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HSV Eraser Protocol
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It has been with us . . . February 13, 2009 1. Good morning What implications regarding prognosis has an HIV + person to get infected again with another virus subtype pismo? Thank you Reinfection always have major problems, but it depends on your immune status. At present survival rates are very high. One thing is contagion and other development of the disease. In a previous meeting on HIV digital is all this perfectly explained by Dr. José Antonio Pérez Molina. 2.

How genital herpes is distinguished? They say that not always notice it yourself. How I can check that everything is okay? Genital herpes if given clinical symptoms if given, is generally the same as what appears in the mouth. Another thing is that the person as genital herpes carrier is cured, it is not because herpes is inside the cell and each time the person has any problems, fatigue or immune deficiency, it reappears. The diagnosis should be done at the time with acute symptoms. The best diagnosis is a cell culture, take a sample of these lesions and inoculated into living cells; and if the herpes virus grows, then it is positive. 3. I have maintained for six months unprotected sex with a person with whom I am no longer. I have my doubts. What evidence would have me to rule out all possible STD? Is there any STD that can not yet rule until some time pass? It can be done right now detection if woman, endocervical man takes and if urethral discharge.

This could rule out gonococcus, chlamydia, herpes, papilloma and also fund a power to rule sacks vaginal trichomoniasis. Then, we should draw blood for antibody detection of syphilis, HIV and hepatitis. Made the first shot, after 90 or 60 days could recur, especially blood. Because bacterial takes, in theory, we have diagnostic tests reliable enough to give them already discarded these first tests. But talk of blood antibodies to be safer and require two separated by a minimum period of 30 days testing. 4. Good morning I would like to know if an HIV-positive woman with undetectable load for years still has the same ability to spread HIV than any other carrier. The patient remains infected, so it should be kept the same precautions as always. Load undetectable, actually benefits the carrier itself, because if your white blood cell count is normal, its ability to develop the disease is declining; but still it has potential for contagion. 5. Why has become syphilis, a disease he was almost forgotten ? ? ?

All this almost always refer us to the onset of AIDS. AIDS creates an immune status in the body, is a sexually transmitted disease as risky sex remain, can not only catch an STD, you can catch them all. On the other hand, the mid-twentieth century began to be a risky behavior, freedom and the number of sexual partners, sexual exchanges are much higher. At the moment there is greater sexual promiscuity more syphilis, but also of most STDs. Sometimes the spread of syphilis, small ulcer, not seen, so that the carrier begins to infect people chain. The Spanish Society for Microbiology said that only a decade syphilis cases have doubled in Spain. Actually sexually transmitted infections have increased in our country due to changes in behavior, migratory phenomena and also due to sex tourism; these are the factors that have well defined our society. Not forgetting the little attention or training we provide will generally STDs; individuals do not realize that these behavioral changes are provicando this increase. 6. Good morning, what sexually transmitted diseases, no cure now? Thank you. Most viral diseases, for example herpes virus, really never heal. They are in latent form within the cell.

The papillomaviruses not have a medical cure, but there are surgical treatments, which sometimes require multiple interventions, to clean the injury if not evolve to invasive cancer. Other infections, syphilis, chlamydia, gonococcus, hepatitis . . . yes can be cured. Another thing is that they are by detecting antibodies, which remain positive in the blood, but that does not mean active disease, but the disease has passed. 7. My daughter became in December the first dose of Gardasil, now it is the second dose should wear it or to wait. What you should do is follow exactly the guidelines that your doctor has recommended. Guidelines should be adapted to the doctor. Doctors are informed enough to know what they should do. 8. What is the most common STD in Spain?

Possibly syphilis, followed papillomavirus; these are possibly the two most common. Keep in mind that, especially in women, infection with Chlamydia trachomatis or gonococcus sometimes can go unnoticed, do not give symptoms and women confuse the flow may have during your menstrual cycle without observing it is happening nothing. There may be women who have had some kind of relationship risk without them knowing it and having this type of infection. It happens a lot in young people, especially among the 14-19 years to 25. Up to age 20, sexual infections occur twice as often in women than in men; for example, WHO says it can infect a million people a year with this type of sexual infections, and about 60% of them occur in children under 25 years. Of these, 30% are under 20 years. 9. My partner have chronic hepatitis B, I just put the first vaccine and use always condom, I wonder if I’m immunized from the first vaccine or not be until the third, and oral sex when they could practice without danger contagion? Thank you They will detect the antibodies, according to the response of these antibodies, your doctor will conduct to follow. The immune response to the vaccine is indicating what action to take. 10. Good morning I have doubts about the perido window in the diagnosis of HIV.

