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Cold sores causes, symptoms and remedies What is it and how to cure cold sores? Cold sores are an infection that usually affects the area of ​​the lips and responsible is a virus, Herpes Simplex virus. For all those who have suffered at least once, you know that it is an annoying, painful and unsightly infection. What are the symptoms heal him ? , how ? , what is the most effective remedy ? , from Mundolover have tried to make a list of different remedies that will tell us how to cure cold sores, if you want to know read. What causes cold sores and how it manifests? As previously overtook causes cold sores are responsible Herpes Simplex virus. Cold sores are presented in the form of small fever blisters on the lips and sometimes in the nose area. Once the virus has been contracted latent permanence in our body and is likely to manifest itself again in the future. This virus can be contracted by contagion but also often appears in times of severe stress or when our immune system has low defenses.

The main causes of cold sores are: Contact with infected people physical or emotional stress Fatigue Fever Cold or flu Hormonal changes Excessive sun or at elevated temperatures Exhibitions With regard to this útlimo point, focus on laser hair removal if you are prone to suffer this kind of herpes. Symptoms of Cold Sores It is a painful memory, but let’s look at the different phases having: 1. Redness, burning and itching

What it is ma usual in the affected area feel a slight itching or burning and then the area reddens. This phase is especially important because if you react quickly and with proper treatment can slow the onset of herpes. 2. Appearance of blisters After the initial phase, tiny blisters containing a clear fluid appear, those who have never suffered herpes can easily be confused with a grain or bite, but perculiaridad herpes is very simple, the blisters usually appear in groups. 3. Emergence of injuries Later lesions appear, small blisters break and form wounds. This phase is the most peligosa as it is when the herpes is highly contagious, so you know girls, estremar precautions. 4. Appearance of small scabs Even the most unsightly and unpleasant appearance phase of these small yellow crusts or brown are the announcement that has started the healing process, is no longer contagious and disappear within a few days, so from that moment, only patience . Treatment for Cold Sores

There are many cures to relieve or accelerate healing of cold sores, we say accelerate because, as we have seen, the only cure herpes, treatments for cold sores most effective are undoubtedly doctors. – The most effective active ingredients are acyclovir and penciclovir, which always must be prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. – There are also small patches that help also to block herpes in its early stages, the most popular are the Compeed also they offer the advantage of disguising the effect of herpers and make it more discreet. The above treatments are certainly the most effective but, what if we do not have them and not have at hand a pharmacy ? , there are other remedies to cure cold sores fortunately ? , yes, here is a list of remedies home to cure cold sores: Remedies for Cold Sores On these natural remedies for cold sores there is no medical guarantee, however are the opinions of readers like you who have made today publish here. – Essential oil of tea tree, this oil is absorbed by the lip and tends to dry the affected area – Infisiones echinacea, also present in oral tablets, as it is a friend plant our immune system – A cotton swab impregnated with alcohol, salt water, baking soda or honey. This home last remedy to cure cold sores is quite peculiar, why ? , Simple, alcohol, honey, salt are products of antibacterial action and although the herpes simplex is a virus, there are many people who asuguran the effectiveness of this home remedy for cold sores, who knows why?

– Ice, not both curative and highly terapético How to prevent cold sores? We could not finish this post without a famous advice, “prevention is better . . . ” If we know the causes is not difficult to know how to prevent cold sores: – Strengthen our immune system, how ? , with a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals – Do not expose the spread of infected people – Protection from the sun and high temperatures We hope that our remedies for cold sores you have been helpful, but much more, spend time before they have to implement them.

ocular herpes

An ocular herpes occurs frequently in the form of a bloodshot eye. synonym herpes corneal If by “herpes” is mentioned, it is commonly known. Officially is herpes simplex virus (HSV), which in turn are divided into HSV1 and HSV2. About droplet infection (air) and smear infected during their lifetime about 90% of Bewölkerung with HSV1 and carries the virus then a lifetime in the nerve cells stored with it. The “herpes” occurs then symptomatic apparent when the immune system is weakened. Cause of immune weakness can be a simple infection, another illness that weakens the immune system or an unhealthy lifestyle. More about the causes of ocular herpes, click here. The infection is quite logical: If a person is suffering from cold sores and just suffered an outbreak, he or she can be easily transported by scratching the itchy blisters and then rubbing the eye the virus from one place to another. If the ocular herpes but recognized in time, they can be treated him well and fight definitely the symptoms occur quickly, so there is rarely consequential damages such as restriction of vision. Capitalized herpesviruses form known scabby crust at various parts of the body, but often on the lips (herpes labialis). Likewise, however, the virus can also infect the eye and all other parts of the body.

