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Opportunistic Infections (II) Fungi and protozoa, other hazards ISABEL F. LANTIGUA BESIDES . . . The importance of infections, whether caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses, which complicate the clinical course of patients with HIV has been recognized since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. But, as highlighted by Santiago Moreno, of the Infectious Diseases Hospital Ramon y Cajal, “if something has changed dramatically in HIV with the introduction of HAART have been opportunistic diseases that now have much less impact. ” However, the therapy against AIDS has generated a new type of complications called inflammatory syndromes of immune restoration, ie infections that were dormant in the human body and the reconstruction of the immune system suffers AIDS patient thanks treatment are activated. Santiago Moreno explains that these inflammatory reactions are characterized appear shortly after initiation of HAART are associated with a profound reduction in viral load and increased CD4 lymphocytes. The positive fact is that if you improve with continued therapy.

Among the infections they are due to HIV easier way to expand distinguished: Virus infections: The most important today are the progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) and those caused by cytomegalovirus and herpes zoster. “The cytomegalovirus retinitis were one of the most terrible and feared complications for HIV patients at the beginning of the epidemic. He left blind to most of those affected and had a very toxic treatment” recalls Dr. Moreno. HAART changed this situation. He died before arrival 95% of patients while this percentage has now dropped to 6%. In the case of PML, antiretroviral treatment has also increased the survival of people who suffer, from four to six months in the 80s, the current two years from the time the disease is diagnosed. Bacterial infections: “It is impossible to avoid exposure to bacteria that live with us it is very important for early diagnosis, as bacterial infections can become responsible for up to 30% mortality in HIV patients. “. This is highlighted Juan Gonzalez del Castillo, the San Carlos Clinical Hospital of Madrid. According to this expert has “bacterial pneumonias are the leading cause of hospitalization and serve to indicate if recurring, the disease of AIDS. ” The main responsible for these pneumonia in HIV-positive patients is ‘Streptococcus pneumoniae’.

Specifically, the annual incidence of pneumonia caused by this bacterium varies between 18,000 and 46,000 AIDS patients, compared to 1,000 produced per person per year in the general population. The ‘Pseudomonas aeruginosa’ is a cause of serious infections in HIV patients, according to Dr. Gonzalez del Castillo, “in recent years has detected a significant increase of the same in patients with AIDS. ” Other organisms that threaten those affected by HIV is the ‘Salmonella’. The risk of infection by this bacterium is between 20 and 100 times higher in these patients than in healthy individuals. The same applies to the ‘Campylobacter’ presents a germ infections in people with HIV with a frequency 39 times higher than in the rest of the population. As for skin conditions, this specialist Clinical Madrid highlights caused by syphilis, whose ulcerated lesions facilitate HIV transmission. Fungal infections: These disorders remain a major problem in developing countries. “Thrush has been the most common opportunistic infection in patients with HIV infection during the first decade of the epidemic, the date on which up to 90% of patients had this complication at some point,” says Juan Berenguer, Unit Infectious Diseases hospital Gregorio Maranon. “Fortunately, HAART has swept the clinical scene,” he adds. Other infections of this family are aspergillosis, caused by Aspergillus’, which are the most abundant fungi in the environment of human beings and histoplasmosis, which is endemic in North America (especially in Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee), Central America, South America and Cuba and Puerto Rico. “This disease is more severe in patients with AIDS than in other patients and up to 20% of patients the disease is fulminant” says Dr.

Berenguer. Protozoal diseases “. Opportunistic infections are still around and still kill, even though it lowered its incidence is why it is very important to prevent them in seropositive patients,” says Dr. Daniel Podzamczer, of the Infectious Diseases at the University of Bellvige (Barcelona ). Among the opportunistic infections caused by protozoa one of the most frequent is the Toxoplasma encephalitis, caused by the ‘Toxoplasma gondii’. This body has a high incidence in the general population in Europe, up to 80% and the percentage is even higher in HIV +. It is also common leishmaniasis, which is an endemic infection in 88 countries, including Spain, and more frequent in patients with AIDS than in the rest of the population. One common pathologies presenting patients with HIV infection is diarrhea. Thus, some opportunistic parasites have become particularly important, such as ‘Cryptosporidium’ that “until recently led patients to lose up to 20 kilos in a few days,” recalls Dr. Podzamczer. START

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In addition, heat shock proteins provide an immediate activation of the immune system. The development of herpes can be stopped, the symptoms such as tingling, burning, itching or tightness subside. Controlled heating is ensured by the patented microchip technology. The temperature-time constant ensures user independently a consistent performance and compatibility. For dermatological testing the formation of blisters was totally prevented in the test subjects with timely application of Herpotherm®. When used later, a less serious cycle and / or an earlier subsidence of the symptoms described. Application: untwist Herpotherm® place Herpotherm® to the affected area and press the button. First, the heat-up phase, which is heralded by an acoustic signal occurs. The lighting of the LED indicates that the operating temperature of the device was achieved. The treatment lasts about 4 seconds. The purely superficial heating of the skin may be accompanied by a short pain reaction depending on the sensitivity.

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Herpotherm® can prevent the outbreak completely, not only shortens the time of suffering Effect without any chemicals – by concentrated heat Unrestricted application for pregnant women, allergies and epilepsy Flexible and discreet use, small and handy shaped like a lipstick that fits every Trouser / handbag Long life, battery supplied is sufficient for several hundred treatments and can be easily replaced Patented high technology – specially designed microchip is “heart” 100% Made in Germany Dermatologically tested For further information www. herpotherm. de What in the end remains: In the period from 1.

