Should one kiss children on the mouth?

It is proved that the affection improve mental health and intellectual development of our children. But what kind of shows? Kisses on the mouth from parents to children are very controversial because there are those in favor and those against. No one can tell us how to raise our children but it is important to consider certain issues. What the numbers say A study by The Haworth Press found that 80 percent of participating parents used to sleep in the same bed as her daughter of 5 years. 51 percent of them entered the bathroom while her daughter usually bathed and 47 percent of mothers used to kiss their children 10 years on the lips before going to work. In addition it was shown kissing a greater extent opposite sexes, that is, father and daughter mother and son. “If You start to kiss your children on the lips, when do you stop? It’s very confusing. The kiss on the lips can be exciting for them, “said Dr. Charlotte Reznick, a child psychologist and professor at the University of California in an interview. However, there are no studies demonstrating the positive or negative consequences on children.

>> I found out more: Why is it important to be loving? Kissing disease Mononucleosis is commonly called so because it is spread by saliva or close contact. The mouth kissing newborn babies can be dangerous because bacteria and viruses are transmitted orally. In 2009, a baby died 11 days in Britain because her mom caught herpes to kiss her on the lips. The small still had not developed immune system. That same year, the world population will be warned and recommended avoiding kissing on the cheek by the pandemic inflenza H1N1 virus, known as influenza A. In this regard, it is important to note that the mouth is the route of infection of many diseases and, above all, take into account the sensitive and prone they are our children before doing so to protect them. Other ways to show affection There are many ways to be kind to your children. Accompany them when they are sick, are injured or feel sad are also gestures of love. Combing your daughter before going to school each morning or sit with your baby to do homework are significant moments later remember for a lifetime. All displays of affection are valid while you respect your limits and your body, especially when the changes start growth.

You can start by surprise and say “I love you” during dinner. Who does not like to feel loved? According to specialists 40. 3 percent of people think that it’s okay to kiss children on the mouth at any age while 19. 6 said it was not acceptable at any age. Meanwhile, 40. 1 considers it appropriate to 5 years. And you, what do you think? View also: Ma, what is sex? Responding to the most uncomfortable questions