of high blood pressure and diabetes are. Moreover, extreme stress favoring facial paralysis.

Light drills: laser treatment at the dentist – Onmeda.de

A dental laser in use. The goggles protect the patient. Photo: dpa / pa Caries can be evaporated by the laser. The biggest advantage of laser treatment at the dentist: it is largely pain free. The costs, however, be required to pay patients. The laser has conquered many areas of medicine – only dentists could “Light drills” so far not prevail. Although the laser treatment is considered largely free of pain and minimal bleeding at the dentist, shy German dentists investing in expensive laser equipment. One reason: The cost of laser treatment at the dentist between 40 and 350 Euro must bear the patients so far. The laser-like still something exotic at, admits the Freiburger Oral surgeon Dr. Georg Bach, who wrote the book “Laser Dentistry” in Spitta Verlag. Only 6,000 to 8,000 such devices are currently in the approximately 65,000 German dental practices. Largely free of pain

The laser treatment could at the dentist, so Bach, many interventions easier, faster and at a ratio of expenses and earnings economic afford. The biggest advantage of using CO2 and diode lasers in surgery is largely painless treatment. In anesthetic injections can often be dispensed with. Additionally, treatment run even in major surgery from almost no bleeding. Because the laser scalpel sever and seal blood vessels simultaneously. It would germs that may cause infections, killed. Long-term studies on laser treatment at the dentist A big disadvantage sees Bach, however, that the physician for various tasks must acquire various laser. A universal device for all dental procedures do not give it yet. And besides, the training opportunities are scarce. The only university in Germany Aachen now offers a master’s degree in laser dentistry. The two-year qualification “Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry” have so far undergone 60 dentists there. In the past, laser pioneers and patients had to pay dearly.

It was in the early days cases of “heat damage and wound healing after laser application,” says Bach. Meanwhile are several long-term studies of up to ten years, proving the technique of laser treatment at the dentist everyday use.

Suspected diagnoses in primary care

diagnosis ICD-10 code investigation process hepatitis B15-B19 AP (S), bilirubin (S), complete blood count (EB), cholinesterase (S), CMV-Ak (S), EBV-Ak (S), protein electrophoresis (S), GOT (S), GPT (S) , gGT (S), HAV Ab (S), HAV IgM (S), HBc-Ab (S), HBs-Ab (S), HBs Ag (S) (if HBsAg positive, HBV DNA proof (EB)), HCV-Ab (S) (if HCV-Ab positive, HCV RNA detection (EB)), INR (Quick) (CP ***) HIV / AIDS B24 complete blood count (EB), HIV I / II Pc (S), (if positive, HIV immunoblot as a confirmatory test; if HIV-positive, viral load HIV-I-RNA detection (EB)), lymphocyte differentiation CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, CD19, CD56 (EB) Sexually Transmitted Disease A64 Chlamydia Ag / DNA by PCR (UAB), Chlamydia trachomatis-Ab (S), HIV Ab (S), TPPA (S) (if positive, syphilis-Ak (EIA), VDRL + Syphilis IgM), syphilis Ak (S) if all findings negative, repeat all within 1 – 3 months! Pathogens \x26amp; gonococci, mycoplasma, ureaplasma (UAB)

Arthritis (infectious / post-infectious) M00-M03 Suspected infectious-septic arthritis: blood count (EB), blood cultures (BACTEC bottles), (infectious / post-infectious) CRP (S), ggf. Erreger \x26amp; Resistance (GP), pathogen diagnosis (. Eg TBC) (GP) suspected on rheumatic fever: anti-DNase titer (S), ASL titre, blood cultures (BACTEC bottles), CRP (S), complete blood count (EB), (possibly anti-hyaluronidase titre (S)) suspicion aufpostinfektiöse arthritis : Borrelia Ak (S), Yersinia Ak (S), Campylobacter Ak (S), chlamydia Ak (S), Salmonella Ak (S) arthritis in viral infections: parvovirus Ak (S) Rheumatic disease M25. 9 ANA (S) (if positive, dsDNA and ENA), BSG (ESR Tubes), CCP-Ak (S), CRP (S), ferritin (S), complete blood count (EB), uric acid (S), rheumatoid factor (S), protein electrophoresis (S), ANCA (S), HLA-B27 (EB), C3, C4 complement (S), CH50 (S), circulating immune complexes (S ***), differential diagnosis of infectious arthritis : s arthritis diagnosis. vaccinations Z25. 8 B.

pertussis IgG (S), TBE-IgG (S), HAV Ab (S), HBs-Ab (S), measles IgG (S), mumps IgG (S), pneumococcal Ak (S) , rubella IgG (S), varicella IgG (S) carditis I38-I41 ANA (S), anti-DNAse (S), ASL (S), Borrelia Ak (S), CK (S), CK-MB (S ***), troponin (S), influenza virus Pc ( S), adenovirus-Ak (S), CMV-Ak (S), Coxsackie-Ak (S), ECHO-Ak (S), myocardial Ak (S), with endocarditis: blood cultures (BACTEC bottles) lymphotropic pathogens A89 depending on localization: CMV-Ak (S), EBV-Ak (S), toxoplasmosis Ak (S), adenovirus Ak 32006 (S), chlamydia Ak (S), HIV Ab (S), pathogens ( RAB) neurotropic pathogens A89 Antibody specificity indices for the following parameters: Borrelia Ak, TBE Pc, herpes 32006 simplex Ak, measles Ak, mumps Ak, rubella Ak, treponemal Ak, varicella zoster Ak, (this is a respective serum / CSF-pair and the measurement of albumin and IgG from serum and cerebrospinal fluid necessary), oligoclonal bands (S, L), \x26amp; exciter resistance (S, L) susceptibility to infection D80 – D89 CRP (S), complete blood count (EB), IgA (S), IgG (S), IgG subclasses (S), IgM (S), lymphocyte subpopulation (EB) (includes: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD16, CD19, CD56), HIV screening test (S), complement factors (eg.

