4 Effective Remedies for Cold Sores Natural Treatment

This so annoying and painful disease is caused by herpes simplex virus 1. When the first symptoms of cold sores, natural treatment is most recommended. Note that is spread by contact: by kissing or sharing contaminated objects such as razors, toothbrushes, washcloths, etc. And what are the symptoms? Itchy lips or in the mouth area, burning sensation, tingling, blistering or painful blisters filled with a yellowish liquid, scabs and occasional fever. The blisters last 6 to 12 days. It usually occurs when you have a weak immune system. Read on to learn how to solve this problem naturally. If you have cold sores, natural remedies treatment with 4: 1. Lemon is antiseptic and healing, and these properties is widely used in popular home remedies for many ailments. If you use it you must be aware that it will be a little painful and your blisters will burn, but the result will be worth it. A lemon cut into pieces, take one and pass by salt, which previously’ve put on a plate; hover over the wound and press them with him, so that both salt and citric make its effect.

Ideally, you leave it for 5 minutes three times a day. Blisters disappear faster. 2. Garlic is also wonderful as a home remedy, it acts as a natural antiviral, is antibiotic and antiseptic. Simply cut a clove of garlic in half and rub for a few seconds in the gallbladder. You can do this several times a day, and the more the better. 3. Milk is good for cold sores natural treatment, as is high in lysine, which is an amino acid in the protein existing synthesized by the organism which helps, in turn, to inhibit arginine, another amino acid that favors the emergence of outbreaks. Both milk and yogurt contain lysine and use these dairy products will help your herpes heal faster. Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and moistens herpes, or apply a little chilled yogurt on the area and let dry. It is also recommended that you take it while you have the outbreak and will work inside and outside. 4. Honey, meanwhile, has similar properties: it is antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial; It helps the skin to regenerate much faster and relieve pain.

It has been traditionally used to cure since the time of ancient Rome and serves perfectly as cold sore home treatment. For this remedy you can use any honey, but if you can get pure or unprocessed honey will be much better, because it contains powerful enzymes healing and disinfection. Apply with a cotton swab and a little honey on the small blister and let dry. For cold sores natural treatment should cleanse with soap and water before inserting any remedy, the more you keep clean the wound will be faster healing. And if you want to follow a treatment for herpes that definitively ends the virus, the most effective solution is one: the ULTIMATE PROTOCOL OF HERPES, Melanie Addington guide. This protocol not only annihilate any type of herpes virus that may dwell in your body (latent or not), but it will help you improve your health, very simply strengthening your immune system. It is a step that in just three stages assures the complete disappearance of herpes method. Thanks to this natural remedy cold sores, thousands of people have already stopped suffering this condition, and you’ll be one of them. CLICK HERE TODAY and in no time the herpes virus will be just a bad memory-and you’ll be healthier than ever! You may also like:

PHARMASWISS Herpatch Remesense 8pts

The release film Herpatch Remesense for cold sores is a transparent, soluble pad to relieve pain and itching caused by the herpes sores. These thin, dissolving patches to healing are used during the full cycle of pustules that first tingle. The insignia patches accelerate the treatment of blisters by creating an exceptional theraeftikou environment and relieve the pain and feel the warmth. Thanks dissolve technology does not require removal, which is a painful process, and causes the opening of the wound as a non-dialytopoioumena pads on the market. The patches Herpatch Remesense vesicles to isolate protection against dirt and bacteria, but also to avoid the spread of the virus and the skin and blisters. You can apply on top of lipstick or sunscreen, not be ashamed of us! The patches Herpatch contain a number of ingredients that restore the skin and help support the healing process. create the revolutionary pads an environment that the same natural immune system is allows more efficient and ease the pain and feel the warmth. Usage: The Herpatch Remesense aftodialyomeni is a membrane that desensitization and treatment of blisters sores helps by providing a physical barrier around the infected area and controlling the microenvironment of the wounded skin. instructions: Wash before use or rinse the affected area. Leave the area moist. Moisture is needed to attach the pad and start working.

Separate a single inner packaging and open the foil. Ensure clean and dry your fingertips and remove the pad. Place pad in cold sores. If necessary, re-moisturize the body to help with water or saliva, the pad can not slip. If herpes is mainly the skin, the adhesion of the patch by immersing the pad in water for 2 seconds before to facilitate the sign of herpes. The patch will aftodialythei wholly or partly after hours. If necessary, dampen the area to remove any residue. Use twice daily or more frequently if required. You can pad aftodialyomeno Herpatch Remesense at any time of the occurrence of herpes. However, we recommend that you use at the first sign of the event. Precautions: Do not attempt to drive the patch because it can open the blister. The membrane can be removed by careful wetting of the patch. When the limbic herpes and / or symptoms for more than 12 days, consult a specialist.

Only for external use. Not to be used in the mouth or to treat genital herpes. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using. Not recommended for children under 12 years old without supervision. Before use in children younger than 4 years, ask your doctor. Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Can not not reach and sight of children. Individual patches, the package is damaged, it should not be used. General precautions Diakreia expression of Herpes: Do not touch the vesicles due to the risk of further contamination of other areas. When the touch, wash your hands. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep newborns and infants. Do not share anything that could be contaminated with saliva (toothbrush, glasses, .

. ). Avoid body contact. Avoid UV rays (UV). People with particularly dirty wounds and / or if the infection has spread to other parts of the skin should be encouraged to consult the doctor.