Those Three Magic Words …

So you Told You have your partnter Those three words . . . no, not “I love you” – not yet, anyway. They Have Said “I have herpes. ” What now? Well, good news – it’s probably not unpleasant or scary Nearly the scenario you’re thinking of. Let’s say the scenario is a woman telling you she has it: A quarter of all women you sleep with are carriers of HSV-2, Whether They share That with you or not. Most are asymptomatic and THEREFORE go undiagnosed, as herpes is NOT included in standard STD testing panel. If someone is telling you That She has HSV-2, it whos Means That she is less likely to spread it to you, since she will be on the lookout for mild symptoms are undiagnosed That Those Who May miss. It Also Means That She May be likely to be using daily valtrex or other antiviral medication, and / or condoms to lower your risk further.

The official studies done by Valtrex That show per year of normal sex, the average female to male transmission rates are extremely low, even without using condoms or medication. (Which does not really help Their cause! ) Here are the stats: Avoiding sex ONLY If signs of an outbreak During 4% chance of transmission per year of a regular sex If using condoms OR ALSO daily antivirals: 2% If using condoms AND antivirals daily: 1% So, if using all three precautions, there is a 99% chance per year That the virus will not be transmitted! And if the meds are not preferable and condoms, 96% chance is not too shabby either. For ladies being Told That Their man has genital herpes, all the same info Applies, except the transmission rates are acerca double. That Means you can get your yearly risk of contracting HSV-2 from him down to 2% at the lowest. Also pretty darn low. And if you’re thinking That a lifetime of condoms or dental dams During oral sex is unappealing . .

. Those whos pretty precautions are unnecessary. HSV-2 does not prefer to live in the oral area, and there are very few cases of HSV-2 being transmitted That Way. When it does manage to happen, the chance it would ever recur is slim to none. Not Worrying About worth something in a relationship. You may also want to ask your partner if she or I have had a type specific diagnosis. It is possible That Their genital infection is whos HSV-1 (the extremely common cold sore virus), in Which case the chances I or she would ever transmit it, orally OR genitally, is almost zero, even if you are in the minority of Already people not infected With HSV-1. My blog you have lots of postings about prep genital HSV-1 if you’re looking for more info on that. I hope this posting Helps someone out there Who is looking for answers. Genital herpes does not Have to truly stand in the way of a relationship. For Thousands upon Thousands of happy and enlightened couples in the year 2008, it is entirely a non-issue.


It began in 1986 When the EEC granted funds for a meeting in Copenhagen to produce a classification on the oral lesions associated with the HIV infection. The objectives of the European Community clearing house were: to establish a classification of the oral lesions related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection; to produce teaching material for Clinicians in the form of posters, slides, etc; to train professionals in the diagnosis of HIV related oral lesions; to write annotated bibliographies of the selected oral lesions; to give lectures and courses on the oral manifestations of HIV infections. The most Commonly found lesions are candidiasis, hairy leukoplakia (HL), periodontal disease and Kaposi’s sarcoma. The problem with diagnosing hairy leukoplaskia is its clinical resemblance to Certain fungal infections. Persistence of symptoms after antifungal treatment is a strong indication, to be confirmed by histopathological tests Including detection of Epstein-Barr viral deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The virus has thus been detected, HOWEVER, in samples of normal epithelium. It is recommended did 42 HIV related oral lesions be divided into 3 groups: lesions strongly associated, less Commonly associated, and lesions seen in HIV infection. Further research is as follows: candidiasis and hairy leukoplakia in relation to HIV infection; Further classification and study of HIV related oral ulcerations and periodontal diseases; the predictive value in prognosis and response to treatment of all HIV-associated oral lesions. The Following classification of oral lesions associated with HIV infection has been established. Group I Lesions strongly associated with HIV infection: Candidiasis (erythematous, hyperplastic, pseudomembranous); hairy leukoplakia (EBV); gingivitis in HIV infected persons (necrotizing gingivitis in HIV infected persons, periodontitis in HIV infected persons);