When ocular herpes (herpes cornea) are often the eyelids and the cornea affected. Rarely, an additional infection of more inner choroid of the eye. Ocular herpes (herpes corneas) is rarely the first appearance point of infection with HSV1 or HSV2, but usually the spread of a recurrent (recurrent) cold sores (herpes labialis). As described above, the herpes simplex virus type 1 is capable of after a single infection that mostly already taken place at a young age to linger for a lifetime in the body in its inactive form. It then settles in the nerve cells and stays there also usually completely unnoticed – until it just comes through an interplay of certain circumstances to a renewed outbreak of the disease. Often it happens that a just undergone cold or other disease has weakened our immune system and this is then no longer able to keep the herpes virus in the nerve cells under control and the viruses multiply again and can spread. Hormonal changes can, especially in women, leading to ocular herpes outbreak. Most often, however is usually an increased level of stress, the strain on the entire body of an unhealthy way and then, of course, in addition to the already strenuous meeting, the upcoming business trip or the big planned wedding to ocular herpes leads and complicates our lives. For more information, also read: ocular herpes causes In an ocular herpes may occur: Redness of the eyes, Foreign body sensation in Blink, strong burning and itching and

an increased secretion of fluid from the eye. Especially in the morning, the eyes are often glued. It can form bubbles on the lids that look similar to the cold sores. Often the cornea is affected by ocular herpes. More rarely it comes to a herpes infection between the Augapfelwand and the choroid. This attack, however, is all the more serious, since the area is under attack, which is necessary for the nutrition of the retina. For this reason, in this case, the risk of blindness. Herpes on the eye indiviudell developing very differently and examination by a doctor is essential. Symptoms Eye Herpes in short: The herpes corneas showing the typical symptoms of inflammation of the cornea (keratitis): eyes redness Foreign body sensation photosensitivity

Sehverschlechterung (Rare) sticky eyes Burning, itching Read more about: ocular herpes symptoms The more often the episodes occur, the more likely the scarring will affect over time, the eyesight, well out into other parts of the eye are affected with the herpes outbreaks. In severe cases, it can lead to an ulcer of the cornea, which can leave a hole in the cornea from breaking up. If the disease becomes chronic, it can lead to further eye diseases by itself. The ocular herpes can of course also occur in babies and toddlers. The disease here differs in no way from that of adults, only the treatment turns out to be a little more complicated, since the cooperation with the youngsters is often not given and is quickly rubbed times with his hands in his burning eyes. So here special attention of the parents is required. Read more about: Herpes Baby Ocular herpes is i. a.

treated with eye drops. The ophthalmologist will prescribe to diagnose ocular herpes (by smear on the eye) eye drops and / or eye ointments with Antivirals-active substances such as: acyclovir, ganciclovir, trifluorothymidine, Trifluridine and idoxuridine. Read more about: Zovirax® eye ointment From a self-treatment without a doctor visit is not recommended strongly in ophthalmic herpes disease! can be supported arranged by the ophthalmologist therapy involving the avoidance of direct sunlight, stress and Eyestrain. The eye drops or eye ointments with antivirals be dosed high for three days, then will be in the usual dosage for another ten days treated.

