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In such cases, the disease is usually not curable. missionhospitals. org In Such cases, the disease is not curable Usually. missionhospitals. org However, in such circumstances, the disease is usually not curable. azkidsheart. com This is called palliative therapy. In Such Circumstances, however, the disease is not curable Usually. azkidsheart. com

Unlike [. . . ] Other cancers, Hodgkin’s disease is often very curable even in stages [. . . ] late. missionhospitals. org UNLIKE other cancers, Hodgkin’s disease is very curable even in Often late stages. missionhospitals.

org It is a curable disease and treatment in the early stages averts disability. america. gov Leprosy is a curable disease, and treatment provided in the early stages averts disability. america. gov However, we all know that with advances [. . . ] Science and technology, malaria is a preventable, treatable and curable disease. daccess-ods.

un. org But we all know That, with advances [. . . ] In science and technology, malaria is a preventable disease That is, treatable and curable. daccess-ods. un. org Although schizophrenia is not curable but it is highly [. . .

] tractable. scasouthjersey. com Schizophrenia is not curable but it is highly treatable. scasouthjersey. com q) In Indonesia, it was reported that in one case, a hotel refused to accommodate people affected by leprosy, although they had received objective information from authorities and experts [. . . ] They participated in a seminar

[. . . ] Concerning the disease, that it was treatable and curable and there was no risk [. . . ] one for staff and customers. daccess-ods. un. org (Q) In Indonesia, it was reported almost That, in one case, refused to hotel to Accommodate persons Affected by Leprosy, even after Having received objective information from Authorities and [.

. . ] experts [. . . ] Participating in a workshop About the disease, treatable and curable STI Characteristics and the lack [. . . ] of risk for the hotel staff and other guests. daccess-ods.

un. org Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN) is a rare but curable disease. www2. cochrane. org Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN) is a rare but curable disease. www2. cochrane. org Wilms’ tumor is curable in most [. . .

] affected children. cancer. gov Wilms tumor is a curable disease in the majority of affected [. . . ] children. cancer. gov While a major [.

. . ] causes of blindness, [. . . ] The falls, is easily curable with a simple operation, most of the population can not afford [. . . ] the treatment. ofid.

org , Although one of the major [. . . ] Causes of blindness, cataracts, is highly curable with a single operation, much of the population can not Afford [. . . ] treatment. ofid. org PKU is not curable, but is treatable with a [.

. . ] special diet beginning at birth. scasouthjersey. com PKU is not curable, but it is treatable With [. . . ] a special diet beginning at birth. scasouthjersey. com

10. He stressed the [. . . ] His delegation’s concern at the continuing discrimination against leprosy victims, which is a curable disease. daccess-ods. un. org I underscored His delegation’s concern at continued discrimination Against victims of leprosy, Which was a curable disease. daccess-ods. un. org

Diabetic retinopathy may not be curable, but is treatable, and [. . . ] you can avoid the terrible symptoms causing further aggravation. docshop. com Diabetic [. . . ] Might not be curable retinopathy, but it is treatable, and the devastating [. .

. ] it causes symptoms can be prevented us from escalating further. docshop. com It is estimated that TB is responsible for one in four deaths of people living with HIV, despite being a curable disease. unaids. org TB is thought to be responsible for one in four Deaths of HIV-positive people, yet it is a curable disease. unaids. org Although it is a curable disease, tuberculosis represents [. .

. ] today one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines. dolecsr. es Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable disease yet it remains one [. . . ] of the leading causes of death in the Philippines. dolecsr. com That’s because

[. . . ] Mainly because modern medicines have become immune deficiency syndrome in a not curable but treatable disease. eurotopics. net This is mainly modern medicine has made Because the immune weakness a treatable, if not curable illness. eurotopics. net Malaria is a curable and preventable disease that can be controlled by increasing the use of mosquito nets and other proven methods that are part of integrated community-based programs. ” unicef. org

Malaria is a curable and preventable disease can be controlled by That increase increasing the use of mosquito nets and other proven interventions as part of integrated, community-based Programmes. unicef. org If the disease is curable, appetite normalizes once the condition is cured. nws-obgyn. com If the illness is treatable, the appetite Should return When the condition is cured. nws-obgyn. com Leprosy was a curable disease; however, if it was not, could [. . . ]

lead to disability and perpetuate the stigma. daccess-ods. un. org Leprosy was a curable disease; however, if left untreated, result in Could it [. . . ] disabilities and perpetuate stigma. daccess-ods. un. org Macular degeneration, although it is currently not reversible or curable, may be delayed [.

