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Thesaurus Another word for FLU (Synonyms) flu: grippe, influenza Meaning of FLU [N] an acute febrile disease highly contagious viral Related terms for FLU flu: African lethargy, Asiatic cholera, Asiatic flu, Chagres fever, German measles, Haverhill fever, Hong Kong flu, acute articular rheumatism, acute bronchitis, alkali disease, amebic dysentery, atypical pneumonia, bacillary dysentery, measles bastard, black death, black fever, black lung, blackwater fever, breakbone fever, bronchial pneumonia, bubonic plague, cachectic fever, cerebral rheumatism, chicken pox, chronic bronchitis, collapsed lung, common cold, croupous pneumonia, dandy fever, deer fly fever, dengue fever, double pneumonia , dry pleurisy, dumdum fever, lethargica encephalitis, enteric fever, epidemic pleurodynia, famine fever, fibrinous pneumonia, five-day fever, glandular fever, hay fever, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, infantile paralysis, infectious mononucleosis, inflammatory rheumatism, jail fever , jungle rot, kala azar, kissing disease, the grippe, lipoid pneumonia, loa loa, lobar pneumonia, lung cancer, lung fever, malarial fever, marsh fever, paratyphoid fever, parrot fever, pneumococcal pneumonia, pneumonic fever, rheumatism polyarthritis, rabbit fever, rat-bite fever, relapsing fever, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, sleeping sickness, sickness sleepy, snail fever, sore throat, splenic fever, spotted fever, strep throat, swamp fever, swine flu, the sniffles, the snuffles, trench fever, trench mouth, typhoid fever, typhus fever, undulant fever, venereal disease, viral dysentery, pneumonia virus, wet pleurisy, whooping cough, yellow fever, yellow jack, adenoiditis, ague, aluminosis, amebiasis, amygdalitis, anthracosilicosis , anthracosis, anthrax, asbestosis, asthma, bituminosis, bronchiectasis, bronchiolitis, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, brucellosis, catarrh, chalicosis, cholera, cold, dust diseases, coryza, cowpox, croup, dengue, diphtheria, dysentery, elephantiasis, emphysema, empyema, erysipelas , yaws, hansenosis, hepatitis, herpes, histoplasmosis, hookworm, hydrophobia, laryngitis, leprosy, leprosy, leptospirosis, loiasis, lockjaw, madness, malaria, measles, meningitis, Milzbrand, mumps, ornithosis, osteomyelitis, mumps, pertussis, pharyngitis, pleurisy , pleurisy, pneumoconiosis, pneumonia, pneumothorax, polio, poliomyelitis, ponos, psittacosis, quinsy, rabies, rheum, rickettsialpox, ringworm, rubella, rubeola, scarlatina, schistosomiasis, shingles, siderosis, silicosis, smallpox, tetanus, thrush, tinea, tonsillitis , tuberculosis, tularemia, typhoid, typhus, vaccinia, varicella, variola, yaws, area, zoster See also flu: Asiatic flu, contagious disease, respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, contagion

Herpes – Herpes do Tratamento

O nome é herpes or given to or set of highly contagious DNA viruses, hair responsáveis ​​genital herpes, cold sores and area. A herpes infecção geralmente no system remains contracted and prune uma vez cause Infecções várias during a life. Or vírus tende stay dormant cells corpo do nas nervosa during muitos occasionally turn years and pinch-I is active outra vez, discomfort experienced painful and causing symptoms. As Infecções sores and genital herpes caused vírus hair são do herpes simplex, I enquanto that area caused vírus hair é do shingles. Nenhum two viruses pode be completely cured, porém Tratamentos existem antivirais that podem be used to ajudar or corpo to combater to infecção and to place or vírus num dormancy. I Tratamentos for or herpes são mais Communes or Acyclovir, Valtrex or Famvir e o. Estes podem ajudar to reduzir to severidade and dor two anchored, accelerating or processo of recuperação. Vírus do Herpes Genital herpes Or genital herpes é uma muito comum sexually doença transmissível caused primeiramente hairs do vírus type 2 (HSV-2) herpes. This virus prune sporadically cause painful symptoms anchored genital herpes, which com incluem liquid vesicles, ulcers and vermelhas feridas we genitais and destes em around, coxas, nádegas and anus. Prune be easily transmitted to a outra pessoa uma, hair direct contact pessoa com that apresenta active symptoms of genital herpes. Porém, pode também hair be transmitted sexually, that infecção mesmo não print or electronic visível.

Estimates are that 80%-das pessoas com infecção of genital herpes não sabem that estão vírus infected hair. Immediately pessoas Algumas podem experiencing symptoms and continue to sofrer regular anchored during or anus or contact após primeiro com or viruses. To consult mais informações page do genital herpes. Herpes labialis O é muito comum cold sores and characterized presença-se pela vesicle fluid com em torno da mouth. This caused vírus infecção hair é do herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1), Sendo maioria pela contracted during a infância das pessoas hair com pessoas com contact active symptoms. É pouco provável that symptoms during a print or electronic infância, sendo that maioria das pessoas Começa ab anchored quando chega à puberdade. É também na vírus possível contrair or adult idade, contact hair com uma pessoa infected. Eventhough you beijos serem to form transmissão mais comum, use a straightening of dents ou to lâmina of barbear of outra pessoa, também pode infecção increase or crag. I apresentam infected adults algumas symptoms transmissão weeks após to do vírus. Sem tratamento, or cold sores pode até levar duas weeks to heal and disappear completely. O virus affects different pessoas as maneira, sendo that algumas podem pessoas mais susceptíveis to be anchored to outras. mais informações this is quiser infecção visit page do cold sores.

