Do you usually have herpes on the lips?

Continued progress in the treatment of cold sores annoying June 25, 2012by hola. com Progress continues in the treatment of cold sores annoying 1Comments There are certain people who are prone to cold sores on her lips. And that is a fairly common infection. It affects the lips, mouth or gums and the ‘culprit’ is the herpes simplex virus type I. It manifests itself as small, painful blisters commonly called cold sores. The problem is that after the first infection, the virus becomes dormant in nerve tissue of the face, and sometimes the virus “wakes up” (reactivates) and becomes manifest, say the experts Arkopharma. Why do I see? Stress, sun exposure, fever, a drop of defenses, etc . . .

favor their appearance. In addition, herpes viruses are spread by direct contact with someone who is infected. How does it manifest?  It begins with a tingling or itching after one or two days the area becomes sensitive to touch, heat and cold. Later a blister filled with liquid and lasts between 2 and 7 days is formed. And finally it breaks the crust will lasting other 2 to 7 days appearing. Then the injury is getting smaller and less painful until it disappears. Is there a treatment?  Herpes can not be cured, but treated. The most common treatment local application of creams with antivirals (acyclovir) that decrease the duration in about a day. And also there in the market dressings and patches for fever. However, the biggest problem for patients who suffer is the tendency to repeat itself. Therefore, the lambing of new treatment options are of great interest in the field of health.

A new treatment option Recent advances in medicine have shown that light can be a therapeutic tool, in particular infrared light to be considered, having a length greater than the red wavelength, emits heat and is not visible to human eyes. According to the Arkopharma laboratories (which just launched Herpestick, based on this system), infrared light has a healing effect on cold sores because it penetrates into the inner layers of the skin, right in the cell layer which usually is the virus latent herpes labialis. This naturally light activates cells of the immune system and accelerates cell recovery.