The condom that glows blue in syphilis

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Condoms protect – not only against unwanted pregnancy. HIV is the main reason that many rely on just this method of contraception. But condoms to prevent the transmission of STDs such as genital herpes or syphilis. A meaningful protection, because even in these diseases does not notice any, that he has been infected with the pathogen. How about if you had a rapid test for these infections? Students from the UK have an idea: condoms, which change color when they come into contact with pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. “S. T. Eye” they call their incidence. The name is similar to the English abbreviation for sexually transmitted infections, “sexually transmitted infections”, STI. “We want to allow people to react in the privacy of their own homes without having to make a blood test at the doctor must”, the 14-year-old Daanyaa Ali told the “Independent”. The surface of condoms should be provided with molecules that attach themselves to certain bacteria and viruses. These molecules fluoresce the rubber at dusk in different colors.

As far as the concept. The colors, the students have already set: green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, Purple for human papillomavirus and blue for syphilis. If the condom lights after use, has one of the partners – or both – is a problem. Home Test for STDs  STDs  Bacterial vaginosis Nearly 40 percent of all vaginal infections when mature stem from bacteria, especially of the microbe Gardnerella vaginalis. Although these bacteria are among the most common inhabitants of the vagina. But as soon as gets the balance of the microbial flora is out of balance, Gardnerella vaginalis can mischief: After a few days it starts burning in the genital area and to itch. The vagina wets. Many women register a stronger, fishy smelling discharge. Pregnant at an increased risk of preterm birth. Therefore, even treated for suspected bacterial vaginosis this precaution with antibiotics.

By the way: In men the bacteria go unscathed. but you can transfer the germs during intercourse.  trichomoniasis Neither bacteria nor virus behind this Sexleiden. It is this time a flagellate protozoan, Trichomonas vaginalis, which it has yet to easily gets into the urethra of men and women, in their vagina and the two this is uncomfortable. The unicellular tantalizes with extreme itching to a bleeding vagina. With him urethra, penis and prostate may ignite. Although trichomoniasis rarely makes a talking point, it is still one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases worldwide. The gynecologist can detect the disease with a swab. Thanks to the drug metronidazole the parasite disappears in five to six days. However, in women tiny scar in the mucous membrane remain, the other pathogens can be used as entry point later.  gonorrhea Behind this sexually transmitted disease infected a bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

It binds to the mucosal cells of the urethra and cervix. After three to five days is breaking out the disease: In men the urethra ignites with purulent discharge. The urination is accompanied by severe pain. In women, the intruder also increasingly often in the cervix and also calls there produced a purulent inflammation. At worst, the fallopian tubes can stick pregnancy denied forever. The bacterium spreads on contact with the infected mucosa: danger therefore in all types of sex without a condom. If you touch the genitals and subsequent eye rubbing the seed can be dragged to the eyelids. Such long-term consequences, however, can be avoided if, immediately visits the doctor after the first signs of gonorrhea: antibiotics put the disease as soon as it has come to an end.  Genital warts Humanpapillomviren are widespread among young people. The viruses cause warts on the genitals. Certain strains of the virus can cause cervical cancer even after many years. However, only a very small proportion of infected women developed a malignant tumor.

The viruses are usually passed on during unprotected sex. but leave on the mere skin contact their ancestral wart and look for a new nesting site. The growths can be removed with a laser, if they do not return automatically. Since autumn 2006, boys and girls can be preventively vaccinated against Humanpapillomviren. In twelve to 17-year-old girl, the statutory health insurance companies cover the cost. The syringe prevents infection and protects against cervical cancer.  syphilis She was almost as defeated, has returned in the past few years but again. Blame for syphilis is Treponema pallidum bacterium, not only during intercourse, the bank will change, but also during oral sex. Three to four weeks after a momentous Intermezzo forms at the site of infection a painless ulcer, the edge of which is hardened. A month later come to fever, headache and body aches. One might think it’s the flu, were it not for brown pink nodules that eventually drench. At this stage, the disease is highly infectious and can be transmitted very easily – even by mere skin contact.

Thereby, the syphilis also unusual places, such as the leg, break. After four months the nodules and ulcers heal. Nevertheless, the bacteria must be eliminated with antibiotics, otherwise the disease can come back and become chronic conditions.  Candida albicans This fungus not only feels in the gut as a fiddle, but also in the vagina. In both cases, it causes an annoying fungal infection. Unlike many other STDs the pathogen does not come from the partners there. Candida albicans is one of the normal inhabitants of the mucosa and also lives in the mouth and throat. As he becomes a villain, is not precisely known. But embarrassing need of fungal truly be anyone: Three quarters of all women make at least once in a lifetime a vaginal yeast infection. Typical are severe itching and burning of the skin. Because of pain may even be the sex to excruciating affair. The pathogen can however be effectively combated with antifungal medications.

