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AUSTRALIAN NATURAL cure-all The tea tree oil is obtained from the distillation of the leaves of the tree Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to Australia, the aborigines of this country have used it for its many properties for hundreds of years. The essential tea tree oil has an antiseptic effect threefold: it acts against bacteria, fungi and viruses also is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, healing, anti-inflammatory balsamic, deodorant and expectorant. Antiseptic and anti-acneicas are accepted and recognized by the Australian health department. He is not known any toxicity or side effects, does not irritate the skin so no risk to health. THERE ARE DIFFERENT PRESENTATIONS ON THE MARKET: SHAMPOO CREAM FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENTIAL OIL Alguanas KNOW OIL ESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS: Direct application. Apply to the affected area directly using your finger or a little algodón.

Inhalación. Add 5-10 drops of Tea Tree to a vaporizer or a pot of boiling water; cover your head with a towel, close your eyes. Ideal for nasal congestion or sinusitis. Gárgaras. Dilute 5-10 drops of Tea Tree in half a glass of warm water to pain garganta. Para hair. Mix a few drops of Tea Tree in the shampoo for itching, or applied directly to the scalp for a few minutes before washing, to fight dandruff, lice, relaxing hongos. Baño. Put a few drops in the bath with water at a comfortable temperature. (To relieve muscular and rheumatic pain) . Crema. Mix a few drops to your usual cream using a plastic spatula. Antibacterianos.

Compresas produces effects. Put a few drops on a cloth soaked in cold water on the inflamed area or varices; placed above a hot or cold water, depending on the case. Massage. Mix 5% with Tea Tree Oil Jojoba (penetrates well into the skin and does not rust) or almond (suitable for sensitive skin, leaving them smooth and soft) to facilitate its spread. It produces an aromatherapeutic action. Allergies: itching, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, sore ears and throat, these are the most common complaints when suffering from allergies, In these cases it is recommended to use 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree in half a glass of water and swish , as many times as necessary. Mouthwash. Mix 5 to 10 drops of Tea Tree in half a glass of warm water and gargle to relieve sore gums, plaque, cavities, bad breath, toothache, and make mouthwash 3 times a day. Dropping 2 drops on toothbrush before brushing. Feet. Add 10 drops to a bowl or bucket with hot water; important for sweating, tiredness, fungus, calluses. Sitz baths. Put 10 drops of Tea Tree in a tub of hot water.

Take a bath 10 minutes. Effects: relief of itching in the genital area; improves the discomfort of hemorrhoids, inflammation of the bladder. oily or dry hair, lice, dandruff, irritated and itchy scalp. Tea Tree oil helps unblock sebaceous glands and regulate and stimulate the free flow of body moisturizing oils. Apply 5-10 drops on the scalp, rubbing well. Put a cap for 30 min. Wash with mild shampoo. Nose. Nasal congestion – Sinusitis – Rhinitis. Add 5 drops of Tea Tree oil to a steam bath or vaporizer, inhale, rub a few drops of tea tree oil under the nose and forehead. Watch out. Do not apply to eyes. You can also use the cream.

Nasal ulceration. Apply Tea Tree oil with cotton swab directly on the affected area. Throat. Sore throat. add 2 to 4 drops of Tea Tree oil to half a cup of warm water and gargle 3-4 times a day to relieve pain. Ear. Apply 1 drop of Tea Tree warm with a dropper in the ear pain. Repeat the procedure as needed. Never apply the Tea Tree pure ear. Sores and canker sores. Apply directly to the affected oil Tea Tree 3 times a day. Remember that the Tea Tree has healing, analgesic, and antiseptic properties. Toothaches.

Apply a drop on the affected tooth. Dry lips. Apply Tea Tree cream 3 times a day. Lip Herpes Simplex. Apply directly several times a day until dry. Relieves pain. Then apply Tea Tree to regenerate tissues. Chest. Cough – Bronchial congestion. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to a vaporizer or a pot with hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes, with eyes closed. Repeat the procedure at least 2 times a day. If cough, you can also rub the chest and upper back with a few drops. Acne.