Prolonged local treatment with antivirals should be avoided as they can cause damage to the epithelial layer of the eye. Against the redness may in ocular herpes by no means ordinary eye drops, so-called “whiteners”, are used, as these cause a lower hydration of the eye, whereby the disease is further aggravated. Hygiene items, such as towels and washcloths should be shared in the family under any circumstances, but fall back as possible on disposable products by the person concerned, until the “herpes” is completely healed. Only by the strictest hygiene can contact infection and thus further spreading be avoided. If the ocular herpes was caused by another infection (bacterial) with, as antibiotics can be prescribed to treat the underlying disease. However, towards the herpesviruses even the antibiotics are ineffective. The herpes of the eye (corneal herpes) is the most common corneal inflammation in adulthood. Depending on the penetration depth of the following forms of herpes corneas can be distinguished: Keratitis dendritica: This form of ocular herpes concerns only the superficial epithelial layer of the cornea. The sensitivity of the cornea may be limited or can be completely eliminated. Keratitis disciformis: The stroma (middle layer of the cornea between the epithelium and the endothelium) is in this form of ocular herpes with affected, the epithelial layer is however intact. In stroma disc-shaped infiltrates are seen. Endothelial keratitis / uveitis: In severe cases of ocular herpes, there is a Einschwemmung of viruses in the aqueous humor, which can then lead to a swelling of the endothelial layer on the back of the epithelium, thereby contributing to glaucoma ( “Green Star”).

As already mentioned, is the most common cause of a renewed outbreak of ocular herpes stress. It is therefore important these be avoided if possible. So important are enough sleep (about eight hours per night), a healthy, balanced diet and a balance to the often stressful everyday life, such as sports or other hobbies. During an acute outbreak is natural to pay attention that the viruses are not additionally deported. So it is always to use your own washcloths and towels to keep their hands off the affected area and not to get too close to other people in the area with the face. The same is true for an outbreak of cold sores: sufferers should always meticulously careful after touching the herpes sores then wipe on the lips in no way her fingers over her eyes. In general should be avoided to scratch the blisters, as disturbing as they may be. Thus, the risk of developing ocular herpes can be greatly reduced already. The first occurrence of the disease is often an infection of the superficial layer. A corresponding treatment this usually heals quickly. But as the herpes viruses remain in the body, the disease can occur repeatedly. To a new eye herpes thrust can cause, among other things: Exterior irritation,

stress and infections In later episodes Herpes on the eye always the deeper layers of the cornea are affected with, which can lead to the cornea to dense scarring. It can then lead to a swelling and clouding of the cornea, which can lead to blindness in the affected eye. Self test eyesight How good is your eyesight? Test your visual acuity online. Answer to 15 short questions. Click here directly to the test eyesight For more information on ocular herpes can be found at: For more information on general topics, see: For an overview of all topics of ophthalmology under Ophthalmology A-Z.


Tanja King Dipl. Ing. Biotechnology Study: Biotechnology, TU Berlin Occupation: no longer at the chair; finished promotion In this work antiretrovirals from aquatic microorganisms have been identified that are characterized by high activity against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). Due to increasing viral resistance to conventional antivirals and undesirable side effects is to provide novel drugs of particular relevance. In the identified active substances is anionic exopolysaccharides (EPS) of the unicellular red alga Porphyridium purpureum and the cyanobacterium Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis. The EPS were respectively won by a combination of filtration or dialysis and chromatography from the culture supernatant of the cell suspensions. The IC50 values ​​(50% virus inhibiting concentration) of EPS against HCMV be used in in vitro assay 100 ug mL-1 for P. purpureum and 4 ug mL-1 for A. platensis, which to 5 mg ml-1 no significant cytotoxic effects were observed in the cell culture system used (CC50> 5 mg ml-1).

Antiviral efficacy of EPS of algae genus Porphyridium was described already against herpes simplex virus-1 and -2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) and varicella zoster virus (VZV), but not against the standing in the focus of this work β-herpesviruses. The isolated EPS from P. purpureum are effective next HCMV also against human herpesvirus 6A (HHV-6A) and vaccinia virus (VV). Antiviral polysaccharides from A. platensis previously available only as an aqueous isolate the biomass (Ca Spirulan). For the novel exopolysaccharides from A. platensis were in addition to the activity against HCMV further activities against HSV-1, HHV-6A, demonstrated against the human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) and vaccinia virus. From the group of substances sulfolipids chlorinated sulfates (CSL) made Ochromonas danica were identified with an antiviral activity against HCMV. In contrast to the EPS of P. purpureum and A. platensis the CSL have a comparatively high cytotoxicity against the human host cell line MRC-5, so that a small antiviral selectivity is observed. have been proven against various pro- and eukaryotic organisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi) for chlorinated lipids from O. danica a growth inhibitory effect.