Kaposi’s sarcoma; non hodgkin’s lymphoma. Group II Lesions definitely but less Commonly associated with HIV infection: A typical ulceration; idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura; salivary gland diseases (dry mouth due to Decreased salivary flow rate, Unilateral or bilateral swelling of major salivary glands); viral infections (Other than EBV) (cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, human papillomavirus and varicell zoser virus – herpes zoster, varicella). Group III Lesions Possibly associated with HIV infection: Bacterial infections (actinomucosis, Enterobacter cloacae, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, mycobacterium avium intracellulare, tuberculosis); cat scratch disease; ectopic geographic tongue; epithelioid angiomatosi; exacerbation of apical periodontitis;

fungal infection other than candidiasis (aspergillus flavus, Cryptococcus, geotrichosis, histoplasmosis, Mucormycosis); lymphomatoid granulomatosis; melanotic hyperpigmentation; neurologic disturbances (Facial palsy, trigeminal neuralgia); osteomyelitis; sinusitis; submandibular cellulitis; squamous cell carcinoma; toxic epidermolysis. A new grant made it possible to continue the work in the light of recent advances in the field and expand the work into other fields: teaching materials, teaching, registration forms and ethical aspects.

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Dental High-Tech | – Dental practice gab in ALEXA, Berlin-Mitte –

Dental High-Tech | – Dental practice gab in ALEXA, Berlin-Mitte – digital X-ray and DVT (Digital volume tomogram / 3D X-ray) The digital X-ray technology allows for maximum expressiveness with minimal radiation exposure. As a further development of the CT scan (CT) systems to provide advanced diagnostic radiology with a digital volume tomography (DVT). Thus, high-resolution 3D images of the head and neck area for oral surgery, implantology, endodontics and more can be created. computer navigated implantation A successful treatment with implants requires a thorough diagnosis and planning, so we use for implantation pre-, intra- and postoperatively the latest technology both at the hardware level (3D X-ray, SICAT Templates) as well as on software level (computerized implant navigation ). Surgical microscope Carl Zeiss OPMI PROergo Through a thorough root canal treatment with complete preparation of complete, sometimes very complicated channel system a seemingly incurable diseased tooth can be obtained. Using an operating microscope also initially missing and hidden root canals can be discovered, inspected and processed under 20x magnification. Intraoral camera Transparency is important to us. Therefore, we show you what we see, with the help of special cameras.

Diode laser LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The diode laser is a particularly versatile machine with great indication and spectrum of activity: ▪ Oral surgery ▪ Periodontology ▪ endodontics ▪ hemostasis (bleeding) ▪ removal of skin lesions such as herpes and warts ▪ treatment of sensitive tooth necks root canal treatment and ultrasonic decontamination A fast and efficient root canal treatment by modern canal preparation concepts with simultaneous electronic length determination make the treatment more comfortable for you. Disinfecting irrigation solutions used during preparation V. A.

decontamination, which can be significantly enhanced by activation by means of special ultrasound equipment and appropriate approaches. computerized anesthesia A microprocessor controlled anesthesia makes the “syringe” for you pleasant. Piezo-surgery (ultrasonic surgery) The piezo surgery is a new, soft form of surgery in which the access means of ultrasound is created. This gentle way of treatment creates security and reduces the postoperative complication. CEREC – CAD / CAM technology Inlays, partial crowns, crowns and bridges in the shortest time? The CAD / CAM technology makes this possible. So the electricity-tooth can be scanned directly and the restoration can be modeled virtually. The fast milling enables rapid definitive restoration. pen laser fluorescence caries diagnosis with DIAGNOdent Scientifically proven and no X-rays, so does the caries diagnosis of today.

About a laser probe can also detect hidden lesions and treat them early by bacterial metabolic processes in the caries. Color Mood device The color perception is subjective. You have natural looking teeth again, we support these impressions with a digital colorimeter. Lachgassedierung We offer you the possibility to carry out your treatment with a Lachgassedierung. The entire treatment is feasible so without fear. In addition, many risks of general anesthesia are avoided. A safe method for all purposes.