Apply tea tree oil directly on the affected skin with a cotton swab area. Repeat procedure 3 times a day. Make steam by placing 8-10 drops of Tea Tree in a pot with hot water, covering his head with a towel, for 10 min. Close the eyes. Then apply Tea Tree Soft. Bites of mosquitoes and other insects. Apply oil or cream Tea Tree in the affected area. Herpes zoster. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on herpes. Repeat until dry and soothe the pain. If the injury does not disappear or decrease in a few days, consult the dry médico. Piel – Eruptions – Dermatitis – Psoriasis – Allergies. Apply Tea Tree cream on the affected area 3 times a day.

Blisters. Apply tea tree oil on the blisters 3 times a day to relieve pain and prevent infection. Then apply Tea Tree 2 times a day to continue the healing process. Cuts – Wounds. Apply to the injury several times Tea Tree oil to disinfect and heal. Once the crust has formed, applying cream Tea Tree to continue the healing process without tightness or itching. After shaving or waxing. Apply a small amount of Tea Tree cream for cuts or tea tree oil to disinfect and soothe itching. Mushrooms. Wash and dry the affected areas of the skin. Apply tea tree oil directly to the affected area 3 times a day. When the fungus disappears, continue treatment to prevent spray Detea Tree. Strikes – Twists.

Immediately apply ice alternating with oil or cream Tea Tree several times to prevent inflammation, not to bruise. Chickenpox – Measles – Rociola – Rubiola – Boils. In addition to medical treatment, use Tea Tree cream to soothe the itching and speed healing. Use spray with Tea Tree duration of the disease. Feet. Fungus under your nails. Wash and dry feet. Tea Tree Oil Apply 2 times a day to the infected nail rubbing for 2 minutes. Repeat until the fungus disappears. Odor – athlete’s foot. Wash and dry feet. Apply 2 times a day spray Tea Tree. muscle and joint conditions.

Muscle pains. rub cream or tea tree oil on sore muscles. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree to a warm bath. Arthritis – Rheumatism – lumbago. Apply cream and Tea Tree oil on the painful area and massage the area with Tea Tree oil 2 times a day. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree to bathwater to feel relief. A warm damp cloth to which you have poured a few drops of Tea Tree helps lower inflammation. Intimate hygiene. Vaginal Infections – Fungal Vaginal – Cystitis. In combination with medical treatment, perform sitz baths by diluting 10 drops of Tea Tree in a quart of warm water. Stay 10 min. And wash with deo intim Lactation.

If cracked by breastfeeding breasts Tea Tree cream applied on the affected area after feedings. Diaper rash cream . Apply of Tea Tree on the affected every time you change the diaper area. Tea Tree Oil should never be applied undiluted water Cradle Cap. Apply 5 drops of tea tree diluted in water, gently massaging the baby’s head. And Post-operative wounds. Apply several times until cicatrice. Garrapatas Tea Tree. Apply Tea Tree oil to the live tick and the surrounding area and wait about 10 min. After this time, remove the ticks that have not detached themselves. Continue Tea Tree smearing the affected 3 times a day for the time necessary to relieve irritation and prevent infection area.

Tea Tree Oil

HSV Eraser Protocol
Rated 4.8/5 based on 1500 reviews

Broadcast of WDR: Hobbytip No. 276th: Tea Tree Oil: For relaxation and against ailments by and with Dr. Walter Boehres, Ellen Norten, Kordula Werner and Jean Pütz Practical applications of tea tree oil (recommendations by Dr. med. Boehres) (Italics = Comments from SK) Tea tree oil has a not quite as wide, but similar spectrum as grapefruit seed extract. Wounds and injuries Tea tree oil is ideal for wound disinfection. Both fresh injuries or already infected or even purulent wounds can be treated very well with tea tree oil. First, clean the wound with water and then instillation of pure tea tree oil.

To distribute the oil suitable cotton wool or clean gauze, sometimes it goes well with a tissue. For protection you can stick a plaster after that. Larger abrasions should be treated only at the beginning of the undiluted tea tree oil. For further application, a mixture of 2 parts of tea tree oil and 1 part JOJOBA OIL is recommended. The addition of the fatty oil crusts and surrounding skin remain elastic. Treatment with tea tree oil accelerates the healing process enormously and also acts still analgesic. Pimples and boils Existing pimples you dabbed best two or three times a day with the undiluted oil. Here tea tree oil works even faster than usual other locally acting drugs. This is due to its anti-inflammatory effect and the direct antibacterial activity. Because of its excellent penetration capacity also it penetrates quickly and well into the skin and the underlying layers. For impure skin the Hobbythek has even developed a little care products containing tea tree oil. With recipes for a wash lotion and a tonic, and for more stubborn cases a liposome lotion, the chances in the fight against pimples and blackheads.

