Itching in the genital area

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Symptom itching in the genital area may indicate a disease. (Photo by: ruigsantos / Depositphotos) Whether the itch back in the genital area on a disease that is still to be clarified. Generally itching is only a symptom but certainly can indicate a disease. However, a disease must not be the trigger. The following factors may also cause itching in the genital area: skin dryness lice infestation tapeworms Synthetic underwear in which you sweat heavily. Cosmetics ingredients or allergic reactions, which would be explained by coloring in clothing area. These triggers can no pathological significance to be attached. But there are some conditions that must be considered as triggers of itching in the genital area.

As these partially unpleasant sequelae can show it is advisable to consult a gynecologist or dermatologist for a period of three days. If you already previously suspected it might be something other than skin dryness hide behind the persistent itching, you should go to the doctor immediately. Itching can be a harbinger of herpes, worm infestation, genital warts, or fungal infections. From a self-treatment should refrain you if the itching persists longer than three days and adding more symptoms such as blisters or inflammation feelings. The intimate hygiene is especially important to take in herpes-related or mushroom-induced itching. Causes of itching in the genital area In women vaginal fungi or Candida albicans are a common cause of itching in the genital area. The vaginal flora is dominated by a fungus and has lost its natural balance. A taboo cause may be in the pubic hair region lice. The transfer of Filzlaus mostly happens during sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, you can the lice infestation notice only after three to six weeks. Then sexually promiscuous people can itching no longer be traced back to a specific trigger. The bacterial vaginosis occurs in women at relatively frequently.

The imbalance of the flora in the vagina in turn leads to itching Burn a typical fish odor highly liquid effluent from grayish to white color Besides the already mentioned allergies to fragrances, ingredients in cosmetics or dyes in clothing can also exaggerated or lack of personal hygiene to itching in the vaginal area or penis lead. Frequent washing with intimate detergents can damage the delicate vaginal flora. The use of scented sprays or perfumes is as risky from the perspective of family doctors. Wrong intimate hygiene can lead by allergic reactions, irritation or inflammation subsequent to fungal colonization and Flora problems. It is also interesting that in the gynecological skin disorder Lichen sclerosis et degenerans consumption particularly histaminhaltiger foods can trigger a significant itching. In men, an itching in the genital area can also indicate a sexual disorder, on warts or foreskin inflammation. Symptoms of itching in the genital area Depending on the trigger itching may be accompanied in the private parts of other phenomena.

Often sufferers describe a burning sensation that is aggravated by scratching. Redness are also observed, especially when you scratch. In some cases, the itching is so severe that you scratch yourself at night sore in his sleep. In a severe itching, which one has to give almost compulsively, may well be the psyche involved – as well as an outbreak of herpes or genital fungal disease. Allergic reactions to fragrances in cosmetics may be first by severe itching of the scalp, the feet, the palms, noticeable on the nose and in the genital area. Often you can not see exactly what the triggers severe itching, because it can occur at different times. So some people feel after eating histaminhaltiger food or beverages, other after consumption of preservatives such as sorbic acid or benzoic acid a strong genital itching. It may also belong to the consequences of unrecognized diabetes that you get a fungal infection that first manifests as vaginal itching. From a fungal infection to the real cause – diabetes type 2 here – to close, is not necessarily obvious. Certain underlying diseases or verändertnde hormonal factors influence the female vaginal flora such that genital itching may occur as a consequence. Investigations and diagnosis Depending on whether you went to a gynecologist, a urologist or a dermatologist, the studies are quite different. When gynecologists a smear on mushrooms can be made out after the examination of the affected skin areas.

A dermatologist has sometimes a gynecological examination chair. The review of the affected areas and the emerging secretions can optionally also be carried out with a magnifying glass or a microscope. Itch it more in the pubic area, the suspicion is closer than if it itches between the legs or on the primary sexual organs on lice. An allergy or an intolerance that causes genital itching, can sometimes only be determined by a diagnosis of exclusion. Is there no evidence of what they could have triggered, you can make a standard allergy test to the most common allergens. True allergic reactions are more easily determine pseudo allergies and intolerances but difficult. Here it must be given greater introspection to get the trigger of itching on the track. Maybe so further transfers to an allergist, a diabetologist or skin specialists are expected. Treatment, therapy and complications A doctor’s visit is to clarify the causes of itching in the genital area. (Photo by: Wavebreak Media / Depositphotos) The treatment of itching is always based on the trigger or the underlying disease. The itching symptom disappears when its cause is treated.

With allergies and intolerances possibly desensitization must be attempted. Otherwise, only the avoidance of the trigger helps. These must be able to apprehend them but him. The herpes pathogen has after the initial infection for life in the body. He can procrastinate with poor hygiene or through sexual contact from one to the other body or person. In addition to antivirals as an ointment can also try targeted immune buffs or treatment with the amino acid lysine. However, it is rather in advance of a possible outbreak useful, but may well shorten the healing phase. In herpes-induced itching in the genital area, the risk of infection is observed. Just as with fungal infection a special personal hygiene must be observed. Refraining from sexual intercourse is advised until complete healing. As a late consequence can contribute to cervical cancer, a genital herpes in women. If you have in pregnancy or before birth a genital herpes, special precautions are displayed so as not to endanger the fetus. If the itching caused by genital warts or condylomata in the genital area, one was infected during sexual intercourse.

Here there are problems with the treatment. One can ablate or burn the warts surgically. There are some immunotherapies. As a late consequence can occur cervical cancer also. Condoms are a preventive against genital warts. In genital fungal infections are treated with antifungal drugs and antibiotics in stage diabetic itching the underlying disease must be treated. Prevention and what I can do even As prevention against genital herpes condoms are useful. One can treat strong arginine-containing foods with a tendency to herpes outbreaks with lysine and avoidance. thus good results are achieved in the United States. Lice infestation can avoid it if you do not have unprotected sex with people you can trust not a good intimate hygiene. “One night stands” are to be avoided in order to minimize the risks of a transferred by other itching in the genital area. This prevents a possibly also against herpes, AIDS.

Feminine Hygiene Basically you should make intimate hygiene with water only and at best a non-perfumed soap. If you have itching found in the genital area and identified an infectious trigger, you have to follow the appropriate hygiene rules strictly. Denying access to sexual intimacies protects the partner from infection. You should also: preferably cotton underwear wear eating low sugar practice good personal hygiene waive scented panty liners do not use latex condoms