. . ] or improve a variety of [. . . ] treatment options macular degeneration. docshop. com Macular degeneration, while not reversible or curable Currently, Slowed or can be eased [. .

. ] with a variety of macular degeneration treatment options. docshop. com Herpes simplex is not curable, but can remain dormant for long periods. brunswickcommunityhospital. org Once infected, the herpes simplex virus dormant for long periods Becomes of time and reactivate May. brunswickcommunityhospital. org Cerebral palsy is not curable. scasouthjersey.

com Cerebral palsy is not curable. scasouthjersey. com Ever, scarlet fever was a very serious childhood disease, but today it is easily curable. mercydesmoines. org Scarlet fever was eleven to very serious childhood disease, but now is Easily treatable. mercydesmoines. org Once cancer [. .

. ] It becomes metastatic breast is rarely, if ever, curable and patients with metastatic disease rarely survive [. . . ] three years [. . . ] from the time of diagnosis. www2. cochrane.

org The aim of [. . . ] This Review was to see if starting treatment With chemotherapy or endocrine therapy starting treatment Provides With [. . . ] more benefit in [. . .

] terms of survival, response to treatment, toxicity from treatment and quality of life. www2. cochrane. org Colon cancer is in many cases curable if detected [. . . ] on time. missionhospitals. org Colon cancer is, in many cases, a treatable disease if caught early.

missionhospitals. org Tuberculosis (TB) remains a global emergency despite being a preventable and curable disease. unaids. org Tuberculosis (TB) remains a global emergency DESPITE the fact That it is a preventable and curable disease. unaids. org The paradox is that [. . . ] Although TB ​​is a curable disease, continues to take [.

. . ] nearly 4,500 lives per day. ifrc. org TB is a very curable disease indeed, yet it still kills around [. . . ] 4,500 people every day. ifrc. org

28. Turkey has promoted in society a culture of inclusion, reception and tolerance for people [. . . ] affected by leprosy, and public awareness campaigns in which [. . . ] It explained that the disease is curable. daccess-ods. un.

org 28. Promoted to Turkey HAD culture of inclusiveness, receptiveness [. . . ] and tolerance for persons With leprosy in society, as well as public awareness [. . . ] Campaigns About the disease being curable. daccess-ods.

un. org Rosacea is not dangerous to health and gneral is not curable, but usually [. . . ] It can be controlled with treatment. mercydesmoines. org Rosacea is not medically dangerous. It is not curable, but can be controlled With Usually [. . .

] treatment. mercydesmoines. org

ocular herpes

An ocular herpes occurs frequently in the form of a bloodshot eye. synonym herpes corneal If by “herpes” is mentioned, it is commonly known. Officially is herpes simplex virus (HSV), which in turn are divided into HSV1 and HSV2. About droplet infection (air) and smear infected during their lifetime about 90% of Bewölkerung with HSV1 and carries the virus then a lifetime in the nerve cells stored with it. The “herpes” occurs then symptomatic apparent when the immune system is weakened. Cause of immune weakness can be a simple infection, another illness that weakens the immune system or an unhealthy lifestyle. More about the causes of ocular herpes, click here. The infection is quite logical: If a person is suffering from cold sores and just suffered an outbreak, he or she can be easily transported by scratching the itchy blisters and then rubbing the eye the virus from one place to another. If the ocular herpes but recognized in time, they can be treated him well and fight definitely the symptoms occur quickly, so there is rarely consequential damages such as restriction of vision. Capitalized herpesviruses form known scabby crust at various parts of the body, but often on the lips (herpes labialis). Likewise, however, the virus can also infect the eye and all other parts of the body.

When ocular herpes (herpes cornea) are often the eyelids and the cornea affected. Rarely, an additional infection of more inner choroid of the eye. Ocular herpes (herpes corneas) is rarely the first appearance point of infection with HSV1 or HSV2, but usually the spread of a recurrent (recurrent) cold sores (herpes labialis). As described above, the herpes simplex virus type 1 is capable of after a single infection that mostly already taken place at a young age to linger for a lifetime in the body in its inactive form. It then settles in the nerve cells and stays there also usually completely unnoticed – until it just comes through an interplay of certain circumstances to a renewed outbreak of the disease. Often it happens that a just undergone cold or other disease has weakened our immune system and this is then no longer able to keep the herpes virus in the nerve cells under control and the viruses multiply again and can spread. Hormonal changes can, especially in women, leading to ocular herpes outbreak. Most often, however is usually an increased level of stress, the strain on the entire body of an unhealthy way and then, of course, in addition to the already strenuous meeting, the upcoming business trip or the big planned wedding to ocular herpes leads and complicates our lives. For more information, also read: ocular herpes causes In an ocular herpes may occur: Redness of the eyes, Foreign body sensation in Blink, strong burning and itching and

