Relieving Cold Sores: Home Remedies – 3 Options

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Are you looking for cold sore home remedies? Maybe you’ve read a lot about it but there is no recipe that offers the results you expect. In this article I will detail various alternatives so you can try and find the most suitable for your particular case. What are the best cold sore home remedies? All those people who research on the internet about natural cures for herpes, reiterated the same concern when I consult: “I find no natural medicine to help me reduce pain, discomfort and itching blisters cause me”. Let me tell you that the herpes virus is not very simple to treat and can take time to dry and heal ulcers. The good news is that thanks to the cold sore home remedies that give you then you will feel better and regain your health quickly. 1. Echinacea: Also called echinacea is a powerful tool to strengthen the immune system is depressed and has therefore allowed the herpes virus wreak havoc on your body grass. A study at the University of Ottawa, Canada, reveals that this plant extract is effective against HSV-1 virus. It should be used for no more than 8 weeks and have two options to take advantage of its benefits.

The first is to apply a few drops of oil echinacea and second drink a tea made with a tablespoon of the plant per cup of water. 2. Cold Milk: To contain a good portion of immunoglobulins, milk helps inhibit herpes labialis. It also offers a component called Monocaprin to have antiviral effects. This dairy is used to relieve itching and tingling sensation in the mouth. Just soak a cotton ball in a bowl with cold milk and apply to the affected area for 10 minutes. Repeated at least two times a day. 3. Melisa: This herb is consumed in infusion for digestive problems and stomach ulcers. For the latter it is to be tested in people with blisters in the mouth. The result?

It became one of the most popular cold sore home remedies! The melissa officinalis plant accelerates the healing process of wounds, prevents the infection from spreading to other parts of the body and relieves discomfort. All thanks to its tannins and polyphenols (with antiviral properties). Put 1 liter of water and two tablespoons of dried lemon balm leaves in a saucepan. Boil 10 minutes. Let stand another 10 minutes, filter and drink a cup sweetened with honey (an excellent antiseptic). You can also apply directly melissa extract in ampoules 3 times a day. These 3 cold sore home remedies can help you heal the wounds and return to your normal life without pain or discomfort. But you can also get better results if you follow a good diet plan and if you apply the correct life habits. All this is perfectly detailed in the final protocol HERPES, Melanie Addington. It is a very clear and simple guide that you can implement immediately to begin to feel its benefits as soon as possible. You’ll feel stronger, your skin will be healthier and thanks to this combination of natural remedies cold sore outbreaks will be very few and increasingly soft. CLICK HERE NOW and prepare your body to stop the herpes with the best nutrients and natural remedies!

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