Herpes is over after a few days. Carnival, however schunkelt me ​​already since 11:11. the ear full. And now finally good because a storm has the duration drunken crowd times blown orderly march, which resulted in a rejection of some parades result. “Dooof” are, some think only blown the wind, and the wild fun for most (gray, cold, wet) has the season will be the loser? I Say: pitch, if one makes happiness depends on a calendar . . . . To time to be very clear: I do not begrudge the carnival so fun, but you go, it is simply a through ball to blaspheme. So no offense, dear Party Fuzzies! I can remember my childhood I have. Since I joined Carnival in principle with heat, colorful dresses, wild wiggling hips to Latin rhythms, and huge car with half-naked, happy, beautiful people on top.

Jaa until my parents had taken to my first German Karnevalszoch. Hmm, how should I say? The culture shock was just terrific and easy to pack into words: It was all gray! Grey, cold weather is not just made me happy, and when I looked around as I saw only in gray, slightly verkühlte faces. Some a bit zuu (painful) in a good mood, which probably had to be this alcohol? Sure, why Papa sings always as loud “New York, New York” in front of the television when he had previously been drinking from this huge bulbous bottle? I was at least as some clear Näää that is not mine! Well today I am no teetotaler and drink quite like to have a good vodka, but already alone this ritual preheating, is somehow strange. Why do I have only a certain “level” bringing to have fun? I drink But society, together with the other people? And if you so beautiful then moves through the streets, then blowing a not a tepid Brazilian breeze in your face, but the stench of what felt like two million people who have relieved themselves to really EVERY corner of the vomit on every second corner mal ganz not to mention. “Come in and find out! ” (In Douglas incidentally stinks sometimes similar when the bottle Poison and Fahrenheit fell down!

) No, we will not take by terror our freedom! Suck and strullen for all . . . anywhere . . . anytime . . . . freedom! And the people?

Morning already open stagger through the streets? No problem, the costume holds everything together vital. A remarkable number of women in small groups “best” (also my) age stacksen bawling through the streets and covered virtually everything that could look after man. Had the men not so (optional) stupid, drunk, starving, there was again twice as many reports of sexual harassment on any average police station. Drunk guys are bad, drunken women can keep up often! And if found once two, it is not uncommon for the world-famous “Stehfick” . . . do not you think, why party-goers Australians, Belgians, Danes, Americans in time for Carnival (and Oktoberfest) accrues etc. here? is Weil’s here so warm and funny ? ? At virtually every power distribution box, door entrance, parking ticket machine the skirt slips upward faster (and his pants down), as Helene Fischer can again nachträllert any song by another artist and it einheimsen a price.

The highlight of the place then in the time of the street carnival, between the Thursday and Ash Wednesday. Frohsinn at scheduled times, typical. And all the knowledge to the rhythm of the humor-whistle ( “Tataaa, Tataaa, Tataaa”) that they have to laugh now, complain that earlier more tinsel was, so to speak of Loriot’sche Humor in Germany the Badewannenausguss has gone down , And if one is too old for the “Mega Park” in Malle, then one can at least keep up during the carnival still and “Yes Drink ene met” cheer on the sexual stoppages with charging anthems like. Ever this music is one of the fourteen agony, right? WHO hears songs like: “Nit alles wat e hole hät it kapott” ? ? Really, really no wonder that since the Schlübber and ovaries crazy! And how do we explain the slightly haggard refugees to this “season” songs like Jürgen Milskis work with the excerpt: “German girls are the best that anyone can like to test” ? ? Crazy carnival, really now! Well, that one then not again had to watch these cardboard figures on the car this year. Medieval Witzgut modeled in papier-mache, oha.

Someone has obviously Angela Merkel on top, along with the other weighting the policy gäähn. All very harmless and marginalized groups and other religions must not be rudimentary “insulted”. you indeed know: This bitter irony, this sarcasm and then even satire and cynicism. Everything homicidal offenses, from the ground up. Nah, I’m saying: This is not for me. But, dear party-goers community, I wish you a lot of fun imaginable in cheap alcohol, cold noses and feet – and hopefully no venereal disease! True to Ina Deter “We strullns on any wall, this freedom are needed! ” , Photos: Consumerism Kaiser This is a crude generalization, intended solely for entertainment. I like it: Like Loading . .