Viral shedding> removal / dissemination of (l) virus

HSV Eraser Protocol
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Viral shedding (here) removing (l) virus Explanation: It refers to the removal of the virus outside the carrier body, saliva, feces, through the skin, mucous membranes, etc. . This phenomenon is key to the transmission of the virus. Later, with time, I look for some reference. ————————————————– Note added at 1 hour (2008-04-28 19:05:41 GMT) ————————————————– For me, the most appropriate term to describe this phenomenon is “elimination”, as in medical language this word means “the agency said. Expel a substance” (DRAE). Then, of course, the virus spreads, it spreads or whatever, but the body eliminates, together with the droppings, saliva or other secretions.

————————————————– Note added at 5 hours (2008-04-28 23:22:53 GMT) ————————————————– I explain more clearly why I think “elimination” is a more appropriate translation of “shedding” that “spread”. “Dissemination” is the translation of another term very common in this field, “spread”. If “shedding” translates as “spread” how to translate “spread” in phrases like the following (case is mine, for readability) ? : 1) “6. 3 Potential of SHED and / or SPREAD from vaccinate to contact target and non-target animals Since no recombinant canarypox-feline leukemia virus was detected in the saliva, urine and feces after parenteral inoculation, it is not expected there will be That excretion and propagation of the virus following Contact with non-target and target animals. ” At: http: //www. inspection.

gc. ca/english/anima/vetbio/eaee/vbeafe . . . 2) “In People Who Have had at Least one outbreak of blistering from genital herpes, the drug famciclovir you reduce sharply SHEDDING virus from the external portions of the genitalia, a new study finds. Such SHEDDING Between virus can SPREAD the people. ” At: http: //findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m1200/is_17_170/ai_n16 . . . 3) “Avian influenza viruses circulate worldwide Among birds. Certain birds, water birds Particularly, act as hosts for influenza viruses by carrying the virus in Their intestines and SHEDDING it.

Infected birds SHED virus in saliva, nasal secretions, and feces. Susceptible birds can become infected avian influenza virus With When They Have Contact with contaminated nasal, respiratory, or fecal material from infected birds. Fecal-to-oral transmission is The most common mode of SPREAD Between birds. ” At: http: //www. pandemicflu. state. pa. us/pandemicflu/cwp/view. asp . . . ?

4) “Patients Should be educated About the infectious nature of herpetic lesions, asymptomatic viral SHEDDING and prevention of viral SPREAD . . . ” www. blackwell-synergy. com/doi/abs/10. 1111/j. 1365-2230. 2007 . . . .

5) “” Some Producers vaccinate to reduce viral SHEDDING and minimize the SPREAD of influenza Within the herd, “Erickson notes,” while other Producers use the vaccine to monitoring clinical signs of the disease in the animal. ‘ ” “In a move Toward Improving immunity and SIV Reducing labor needs, the new bivalent SIV vaccines – with H1N1 and H3N2 Protection against – offer convenient, cost effective Protection against flu strains Both in a single product. MaxiVac ‘Excell’ (Schering-Plough Animal Health) Also Helps Prevent SIV viral SHEDDING Which you reduce exposure and disease pressure to other animals. ” At: http: //www. thepigsite. com/articles/1/health-and-welfare/668 / . . . Also, if “shedding” translates as “spread” how “spread” translates into this other phrases (case is also mine) ? : 6) “In experiments led by Melanie Samuel, a graduate student in Diamond’s lab, Researchers found West Nile virus That Could SPREAD in Either direction along the branches of neurons in culture.

” At: http: //www. terradaily. com/reports/West_Nile_Virus_Spread_Thr . . . 7) “Measles Virus SPREAD by Cell-Cell Contacts: Uncoupling of Contact-Mediated Receptor (CD46) Downregulation from Virus Uptake» In: http://jvi. asm. org/cgi/content/abstract/73/7/5265 8) “Researchers at Erasmus Medical Center Have Demonstrated avian influenza systemic SPREAD of virus in cats infected by respiratory, digestive, and cat-to-cat contact. ” At: http: //www.

innovations-report. com/html/reports/medicine_heal . . . Therefore, I (! And not only) translate: – Viral shedding: elimination of (l) virus – Viral spread: spread / spread (l) virus (in the body or in the environment) ————————————————– Note added at 5 hours (2008-04-28 23:32:09 GMT) ————————————————– I just remembered another frequent translation of “viral shedding” in this context: excretion. I prefer “elimination” because “excretion” I associate more with excrement or metabolic waste, but finally, why not?

————————————————– Note added at 5 hours (2008-04-28 23:36:34 GMT) ————————————————– “Excretion (l) virus,” obviously.