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Shingles Rare is the person of adult age who has not had chickenpox. Well when a child or youth, have almost all had that disease characterized by itching, warmth, blisters on the skin and in which we recommended (much to our regret) not wash scratching or pain of leaving scars. Over the years, we just forget about it and just commented at some point, “and I spent chickenpox”, without realizing that it may actually have not gone entirely, ie, which is still active within US. latency Those who have families in the villages or who had someone older person nearby, you may on occasion they have heard of “shingles”, an itchy with redness of the skin begins to curl up by the body (usually chest) and according to the popular tradition, if completely screwed and closes, it can cause death. Reality is not so dramatic. At least today. That “shingles” is nothing other than the shingles, and this is only a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Once you have had chickenpox, although the immune system removes almost all of the body, is latent in the nerve ganglia, dorsal both as trigeminal. The virus can remain in that state for a long time, but when the immune system is decreased (either by a disease, a situation of stress, lack of sleep, etc. ), the virus reactivates and replicates in neurons (the nerve) cells, and although again causes chickenpox, it does affect nerves. It is at this time when we noticed swelling of the skin with blisters and nerve pain due to irritation of the nerves affected.

There are people who do not show clear symptoms in the skin, but most complain of headache, fever and pain (sometimes very strong) in the area where spots appear then be turned into vesicles. If the herpes develops in the eye area, you must be especially careful because it can affect vision. Contagion Zoster, as has been said, is the chickenpox virus. It is passed by direct contact. That is, you need to touch the vesicles of an affected person to become infected. It is not spread by breathing. Obviously, if the infected person has not had chickenpox, instead of also developing herpes zoster, which is a Varicella develop. The virulence of this will depend on the immune status of the recipient. What to do? When a table has been medically diagnosed as herpes zoster occurs, aid that can be offered must pass from natural techniques, basically by stimulating the immune system to take charge of controlling the virus. Since homeopathy, can be treated with Rhus Toxicodendron (the principal in these cases, given that a picture of paroxysmal itching, vesicular edema, burning, red skin with blisters with liquid inside them that worsens with cold presented) , Cantharis (to appear online vesicles and burning sensation and itching) or Mezereum (vesicles that form white scabs and itching worse at night). It is advisable that homeopathy is accompanied (especially if it is not led by a professional) with supplements such as vitamin C (as long as there is no intestinal problems), Lysine (a highly recommended amino acid in cases of shingles because of its antiviral power ), trace mineral copper (for viral infection of any type), vitamin B12 and Germanium sesquioxide shaped.

While shingles has a very bad reputation and thus the term “ringworm” was coined, we must remember that the immune system is critical in this case, and it was not always in the past, may increase so that it could adequately combat envites of any type of infection. Either ways, although you must lose fear, we must be careful, because it can be a very annoying, painful problem and should be treated as soon as possible. By Rafael Sánchez Naturopath Madrid Remember that you get a 5% discount on the total purchase For more information see Volume purchase you can choose your gift For more information see