Shingles ou Zone A zone consists numa erupção painful skin that appears infected vezes nas pessoas do hair vírus shingles, or chickenpox responsável vírus peels. As pessoas com chickenpox podem by unwrapping no future vezes area. Normally, or virus remains dormant for years, desaparecimento após or two symptoms of chickenpox and becomes active novamente-se nas nervosa do corpo cells, causing painful skin erupções. Nem com as pessoas all Irão develop chickenpox area, hair não é conhecido or motive because algumas outras pessoas to desenvolvem e não. Ao contrário do genital herpes and cold sores do to zone contagious não é, porém, não teve uma pessoa that not passado chickenpox, prune unwrap contact infecção em uma pessoa com com to active infecção be entered. Nossa visit a page on area to learn about a condição mais. That Tratamentos for existem or herpes? A unique way to treat or herpes antiviral é um tratamento to use FORCAR to infecção to enter dormancy em. Os mais Tratamentos used for or herpes são or Acyclovir, Valtrex or Famvir e o. Each destes um pode Tratamentos be used to treat or genital herpes, or cold sores and to area porém to prune dose vary dependendo quer da condição to treat. A herpes infecção deve be treated assim Primeiros symptoms that you notice hair that gives dispoe euroClinix day delivery no na seguinte Europe for all you do drugs or virus herpes.


What is it? Balanitis is an infection or inflammation of the skin that covers the head (glans) of the penis. In men who are not circumcised this area is covered by a fabric known as the foreskin. Balanitis can occur in either men circumcised or not, but happens frequently in men who are not circumcised. Young people generally suffer from balanitis if you have a tight foreskin that is difficult to push back. Various infections and skin conditions can cause balanitis: Yeast infections (Candida) or bacteria that live on the skin (most common cause). Sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes simplex. Skin irritation by using soap, detergent or spermicides. benign skin conditions such as psoriasis. Some types of skin cancer (very rare). Although many men may suffer from balanitis, the condition occurs more often in men who have a tight foreskin or who do not keep the area clean. The balanitis is more common in people with diabetes, especially if not adequately control blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels cause a high amount of sugar in the urine. Rich in sugar urine dripping on the glans and foreskin provides and facilitates post infection fungi and bacteria. When balanitis becomes a recurring problem, the cause may be due to a fungal infection transmitted during sexual intercourse. symptoms Symptoms include: A red rash and swelling in the head and penis or under the foreskin. Itching or burning in the affected area. A lot of white or yellowish flow in the affected skin. Diagnosis Your doctor usually can recognize balanitis immediately. Occasionally, you can examine a sample under a microscope or sent to a laboratory for analysis to confirm the diagnosis. When balanitis does not respond to treatment or is different from the typical infection, your doctor may recommend that you see a dermatologist (skin specialist) or a skin biopsy is performed. A biopsy, a small sample of skin is removed and examined under a microscope.

This is done to determine if you have a rare type of infection or other skin condition that causes symptoms. Duration Most cases of balanitis respond to treatment within three to five days. Prevention Men who are circumcised should sanitized very well that region and well push back the foreskin during the shower. People with diabetes can help prevent balanitis carefully controlling their blood sugar levels. Treatment The treatment depends on the cause. If your problem is caused by a fungal infection, you will be advised to use an antifungal cream. Clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex) is a drug highly effective sales without prescription, which also is used to treat vaginal yeast infections and athlete’s foot. Apply it to the affected area two to three times per day for 10 days. Your doctor may also recommend an antifungal treatment, either a cream or a tablet. If you have an infection with bacteria on your skin, you will be advised to use an antifungal cream and to ensure thoroughly clean the affected area.

Sometimes it is necessary to take oral antibiotics. When the skin is inflamed, you will be advised to keep the area clean and dry and avoid any soap or skin lotion that can aggravate the condition. Sometimes a cortisone cream can help improve the problem faster. However, cortisone can worsen certain infections, so it is best to avoid this type of medicine unless prescribed by a doctor. Circumcision often prevents repeated infections, especially in uncircumcised men who have a tight foreskin and difficult to push back. Once you start treatment, it is not necessary to avoid sex, although this can irritate or inflame the affected area. The couple rarely transmit infection through sexual intercourse. If this happens, both must perform a treatment at the same time to prevent future episodes. When to call a professional Contact your doctor if: It has balanitis that does not meet hygienic measures or antifungal medications counter. The prescription from your doctor does not seem to be curing your condition. The balanitis is recurrent.

