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Did you know that beauty concoctions, including mascara and rouge, are personal? Dermatologists explain why amiguis beauty products should not be paid. Consider the main problems as being good people: You can stick herpes: “The person may suffer from herpes and, although it has not broken out, could spread to the other girl who lends lipstick; even the person without being herpes because the virus is still there. The bug is hidden, caught the person weak and the virus appears. The mouth is an area of ​​high risk for the subject of the mucosa, “explains dermatologist John Honeyman, of the School of Medicine at UC. He insists that the virus that causes rashes remains with the person throughout life and that contagion occurs, even if no visible injuries. “If I have a cold and occupied a lip, the boto. Otherwise, if you still use run the risk of following autoinoculando the bug, “the dermatologist Cristina Montero Avansalud. A lipstick can last two years, but well maintained: “There are people who when they have a cold cast lipstick, arguing that that are passed. Always hold lipstick, leaving viral particles in this object. They are autoinoculando the bug. ”

Conjunctivitis sight: under no circumstances should share or provide mascara and eyeliner because it can increase the presence of eye infections. “A hobby that people have is to open the tube and shove the brush several times. With that oxygenates and promotes the growth of bacteria. That puts and takes is lousy, “explains Dr. Montero. He adds that “six months have to fire him despite last longer. We must think of bacterial growth. ” Dr. Honeyman said also the mascara can be transmitted bacteria and germs. “There is more risk given a cream because the skin has more defenses than the mucosa of the conjunctiva,” he warns. “The mascara has an expiration date: no more than six months,” agrees Roger Reyna, director of Bobbi Brown, who has painted to Sarah Jessica Parker and Antonio Banderas. He says: “The 60 percent of women use expired products unknowingly and even bacteria accumulates on the brush mascara.

If the friend takes the product can be transferred to your eye. ” It can infect the skin: Dr. Montero explains that creams can cause skin infections. “Each person has their own bacterial flora. Then a skin can be colonized by a bug that I have and sharing makeup, I catch that same bug in my skin, it can be pathological. ” He adds that this is the chance. “I can not pass anything, but it is likely that the girl occupying my makeup just have a bug. For example, a Demodex infestation (mite). If you have rosacea, acne or seborrheic dermatitis (skin diseases that are superinfected) . . . there are bugs stuck inside.

” ¿Make-up ? : “Today we are not just cosmetic makeovers; now they come with other properties: have vitamin E, an antioxidant, sunscreen, hyaluronic acid, “says Dr. Montero. But all these additional improvements expire when the product reaches the day and time of maturity. Alvaro Marquez, the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry, suggests that you have to buy name brand products and have well labeled the origin of import, who address matters and to your phone. He adds that skin creams and face, now also used by men, should not last more than a year. “People buy to use and not to keep it,” he says. To learn more about cosmetic and health, visit www. ispch. cl/cosmeticos “As a general rule, if I have a cold and occupied a lip, the boto”

Cristina Montero, dermatologist Avansalud