“Bütze-time”: How to remain free in the carnival of herpes?

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Carnival time is “Bütze-time”. But what if the opposite does not know that he has the nasty cold sores? Herpes is one of the most prevalent virus worldwide. But very few know that many adults carry the pathogen already in themselves and how to proceed with treatment and prevention of the bubbles. Most especially ignorance and lack of information cause the virus is a painful affair. If the infection is only spread no stopping and can involve a large part of the face, sometimes even the eyes. With 10 questions about topic herpes explains EXPRRES, how to protect themselves and how they can best be treated in the worst case – simply by clicking. 1. What are the causes of herpes? The viruses produce sores that can efficiently fight with his own defense system of the body. Unlike other diseases of this kind, the immune system can not destroy herpes alone. After infection, the virus withdraws initially and may awaken to new activity and widespread in certain circumstances. 2.

Why join the bubbles before especially on the lips? Lips are particularly sensitive. Unlike many other sites on the human skin, there is no sweat on the lips, which may not cleanse itself this area. About welding many pollutants are emitted. In addition, especially the lips dry out quickly. Both contribute to a particular vulnerability. 3. What are the main causes? As with most other viruses, the human body makes vulnerable to a weakened immune system. Physical and psychological stress can cause an infection easier. Also, some forms of allergies are brought in connection with herpes infections. 4. How to contagion?

Herpes is transmitted mainly through close physical contact. For example, part of Kiss of the largest sources of infection. But droplet infections such as sneezing or coughing belong to. Large studies have shown that herpes is contagious in all stages of infection, not only as often claimed the burst of bubbles, but also in bloom and even during Abheilens. 5. Can also infect glasses? Herpesviruses are very unstable and die off relatively quickly, but an infection on a bad-purged glass is possible. In addition, studies showed that herpes on textiles can even survive a 40-degree wash. Especially objects like towels should best be washed at 60 degrees. The same goes for glasses, cutlery and cups. 6. Can cold sores be transmitted via sexual intercourse? Cold sores can be transmitted in certain forms of sexual intercourse, such as oral sex.

Experts estimate that genital herpes has increased in recent years, because have significantly changed the sexual preferences of the people. 7. What are the best treatments? Herpes cream can already (tingling and burning) help at the first sign of infection. The faster the affected areas are treated the better. When treatment is applied, never touching lips with your fingers. best apply creams and ointments with cotton swabs and then still wash their hands with hot water. In the personal care you should always use your own towel and rinse thoroughly after eating glasses and cutlery. 8. What to bring home remedies? Antivirus creams are and remain the best remedy for herpes. Home remedies like honey and Zinksalbe help relieve pain and have a slightly antibacterial. Who uses rather general practitioner or naturopathic center, which can try this with mild infections definitely.

In severe herpes infections but should always be resorted to pharmaceutical agents. 9. What happens when you open the bubbles? Bubbles should be pierced under any circumstances, because the liquid contains many extremely virus and the infection can spread so fast. Moreover, by this, small open sores bacteria penetrate the skin and infect them further. 10. Are there vaccines against herpes? Against Herpes so far, no vaccine has been developed. Only Keep away from sources of infection and thorough hygiene. The best remedy for a possible infection is a functioning immune system, here are herpesviruses little chance. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and less tobacco and alcohol consumption strengthen their defenses optimal.