You have diabetes because balanitis may be a sign that you are not controlling their blood sugar levels. Forecast The outlook is excellent if the problem is. Additional Information National Library of Medicine (NLM) (National Library of Medicine) 8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20894 Phone: (301) 594-5983 Free: (888) FIND-NLM (346-3656) Fax: (301) 496-4450 http : //www. nlm. nih. gov/ American Urological Association (American Urological Association), 1000 Corporate Blvd. Linthicum, MD 21090 Phone: (410) 689-3700 Free (only within the US): (866) 746-4282 Fax: (410) 689- 3800 http://www. urologyhealth. org/ Last Review: 2007-04-20T00: 00: 00-06: 00

Last modified: 2008-08-15T00: 00: 00-06: 00 Source: Copyright © 2008 by Harvard University. All rights reserved. Used with permission of StayWell. For more information about Harvard, in English, click on the logo:

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Concept They are those diseases whose mechanism of transmission is sexual contact. This happens because sex is contacted skin and mucous membranes of two people, in sufficient extent and time as to make it possible to transmit the sick person healthy, as long as there is avoided with the specific means of prevention . Classification genital syndromes STDs usually manifest in the genital area and the main forms of manifestation are: Ulcers: A round and more or less superficial, single or multiple heridita. It can be caused by syphilis, herpes simplex, cancer, allergy medication or traumatic ( “pillarsela with zipper”) Urethritis: mainly takes man with a urethral discharge, it is like a white, yellow or greenish pus. You can go to most if not cured and affect the prostate and testicles. Some symptoms are pain and itching in the area (penis). Vulvovaginitis and cervicitis: affects only women. Its symptoms are increased flow, itching, pain.

The infection occurs first in the vagina or cervix (cervix), and then extends from there into the uterus and can cause sterility. Genital warts are a verruguitas in the genital area, which may cause cervical or womb cancer and penile cancer. This disease mostly affects women may be yet men transmission vehicles. People with HIV are more susceptible to acquiring this disease. nongenital Syndromes In some cases there may be manifestations of STDs in areas that are not genitals. Pharyngitis: Because calls “fellatio” or cunnilingus. Since the bacteria or fungus is introduced into the pharynx and infects. Anorectal infections: They can climb into the intestine. This is caused by anal penetration. General affectations such as fever syphilis or gonorrhea arthritis. Frequently ETS genital infection with herpes simplex virus:

It is a recurring and incurable viral infection. Lesions are typical: group, groups of micro-vesicles on a red skin that erode in micro-covirtiendose ulcers then covered with a crust and heal spontaneously about a week. There are two types: Because oral sex practices may be cases of exchanges of location and their types. Relapses are frequent especially the first year. more frequent and aggressive in people with HIV / AIDS infection are. Prior infection of herpes simplex, favors the acquisition of HIV / AIDS infection due to small ulcers produced thereby facilitating the entry of HIV. Infection by the human papillomavirus: the main manifestations are flat warts or acuminadas best known as genital warts, located in genital, anal, nasal, oral area . . . . also can lead to cervical cancer or cancer of the penis. You can not give demonstrations but infect their partners.

Syphilis has three periods or stages PRIMARY – develops in 20-30 days a sore that heals by itself, but not cure the disease, which continues its infection inside. SECONDARY – general manifestations, such as fever, rash and etc. are developed in 1-2 years . . . TERTIARY – It takes place between 10 and 20 years later, it affects vital organs such as the heart, nervous system, etc . . . Gonococia: Its most common manifestation is urethritis. It develops after 2-14 days. Mainly in males. This disease can lead to non-genital syndromes such as pharyngitis or prostatitis and if not cured can lead to general syndromes such as arthritis.

Chlamydea trachomatis: It’s like gonorrhea, but with a longer onset time of 7-20 days. Sarna: Appearance of small grains scattered throughout the body with intense itching especially at night (nocturnal activity). Ladillas: They are installed with lice eggs in the pubic hair causing intense itching. It is transmitted by sexual contact or infected bed linen. It affects any area of ​​the body less hairy the head. Hepatitis B: Infection is carried out sexually for him as needle exchange, using the same glass, cutlery, kisses. There is currently no vaccine. AIDS Syndrome – Joint diseases Immuno – Concerning the immune system Deficiency – Deficient Acquired – that contracts, not born with it. Infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is slow development and is gradually destroying the cells of the immune system.

The last stage of HIV infection is AIDS phase appears years after the individual has been infected by HIV. So it is infected with HIV (being a carrier or seropositive) is not the same as having AIDS. AIDS is the disease itself is not contagious, HIV is transmitted from person to person. What is a virus? They are very small infectious agents which are characterized by not being able to reproduce themselves. That is, to survive and multiply in the body, the virus need to be entered (parasite) in other cells. What is HIV? It is a virus of the family of the “lentivirus” characterized by developing a slow infection. You will parasitize and destroy immune system cells, especially T4 lymphocytes responsible for organizing and directing its operation. As many viruses (eg. Flu), HIV occasionally introduces minor changes in its structure, making it difficult to find an effective vaccine. It is quite fragile, it dies with heat (60 ° for 30 min. remember the washer heated to that temperature!

) is destrute with bleach and after 15 mn with alcohol. Transmission paths Currently transmission routes of HIV are well known. It is proven that are exclusively sexual transmission, blood, maternal-fetal and during lactation. The virus is transmitted only by direct contact with blood, semen or vaginal secretions of an infected person. Contact occurring during the following “risk practices” ANNEX 2 Having sex without a condom with an HIV-positive partner or a person we do not know whether or not infected. Do not forget that many people infected with HIV are unaware of their situation. Exchange material “pricking” (needle, syringe, water, cotton, etc . . . ) The virus is also transmitted during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding of HIV-positive mother to child.

