What is the Natural Cure for Cold Sores?

HSV Eraser Protocol
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Once infected, the cold sore virus remains dormant for long periods and can be reactivated. Episodes of cold sores rarely last more than two weeks. The sun, wind, cold or depressed immune system can cause reactivation of the symptoms of cold sore virus. For this reason it is said that lipstick is a recurring herper Sexually transmitted diseases. I recommend you visit a doctor, for when you have symptoms. What I can recommend is a program that I followed and I was super well have not appeared sores on my body for a long time and have not had to use acyclovir anymore, there I leave a link with the program. I hope it helps you Check here the best natural treatment to cure cold sores, shingles or genital. Cheer up! To cure herpes, the first thing you have to do is not tocártelo much, lest they infect you and you remain marks herpes, or you hurt yourself in the area. Although disturbed or even you will want, Leave it on alone. Then, if you want to cure herpes and do well, it’s best to turn to natural remedies. Herpes has been around since long before the medicine and there are few remedies for herpes world.

I leave here a link to a very good, that you will take a look. A greeting! Abrela purchase pinicilina in capsule and powder you put in the area where you have herpes and for safety you can also inject both simultaneously bye and good luck Of course if you have a cure, in fact, the treatment is very effective and not very expensive. However, there are some genetic factors difficult to control, in each person. That predispose to this disease by periodic episodes. Herpes can not be cured because it is a virus microorganisms living within a cell by which our immune system does not detect and does not create antibodies, but if you are attacked with some drugs such as acyclovir which is available in pharmacies virus this how the virus returns to its normal state within the cell. The herpes appear and disappear can take years and reappear and usually coincides with low defenses No cold sores usually is caused by virus Hepres Simplex type 1 (although the type 2 also can cause), these viruses belong to the family of Herpesviridae, encapsulated, icosahedral formed of two DNA strands) them to like their close cousins ​​(Varicella zoster, and Epstein Barr virus cytomegalovirus virus), are the most common viral diseases in young adults. Herpes at the same time that contagias you are staying with you and those predisposed to it at any time have a reactivation of the virus, it is estimated that 90% of people for the fifth decade of life (40 years) and have antibodies against this virus, despreocúpate all have it, the problem is that not everyone has the reactivation of the disease, should talk to your doctor to suggest how to avoid reactivating just make a paste with a little lemon juice and baking soda you will burn a bit but is very effective. Check here the best natural treatment to cure cold sores, shingles or genital.