Remedies to Eliminate Cold Sores

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Cold sores or known as fire, is an infection or inflammation of the skin around the mouth that is caused by exposure to herpes simplex 1 virus. Herpes is presented through blisters or outbreaks of red color on the lips; before that the person may feel tingling, itching and burning sensation which announces that she will soon have the brote. Según specialized studies, almost everyone has contracted herpes labialis upon reaching adulthood, what good is that to be a common disease, there are several home remedies that will help to treat and even cure completely. How to cure or eliminate cold sores naturally in a short time? Generally people realize they have herpes sores when you leave the blisters. In this case there are different alternatives that will help alleviate injuries and inconvenience this may cause us. But before starting any natural treatment, it is advisable to clean the affected area very well to prevent the virus or infection continues to expand 1. IRS- of aloe vera Aloe vera or aloe vera has a lot of properties that will benefit you. To reduce outbreaks is one of the most powerful home remedies for cold sores. You only need one sheet alo vera. And Carefully thorns you remove and wash well to cut it into small pieces.

Then place these pieces into a container to keep it for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Once you will apply on the affected skin cold. Another option is to clean the affected area daily and then apply on it a little tomato pulp, allowed to act for a minute and put some aloe vera which help dry out the blister. 2. Treatment with ice The first feeling of swelling or tingling in the lips, it is recommended to apply a bag of ice wrapped in a towel for a couple of minutes. 3. Treatment with garlic Garlic is an ideal to combat herpes anti-viral nature, all you have to do is from garlic in half and rub it on the vial for a few seconds. 4. Treatment Milk Milk is high in lysine which is a component that helps inhibit amino acid called arginine which is the amino acid that causes outbreaks of cold sores. With a milk treatment you can speed up the healing process of this disease, so that all you have to do is moisten a cotton ball with milk and rub it on the blister.

5. Treatment with black tea The black tea is an herb considered an anti-viral and also has anti-inflammatory powers. Simply boil water for 5 minutes and add the leaves of black tea. Let cool and drink tea daily. Another alternative to relieve pain and speed the healing of cold sores, you can put a compress of black tea on the affected area. 6. Treatment with yogurt Yogurt contains a substance that removes the cold sore virus and clean the affected area. It is recommended to take yogurt as long as you have the disease, you can also use it to apply directly to the vial and in this case it is recommended that chilled. Images: Pure Beauty