Transmission conditions Evolution of AIDS HIV infection is a slow process that manifests itself in this way: Asymptomatic period: No outward signs of HIV infection. Seropositive not notice anything, it is even healthy carrier of the virus and can transmit it. With current anti-viral treatments this period lengthens. Chronic Immunosuppression: The immune system of HIV-positive has suffered a significant drop their defenses and begin to appear the first manifestations. AIDS is a situation characterized by the occurrence of a disease (called “opportunistic” such as Kaposi’s sarcoma) that rarely occur in an individual who has a normal immune system. ANNEX 3 Seropositivity test When some of the routes of transmission, a person has been infected with HIV virus, your body develops antibodies to HIV famous. Seropositivity tests detect precisely if you have antibodies. If you have it is that you also have the virus and therefore is infected.

Types of tests The most widely used test to detect HIV status is called ELISA. The results can be two: Negative: You’re not carrying antibodies and therefore you are not infected Positive: If you are carrying antibodies. This result must be confirmed and a second test called Western blot is done. WARNING: You must get tested for HIV within 2 to 3 months and repeat the year of the last risk; this is because the body takes this time ( “window period”) to develop sufficient anti-HIV antibodies that allow detention in the analysis.

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Supplement Forms / Alternate Names L-Lysine Lysine Hydrochloride You use Principal Proposed Uses Lysine is an essential amino acid, one that you need to get from food. Some evidence suggests that supplemental lysine may be able to prevent herpes infections (cold sores and genital herpes). Requirements / Sources Most people need about 1 g of lysine per day. The requirement may be greater for athletes and people recovering from major injuries, especially burns. The richest sources of lysine are animal proteins such as meat and poultry, but is also found in dairy products, eggs and beans. dosages A typical therapeutic dose of lysine for herpes infections is 1 g three times a day.

You can take it as a regular part of your diet in hopes of preventing outbreaks of herpes or perhaps, at the first sign of an attack. Although the evidence is not strong, restricting your intake of foods containing a lot of arginine, such as chocolate, peanuts, other nuts and seeds and to a lesser extent, wheat, could have some advantages. Therapeutic uses Some small studies suggest that regular use of lysine supplements can help prevent outbreaks of sores and genital herpes, although other studies have found no benefit. 1-6 Lysine has also been proposed as a treatment to take at the onset of an outbreak, but at least one study failed to find it effective for this purpose. 7 Both cold sores and genital herpes are caused by a virus called herpes simplex. After you are first infected, this virus hides in certain nerve cells and reemerges under times of stress. The research suggests that lysine fights this virus by blocking arginine, an amino acid the virus needs to replicate. 8 For this reason, lysine might be most effective when used in conjunction with a diet low in arginine. However, this widely stated claim has not been proven. (Note that if this is true, it would be essential to avoid taking arginine supplements if you have herpes. )

What Is the Scientific Evidence for Lysine? herpes Simplex When taken in sufficient doses, it appears that regular use of lysine supplements might be able to reduce the amount and intensity of herpes outbreaks. 9 A double-blind, placebo-controlled study followed 52 participants with a history of herpes outbreaks. 11 While receiving 3 g of L-lysine every day for 6 months, the treatment group experienced an average of 2. 4 fewer herpes outbreaks than the placebo group – a difference significant. Outbreaks lysine group were significantly less severe and healed faster. Another double-blind crossover study of placebo-controlled study in 41 subjects also found improvements in the frequency of attacks. 12 Interestingly, this study found that 1,250 mg of lysine daily worked, but 624 mg did not. Other studies, including one that followed 65 individuals, found no benefit, but they used lower dosages of lysine. 13. 14

Although some are promising, none of these studies are large enough to give conclusive answers. So far, more evidence is needed to determine whether lysine is effective for preventing herpes simplex. Many people use lysine differently; They take it at the onset of an attack of shingles. However, a double-blind placebo-controlled evaluating this method found no benefit. 10 (Consider using the herb lemon balm instead. ) Safety Issues Although lysine is an essential part of the diet, the safety of concentrated lysine supplements has not been well studied. In animal studies, high dosages have caused gallstones and elevated cholesterol levels, 15,16 so should be cautious when using lysine if you have any of these problems. The maximum for children, pregnant or nursing women or those with severe liver or kidney disease have not yet been established children safe doses. Interactions You Should Know If you are taking lysine to treat herpes, arginine might counteract the potential benefit. 17

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Burning urination for urinary tract infection

Monday February 15, 2016, 09:17 am, last updated Have you suffered burning with urination? Many men believe that urinary tract infections only occur in women and that they should not worry. Nothing wrong, for having sex without a condom and inadequate hygiene can generate these conditions, which are annoying and dangerous if not treated. Care for your men’s health! Burning urination in men The female anatomy is more susceptible to bacteria, fungi and viruses from attacking your urinary system (in charge of urine output), perhaps why many men do not have the same care to prevent urinary tract infections; however, this does not mean they should ignore take hygiene measures to avoid painful, annoying and risky consequences. Urinary tract infections affect 20% of women aged 20 to 50 years, and only 0. 1% of men in the same age range; but men have a considerable increase in cases from the fifth decade of life. This is due to aging processes that hinder the transit of urine and favor the reproduction of microorganisms, such as enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or inflammation (prostatitis), without forgetting that the channels by traveling liquid waste they may lessen your ability (urethral stricture). The problems generated by the passage of time are unavoidable in many cases, but if the man has proper hygiene habits can reduce the risk of these infections in their youth and senescence. How come the urinary tract infections? The male urinary system consists of several segments to store and expel urine from the body.

