Natural Home Remedies to treat herpes OR FIRE LIPSTICK

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Oral herpes (labialis) is an infection of the lips, mouth or gums due to herpes simplex virus. The person who has cold sores suffer much because they often leave small painful blisters, commonly called cold sores (aphthous ulcers, cold sores or fires) or fever blisters. There are a lot of drugs which can treat it and make it disappear. This time you will learn some home remedies to treat herpes labialis fire or as some call it. The preparation is very simple and very easy to get ingredients, so you should not have a major problem. natural remedies to treat lip fire Kill your lip fire once and for all, forget the drugs and prepares one of the natural remedies that we are going to recommend. apply garlic Need from garlic in half, then you must colocártelo on it, because it is a natural antiviral. Leave it for a period of 10 minutes and then repeated when you feel burning. You may get a little disgusted by the smell of garlic, but is very good. apply ice You should apply ice to the affected area after the tingling stage you should apply ice every 10 minutes, this will cause the heat produced by the herpes stops.

Ideal for those who barely detect. Apply a tea bag Prepare tea as you take in the morning, but here what you should do is place the teabag the affected area, this will help stop the growth of blisters. Repeat the same way as with the ice. Apply aloe vera On this site we have talked a lot about the properties of aloe vera, now you can apply it to prevent further development of cold sores. It is applied in the same way that ice and tea, it should only be applied in gel or cream where the sore is present and must use all the time delayed sores. Recommendation These natural remedies only serve to relieve the symptoms of herpes, if you want to eradicate them completely you must use medical treatment, you can go alternating with this for best results.