COMPEED Calenturas 15 PATCHES – Compeed Cold sores Calenturas 15 Patches

7 Benefits of COMPEED® Total Care Invisible: It is acting with maximum speed instantly protects injuries Reduces itching, stinging and burning Reduces redness and inflammation Relieves pain It reduces blistering and helps prevent scabbing significantly reduces the risk of contagion In addition they remain in place an average of 8 hours and are clinically tested. HOW TO USE The first step before applying the patch for cold sores is to wash your hands. 1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry.

Do not use the patch together with any cream. If you did, when you apply the patch to the fever would not get that perfectly adheres to the skin, and therefore would not get all their benefits. Wash hands before applying the patch Compeed Calenturas 2. The following is removing the applicator wrap and hold the ends with both hands. Remove the applicator Compeed 3. Then should gently pull each end of the applicator, following the arrows on it, until the half of the adhesive patch area is exposed. One of the things you should consider when applying the patch for cold sores is not reach out and touch the adhesive area of ​​the patch, because it would lose adhesion. Pull each end to have the adhesive Compeed 4. Press gently with a finger half of the patch to ensure proper application of the injury of cold sores. Press gently with your finger pad on horniness

5. Gently press the entire surface of the patch to proper placement on the hotness. Press gently until the correct placement of the dressing on the hotness How to remove the patch COMPEED® cold sores? COMPEED® patches emerge naturally. When the patch begins to peel, must be removed and apply a new patch COMPEED® cold sores. 1. To remove the patch, gently pull the edge. 2. Pass two hands to pull the edge parallel to the skin sense. 3. Pull the patch until off completely. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE

Apply lipstick dressing from the first symptoms of itching or burning. When you start to feel the tingling usually felt just before the fever outbreak, apply the dressing without hesitation and have it give more controlled. The dressing for cold sores can use it anyone suffering an outbreak of cold sores. The only precaution you must take with lipstick dressing is if you are or think you may be pregnant. In that case, see your doctor before. Children should only use the dressing calenturas under parental supervision. Remember to change the dressing lip where it appears approximately every 8 hours. For maximum effectiveness lip dressing, take it 24 hours a day. Some people think that needs to be withdrawn from time to time for the fever to “breathe”, but in reality, all we’d get is to lengthen the healing process, so we recommend bringing the dressing throughout the day. The lip dressing should be used until the end of the outbreak of herpes. Change them when arising a new one until the fever disappears.