In the highest part of the system (upper tract) are the kidneys, which produce urine by filtering waste and water from the blood. These bodies are connected to the bottom (lower airways) through two tubes, ureters, leading to the bladder waste, a container resembling a tiny balloon. Finally, at the bottom of this compartment is a small tube called the urethra, which carries waste to the outside after traveling through the prostate. Therefore, the infectious agents that cause male urinary infections can enter in two ways: lower end of the urethra. The opening at the tip of the penis is the “gateway” most frequent fungi and bacteria. Most microorganisms sometimes fail this objective, because this duct is very long and because the pressure exerted by the urine expels. However, there are times when natural defenses fail and caused by having unprotected sex, lack of genital hygiene and contamination by microorganisms from the anal region infection occurs. Blood flow. Although less frequent, microorganisms can get directly to the kidneys via the bloodstream. The causative agents may be microorganisms such as those generated malaria ( “yellow fever”) and even some worms that after moving through veins and arteries are housed in the urinary system (schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis). Types of urinary tract infections Urinary tract infections are classified according to the region where they are located, then distinguishing five types:

urethritis Infection in the urethra or tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body. It can be caused by different microscopic agents, although in men is more common gonorrhea (caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus). The other cases that are not due to this cause fall into a category called NGU, the main responsible for the microorganism chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis), the fungus Candida albicans and herpes simplex virus. All are transmitted by having unprotected sex. Urethritis symptoms usually begin with purulent urethral discharge when the cause is gonococcal or mucus when it comes to other invaders. It is also common to this urgent need to urinate, and painful urination, burning and tingling. The diagnosis of urethritis is done considering the symptoms and after taking a sample of the discharge, if any, for laboratory examination. Treatment depends on the cause: if it is a bacterial infection (gonorrhea or chlamydia) antibiotics are given; if those responsible are fungi, they will be used antifungals; and when it is due to the herpes simplex virus can be treated with an antiviral drug. It should be noted that treatment of gonococcal urethritis can generate wrong or no narrowing of the urethra (stenosis), a problem that increases the risk of more severe illness. Prostatitis Means any inflammation of the prostate, is caused by bacteria or by factors like anxiety and stress, but the most common is that those responsible for this problem are microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Chlamydia trachomatis and Mycoplasma sp. , Acquired through unsafe sex protection.

The prostate is a gland located below the bladder and surrounds the upper part of the urethra. Its function is to secrete fluids to accompany the sperm to be ejaculated during sex. Burning urination, urgent and constant need to go to the bathroom, as well as pain in the genital region extending to the lower back region and rectum are some of the symptoms of prostatitis, but usually also high fever, chills and malaise. To make the diagnosis of prostatitis, the urologist will discuss the symptoms and may also require rectal examination, blood and urine tests, as well as other causes of inflammation in the prostate (like cancer or benign prostatic hyperplasia). Also, an exploration of the testes (connected to the prostate through the vas deferens) to assess their sensitivity and involvement will be made possible. Treatment for prostatitis is based antibiotics (trimethoprim, sulfamethoxazole and tetracycline are some of the most used); however, the choice of drug depends on the bacteria found in laboratory studies. The duration of therapy, which includes drinking water and fruit juice in large quantities (8 to 10 glasses a day), can be 4 to 8 weeks. Cystitis Bladder infection usually begins as a urethritis extending prostate and subsequently directed to the bladder. It can also be caused by a catheter or any instrument used during surgery. In older men may arise by the presence of bacteria in the prostate tissue effectively they can not be eliminated with antibiotics. Its most common symptoms are burning sensation when urinating, frequent urge to do so and dark urine odor. Cystitis for diagnosing a urine sample to be obtained without bacteria that may be located in the tip of the penis is required.

Urinate into the toilet, and after a few seconds, interrupt urination to end it in a sterilized container. The sample is examined under the microscope to see if it contains traces of blood cells and bacteria, of which a count and then culture (urine culture) for identification is made. Should cystitis is repetitive, it will require other studies to determine the internal state of the urinary tract and bladder, such as X-ray contrast substance allowing assessment of the soft, or tissues by fiberoptic scope (cystoscopy ) to directly observe the inside of this tank. The treatment of this urinary tract infection include drinking plenty of fluids, it helps urination to flush the bacteria from the body. Also, use of an antibiotic for 3 days is sufficient for good results, although in severe cases may require 7 to 10 days of treatment. Discomfort while urinating can be reduced by drugs that calm muscle spasms and reduce tissue inflammation. ureteritis Infection of the ureters (tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder). This is because the propagation of microorganisms that are located in one of the two bodies in contact (kidney and bladder), so relief is obtained as the primary disease is serviced. In some cases, after it has been controlled, must be removed surgically sections look ureters affected or where the nerve endings are damaged. pyelonephritis Kidney infection; in 90% of cases is caused by the organism Escherichia coli, which is usually found in the large intestine and enters the urinary tract through the urethra. It is difficult for this problem occurs when the male urinary system works well, because the bacteria could not move freely to the flow of urine.

