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© Allianz Cough, runny nose, hoarseness: Only a cold, or at least a flu? Our little test reveals what could be behind your symptoms. Answer the following questions by each response and “evaluate test” at the end of the button. Then you get your evaluation of the questionnaire. When did you have your complaints? I have not felt a long time as well. The symptoms came suddenly. What are the symptoms first occurred? My nose began to run, and I had to sneeze. My whole body was taken: cough, runny nose, strong discomfort and headaches. Do you have fever? My temperature is only slightly increased.

Yes, I have a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and / or chills with sweating. Do you suffer from joint and muscle pain? I feel a little tense. Everything hurts. I feel as if I would lie on a stretching rack. What symptoms do you have? Scratchy throat, sore throat and / or cough. Your nose is running, I get short of breath. dry cough, severe sore throat, difficulty swallowing How are you in total? I feel tired and worn, but otherwise it’s all about. I feel weak and can hardly keep on my legs. Are your symptoms already decayed?

Yes, it’s a little better. No, I have been suffering for several days or even a week or two among them. Are you over 60 years old? Or you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular-suffering? No. Yes, I belong to this group of people. Are in your family, suffering from flu among friends or at work people? no Yes When you were vaccinated for the last time against flu pathogens? This is not more than one year ago. I was still never vaccinated or more years ago. display Book tips of the editors of aponet.

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