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Horse Herpes vaccination yes or no? – 14. 10. 2008, 18:01 Hello! I ask for a friend who is a mare standing in a livery stable, where all the other horses wurden- vaccinated against herpes was also stopped doing that. She’s just not sure if this is really necessary ? ? are but 3 I think vaccinations and also but not necessarily very cheap- should not be an obstacle if things really useful! white as modest someone? danke, lg, Claudia Paid advertising involvement 14.

10. 2008, 20:49 I can only tell you what they told me my TA’s which horses vaccinations are useful: If horse in a stable is in the not “lively” exchange is so often new horse feed, etc. , is not similar to tournaments often go, only tetanus is necessary so Tetanus is quasi mandatory vaccinations. Influenza is in competition horses anyway cockpit or and / also when the O. A. Ways of infection are given. Herpes is a very controversial vaccination, the effect also is still quite uncertain and moreover, with most side effects . . . 15. 10. 2008, 07:07

thanks for the answer! ! ! I will pass on my friend! lg, Claudia Deleted User Account 15. 10. 2008, 07:15 My was regularly vaccinated to tournament times. After a few years Koppel was announced as herpes has not been vaccinated. Will they then be vaccinated, but I was discouraged because of her suspicion that she’s got herpes due to an eye examination (aka suspected equine recurrent uveitis, which has proven to be herpes). Herpes lies dormant so many, but not always break out – whether human or animal.

Vaccination it can break and thus it is no longer vaccinated. Ity discuss with the veterinarian 15. 10. 2008, 07:17 I tell her, also thank you! lg, C 15. 10. 2008, 08:06 Mine is tetanus and influenza vaccination, the latter only because I occasionally go trail riding with him. Otherwise he would only tetanus. but I do not know what that looks like in show horses, whether because herpes is mandatory or not.

15. 10. 2008, 10:32 am My horse has suffered from herpes vaccine (Resequin) vaccine damage. My mare was in a stable, where even geldings were vaccinated with Resequin. Lt. my vet (homeopath) that is just profiteering. Against Herpes I would only vaccinate if I want to breed my mare, and I would let inject no circumstances Resequin. There are separate herpes vaccinations. 15. 10. 2008, 10:41 http://www.

ipzv-rheinland. net/herpes. pdf It says here that a herpes vaccine is only useful if all the horses of the herd are vaccinated. Vaccination of the infection pressure is reduced because vaccinated horses less (but not any! ) Viruses excrete as unvaccinated. Vaccination protects against high infection pressure not necessarily against infection. My horse has not been vaccinated, because now only a small part of the horse is in the stable geimipft. 15. 10. 2008, 10:46 am because I have now the other answers have read: no vaccinated with Resequin! Have been a few times of vaccine damage by Resequinimpfung belongs.

I also think that the vaccination does not help much, but when everyone else is vaccinated, it’s just stupid, not mitzutun, for the reasons mentioned above. 15. 10. 2008, 12:02 pm Quote: Posted by tropical cat It says here that a herpes vaccine is only useful if all the horses of the herd are vaccinated. , On this subject the opinion of vets is as varied as the subject worming / appointment. I would not accept everything komentarlos but questioning (also German vets do not have the wisdom with the spoon . . . .

. . ) If necessary, I would change the stall when my vaccination Setup mode do not match. Flu / tetanus yes, (especially in a stall with frequently changing stock of horses / riders tournament) Herpes NO (only if I want to breed my mare). The risk of herpes vaccine is indeed that many horses are herpes carrier. One should thus actually vaccinate only neg Herpes Test -. And hardly anyone has done (in my previous Einstellstall of 60 horses NONE – at least I know of no horse owners and live in my environment to 400 horses) @lucky 1 year on I, for tetanus / Horse 34 – paid €. Deleted User Account 15. 10.

2008, 12:59 pm I am also of the opinion that all horses should be vaccinated against herpes inventory. So says our TA. We have to be vaccinated for the reason all the horses, the Herpes Virus Virus abortions weilö in pregnant mares can trigger. We have had no problems with Resiquin. @ Isi47 You mean that vaccination in horses who already had contact with the virus does not help re-infection? Or how does this affect me? I also have not heard that horses are pre-tested it. Many greetings, Anja  15. 10. 2008, 13:06 Quote:

Posted by isi47 On this subject the opinion of vets is as varied as the subject worming / appointment. I would not accept everything komentarlos but questioning (also German vets do not have the wisdom with the spoon . . . . . . ) I agree with you! I let my horse not gg. vaccinate herpes and me before I move, inquire whether this vaccination desirable in this fold or even mandatory. Many vets I suspect also an economic rationale when they advise to some vaccination.

At our last vaccination appointment (my horse is only vaccinated Tetanuns, stable with no change of horses, no horse attended courses or tournaments) has made me the vets to screw because she has seen in the vaccination card that I only allow vaccinated tetanus. The horse barn a colleague who does what advises her TA, it has pushed in 3 vaccinations (at once)! (Ie the horse) also herpes, though I told her that with us gg few horses. Herpes vaccinated. The link I reingestellt because I reasonably “neutral” feel him. That vaccinated horses excrete less virus than unvaccinated I think so. That’s the benefit of vaccination – whether one is enough, each is left to itself. For me, the risk outweighs the benefits. 15. 10. 2008, 18:33 Quote: Posted by lucky75

No not compulsory but would selbes immunization schedule. Say, Weil on the edge to fit – what you pay / her in for tetanus vaccination horse? It seems to me the time was significantly cheaper – have, however, forget the last time the TA to ask what the vaccine cost alone, had every time something else to drugs while . . As said- my tetanus and influenza is vaccination, however impfintervallen only with the “old”, ie 1x annually. I’m no tournaments and noisy vets protection with 1x / year is also given. Mich does it cost so about 45, – €. 17. 10. 2008, 07:39 I let them probably not herpes vaccinate . . .

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