Serological Profile Of Hsv 2 In Patients Attending Sti Clinic Evaluation Of Diagnostic Utility Of

Serological profile of HSV-2 in Patients attending STI clinic: Evaluation of diagnostic utility of HSV-2 IgM detection 1) Download the resource depends on the source page 2) To download the application, you must be user registered Universia download resource Resource details Membership: Directory of Open Access Journals – Articles Description: Objective: The present study was done to Evaluate the serological profile of herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2) Among Patients attending sexually transmitted infections (STI) clinic and to determine the utility of detecting HSV-2 IgM antibodies in Such Patients . A correlation of HSV-2 infection With other STI Including HIV has Also Been Attempted. Materials and Methods: Patients Hundred consecutive Attended WHO STI clinic, with one or more of the complaints as enunciated by WHO in syndromic approach for the diagnosis of STI, Were included as subjects. All subjects Were screened for common STI by standard laboratory Procedures / commercially available kits. HSV-1 and HSV-2 IgM antibody was detected by commercially available enzyme immuno assay kit in all patient’s will. You were will be tested for other STI Also, Namely HIV, Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus and Treponema pallidum.

Antigen detection was done for Chlamydia trachomatis in genital swabs of all Patients by Bio-Rad Microplate EIA Chlamydia 31189 (United States) kit. Results: Thirty Patients Were found To have genital herpes. In 17/30 (56. 6%) Patients, HSV-2 serology was found to correlate the clinical diagnosis With. The coexistence of other infection in HSV-2 seropositive was detected in 8/30 Patients Patients. None of the Patients Having concomitant infections Were clinically diagnosed accurately. Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of IgM antibodies for the diagnosis of genital herpes was 73. 91%, 90. 91%, 70. 83% and 92. 91% respectively. Conclusion: HSV-2 IgM detection Could be used only as a test for the diagnosis supportive of genital herpes. It needs to be emphasized That the sensitivity and positive predictive value scores are pointers for further improvement in the commercial assay systems and large sample size to determine the broader May utility of Such systems.

Author (s): Choudhry Shilpee – V Ramachandran – Das Shukla – Bhattacharya S – Mogha Narendra – Id . : 64271508 Language: Inglés – Version: 1. 0 Status: Final Keywords: Co – infection – Resource type: article – Interactivity Type: Expository Interactivity Level: very low Audience: Student – Teacher – Author – Structure: Atomic

Cost: no Copyright: yes : CC BY-NC-SA Technical requirements: Browser: Any – Relationship: [IsBasedOn] Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology, Vol 52, Iss 3, pp 353-356 (2009) [References] http://www. ijpmonline. org/article. asp? issn=0377-4929;year=2009;volume=52;issue=3;spage=353;epage=356;aulast=Choudhry [References] https://doaj. org/toc/0377-4929 Contribution Date: Oct 30, 2015

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Stomatitis: Causes and Symptoms –

Viruses and bacteria as the cause of stomatitis The causes of stomatitis are very diverse. Most infections by bacteria, viruses or yeast are responsible, particularly frequently the yeast Candida albicans, which leads to oral thrush. Characteristic of this is a whitish coating on the oral mucosa at a stomatitis. There is often an underlying disease that leads to weakening of the immune system and thus makes an infection possible. Bacteria like to settle here, when the oral mucosa already damaged or the general condition is weakened. In the viruses of the first contact leads with the herpes simplex virus to a very painful inflammation of the mouth, the doctors then speak of a Gingivastomatitis Herpetic or mouth sores (aphthous stomatitis). During such an infection, which usually occurs in children, there is small, painful blisters in the oral cavity that itch, burn or tension, accompanied by severe salivation. These occur in stomatitis as general symptoms high fever and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Other causes of Stomatitis In addition to a whole range infections exist other causes of mouth sores: Allergic reactions eg against certain foods, prosthetic material, dental hygiene, medications. Stomatitis medicamentosa is called the allergic reaction to medicines in the mouth (often with penicillins)