Sometimes they say three months at other times say 6 months depending on whether there is or is not that the sexual partner was positive or not virus . . . well, a lot of confusion! Could you shed light on this matter? Thanks and very friendly As Dr. Perez Molina said in his chat, the window period depends greatly on the detection method employed. The more sensitive the technique is shorter that period. If you have had a risky practice, after a reasonable time of about 30 days should be tested and, in the meantime, try to use barrier methods to prevent contagion. There are now very sensitive tests. 11. My new partner is HIV positive and is being treated for more than a decade ago with undetectable viral load.

Can I get if she practiced fellatio me, when it is assumed that saliva is not contagious? Contagion is really more blood saliva, but they have to be extreme conditions, you have an injury or ulcer in the mouth. This is very rare, but if it happens and circumstance occurs . . . Saliva Saliva HIV is transmitted, and not with a kiss. 12. As with HIV, you can carry any other STD and not develop it, but pass it? It can carry without knowing, but is transmitted. Moreover, in situations, such as chlamydia trachomatis, you can create serious problems in both women and men, such as infertility. Women may also suffer pelvic inflammatory disease, and also some sexual infections can serve as cofactors to develop other serious medical conditions, such as arthritis (both women and men) or cause an ectopic pregnancy. 13. What diseases can be transmitted through oral sex if a condom is not used?

Gonococcus, herpes, syphilis and, of course, hepatitis; They are the most common. 14. I wanted to know if it is possible that warts normally have in hands infect the genitals and, if so, whether it is dangerous. Thank you. Hand warts are caused by a virus belonging to the family of papillomaviruses. The infection is rare, and if your concern is to relate it to the genital papillomaviruses, are not caused by high-risk viruses that are responsible for lesions in the vagina and cervix in women that cause cancer. 15. Good morning, I detected a few months ago condiloma in the penis which seems to have disappeared CONUN treatment prescribed me dermatologist. It has also left me a perianal warts that go me to take in the coming days, my question is whether once removed, both the penis and anus area is clean and without risk of infecting my partner? Thank you. You have to let some time pass and see how he reacts. They can often reappear again and need a second treatment. The behavior to follow must speak it with the dermatologist who has performed treatment.

16. You can contraet ETS using public restrooms ? ? No. The definition of sexually transmitted disease is transmitted from person to person and only by intimate contact that occurs, of course, during sexual intercourse. Good morning 17. I can explain what it is the symptoms chlamydia d We have already said in another question that chlamydia is one of the most silent diseases. There is really no clear symptoms. All we have to do is ask the person itself if it has maintained some kind of risky behavior in their sexual relationship. Often chlamydia is detected by making an urethral or endocervical making exuded by any other problem that woman or man has gone to consult your gynecologist, family doctor or dermatologist. A very high percentage of patients do not know they have chlamydia trachomatis infection. 18.

Is there any kind of sexually transmitted disease that can be spread through genital sex using a condom correctly? (Eg: the condom protects even fungi, papillomavirus or a simple crab lice? ) Well used condom is the best weapon as prevention of sexually transmitted infections, but not 100 100 insurance. For example, when used should not put too tight, always leave about 1 centimeter at the end ejaculation to stay there, because if you can not producisrse a break. Of course use a new one with every relationship, and must be latex or polyurethane to protect themselves from HIV. If used latex need to avoid oil-based lubricants can also cause holes in them. There infections such as herpes or papillomavirus that are in genital areas not covered by the condom. So the best is a responsible sexuality. 19. oral sex, Is it possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease? Which? What is the risk?

Thank you In the pharynx or mouth can have gonorrhea, herpes, HIV is not transmitted through saliva, but if there is an injury in the mouth is also possible; and the papillomaviruses is more difficult but also are experiencing lesions in the pharynx. And of course syphilis. Farewell Thank you all for having intervened. As a member of the Spanish Society for Microbiology I want to convey a mission that specialists in microbiology and infectious diseases, which are a group of professionals who try to promote, encourage and disseminate the study of infections in general, not only the ETS. We would have a fluid communication with the amdinistraciones well as the pharmaceutical industry to help our population on infectious diseases.