Causes and treatment of fever blisters

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Cold sores, Gletscherbrand, cold sores, Ekelbläschen – probably you know even one of these terms for a herpes infection. contact The typical purulent and crusty blisters on the lip preferably then apparent when you can use them the least – when skiing at high altitude, during a summer holiday by the seaside, in sporting activities, the leisure activity in beer gardens or at parties. Discomfort of cold sores Initial complaints you remember as painful blisters on the lips or in the mouth. They usually announce themselves by itching, tightness and tingling in the appropriate places. The currently-through content becomes cloudy, then pimples dörren a brownish. The complaints have usually not longer than 10 days. Oral Herpes causes The first infection with herpes simplex viruses find usually takes place already in early childhood, without you noticing it. Infection occurs through direct encounters between people. After infection, the virus remains in the body and is held by protective substances in the blood in check. Sometimes can stimuli refresh “latent” virus and cause “cold sores” on the lips and in the mouth. Such stimuli are sometimes a febrile illness, but also intense solar radiation, dental use, injuries vermilion, sensitivity to foods, emotional stress, but also menstruation.

Disease risk and possible consequences of cold sores Almost all people are infected with herpes simplex virus. More than a million times a year to be visited in Germany Doctors for herpes simplex. Fever blisters are transferable, yet dissolve in people with immune system perfect no symptoms from. Fever blisters rarely leave scars. They tend, however, one always occur again in the same area of ​​skin. Should you the group of patients include severe immune disorders, the disease can spread and be fatal (encephalitis). Herpes infections of the cornea threaten eyesight. prevention Really prevent against herpes you can not. However, you have to mitigate the possibility of treatment with viral agents (antivirals) at the first symptoms. When the doctor? If you find that there is a very extensive infestation in your herpes infection or worsening condition, you should take the help of a doctor to complete.

self-help Self-help is at a herpes infection usually impossible. Sitting at your cold sores in the mouth only, you can alleviate the discomfort somewhat by rinsing with sage. Herpesviruses are highly contagious – even then when the pimples are already on healing and scab. By special hygiene to protect yourself safe from a second infection and prevent others are infected with. Regular hand washing and a private towel that is changed frequently, also contribute to the protection at considerably. In an acute herpes rash, you should also avoid using cutlery, glasses or lipsticks with others, because the liquid is highly contagious in the bubbles. Treatment of cold sores If you are suffering from herpes, it is useful to apply to the affected areas drying and disinfecting lotions (shaking mixtures). The term cover the affected skin with a cream containing virus-inflammatory drugs, such as acyclovir or vidarabine can only avert the further spread and relieve the symptoms somewhat. For arge cases or when the bubbles occur more than once, there are antiviral drugs to swallow or syringes. The Naturopathy recommends for recurrent cold sores an up to eight-week course of treatment with echinacea preparations to enhance the immune system. Natural Therapy

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