However, physical obstructions such as kidney stones (accumulation of minerals that form kidney stones) or enlarged prostate, increases the likelihood that microorganisms ascend. Pyelonephritis symptoms start suddenly with chills, fever, nausea, vomiting and pain in the lower back (on one or both sides, depending on whether the damage is in one or both kidneys). It is also common to see other common manifestations of urinary tract infections, as painful and frequent urination. The patient may experience episodes of severe pain caused by the passage of a kidney stone. Typical symptoms of a kidney infection lead to the urologist to perform two common tests to determine what the causes are: microscopic examination of a sample of urine and bacteria culture. Sometimes an X-ray to reveal causes of urinary obstruction as calculations and alterations in ducts is also recommended. The administration of antibiotics starts as soon as suspected kidney infection because it is a serious condition. Treating pyelonephritis, typically it continues for 4 to 6 weeks, then a new sample of urine is collected to ensure that the infection has been eradicated. Also, when tests reveal a cause that favors pyelonephritis, surgery to correct this situation may be necessary. How to prevent urinary tract infections? Preventing burning urination in men due to these infections is relatively simple because it only requires a little will and change of habits. The most common measures are: Drinking water (the body requires 8 glasses of water a day) so that urine flow is constant and remove bacteria from the urethra.

This measure also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. No “resist the urge to urinate. ” Wash hands before and after using the toilet. Use cotton underwear and not exchange it. Use condoms during all sexual encounters, especially during anal sex. People suffering from urinary tract infections should abstain from sex and restart their practice until the doctor. Remember that these male health measures, which have become habits, can avoid many problems not only in young men, but also in older men. SyM – Israel Cortés

Herpesvirus Canino, an important virus .. know

Herpes virus Canino . . . the great unknown of the Creator (But very important) This important virus in canine breeding, paste it hit us when in our kennel being the first symptom a “wave” of stillbirths (*) The Herpes virus is an alpha-herpesvirus that is present not only in domestic dogs but also in wild canids. Little was known about the disease for a long time, and this is simply because in adult animals produces little or no specific symptoms that can be identified as being her own. In fact, breeders and veterinarians traditionally not been concerned identify or trace their copies simply because little or nothing knew of its existence. It was first diagnosed in 1965 in the United States. A DNA virus sensitive to lipid solvents (eg alcohol) and almost all disinfectants. It is quite unstable outside the host, with a life of 24 hours if the temperature and humidity conditions are right (Merck 2011). The first thing to consider is that it is a virus that can cause sterility in males and females and prenatal mortality and peri-natal plus fetal resorptions and abortions.

Therefore, this is already serious because it directly affects the Canine Breeding very alarming. The second thing we know is that transmission and contagion is very easy, it is transmitted by aerosol, as well as through direct or indirect contact between infected dogs and those who are not. And it is not only transmitted sexually, when we speak of direct contact, it is proven that even something as simple as two dogs sharing bed, cage or space may involve contagion, in the same way that this can happen if an animal licking the genitals of another! This means that a male or a female can become infected if healthy lick another patient and then lick themselves, but also ill infect one another after having licked licking himself. That is, to each other transmitters act as vectors of disease. But herpes infection in adults is very often subclinical and the diagnosis is often overlooked. The virus appears to be present in the world but has only been found in canids. Serological surveys are limited, but common animals are frequent seropositivity rates higher than 30%. Some farms have prevalence rates as high as 100%, with no development of disease in puppies. (Pratts and Obachs 2005) three methods of transmission are considered: Transplacental. The puppy is contaminated mainly in step pelvic canal during delivery.

Indeed, a few hours or a few days before, the virus multiplies significantly in the vaginal mucosa of the infected female. In this case, therefore, the infection is oronasally. They can also become infected adult oronasal via other carriers or infected puppies. For example: Nasal secretions during the 15 days following infection. Genital secretions up to 20 days after infection in the female. Fetuses and fetal wrappers after abortion or mummification. Most of the excretions of sick puppies (saliva, tears, sputum, urine, feces). The previously infected stallion sperm (artificial insemination therefore does not protect females against pollution by the male, although it can prevent the spread of a healthy stallion by a sick female). Saliva of adults, late and fleeting. While the virus does not stand virtually in the environment, we must remember that in communities handlers puppies can be a transmitter vehicle. Response to infection In some cases you can check transplacental transmission of the virus during pregnancy.