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The herpes zoster (shingles) is a neurodermale disease is defined as relapse endogenous varicella. Characteristic are segmental lesions arranged in the sensitive Innervationsgebieten a brain or spinal nerve. Epidemiology: The herpes zoster occurs without seasonal increase sporadically. The incidence increases markedly from the age of 50. Immunocompromised patients are significantly more at risk. pathogenesis: It is believed that the varicella-zoster virus advance during the initial infection on the way of the cutaneous nerves in the lower nerve centers. They can persist for many years as a latent infection. Once reactivated, the virus pass along the sensory nerves back into the skin. They multiply in certain skin cells and cause inflammation with the typical rash. Clinical picture: The first symptoms are usually pain, discomfort, burning and itching often already in the affected skin area.

These can come general symptoms like fever, headache and swollen lymph nodes. The pain may be constant or intermittent, localized or diffuse. This prodromal stage lasts about three to five days. The at this stage still unexplained pain may misinterpretation to unauthorized medical procedures cause (gall surgery, appendectomy). Acute herpes zoster begins with malaise and pain. Lesions occur in two to three and sometimes up to seven days later. The initial unilateral erythema is usually limited to one to three areas of the skin. After that, standing in groups bubbles develop. These bubbles may re-occur within up to five days and merge. They fester in the course and can dry out in several stages. Herpes zoster is most frequently located in the cranial and thoracic dermatomes The shingles accompanying pain is defined as comprising the initial pain, acute pain during the acute disease and postherpetic neuralgia. The latter applies, however, already as a complication.

The acute pain is sharp or stabbing. They last up to about a month. The cause is inflammation of the nerve cells with focal degeneration of motor and sensory nerve roots. In addition, the associated nerve pathways and the surrounding nerves blood vessels become inflamed. With the onset of skin lesions intensified the acute pain and increases only slowly from, mostly parallel to the skin healing. complications: After an extensive infestation of the skin with bloody bubbles scars may remain in the healing. The most common and most annoying of all complications of persistent nerve pain after an all-nighter zoster disease. They can affect the quality of life of those affected greatly. Chronic pain is usually burning or show up in violent, stabbing pain attacks. A generalized herpes zoster is when the person concerned has rashes outside bubbles outside the primarily affected dermatomes. The risk of such a path is increased in the following situations: Patients during radiation

In Lymphkrebserkrankungen With AIDS In other therapies that suppress the immune system The disease can be life threatening in severe cases with hemorrhagic confluent lesions or Mitbefall internal organs. Approximately 1-5% of patients experience motor paralysis. Mostly affects the neck or lumbar region. The outages form in up to 70% of patients in full. A meningitis or inflammation of the spinal cord and brain generally zoster can develop, especially in severe cases in the area of ​​the first trigeminal nerve or generalized herpes. These complications may already 30 days before the skin lesions, but also occur up to two months after their healing. The potential complications from the eyes are manifold: eyelid swelling Conjunctivitis Lidlähmung

Hornhautentzündung Inflammation of the choroid or the retina Lidrandgeschwüre or secondary glaucoma The eyelashes may turn gray or fall out permanently Pitted warping occur mainly in the eyelid area The incidence of one or more ocular complications is 20-40%. When herpes zoster infection with the ear of the second and / or third trigeminal infested. The symptoms include facial paralysis, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness and severe pain. The infestation of the oral mucosa with aphthous ulcers, erosions, ulcerations and Gingivitis is almost mandatory. Diagnosis: In the early stage diagnosis of herpes zoster is difficult. Once the lesions with herpetiform bubbles occur on an erythematous base in a dermatome, the diagnosis is relatively straightforward. Conventional therapy:

Antiviral therapy should begin quickly, preferably within 72 hours after onset of lesions or even the suspicion of an incipient herpes zoster. This course of the disease is influenced positively. Especially zoster-associated pain can be reduced, especially in people over 50, with herpes zoster in the head region and in immunocompromised patients. In Germany, several antivirals for the treatment of herpes zoster are approved. The pain management is performed according to the rules for pain management of WHO; there are predominantly used substances that are able to influence chronic nerve pain positive example Amitriptyline or gabapentin. Treatment of shingles from holistic medical perspective According to a Japanese study raise many underlying diseases, the risk of reactivation of the varicella zoster virus, and thus for a shingles. We analyzed data from nearly 56,000 patients with 17 diseases. For example: stress Mental and physical traumas Advanced age immunosuppression

Cancer and oncology treatment hypertension renal insufficiency diabetes Autoimmune diseases of all kinds favor the occurrence of shingles with the diseases described above. The result of this study, I can confirm through the many years of observation and experience in my practice. I am therefore in patients who develop shingles, special attention for the presence of the stated parameters. A thorough health examination with immune status and the implementation of screening is useful in any case after a all-nighter shingles. The treatment is divided into The acute treatment The further treatment with careful diagnosis Acute treatment:

6 x infusions of high-dose vitamin C, zinc and selenium and Quentakehl D5 Homeopathic acute treatment depending on the location of the infestation, the type of skin rashes, the accompanying symptoms and the pain Enzyme therapy with Karazym – enzyme tablets 3 x2 for 10 -14 days treatment: Depending on the cause, the treatment is customized. In most cases, a basic immunotherapy with 6- 10 Injectable Thymuspräparationen makes sense. The treatment with homeopathy should for a time be continued in order to shorten or even prevent the occurrence of very painful postherpetic neuralgia and other discomfort. In any case of herpes zoster must be taken very seriously, both in terms of acute symptoms and its complications as well as the importance as a warning symptom of underlying disease processes or immunodeficiencies.