A key characteristic of the EPS of P. purpureum and A. platensis is in the antiviral mechanism of action, which refers to an inhibition of an early phase of virus infection (adsorption and / or fusion). The EPS therefore differ from conventional antivirals that generally block the viral DNA replication. To meet the requirements for a constant product quality and a high space-time yield (STY) to achieve, studies on productivity and the impact of cultivation Sara meters to product quality on the example of the EPS from P. purpureum were performed. From the studies it can be concluded that the surface irradiance has a strong influence on the RZA, while the product quality under the given experimental conditions has a high degree of consistency with regard to the EPS composition and bioactivity. As part of a scale-up was the EPS synthesis of P. purpureum to give the antiviral efficacy of the 1 liter in the 25 liter scale are transmitted. The active compounds were purified on the basis of their material properties by filtration, precipitation and / or chromatography. Following a substance characterization was performed using physicochemical measurement methods. In this regard, a major structural description of antiviral EPS from P. purpureum and A.

platensis and the Chlorosulfolipide from O. danica scored. Because of the identified Monomeraufbaus and the molar mass of the EPS from A. platensis are structurally indistinguishable from the intracellular Ca-Spirulan. The difference is particularly justified in the absence of uronic in extracellular product. In the extracellular anionic polysaccharides from A. platensis thus is novel active substances, their in vitro activity against HCMV even the synthetic Virustatikums gancyclovir exceed. Parts of this work have been and, inter alia, in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Siegert the Medical Clinic II Oncology and Hematology, Charité, Berlin, as part of the AiF research project 13883 BG and the research group of Prof. Marshal, Department of Clinical Molecular Virology, Erlangen-Nuremberg FAU performed. The AiF research project 13883 BG was funded from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA) via the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations “Otto von Guericke” e. V. (AiF).

Tripper – symptoms, symptoms, causes – diseases lexicon

The Tripper, medical Gonorrhea is one of the world’s most common sexually transmitted infections. In Germany, subject to the gonorrhea of ​​the reporting requirement. Most ill young adults. In earlier times, when yet there were no antibiotics for the treatment of gonorrhea available, he was the most common cause of infertility (sterility). diagnostic When suspected genital gonorrhea in men is a urethral swab, a cervical smear (cervix) taken at the woman. When suspected extragenital gonorrhea also swabs from the gut or throat and other inflammatory changes and suspect areas can be removed. When suspected gonococcal sepsis in addition bacterial cultures from synovial, blood and possibly also applied from cerebrospinal fluid are. Show more Symptoms and signs In men: Inflammation of the anterior urethra portion with exit of pus Painful urination

Possibly inflammation of the foreskin and the glans By ascending infection possibly prostate and epididymitis with severe pain, fever and pronounced malaise In women: Discharge from the vagina Painful urination In ascending infection ovarian inflammation with pain and nausea due to peritoneal irritation With further spread of infection peritonitis Purulent inflammation of the Bartholin’s glands with abscess For men and women: Show more therapy Conventional medicine Gonococcal are sensitive to different antibiotics, therefore, after the diagnosis is made antibiotic therapy.

How long has to be treated depends on the nature of the antibiotic and the severity of the disease. To hedge the successful cure one week is (in women after the next menstruation) again taken swabs of the infected areas of the body after treatment and examined bacteriologically. Not infrequently suffer patients with gonorrhea not only from this disease, but who, simultaneously infected also with other pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases such as Treponema pallidum (syphilis) Chlamydia or HIV (causative agent of AIDS). These are ironed out by the attending physician if the patient agrees. Show more causes Gonorrhea is caused by gonococcal (Neisseria gonorrhoeae). The pathogens can be transmitted only by direct contact with mucous membranes, as they quickly dry out a wet mucosa and die. Typically, the infection occurs with gonorrhea during intercourse or other sexual practices with mucosal contact. An infected woman can transmit to their child, the exciter also during birth, resulting in a purulent conjunctivitis in the newborn. Show more Left Information of the Robert Koch Institute on gonorrhea

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