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Treatment of acute and chronic pain in neurological rehabilitation (Part II) Pain Management of spasticity after stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, in depression, in the early rehabilitation and in geriatric patients R. H. van Schayck¹, C. Weiller² ¹Neurologisches rehabilitation center clinics Schmieder Stuttgart-Gerlingen ²Neurologische Clinic, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf Summary  Typical pain disorders of neurological rehabilitation are the shoulder-arm pain after stroke, the painful spastic syndrome, as well as pain syndromes in multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease. The patient neurological early rehabilitation, the depressed pain patient and the geriatric patient make special demands on a professional pain treatment. Thus the acute herpes zoster infection and postherpetic neuralgia is typically found in the elderly. In the second part of the survey the various pain therapeutic concepts for the treatment of pain disorders are referenced that are for neurological rehabilitation typical and thus of particular therapeutic interest.

Keywords: shoulder-arm syndrome, postinfarzieller pain, spasticity, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, pain and depression, geriatric pain Management of acute and chronic pain in neurological rehabilitation (Part II) – Pain treatment of spasticity, poststroke pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord lesion, depression, and geriatric pain R. H. van Schayck, C. Weiller Abstract Pain syndromes Commonly found in neurological rehabilitation include the shoulder-hand syndrome, the post-stroke pain, the painful spasticity, and pain in multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, and Parkinson’s disease. Treating vegetative states, depressive, and geriatric patients needs additional effort for a qualified pain therapy. The acute herpes zoster infection and the postherpetic neuralgia are very common in the elderly. The second part of the review presents different pain therapies of pain syndromes frequently encountered in neurological rehabilitation. Key words: shoulder-hand syndrome, post-stroke pain, spasticity, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, depression, geriatric pain Neurol Rehabil 2002; 8 (2): 65-79

Dreitagefieber – STADApedia

Dreitagefieber (medically: Exanthema Subitum, roseola infantum) is an acute viral disease of infancy and early childhood (six months to three years). The disease sounds usually after about five to seven days without complications, leaving behind a lifelong immunity. is transmitting the virus by droplet infection, for example, when coughing, sneezing or spitting. About five to 14 days after infection (so-called. Incubation), the disease begins with sudden rising, high fever (40 ° C or higher). In the acute phase there is a risk of a febrile seizure, especially in infants. After three to four days the temperature normalized abruptly and kleinfleckiger, rubella like rash spreads over the trunk and neck, less frequently on the face of. The general condition of the sick children is usually little affected. In some cases, cough, sore throat, swelling of the eyelids or gastrointestinal complaints can be added. Rare, however, the viral disease, even without fever or even “dumb”, ie without typical symptoms, extend and remain unnoticed. Dreitagefieber is spread worldwide. In about 95 percent of children the viral disease usually occurs as a first typical childhood disease before the second birthday. Approximately 10 percent of children develop fever cramps.

causes The three-day fever is caused by infection with two different human herpesviruses: Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) Human herpesvirus 7 (HHV-7), rare After the symptoms have passed, the virus remains in the body for life and can sometimes be excreted again via saliva. In this way, children can be infected by healthy adults with the virus. What you can do Be especially careful to drink a lot to the sick child, as the body much more fluid and mineral salts lost through the skin with a high fever. With Wade wrap can reduce the high fever. Fever-reducing agent after consultation with the doctor. The affected child should stay at home, however, bed rest is not mandatory. When you need to see a doctor If your child has a high fever, you should always contact a physician / pediatrician in conjunction, also allow other possible diseases are excluded.

What your doctor can do The diagnosis is made based on the typical clinical picture, at the latest after appearance of the rash. In unclear cases, a blood test is performed. Against viral diseases there are no medicines. Therefore, treatment is limited to measures for relief of symptoms in Dreitagefieber; against the high fever antipyretic agents. For febrile seizures, the physician may possibly prescribe certain anticonvulsants. prevention Vaccination against HHV-6 and HHV-7 does not exist.

AIDS research: Safer sex is not an absolute commandment

The Robert Koch Institute is afraid the impression of false security Good news is, when it comes to the AIDS epidemic, too easily misunderstood. That was years ago so when they began to speak in the wake of new effective combination therapies of the chronic disease AIDS and many threw the principle Safer Sex overboard. And that is today perhaps no different. When Robert Koch Institute in Berlin anyway, the federal agency, is growing concern about the consequent AIDS prevention since been broken in Switzerland with a healthy political taboo among scientists. A few days ago there was the the Swiss Federal Office appointed for Health Federal Commission on AIDS issues (EKAF) stated that “an HIV-infected person with a functioning antiretroviral therapy, the HIV virus does not pass through sexual contact. ” For most, nothing changes Worldwide for the first time, the President of the Experts Circle, Pietro Vernazza boasted a national authority had taken this step. The notice was announced as “state of science” and as “good news” for those affected. That same day, however, the Zurich Federal Office of Public Health for emitting a commentary looked encouraged where there are certain already in the Commission report mentioned though, the sense of relief but perhaps drowning threat details made clear: The good news is concerned in Switzerland, only “a few thousand people who met that very strict guidelines “. Only those living with HIV are meant, in their blood for at least six months, no more viruses were detected, which also matched the drug therapy consistently and suffered from any other sexually transmitted disease. You could do without condoms, for example if they wished children.