When boils are called an acute purulent inflammation of the pilosebaceous apparatus, in which tissue is destroyed. Here is a rule against an infection with Staphylococcus aureus. It begins with a pustule – a pustule – then comes to redness, swelling, and after a few days to melt tissue. The result is an open wound that can be quite painful. Here you should treat as soon as possible with tea tree oil, with undiluted oil. One can apply every one to two hours. Go back inflammation, it is enough to treat two to three times daily. Be careful with nose and Oberlippenfurunkeln If the boils on the upper lip or nose forming, so is therefore not to be taken lightly. Because direct vascular connections to the brain, it may even lead to serious diseases, therefore, always a doctor should be consulted. Often a hospital treatment is required even. Onychitis A nail bed inflammation is often very painful redness and swelling of the nail bed, which is caused by bacteria, fungi or both.

Because of its good activity against bacteria and fungi, and its anti-inflammatory effect you can use tea tree oil with good effect here. The undiluted oil is applied several times a day. If after a few days show no improvement or even worsen the inflammation, medical examination and treatment is necessary. Here grapefruit seed extract has a very safe insect bites Mosquitoes can a night already awake at night by their sums, which certainly is not only based on the sums of its own, but also on the automatic association with the subsequent itching. Here the tea tree oil can be equally used in two ways: One can keep away mosquitoes and other insects by scattered drops of tea tree oil and applying distributed to the skin. If the smell is too intense, which can mix the oil with another oil or a fragrant skin lotion and then apply. If one has yet caught the pests, the oil can be applied selectively pure. The effect is astonishing, the itch disappears almost immediately. Starts again later to itch, you should not scratch, but again, apply oil. The engraving conditional bump course not disappear immediately, but much faster than in treatment with conventional ointments for insect bites. burns

For more extensive burns necessarily a doctor or hospital should be consulted. Smaller burns on fire, hot surfaces or hot water can be excellent though with tea tree oil to treat. It is particularly important to cool the burned area is first. Best Ice packs help or cooling under cold, running water. Refrigerant has an analgesic effect, but also the progress of the skin and tissue damage is stopped. Then immediately apply tea tree pure and repeated several times. For open burns, it is better if you mixed tea tree oil with another oil, otherwise the wound stretched too much. Recent studies have shown that tea tree oil a portion of prostaglandins, which are responsible for pain and irritation that can render them ineffective. “Burns” by jellyfish A contact with jellyfish in the North and Baltic Seas is already unpleasant contact with the jellyfish, for example in the Mediterranean, is still significantly unsightly. It really burns like fire. There may be blisters, the skin dies, and you can still weeks or months later, a skin discoloration. It’s very important that “burnt” areas not rub with the tea tree oil, because that the poison is a fortiori massaged into the skin.

It is advisable to lightly dab the water and then aufzuträufeln the oil and distribute gently. The lesions disappear at different rates, depending on how heavy the “burning” was and could be as quickly treated with tea tree oil. Sports injuries, muscle and back pain Again you can use tea tree oil with good success. With bruises should apply the undiluted oil, simply instillation and distributed. It must not be rubbed as it penetrates by itself. When muscle strain or back pain, where you want to perform a light massage, mixed to the tea tree oil is best with a different skin or cooking oil. You can 1: 1 mix or use 70 percent tea tree oil and 30 percent of another oil. The pure tea tree oil is not suitable for massage, because it is very dry, d. H. Is not greasy and therefore a massage can be uncomfortable. mycoses Fungal diseases, so-called mycoses, are extraordinarily frequent, sometimes very stubborn and tend to recur, that is, it can relapses occur.

In particular, to the nails they often last for decades. This tendency to relapse is frequently a matter of a basic disease. In investigations of such cases it was found that the skin blood flow in affected reduced by 50 percent compared to skin-healthy patients. Pathogenic fungi are widespread. They love a warm and humid climate, which explains the high risk of infection in washrooms, baths or the like. Whether someone suffering from a fungus or not, depends on the immunity of the body. An infection remains asymptomatic until the fungus lives only in the stratum corneum. If he arrives, however, in deeper layers, occur inflammatory reactions. It comes to itching, scratching, and thus the spread of the fungi is further promoted. Today there are many effective ways to treat a yeast infection available. Even onychomycosis can be successfully treated. The treatment must be continued in many cases over a longer period, in infections of the nails for several months. Good drugs, there are creams or tablets, are not cheap.

