Herpes – ozone in the fight against small sores

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March 30, 2012 Pharmacist? Yes, but with an eye for the essential and without large cosmetic Fachgesimpel. They keep track on Kosmetik. org! Photographer matttilda “I have often little cold sore on the lower lip. My challenge to this small, annoying troublemakers are: ozone water! Ozone kills most reliable virus from when I fully dip my lips into a glass with this water. And without any chemicals – can that be? ” There it is again, this tingling. know already at this first sign Affected: The herpes virus breaks out again!

And as always, just when you can least desire these small, distinctive wheals on the lips or in the oral cavity. If this cardinal symptom still join an unpleasant feeling of tension and annoying itching, is a very clear: either resort to home remedies like toothpaste or honey or with a cotton swab antiviral herpes cream (acyclovir, penciclovir) apply. But what is actually behind this ominous ozone water? In the 1930s there was a veritable ozone wave in which you used against any disease the supposed miracle cure, but in the 21st century hardly any of this alternative method seems to have heard anything. New state of knowledge or you’s quite simply forgotten? Ozone pollutes the environment, but what makes it with my body? In contrast to the oxygen (O2), which is an essential component of air and is composed of two oxygen atoms, there is ozone (O3) from three oxygen atoms. So it is structurally very closely related to that very molecule that keeps us alive. Also it is both colorless gases, with a small but significant difference: Ozone is a highly reactive compound and has through its strong oxidizing power disinfectant properties. This means with the ozone bacteria and viruses can be killed. The ozone is applied to both internally and externally. Ok, the bactericidal property we can still agree us of Kosmetik. org.

If the possible explanations of the internal operation of the ozone you look at the opinions of supposed experts seem to divide and our scientific mitdenkendes brain sounds the alarm! The red blood cells are oxidized by the ozone, the oxygen binding and less GLIDE formally by our vessels, so blood circulation problems are no longer a problem. Anyone who has since devised that? Then the ozone is in turn promote miraculously the formation of neural pathways, this attempt is not even to explain this effect. Too bad, we would have been excited! Growing ozone hole? Medical ozone is always a mixture of purest ozone and purest oxygen Often the concentrations vary between 0. 05 -. 5% ozone. Even medical professionals have a vivid imagination and thus there seems to be a wide range of applications of ozone-containing therapeutics. Incomprehensible! As can be but actually people inject a gas injection of the ozone-oxygen mixture under the skin ! !

! ! It should then be distributed through a massage in the body. Or simply uses ozonated water as a so-called drinking cures. In so-called autohemotherapy deposited blood itself is ozonated and should then be slippery as mentioned above. Apart from the specific application methods, one has at least one less worry: The ozone molecule is relatively unstable, which is why no higher ozone levels were previously measured during therapeutic use. Perhaps it harms his body with it, but the ozone hole does not grow in the treatment of their own lips! combat herpes with ozone The therapy for herpes outbreaks can occur in two ways: in the form of direct gassing, in an airtight bag on the affected limb – in our case the lip – slipped and the gas mixture is passed over it. Or with enriched fluids such as ozone water. That could indeed make, but whether it is advisable? We do not think! We’re talking of herpes and by any life-threatening ulcer.

Who makes the effort and buy such a device or go to the doctor? Who wants to invest the money? The health insurance companies would show a a bird if you want to get paid that! AND last but not least: Who wants to take the risk? Does it ever? Besides the fact that the method is quite strange, we could not find any studies that prove the effect of ozone treatment. Oh, and maybe things should also be emphasized that no RELIABLE clinical trials were found. A study example. 10 subjects in which happens to be a positive effect has been detected in a patient or a non-significant reduction in blood pressure do not count! Just so we were told by . . . As already indicated, one should either live with the herpes or stock up at the pharmacy with a herpes cream.

Anything else would be, in our opinion far too expensive and only a waste of money. Thank you very much for the question, but we would like to know how to get to such a device in your household? Ozone promotes allergic reactions, allows the skin to age faster and reduces the oxygen supply to the tissues. Let merely the fingers of Onzoninjektionen, fumigation or what else is out there on the market. This alternative method is called so because it bears no clinical underpinnings in itself. Some doctors might smell the big money and be trained on it. But the risks are too high as that would lead to a treatment considered. Even with the external application in the form of herpes WE would leave it alone!