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Medical Information Ferato, health encyclopedia in Spanish. Shingles usually heals spontaneously and may not require treatment, except for symptomatic relief, in which case drugs are used for pain. Pharmacology Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that can be prescribed to shorten the course, reduce pain, reduce complications or protect an immunocompromised individual. Desciclovir, famciclovir, valaciclovir and penciclovir are similar to acyclovir and be used to treat herpes zoster. To increase efficiency, acyclovir-like medications should be started within 24 hours of the onset of pain or burning sensation and preferably before the appearance of the characteristic blisters. Typically, drugs are available in oral doses four times greater than those recommended for herpes simplex or genital herpes. Severely immunocompromised persons may require therapy with intravenous acyclovir. Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, may occasionally be used to reduce inflammation and risk of post-herpetic neuralgia. These have proven to be more effective in the elderly, but have certain risks that must be weighed before indicate them. You may need pain, mild to severe pain control. Antihistamines can be used in oral topically (direct application to the body) or to reduce itching. The Zostrix, a cream containing capsaicin (an extract of pepper), can possibly prevent post-herpetic neuralgia.

Caring for the sick They can be used wet and cold compresses to reduce pain. Soothing baths and lotions, such as colloidal oatmeal bath, starch baths, or lotions and calamine lotion can help relieve itching and discomfort. You should rest in bed until the fever goes down. You should keep your skin clean and not reuse contaminated items. Likewise, non-disposable items should be washed in boiling water or otherwise disinfected before reuse. The person may need to be isolated while lesions are oozing to prevent infecting others, especially pregnant women. See also Remember that this is not a doctor’s office. Always consult your doctor or medical professional. Medicine is not an exact science and there may be different versions and views on the same subject, we do not favor any opinion on the other, but you are the options for you to make your own decisions better informed / a. Do not treat yourself.