Attention! 10 conditions that you can purchase with a KISS

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Much has been heard about the benefits of giving kisses on the mouth, help us burn calories, boost metabolism, fight depression and anxiety; are aids in the treatment of oral diseases, increase blood flow and therefore are a good recipe for lowering blood pressure; but as in all, also they have a downside. If you are a person with strange behavior with respect to cleaning or are you like Sheldon Cooper and can not be near the fluids of other human beings, which still will reinforce your reasons for not wanting intimacy with another living being . Fungi, worms and many more bugs Of course, you never consciously’d give a kiss to a person who has a mouth full of worms, but if your girlfriend likes to give kisses to their dogs or cats Surprise! This habit leaves pathogens in the mouth that can be passed in the little kisses. Perhaps a fungus can not kill you, but do disgusting! strep Streptococcus is a bacterium that lives in the mucus of the nose and throat, which is easily spread through saliva. It is responsible for causing pharyngitis, pneumonia, necrotizing fasciitis and toxic shock syndrome. Herpes labialis Herpes is not only a sexually transmitted disease, there is also cold sores is transmitted through the mouth to the genitals or vice versa. The disease has no cure, but it is controlled and treated with medication. Mononucleosis

Not for nothing is called the kissing disease because it is a virus that transited through saliva, not just for a kiss, also by sharing toothpaste or sneeze near someone else. It is not a danger to life, but it can cause a agradamiento spleen. Gum disease Every 10 seconds during a kiss can be exchanged 80 million bacteria, which raises the possibility of getting an infection in the gums, which in turn generates caries. Wow! Hepatitis B This virus enters the body through saliva, blood, vaginal secretions and semen, and cause cancer in the liver or reducing functions. cytomegalovirus It is similar to mononucleosis, as it is transmitted through saliva, blood and fluids. Symptoms are similar to those of a strong flu, which can result in serious consequences for pregnant women, especially. warts Warts in the mouth may appear as a form caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is very contagious. Meningitis

The disease causes inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord that causes headache, neck stiffness and other consequences that can lead to death. The disease is spread through saliva. Flu It is the most common disease that is transmitted with the fluids from one person to another. Fever and sneezing in sight! Via: D10mx 47 People Sharing Add a comment