Remedies for cold sores: ice, toothpaste and other unorthodox fight approaches

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Anyone who has been more affected by cold sores, feeling the impending outbreak usually already one or two days earlier. This time is the right to use an adequate remedies for cold sores. combat herpes on the lip with ice cubes A very simple remedies for cold sores come from the freezer. Ice cubes are packaged in a clean handkerchief. This cold pack the patient cools the place where he suspected the outbreak of cold sores. Pressing this ice pack on the place where you suspect the herpes infection. However, the treatment should not take too long, so there is no hypothermia. This remedies for cold sores can be repeatedly applied on the day. After each treatment, the handkerchief should be changed. Toothpaste / toothpaste for cold sores Another remedy for cold sores is toothpaste or toothpaste. Many sufferers combat their cold sores with this agent and are convinced of the healing effects of the pasta when they leave the toothpaste act two to three hours.

Another remedy for cold sores is soap. The patient soaps the affected area and can easily dry up the foam. Remedies for cold sores, there is of course also in the pharmacy. Use of herpes creams for cold sores Various herpes creams contain active ingredients aciclovir or penciclovir. You can shorten the duration of symptoms and easily mitigate both itching and pain and stop the spread of herpes viruses. Here can myself advised by the doctor or pharmacist. Cold Sores: Which means help? (© Gina Sanders / Fotolia) Unorthodox tips and tricks that will not help at all Even food can be used as remedies for cold sores. Affected repeatedly report about extraordinary success in the fight against cold sores when they eat chocolate hazelnut cream or tuna. Whatever remedies for cold sores can also be used with any treatment is hygiene paramount.

It’s absolute duty to thoroughly wash after each contact with the infected lip hands or better yet disinfected. Statistics: frequency of administration of anti-Herpes (Source: Statista) [Embedded content] Youtube: knowledge close> What to do about herpes? (Www. youtube. com/watch? v=tyzX5eg5re4) If after ten days of treatment, regardless of whatever means, never set a successful treatment, the sick person should definitely see a doctor. Generally speaking, people who often suffer from cold sores should use in lip care cream with SPF that protects against excessive solar radiation and eat as healthy as possible, in order to strengthen the body’s defenses. You might also be interested in: Actinic Keratosis – Skin Cancer? Removal of a basal cell carcinoma

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