Men can the residents, however mostly in peace, because on the penis, it is too dry it.  AIDS The immune deficiency disease is still the most dangerous of all sexually transmitted diseases. The triggering HIV spreads through unsafe sex through small cracks in the mucosa. Particularly risky is anal intercourse without a condom. Two to six weeks after infection with HIV complain concerned about fever, swollen lymph nodes and nausea. However, these symptoms subside again. For several years, then the HI-virus to wreak havoc in the Pacific. Only then breaks out the actual disease AIDS: The weakened immune system can fight no longer against otherwise harmless pathogens. A cure does not exist today. By combining several drugs, the so-called Haart therapy (Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment), the disease is however slowed down. The therapy prolongs life expectancy, but also includes side effects. Thus the body fat accumulates in the abdomen, while the arms and legs are getting thinner.

Since the HIV virus is very versatile, a treatment once started can not be interrupted. Otherwise there are quickly resistance to the drugs.  hepatitis B This virus infects not the sex organs, but the liver. Nevertheless, most sufferers of hepatitis B get in bed. Upon contact with contaminated blood of pathogens can pave the way into the body via a wound. However, approximately two-thirds of those infected remain free of complaints. The other pass one to six months until the hepatitis begins: the skin turns yellow, the urine dark, painful limbs, diarrhea and nausea weaken the forces. Most of the nightmare is over after two to six weeks and cured the disease. However, five to ten percent of those infected develop chronic inflammation of the liver that can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer in the long term. Then preparations containing the hormone interferon can only alleviate the symptoms. Vaccination against hepatitis B protects however reliably against the liver disease.  genital herpes

People with herpes everyone has seen before. The cold sores, caused by the virus Herpes simplex1 is widespread namely and shows up with red blisters on the mouth. A related virus strain Herpes simplex2, solves similar bubbles from to the female vagina and on the penis. Most itches and hurts the skin at that. Although the complaints sound in most cases after a few days, but the virus survive in the nerve cells. Therefore, the disease may return in stress or a cold. Approximately one-third of those infected suffer a lifetime under such relapses. Many virus catch during sex, but also during the birth, the cause of the mother transferred to the child. Unfortunately, there are no drugs that can offer the herpesvirus forehead. However, creams relieve the pain. Tablets insulate the proliferation of pathogens. But can you get rid of the virus no longer. For this reason also applies: Always use a condom the next love affair.

 chlamydia Chlamydia infections are the most common sexually transmitted disease in young women. Probably put at one in ten with the bacteria. Often the seeds first fall does not occur because there are no symptoms. If make years later abdominal pain felt, it is too late. The bacteria have glued the ovaries. Infertility is the result. Chlamydia have about every other childless woman brought this fate. For this reason a chlamydia test is offered in January 2008 in the women’s practices, which is paid for by the statutory health insurance. If chlamydia is found, it can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, the partners must consult the family doctor or urologist and taking the drug. Otherwise he is just the convalescent partner as in a game of ping pong soon again. Their idea the students this year TeenTech Prize, which is given to them at Buckingham Palace get.

The presentation there is the promising young scientists the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors imagine – that we find in the hope someone who is interested to implement it. To avoid an embarrassing visit to the doctor, in which it turns out that no sexually transmitted disease is present, the color-changing condoms could be useful – so to speak as a home test. At least for chlamydia there is such a rapid test in Germany already in the pharmacy. With just under 25 euros for a test strip, however, is quite expensive. The price could be also the color change in the way a condom. Who uses an expensive condom, though protects a cheap? The problem with home testing is the fact that infectious diseases not only determined but should be treated medically. But the young people really go then to the doctor? Will they left with the diagnosis alone, the additional fears may stoke. Unilateral control And then there’s the question of who should actually have recourse to this special condoms. How to tell the sex partner why the rubber lights? The postcoital conversations that arise when the condom suddenly appear blue, one would eventually prefer not imagine.

It is noteworthy that to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and their transferability students of this age. Perhaps it is a sign that the educational campaigns finally act. A recently published study showed that the number of sex partners tends to decline today. Had the generation of 1965-1981 births still an average of eleven sexual partners over a lifetime, it is in the up to 1999 born only eight. The guys who developed the concept for the condoms are only 13 and 14 years old. They belong to a generation, about their sex life science does not yet know.