The effects of this transplacental infection vary with the stage of pregnancy, causing infertility or about late abortions. transplacental contamination death . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . 5 to 12 days after infection Animals less than two weeks . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . death Animals over two weeks . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . inapparent and asymptomatic The main clinical signs of the newborn in the hyperacute form are asymptomatic fulminant and mortality, and in the most common acute form, are: Anorexia: stop nursing puppies, lose interest in the mother and each other. Moaning constant abdominal pain manifesting. Feces, more or less liquid, are grayish yellow. At the end of evolution appear nervous signs (opisthotonos (* 1), pedaling movements). Sometimes subcutaneous edema, erythema and papules on the abdomen is observed. Death occurs in 24-48 hours. In affected litters, mortality is around 80%; if there are survivors will be latent carriers and may suffer permanent nerve sequelae such as ataxia, amaurosis, cerebellar vestibular deficit.

In populations already infected with the virus, stillbirths is less dramatic because puppies have a protection by antibodies from colostrum if the rate of maternal antibodies was sufficiently high. Therefore are protected against the deadly septicemia, but not against a latent or inapparent infection as healthy carriers. Apart from stillbirths other pathological changes appear in older pups and adults. In the older puppy may occur conjunctivitis (may be complicated by keratitis and, less frequently, with pan-uveitis and retinitis), nasopharyngitis and cause a syndrome of “kennel cough. ” In adult female vesicles can be found at the level of the vulva and vagina, only proestro, and returning after a couple of weeks to reappear in the next proestrus. In the pregnant female consecutive abortions appear to placentitis, after 20 days of gestation. Early abortions cause an embryonic resorption confused with infertility, and if later may find fetal mummification, abortions and late acute metritis. Whatever the time of abortion, will favor endometritis. In the male penis mucosa may be hyperemic, with petechiae and / or a more or less rough surface. Sometimes you can see lymphoid nodular or papular lesions. These lesions are accompanied by a major viral excretion and are responsible for the transmission of venereal herpesvirus, from an infected to a healthy or an infected female stud to a healthy female stud. So they are very important as they contribute to the spread of the virus in an affected farm.

In herpesvirus they are mostly latent forms and healthy carriers who are the real problem with this virus infection, because they ensure indefinite stay. Generally clinical presentation in adult dogs manifested in Respiratory Disease (kennel cough) period during which increased elimination of the virus into the environment occurs, the period of viral shedding is approximately 7 days, people act as vectors / carriers transmission through our clothes (latent possibility). Suspected diagnosis All episode of neonatal mortality (within the first 8 days) should suggest the possibility of herpetic primary infection. Scanning syndrome “hipofecundidad” or “infertility” in a breeding must include the hypothesis “consequences” of a herpesvirus infection. History of genital lesions in the reproductive or rhinotracheitis (kennel cough). Absence of macroscopic lesions in fulminant forms. In case of abortion, the placenta usually has degeneration and necrosis foci. But we should not be satisfied with this clinical guidance and it is advisable to ask for confirmation through laboratory tests such as histology, serology and detection of the virus by PCR (the only limiting factor is the cost of these tests for a nursery or private) Causes of stillbirths and differential diagnosis (Keep in mind that not all stillbirths are due to herpesvirus) Neosporosis (need to feed the dog raw viscera) Brucellosis (usually reabsorbed abortion or during pregnancy)

E. Coli infection (related to toxemia, possible in vaginitis) canine parvovirus type 1 (no gross lesions but microscopic) Rotavirus (not very common and related coronavirus) Adenovirus (hepatitis-failure fulminant hepatic) Weak puppy syndrome (likely involving the Herpesvirus) Any other cause neonatal mortality syndrome (toxic milk syndrome, mycoplasmosis, neonatal sepsis, etc. ). On the market a vaccine against canine herpesvirus (Herpes Eurican 205®) whose mechanism of action is to cause the pregnant female in a significant elevation of their antibodies which in turn ensure the protection of the litter through the colostrum. The status of the female, whether it is harmless, latent infected or infected clinically not important since it is only making passive immunization of the puppies. The protocol are two shots in the female: a first between the onset of estrus and mating, and a second 10 days before delivery. This vaccine provides protection litter coming, but not eliminate healthy carriers. It must be repeated in each pregnancy.

Can we vaccinate males? Although it is a very safe and effective vaccine, registration of the vaccine is to be applied in pregnant females. The problem occurs when a pregnant bitch, which is negative and has never been in contact with the virus spreads during pregnancy. In such cases they may occur resorptions, abortions and neonatal mortality. Puppies when they are born have no defenses, and acquire maternal antibodies through colostrum. If the mother had never been in contact with the virus, colostrum carries no protection against it, so only vaccine to pregnant females. In France they are applying males every 6 months to reduce viral breeders rate. (*) Death of newborn puppies (* 1) Spasm of tetanus and generalized type that predominates in the muscles of the neck and the back. The body and head are arched back with legs and arms outstretched. Bibliography: Among other veterinary knowledge and the following

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As many as one in eight Australian adults has-been infected With HSV. Genital herpes can cause Outbreaks of blisters or sores on the genitals and anus. Once infected, you can continue to Have recurrent episodes of symptoms THROUGHOUT your life. There are two types of HSV: Commonly HSV1 causes cold sores on the lips or face, while MOST HSV2 causes genital herpes. However, Both viruses can Affect Either the lips, mouth, genital or anal areas. It is MOST When there are Easily spread blisters or sores, but can still be passed even if a person has no current blisters or sores or other symptoms. What if I have genital herpes? If you think You have genital herpes, it is Important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Your physician can confirm the diagnosis and start treatment With testing. If You have genital herpes, it is Important to always use condoms and dental dams When having sex, even When you have no symptoms. A dental dam is a thin square of latex That Can be Placed over the vulva anal or oral sex During area. It is safest to avoid sex When You Have blisters, sores or symptoms. Anti-viral medication to help May Prevent transmission.