Some of the newer substances are downright expensive. Also, prolonged use of some substances can cause any adverse health effects. There is of course the wonderful natural alternative tea tree oil. Here grapefruit seed extract has a very safe In more established dry fungal infections you should mix the tea tree oil with another oil, resulting in a ratio of 70 percent tea tree oil and 30 percent of other oil has been proven. If you want to still use pure tea tree oil, should treat with a cream, because the skin is too dry otherwise and biases. An exception are fresh fungus diseases between the toes. They can be treated without any problems with pure oil. Here is a good chance that the symptoms disappear after a few days. Very difficult is the treatment of fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails, called Onychomycosis. A local therapy can very well perform with tea tree oil. For this we should use pure oil and apply it twice a day. The biggest problem lies in the consistency and duration of treatment.

A fingernail takes three to four months to vorzuwachsen of its matrix, where it is generated, to the fingertip. In a toenail that lasts six to eight months. So if the whole nail is affected, we must therefore treat long. The diseased nail parts should be removed with a file or nail scissors as much as possible. File and nail clippers must be cleaned and disinfected after use, for example, with a few drops of tea tree oil to prevent the spread of fungal disease. Again acting grapefruit seed extract very safe Herpes (herpes simplex – cold sores) A common disorder, annoying and painful, which always occurs when you can not use, for example on holiday, when the sun shines unusually strong. But it also occurs in other infections as a side effect to or accompanies women in their menstruation. There are people who suffer repeatedly from herpes symptoms, while others are never affected. It is believed that the infection occurs very early, usually at birth. It is a virus that remains in the body after infection and again may cause diseases. At the initiation of the disease, psychological factors play a major role.

There are z. B. People who get prompt herpes when they are disgusted by something. The bubbles can occur not only on the lips, but almost anywhere on the body. The genital region is often affected. The tea tree oil is applied initially undiluted every one to two hours, simply dabbed on with a finger or a cotton swab. Since the symptoms go back very quickly, usually enough on the second day a three- to four-time treatment. Occasionally, after application to a short-term burning. If this should be considered to be too uncomfortable, the tea tree oil can 1: 1 diluted with another oil. Especially with disease symptoms in the sensitive mucous membranes of the genital region may be advantageous to dilute the oil. eczema Eczema and other allergies are increasingly entered into the last zen to twenty years in the foreground. For the treatment of allergies, it is important to know the triggering cause.

These different test methods have been developed. Nevertheless, physicians often do not find those responsible for an allergy component. In addition, the person concerned, even if the triggering factor is known, this by no means always avoided. As often as a last resort, the treatment of the symptoms of allergy, for example, the allergy-related eczema. Many different substances have been developed for this purpose, e. g. Cortisone. Treatment with cortisone requires knowledge and experience, and both should have been assumed in our doctors. An exaggerated fear of cortisone is not justified. Meanwhile, we have learned a lot, and the steroids have become better, so that we can treat targeted. In many emergency situations cortisone acts even lifesaving. Eczema treatment with tea tree oil But if we in some diseases can achieve equally good effect, for example, tea tree oil, then you have done without in these cases to the cortisone.

Many eczema can be very successfully treated with tea tree oil. In acute lesions may be applied two- to four times daily undiluted oil. The itching is usually better very quickly, and repeatedly I have seen that acute eczema disappeared in one to two days. For the treatment of already existing eczema longer one should mix of tea tree oil with another oil (jojoba oil), particularly in dry eczema this is important. One can use a mixture of 70 percent tea tree oil to start and 30 percent of another oil and later even more “dilute”. If the skin still remains too dry, you can also apply a cream. warts When the warts we go today by a viral infection. The so-called common warts are more common in younger people, preferably to the poor vascularized skin such as hand back, knees, fingers, often here. On the nail edges or even under the nails On the plantar warts are pressed by the body weight as thorns (plantar warts or warts lancing) in the sole of the foot, which can be extremely painful. For the treatment there are various methods: You can see the warts enucleated or “charred” electrically, it being appreciated that previously must anesthetize locally. On the feet is a stunning, d.

