Cold Sores? Good tips from conventional medicine and alternative medicine

HSV Eraser Protocol
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Cold sores is widespread: About 90 percent of the population are carriers of the herpes simplex virus. But only about one in five also the symptoms of cold sores show. They are usually easy to recognize the many small aqueous blisters on the lips, itch or burn often. After a few days they burst and crust over. The initial infection usually occurs in children or adolescents with kisses on an infected mouth. After an infection, the viruses remain in the body for life (in the nerve ganglia) and can be prepared by a variety of causes – stress, sun, cold, disgust, menstruation, immunodeficiency etc. – are repeatedly activated and make a cold sore noticeable. In all treatment options, so it’s always about the weakening of the symptoms. SCHOOL MEDICINE and cold sores: We recommend zinc albums and acyclovir applied in time, zinc sulphate-containing preparations (eg. B. Lipactin gel or Virudermin gel) can help. Even products with the drug acyclovir (z.

B. in “Acic cream”, “Aciclobeta cream” or “Zovirax”) can inhibit herpes development. But the use is associated with side effects. Because to acyclovir develop resistance fairly rapidly, the efficiency decreases. Aciclvir should not be used during pregnancy. PLANTS PEDIATRICS: Melissa extract to help with cold sores Melissa extract at the first tingle to lips. This is to prevent the further spread of bubbles. Good experiences made with honey: NATURAL MEDICINE and cold sores Even with honey to cold sores should be treated. A study was pressed to the affected lip points with honey-soaked gauze for several days four times a day for about 15 minutes. The disease duration was reduced. HOMEOPATHY and cold sores

The following individual agents have proved effective: cold sores in febrile illness: Rhus; as a result of stress: sodium muriaticum; with blisters in the mouth and on the tongue: Thuja; Ingestion: three times daily three globules D 12th ASIAN MEDICINE Acupuncture can be used for general immune strengthening, it is not suitable for the acute relief of cold sore symptoms. NUTRITION and cold sores: amino acid lysine helps – avoid chocolate, peanuts and potato chips There is evidence that certain amino acids inhibit virus growth in food. So to ensure lysine-rich and at the same arginine-free diet that herpes infections are less common; the infection itself to heal even faster. Natural lysine sources are: fish, beef and chicken, and dairy products. The arginine to be avoided lies among others in chocolate, peanuts and potato chips. Note: Arginine is an important amino acid that is needed to maintain bodily functions. This should also help with cold sores: lip protection with a high SPF The triggered by sunrays cold sores can usually be very well be prevented by intensive use of lipsticks with a high sun protection factor. Although the efficacy has not been sufficiently proven, the use of electricity can be useful. About pharmacies a battery powered herpes therapy device in ballpoint pen size is sold, which is placed at the onset of cold sores on the affected skin.

A weak Power makes the manufacturer that the pH of the skin of about five drops below two, which is said to have in laboratory experiments to prevent the spread of viruses. Not recommended is the piercing of the bubbles, so as to speed up the healing process. There is a risk of an additional infection bacteria. → continue