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In addition to the heart and psychological health, emotional stress can cause effects on oral health of any individual. The anxiety caused by the disease can significantly affect teeth. Emotional stress affects the immune system; This is responsible for combating the bacteria that cause periodontal disease making the chances of gum infections are higher. Several studies have confirmed that emotional stress causes oral infections, inflammation in the gums, bone loss and common bleeding gums that many perceive. A specific study conducted at the University of Michigan confirmed that those with emotional stress linked to financial problems, were those with higher indicators periodontal diseases. Emotional stress caused by family, work, and especially money lead to severe periodontal disease. However, those who were dealing with this stress in a healthy way, they had both disease risk. Aside from periodontal diseases, emotional stress can also cause mouth ulcers, which are indicators of the weakness of the body by stress. Due to emotional stress, many people tend to increase the intake of foods such as sugars that increase risk and damage dental health. It has even been shown that the buccal mucosa is highly influenced by psychological stress. So much so that this is characterized as the second leading cause of damage to the teeth and oral cavity. In addition, in recent years it has found a close relationship between the incidence of caries and emotional stress. Other of the many effects of emotional stress are:

Bruxism (teeth grinding) Tooth wear Fatigue in the muscles of the jaw Herpes labialis Gingivitis Effects of emotional stress on oral health