What relationship do cold sores and chicken pox?

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The following text is informative, so you should consult with a health professional who is authorized to perform a physical inspection and laboratory analysis. Answer Generally, a cold sore outbreak is closely related to an infection caused by herpes simplex virus type one, which triggers symptoms including burning sensation and slight fever in the involved area; Meanwhile, this episode is characterized by the presence of small lesions disappear within a few days without treatment. Although the lip lesions are a typical symptom of infection caused by herpes simplex type one, this practice may also be related to the early stages of chickenpox, which is a disease that usually causes injuries to the face, trunk and scalp, however, is known of cases involving regions such as the mouth, vulva and inside the ear canals. Unlike herpes simplex type one, the symptoms of chickenpox develops a longer period of time and involves a high risk factor, seriously compromising the patient’s health; thus, a primary period is usually accompanied by headache, loss of appetite, malaise and vomiting. According to the above, it is recommended that the affected individual clearly knows the typical symptoms of these diseases, which help to distinguish more accurately, thus contributing to a speedy recovery and timely treatment to reduce discomfort successfully. See more Pedro 2010-10-21 6:04:26 My son had chickenpox few days ago and believe me too, well, I’m not sure it’s one hundred percent, but it started half feel bad, I have some pimples on my lip and felt like throwing up, but because I do not know if all people are equally present, I would greatly appreciate your advice. Vladimir 2010-10-13 12:10:05 I recently had chickenpox and as they say here, the mouth filled me with grains that hurt me like a kick in the balls, they have no idea what it feels like, it’s very strong, but fortunately I found a very good remedy for this , it comes to ice and soda in the wounds, just like if oral herpes; I think that helped me heal soon, I recommend it.

Greetings to my compitas of Tijuana, Baja California. Federico 2010-08-25 15:15:20 Today I go to a checkup with the doctor insurance, because it really hurts my lip and I think I will just give chickenpox, because it is very swollen and is not something like herpes virus in the mouth. I already worried also because I have a fever and my whole body aches. Valentina 2010-08-16 21:40:42 I want to know if the cold sores can be caused by the varicella virus, because I’ve seen photos of several people with herpes in the mouth and that left me is very different from what I see on the internet. Yes chickenpox can be what I have? Or is it something else? Celso 2010-08-16 20:22:47 My aunt was twisted mouth and thought it was some of the pressure or stroke, because even had paralyzed half his face, but the doctor told us that it was for herpes that had invaded her nerve in the ear; although we never knew if it was shingles or herpes mouth was, but anyway, I would like to know.