HSV Eraser Protocol
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January 24, 2013 Lorenzo Uncategorized HERPES AND healers I am that placing myself for or against a theory or another, there will be many people disappointed with my judgment against their beliefs or way to see / experience it. Despite all I would like to “get wet” and address this issue (as all subjects) with the greatest respect for other ways to see it or treat it but, over and above all, I will under scientific bases and not of belief or religion ( but faith moves mountains). We have from the shingles or shingles is an infection caused by viruses, namely the virus contracted chickenpox as a child it was. This virus can remain dormant and inactive for many years and reactivate when you least expect as a result of immune system disorders, a situation of stress, aging, exposure to certain toxic agents, sun, etc. A dermatome is the area of ​​skin innervating each of the nerves; present one on each side of the body but do not bind in half so the myth that if the ends (head and tail) come together cause death is absolutely false. Luckily injuries usually appear along a single dermatome and placed on one side of the body. Only when it affects the two dermatomes (both sides) it is when more force is the myth that head and tail would join. Not to be alerted: after two or three weeks or months in the worst case, disappears; thus you would be justified many miraculous cures Injuries can also occur in other areas of the body or face when the trigeminal nerve is affected can cause facial paralysis, lesions in the mouth, or eyes can if not treated in time lead to blindness etc. FITOTERAPIA: AAEE peppermint and lemon balm topically in the area.

Hypericum oil. Dragon’s blood. Echinacea and propolis. DIET AND NUTRITIONAL The diet for shingles should be generally smooth and fat because the body wants to focus on its fight against herpes zoster virus. Many doctors in cases of herpes zoster recommend the amino acid Lysine as they often help decrease the intensity of the outbreak or promote recovery. Usually occurs in supplement form (capsules or tablets) lysine-rich foods: yeast, algae, soya or soya, potatoes, eggs, bananas, carrots, papayas, fish, dairy . . . ) Instead we should temporarily remove Arginine-rich foods as they tend to “feed” the herpes. Arginine-rich foods include almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, chocolate, hazelnuts, peanuts or peanuts, coconut, nuts, gelatin . .

. ) Foods rich in vitamin C are rich in antioxidants and also help heal wounds before shingles. It is convenient to take as much fruit, fresh vegetables and sprouts. Foods rich in vitamin B can help strengthen the affected nerve (brewer’s yeast can be helpful) Your doctor or specialist may also recommend, if he thinks fit, any supplement to the complex of vitamins B. TREATMENT SHINGLES: -AURICULOPUNTURA, Has applied points could be: kidney, ureter, bladder, adrenal, and parathyroid. We would also point auriculo of the area where it was located herpes (abdomen, chest, genital etc). -HOMEOPATHY: depending on factors such as location, laterality, food aggravations, desires, aversions, general symptoms, mental symptoms of sleep and dreams, sex, menstruation, hours of aggravation, feelings, diathesis, constitution, temperament, etc. Similinum will lead to the most appropriate to solve our problem and not the neighbor’s remedy will surely be similar but not identical to ours. For every sos reasons we will decide on a remedy or another. • 5CH MEZEREUM

• Rhus tox 7 CH • Ranunculus bulbosus • APIS MELLIFICA 15CH • Mercurius sol 5CH • Dolichos PRURIENS 5CH -OLIGOELEMENTOS (ACUTE PHASE): • CU, 3 ampoules per day for 10-15 days. • CU-AU-AG, one a day for a month. • P 1-2 a day for a month. • Li 1-3 a day for a month. greetings Lorenzo See more at: http://www.

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