H. The injection itself, quite painful. Even grown men come here often sweat. Therefore, to avoid this therapy in children. Instead, attempts to the warts by swabbing with tincture disappear. These solutions etch the wart layer by layer. But they do not only attack the diseased tissue, but also healthy. Warts treatment with tea tree oil When treated with tea tree oil you need some patience as with other solutions, but the procedure is successful, the application is also very simple. Pure Tea Tree Oil is applied two to three times töglich. There is no redness, no burning, no pain. The warts simply disappear after two to three weeks, without anyone noticing. Even if you remove warts surgically, there are often recurrences, d.

H. The warts come back. When treated with tea tree oil, this less often happens. However, should again initiate a wart, so you start again with the treatment. Back to Top

Tea Tree Oil

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 1500 reviews

What is tea tree oil? First of all welcome to the large tea tree test. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca aetheroleum) is a spicy fragrant essential oil, which has a clear to yellowish color. It is obtained from the leaves of the Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and several other Melaleuca species. The domiciled on the Australian east coast tea tree belongs to the botanical family of myrtle. The precious essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree by two- to three-hour steam distillation. For the production of 10 liters of proven natural remedy 1 ton leaves and fresh train-tips is required. Even the Australian Aborigines used the leaves of the medicinal tree for combating parasites that colonize the skin, and against various inflammatory diseases (gum and skin infections, colds and infected wounds). Later part of the first aid kits of British soldiers in Australia and around the world, the tea tree oil was then. The fast-growing evergreen tree can grow up to 7 meters high and comes in less favorable growth conditions than smaller shrub. He ganzrandige almond-shaped leaves that give off a strong smell. His white small flowers are in spike-like inflorescences.

In Europe, the Australian tea tree in the 18th century became known after the British Captain James Cook had discovered the Australian continent. The British observed this native Australians, as they used the leaves of the tree for healing wounds and sent them to England, where they were examined in laboratories. The Australian tea tree was first described by the British botanist Dr. Joseph Banks. But only in 1925, is to distill the precious oil succeeded. Today it is very popular because of its versatility not only as a natural remedy, but also as a natural cosmetic. Australian tea tree oil has been entered in the European Pharmacopoeia, but in Germany (yet) approved a standardized finished product. What is tea tree oil? The precious oil is obtained by steam distillation mainly from the leaves of the tree. It is a very gentle method, remain in order to get the medically active ingredients. Principal active substance is terpinene-4-ol, which should be present in at least 40-percent concentration in tea tree oil. Also revealed gas chromatographic analysis that the essential oil contains more than 100 chemical compounds. These include alpha-terpinene (about 20%), terpinolene, terpineol (3 to 4%), myrcene, pinene, p-cymene, Phellandren, limonene and 1,8-cineole (usually less than 3%).

Thanks to the high concentration of terpinolene, terpinene and terpineol the Australian tea tree oil is up to 12 times more potent antibacterial activity than eucalyptus oil. What effect does tea tree oil? The known essential oil has a broad spectrum of activity. It is: – Strong antibacterial Scientifically proven for example, the successful control of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and several other bacteria that colonize the skin and internal organs. It also inhibits the growth of pathogens that cause acne, for example. Since it also kills caries causing bacteria, it also uses the oil like as an ingredient in mouthwashes and toothpaste. Otherwise, you can also add 1 drop of giving his toothpaste and so brush your teeth (do not swallow! ). – Strongly anti-viral The Erfahrungsheilkunde sets Teebaumöl successfully against certain viruses. Examples include the herpes simplex inducing HSV I virus.

The effectiveness of this application has been scientifically proven. Symptoms and pain of the viral disease go back detectable. – Potent fungicides The essential oil can be used against various types of skin fungi, athlete’s foot, nail fungus and even mold spores. – Strongly anti-microbial Tea tree oil destroys parasites like mites that cause scabies for example, an uncomfortable itchy, allergic skin disease. It is capable of the buried under the skin to transport microscopic parasites to the skin surface and kill them then from there. In addition, the Australian natural remedy is still effective against head lice. – Inflammatory, antiseptic These effects were also demonstrated in clinical studies. As tea tree oil is a highly efficient agent in the treatment of acne and other inflammatory skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, etc. ). 3 to 5 drops in water help as mouthwashes with gingivitis or gargle for mouth and throat infections.