Talk to your physician about this in more detail. It is Also Important to tell your sexual partners that you ‘Have genital herpes. Your physician can help you choose Who to tell and how to tell them. What if I’m pregnant? It’s Important to tell your obstetrician or a partner that you ‘Have had genital herpes, they can monitor So THAT They you for your pregnancy symptoms and manage safely. There is a small risk you can pass the virus on to your baby if You have a vaginal delivery During a first attack of genital herpes. If This happens you May be recommended To have a caesarean delivery. more information To learn more about genital herpes contact your doctor, sexual health clinic or call HealthDirect on 1800 022 222. You can visit Family Planning NSW Also at http://www. fpnsw. org. au

Not sure what to do next? If you are still concerned about prep your genital herpes, why not use HealthDirect’s online Symptom Checker to get advice on When to seek medical attention. The Symptom Checker guides you to the next steps Appropriate healthcare, care Whether it’s self, talking to a health professional, going to a hospital or calling triple zero (000).

Herpes Symptoms

19 Sep 2014 . . . severe PMS symptoms can get to incapacitate . . . They become more serious other skin disorders, including cold sores. What Is Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 June 4, 2015 / PRNewswire / – Roche (SIX: RO) (SIX: ROG) (OTCQX: RHHBY) Announced Today That the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided 510 (k) clearance for the cobas® HSV 1 and 2 Test . . . the detection of herpes simplex virus delivers . . .

herpes Medication online Common herpes medication you reduce HIV-1 levels, independent of herpes infection – Published online in The Health Protection Agency is Considering Allowing doctors’ surgeries to treat women on the spot for chlamydia, one of The most common STIs in the UK, after research Showed a fifth of Patients never return to pick up test results Their eleven they have . . . Dec 15, 2014 . . . Neonatal herpes can Have severe, or even fatal, Consequences, Which is why . . . viral shedding there is always a Means With vaginal delivery risk. Genital herpes (herpes simplex virus type 2, HSV-2) can stay longer and be more painful when you have HIV. Antiviral drug acyclovir can help decrease the duration of episodes of herpes.

If you suffer from these episodes . . . natural treatments for herpes – Apply ice at the first signs of cold sores will help reduce inflammation. It also numbs the nerves, reducing the feeling of . . . Herpes – Natural Remedies – About. com – herpes treatments, although just the symptoms, never fail . . . Two of them are the cause of cold sores and genital or oral: it is the . .

. Symptoms of an active herpes sores are small, painful blisters containing liquid and have red edges; Genital Herpes Virus Infects 28% of Women by Age 49 (Update2) – Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) – Genital herpes May infect 28 percent of women by age 49, According to the World Health Organization’s first comprehensive estimate of the prevalence of the incurable disease . Women are more likely than men to Have Been infected with the . . . Alzheimer’s And Herpes Simplex Virus: A Link? – Assuming beta amyloid is produced in response to an infectious agent, logically we would want to examine the evidence supporting the role of infection in Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past Several years, compelling evidence has surfaced linking herpes . . . For the second time in seven years, Scarlett Johansson is Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive.

” Esquire: Scarlett Johansson reveals all Even though the honor of winning Should now be old hat for Johansson, the 28-year-old actress made it a point to . . . Herpes Medication Online Common herpes medication you reduce HIV-1 levels, independent of herpes infection – Published online in Clinical Infectious Diseases . . . Case Western Reserve University. (2015, March 13). Common herpes medication you reduce HIV-1 levels, independent of herpes infection. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 13, 2015 from www. sciencedaily. What Are The Long Term Effects Of Genital Herpes TheBody.

com fills you in Genital herpes is one of the MOST common sexually transmitted diseases in the U. S. It is Caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Most cases of genital herpes are Caused by infection by herpes simplex virus type the 2 (HSV-2). Genital herpes virus is . . . Are you trying to go back to college? – “Morning Express With Robin Meade” and “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” are looking for real stories from real people Who are trying to go back to college. Did You have to put your education on hold to raise your family? Are you out of work and want to go . .

. What Are The Long Term Effects Of Genital Herpes TheBody. com fills you in on the topic, what are long term effects for genital herpes, with a wealth of fact sheets, expert advice, community perspective, the latest . . . WHILE sexually transmitted diseases (STDs ) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Affect Both genders, men and women They impact differently, and in women, can lead to long-term problems Know their characteristics and symptoms in order to detect them early in your . . . It is caused by feline herpes virus 1 (feline herpesvirus type 1 or FHV-1 in . . . However, a new study on the oral flora of children entitled in English “.

. . Infant Pacifier dyspnea and developing eczema, as determinants to develop asthma symptoms. . . . Page with information about herpes labi . . . Alternative Names. Fever blisters; Oral herpes simplex; fever; cold sores; Herpes labialis; herpes simplex