Plaque, tartar, caries Poorly fitting dentures or braces Burns to hot food or drinks Vitamin deficiencies (vitamin A, B and C), iron or folate deficiency Poisoning and injuries (nicotine, alcohol, metals) Dry mouth (especially in old age) Irritations and injuries (bite injury when chewing, hard toothbrush) Hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause) Stomatitis occurs as concomitant disease in the skin, metabolic and blood disorders, and as a side effect of cancer chemotherapy With increasing age subject to the oral mucosa greater risks. This reduces the immune system and the oral mucosa is dry. This lack of saliva, which plays an important role in the self-cleaning of the mouth and the teeth: The salivary glands produce up to one and a half liters of fluid per day, substances which it contains a neutral pH and an enemy of germs oral cavity care. Furthermore, dentures and dentures can cause problems.

Inflammation of the mouth (stomatitis) occur particularly often at a weakened general condition and lack of oral hygiene. At risk of stomatitis are also people who can not take no food and the elderly with dentures. Symptoms of Stomatitis Possible symptoms of stomatitis are redness, swelling, burning and pain, especially in hot, acidic or spicy foods. Sometimes coverings are to be seen and bad breath occurs when a stomatitis is present. Also increased salivation (or vice versa dry mucous membranes) and possibly bleeding are unpleasant side effects of a stomatitis. It can also arise aphthous ulcers, white-coated, painful defects of the oral mucosa, which are surrounded by a red halo and occur sporadically or in groups.

Herpes simplex infection – infection Manual

From Infection Guide Herpes simplex infection [ICD10: a. 60, B. 00, P. 35] General pathogen Risk Group 2) Herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 Pathogen-containing material Respiratory secretions; Secretion of infectious foci (bubbles); Liquor; vaginal Usual routes of infection Transmission by contact of mucous membrane or damaged skin with material containing pathogens;

Possible transmission paths in hospital Transmission by contact of mucous membrane or damaged skin with material containing pathogens; A high risk for neonates born to mothers with primary genital herpes; Staff and members with herpes simplex virus lesions may not on neonatal stations and should be kept away from patients with severe immune deficiency, generalized eczema, large skin defects or burns; message Laboratory report in accordance with § 7 IfSG; Occur frequently in the hospital; Consultation Hygiene Institute Duration of subsequent measures Duration of the disease accommodation Patients should not be accommodated together with patients whose immune system is so weakened that they are particularly vulnerable to infection. In addition, they must be kept away from patients with extensive skin defects or burns; Newborns and patients with generalized severe disease should be insulated; For children: toys must be disinfected (Antifect Liquid) Protection- precautions Protective gowns and gloves

Required when the potential for contact with material containing pathogens, with contaminated objects; Mouth-nose protection Surgical face mask only if expected formation of aerosols or splashing erregerhaltigen exudates required; safety goggles Required only if is likely to aerosol formation or splashing of secretions containing pathogens; hairprotection Not mandatory Shoe exchange Not mandatory Ongoing disinfection hand disinfection After each contact with contaminated objects and material; after removing gloves or the protective gown; before leaving the patient’s room;

Use virus-effective hand sanitizer Group II surface disinfection Routine disinfecting cleaning sufficient; Surface disinfectant Group I instruments Disinfection required; Insert after use in ready-made instrument disinfection solution of Group I; note concentration and exposure time; Subsequently, the sterilization performed; Thermal treatment is always to be preferred; In central disinfection: transport in closed containers; dishes Thermal Cleaning: Dishwasher 93 ° C is sufficient; Laundry / textiles Routine disposal sufficient; 95 ° C A patient’s own laundry When washed at 95 ° C at home; final disinfection patient rooms

Routine disinfection; Surface disinfection with equipment of Group I sufficiently; Toys with disinfectant Group V insert, then thoroughly cleaned with water; site preparation At risk of infection: mattresses, pillows and blankets process immediately; Bedstead as usual recycling; disposal AS 18 01 04 (group B) Pathogen-containing material and waste that may be contaminated with material containing pathogens must be disposed 18 01 04 (group B) as waste category AS. Added: 08/2002 © Institute of Hygiene, University Hospital Münster Internal use only at UKM Updated 03:05:05 Important NOTE: Since this manual is regularly updated or revised, is only the online version valid !


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