For all other – and are still the most – AIDS patients to change any more than for the population: Safer sex is the absolute priority. Exclude nothing can be So quickly the Authority had the emergency brake is pulled, that the discussion on the official position not was slow in coming. Health officials and doctors were startled. Also in Germany. Osamah Hamouda, the competent head of department at the Robert Koch Institute, holds the public announcement of an alleged non- infectiousness of HIV-infected wrong. “Basically, the step from the empirical experience of science is not to criticize,” he says. In fact, all previously published studies come to the conclusion that a transfer of the pathogen is no longer detectable when the amount of virus below the detection limit. But evidence is not strictly speaking. Yet in November 2007, on the occasion of AIDS Congress, Hamouda was discussed in the Science hotly debated question in a multi-page bulletin. Conclusion: Exclude can be anything. The statement was the world, not a single case of transmission described in undetectable viral load, is “extremely problematic”. Hamouda will know at least one case in which a man is said to have been infected with an infected partner whose viral load had been lying under the detection limit.

In the near future the will be published. Considerable knowledge and data gaps Perhaps there has been a kind of reactivation of the virus. People suffering from another sexually transmitted disease – about syphilis – or having herpes sores herpes caused can, to pass on the HIV virus more easily. However, this is certainly detected only in AIDS patients without treatment and with increased viral load. Even for such knowledge and data gaps will be no According to Hamouda recommendations and no official opinions of the Robert Koch Institute on the issue of non- infectiousness. “We are much more cautious, because you fear a negative impact on the HIV prevention needs,” said Hamouda. It could spread a sense of false security. That does not mean that the doctor is not yet selected Swiss solution in individual cases and in the course of the quarterly monitoring of therapy and counseling. “But the recommendation must be limited to certain situations. ” What it means for the law and the risk to exhibit a consistently undergoing therapy HIV-infected people a kind of clean bill of non- infectiousness? “This is unlikely the Swiss recommendation to change anything,” said Hamouda.

So far, have always been considered that the infection can not be prevented with the criminal law. For an infection during sex carry each a good deal ownership. It’ll stay. In only a handful of cases, there has been in Germany for alleged willful injury to prosecute HIV-infected.

Knowledge for horse owners

The Druseerkrankung the horses “Druse” is a highly contagious bacterial disease of equids caused by Streptococcus equi subsp equi (Sc. Equi ssp. Equi). Infections caused by equine herpesvirus (EHV) The herpes virus infection of horses is a highly contagious disease and widely used in the horse population. The infection is characterized not only the below acute disease conditions through a lifelong retention of the viruses from the organism. Owner Info about EOTRH Equine Odontoclastic Tooth resorption and Hypercementosis (abbreviated EOTRH) is a very painful periodontal disease in horses, which occurs in the area of ​​the teeth and gums. . . . Medication of sport horses The Animal Welfare Act prohibits us animals abzuverlangen services, which they are obviously not grown. This is particularly true when animals were treated for performance-reducing disease and these treatments obscure the performance-reducing physical condition. Specifically, it is also forbidden to affect the performance of animals by the administration of drugs . .

. read the full article on our website! CEM contagious equine metritis contagious equine metritis The: a threat to the horse breeding? De . . . Equidenpass The European Union (EU) has decided that all equine / horse within the EU a Horse . . . Vaccination Is it necessary to let vaccinate my horse? Of course, it is necessary his horse by a T . . .

Dental check Is it really necessary to have control of my horse teeth annually by the vet . . . Eye disorders Eye disorder In addition to sudden accidents with severe, open eye injuries un . . . Transport Regulation Transport Regulation raises questions! The adopted by the European Union in Brussels . . . Vaccination in horses Download (pdf) Deworming of horses Entwurmungsplan February: Eraquell (Telmin) Mai: Equest Pramox August: Equest November E . .

. Vaccination against herpesvirus Concerning herpes vaccine in horses reigns at many pet owners uncertainty, d stoked . . . Atypical Weidemyopathie What type of disease is it? The atypical Weidemyopathie is a muscle disease of horses that occurs sporadically and solely relates to pasture horses. Shutter seem be . . . The Rhodococcus equi – infection What type of disease is it? In recent years, equi diseases were diagnosed in Germany increasingly Rhodococcus. The bacterium is the most important . .

. Hyperlipemia There is a secondary lipid metabolism disorder. The hyperlipemia is no independent primary disease. Most frequently ill Shettland ponies, Icelanders, Fjord horses, donkeys and before . . . Mismatch syndrome (NFS) The NFS for generations has been one of one of the most occurring disease in newborn foals. This is a non-infectious disease whose appearance vo . . . The Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) The EMS is an endocrine disorder and is defined as follows: obesity (obesity) + insulin resistance + clinical or subclinical Reheschübe in the absence of other erkennba . . .

The Equine Cushing syndrome (ECS) The original designation of the disease with the concept ECS can be attributed to the similarity of the disease in humans and dogs. The new and more precise designation Pituitary pars in . . . Equine recurrent uveitis ERU is a relatively frequently occurring eye disease in horses (6-9%). It leads in most cases medium to long term to blindness in the affected eye. In about one third . . .

Shingles – how can you prevent it arises again? | Shingles Forum

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Is shingles contagious only when in direct contact? I would like to know if shingles is really contagious only when in direct contact? Can other people Fungie as intermediaries . . . read more> 1 reply – Last post: 07:08:08 12:33 by Gini Applied to Pregnant My father has shingles. I touched the raised red spots. There were no bubbles! Can I use the virus on my sch . .

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