– softening In other oils similar effect of tea tree oil can soften the cornea so that it can then be removed easily later. – deodorizing Tea Tree Oil Deodorant inhibits the decomposition of bacteria colonizing the sweaty skin, thereby preventing the occurrence of unpleasant odor. – Effective against ingrown hairs After cosmetic hair removal often result in the growth of hair. Tea tree oil is able to open the clogged pores, so that the hair will grow back to normal. – Analgesic For relief of headaches you can add a few drops of tea tree oil in the skin cream and dab on temples and forehead. mixed with jojoba oil can even use tea tree oil as a massage oil. Rubbing our order before exercising loaded a body sites, it can even prevent the onset of muscle soreness. – Mentally calm Even on the psyche has the old natural remedies have a positive effect, so you can use it in relaxation and in aromatherapy as an encore.

That this application is medically effective, could also be demonstrated in studies. Tea tree oil has properties similar to marjoram. It soothes, reduces the negative effects of stress, triggers fears, clarifies thoughts and feelings and strengthens the determination. It also reduces fatigue. To do this simply add a few drops in the nebulizer or the scent shell. Tea tree oil is therefore very versatile and can help against many problems. Click here for the application of tea tree oil. You also find here information about all counter which helps tea tree oil. Here you find our little tea tree oil test and thus the tea tree oil, we recommend to buy. In addition, we have also a little on the theme of tea tree oil shampoo is concerned and you here all gathered to important.

Tea Tree Oil

HSV Eraser Protocol
Rated 4.8/5 based on 1500 reviews

Tea tree is obtained from the Australian tea tree (Melaneuca alternifolia). The oil is obtained by steam distillation. For 1 l one needs 50 – 70 kg leaves and young twigs. Due to its antibacterial and skin regenerating properties Tea tree is effective in abscesses, poorly healing wounds, boils, and is also indicated for acne, as it promotes the healing process and the healthy tissue is not damaged. Also Tea tree acts antifungal, analgesic, blood circulation, anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Tea tree should be protected as other ethereal oils also from light, air and high temperatures. Therefore, it should always be kept in dark glass bottle tightly closed at normal room temperature. Tea tree can be applied in many different ways, as it exerts its effect both on the nose and on the skin, mucous membranes, and gastrointestinal tract. In Respiratory Diseases Tea tree has antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic, expectorant, expectorant and schleimhautregenerierend. Inhalation them in a bowl with hot water 2 – 3 drops of Tea tree, for children only 1 drop. Lie down a towel over your head and breathe about 5 minutes long, the fumes, 2 -. 3 times daily. Warning: Risk of scalding!

Pain: For muscle tension, rheumatic complaints and minor injuries acts Tea tree analgesic and anti-inflammatory. In acute pain helps as an emergency measure 15-20 drops to 20 ml Tea tree Trägeroel, such as jojoba oil or St. John’s wort oil. With this oil you can rub the painful area several times a day. For athlete’s foot Tea tree is about a week applied with a cotton swab. Then, 20 drops of Tea tree continues to treat 20 ml Aloe Vera gel and thus over a longer period. Herpes: several pure dab tea tree oil daily with a cotton swab to the affected areas. Against itching, redness and hives, in mosquito, bee and wasp stings one drop pure on the stitch, repeat if necessary. Acne: Tea tree oil directly onto the pimples and inflammatory nodules. Gums: massage In gingival abscesses and canker sores in the mouth, the gums with 1 to 2 drops of Tea tree often, until healed. Please remember that tea tree oil may be irritating too strong in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, tea tree oil is one of the substances which can generate an allergy in an increased extent! Important note for pets: Cats can be poisoned strong with only a few drops of tea tree.

therefore tea tree oil should not be taken for pest control in cats! You have any orders or questions? So you can always reach us: Old Sonnen-Apotheke OHG, market 2, 49740 Haselünne (Emsland) Phone 05961-294 Fax 05961-9247 e-mail: request at alte-sonnen-apotheke-app. de (To protect against spam, we have advertised the at sign you need to replace this advertised at by the @ sign, so that the e-mail address is valid. . ) Telephone inquiries and phone orders we process immediately, to fax and e-mail requests? Usually no later than two working days an answer. Opening times :

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