as C3, C4) (S)

Most Downloaded German Journal of Acupuncture Articles

2016 U. Siedentopp Stress as a phenomenon of modern society increasingly caused physical and mental health disorders. Stress-related disorders such as depression, burnout, tinnitus, sleeping and eating disorders . . . 2016 K. Koller | F. Friedl The case study of a 47-year-old working mother with a chronified fatigue syndrome and refractory cervical syndrome, which is on admission in our hospital as symptoms . .

. 2016 R. Musil | S. Kloiber In this work we want to give an overview of the current scientific literature on acupuncture in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and, based on application and development opportunities . . . 2015 A. Röbe In a large psychiatric hospital in St. Gallen, Switzerland, for twelve years NADA ear acupuncture is applied.

In the psychiatric day hospital treatment with an evaluative was . . . 2015 RS Hinman | P McCrory | M Pirotta | I Relf | A Forbes | KM Crossley | E Williamson | M Kyriakides | K Novy | BR Metcalf | John Fleckenstein There is debate about benefits of acupuncture for knee pain . . . . 22 November 2012 D. Asis | A. Yoshizumi | F.

Luz Ear chromotherapy is in the treatment of psychological trauma promising results. With its relatively simple and easy-to-learn method and their good results they could . . . 2014 M Goyal | S Singh | EM Sibinga | NF Gould | A Rowland-Seymour | R Sharma | Z Berger | D Sleicher | DD Maron | HM Shihab | PD Ranasinghe | S Linn | S Saha | EB Bass | YES Haythornthwaite | H. Cramer Many people meditate to reduce psychological stress and stress-related health problems. To counsel people Appropriately, Clinicians need to know what the evidence says about the health benefits of . . . 2016

P. Ziller-Diechler A 48-year-old female with the main diagnosis of fibromyalgia was after four years of relatively unsuccessful therapy (u. A. One years antidepressant and homeopathic medication) for the first time an acupuncture therapy . . . 2016 Ute Engelhardt | Gisela Hildenbrand | Christa Zumfelde-Hüneburg | Sandra Willeboordse 2016 U. Eberhard Japanese phytotherapy Kampo has restore goal with mildness herbal drug mixtures, the “out of control” guessed physical balance by influencing homeostasis .

. . . 2011 Uwe Siedentopp 2015 E Luders | N Cherbuin | F Kurth | R. Lauche While overall life expectancy has been Increasing, the human brain begins quietly deteriorating after the first two Decades of life and Continues Further degrading with Increasing age. THUS, techniques . . . 2016

D. Mayor | L Vixner | LB Mårtensson | e Schytt In a previous randomized controlled trial we did Showed acupuncture with a combination of MANUAL and electrical stimulation (EA) did not affect the level of pain, as Compared with acupuncture with . . . 2016 J. Ross This article Describes a new system of diagnosis and treatment Termed the 4 Imbalances and 5 organ. The system can be used for different treatment methods, Including Western herbs, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, . . . 2016

A. Röbe A young patient with a borderline personality disorder is treated, in addition to a psychiatric day hospital treatment with the NADA protocol. It provide many positive . . . 2013 S. Schönegger | T. Ots In the outpatient area of ​​a psychosocial center were 26 clients who received 20 sessions NADA acupuncture, asked about the development of 15 symptoms. All 15 symptoms showed improvement, . .

. 2008 P. T. Dorsher | J. Fleckenstein Data from a recently published study suggest did substantial anatomic, clinical, and physiologic overlap of myofascial trigger points (mTrPs) and acupoints exists in the treatment of pain disorder . . . 2016 Ma Chelsea | Raja K. Sivamani | F. Pfab

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat did a broad range of medical conditions, Including dermatologic disorders. This systematic review aims to synthesize the . . . 2009 P. T. Dorsher | J. Fleckenstein In the first part of this study, myofascial trigger point regions were demostrated to have strong (93. 3%) anatomic correspondences with classical acupuncture points. The second portion of this study . .

. 2014 Jing Guo | Lin-Peng Wang | Cun-Zhi Liu | Jie Zhang | Gui-Ling Wang | Jing-Hong Yi | Jin Lian Cheng | R. Musil To investigate the six-week influence of acupuncture on sleep quality and daytime functioning in primary insomnia . . . . 2016 P. U. innocence 2014

N. Genser | Z. Sebkova-Thaller The effect of qigong on the organism is the phased change of tension and relaxation in the sense of a polar principle, what (HRV) is detectable in the measurement of heart rate variability . . . .