an increased secretion of fluid from the eye. Especially in the morning, the eyes are often glued. It can form bubbles on the lids that look similar to the cold sores. Often the cornea is affected by ocular herpes. More rarely it comes to a herpes infection between the Augapfelwand and the choroid. This attack, however, is all the more serious, since the area is under attack, which is necessary for the nutrition of the retina. For this reason, in this case, the risk of blindness. Herpes on the eye indiviudell developing very differently and examination by a doctor is essential. Symptoms Eye Herpes in short: The herpes corneas showing the typical symptoms of inflammation of the cornea (keratitis): eyes redness Foreign body sensation photosensitivity

Sehverschlechterung (Rare) sticky eyes Burning, itching Read more about: ocular herpes symptoms The more often the episodes occur, the more likely the scarring will affect over time, the eyesight, well out into other parts of the eye are affected with the herpes outbreaks. In severe cases, it can lead to an ulcer of the cornea, which can leave a hole in the cornea from breaking up. If the disease becomes chronic, it can lead to further eye diseases by itself. The ocular herpes can of course also occur in babies and toddlers. The disease here differs in no way from that of adults, only the treatment turns out to be a little more complicated, since the cooperation with the youngsters is often not given and is quickly rubbed times with his hands in his burning eyes. So here special attention of the parents is required. Read more about: Herpes Baby Ocular herpes is i. a.

treated with eye drops. The ophthalmologist will prescribe to diagnose ocular herpes (by smear on the eye) eye drops and / or eye ointments with Antivirals-active substances such as: acyclovir, ganciclovir, trifluorothymidine, Trifluridine and idoxuridine. Read more about: Zovirax® eye ointment From a self-treatment without a doctor visit is not recommended strongly in ophthalmic herpes disease! can be supported arranged by the ophthalmologist therapy involving the avoidance of direct sunlight, stress and Eyestrain. The eye drops or eye ointments with antivirals be dosed high for three days, then will be in the usual dosage for another ten days treated.

Prolonged local treatment with antivirals should be avoided as they can cause damage to the epithelial layer of the eye. Against the redness may in ocular herpes by no means ordinary eye drops, so-called “whiteners”, are used, as these cause a lower hydration of the eye, whereby the disease is further aggravated. Hygiene items, such as towels and washcloths should be shared in the family under any circumstances, but fall back as possible on disposable products by the person concerned, until the “herpes” is completely healed. Only by the strictest hygiene can contact infection and thus further spreading be avoided. If the ocular herpes was caused by another infection (bacterial) with, as antibiotics can be prescribed to treat the underlying disease. However, towards the herpesviruses even the antibiotics are ineffective. The herpes of the eye (corneal herpes) is the most common corneal inflammation in adulthood. Depending on the penetration depth of the following forms of herpes corneas can be distinguished: Keratitis dendritica: This form of ocular herpes concerns only the superficial epithelial layer of the cornea. The sensitivity of the cornea may be limited or can be completely eliminated. Keratitis disciformis: The stroma (middle layer of the cornea between the epithelium and the endothelium) is in this form of ocular herpes with affected, the epithelial layer is however intact. In stroma disc-shaped infiltrates are seen. Endothelial keratitis / uveitis: In severe cases of ocular herpes, there is a Einschwemmung of viruses in the aqueous humor, which can then lead to a swelling of the endothelial layer on the back of the epithelium, thereby contributing to glaucoma ( “Green Star”).

As already mentioned, is the most common cause of a renewed outbreak of ocular herpes stress. It is therefore important these be avoided if possible. So important are enough sleep (about eight hours per night), a healthy, balanced diet and a balance to the often stressful everyday life, such as sports or other hobbies. During an acute outbreak is natural to pay attention that the viruses are not additionally deported. So it is always to use your own washcloths and towels to keep their hands off the affected area and not to get too close to other people in the area with the face. The same is true for an outbreak of cold sores: sufferers should always meticulously careful after touching the herpes sores then wipe on the lips in no way her fingers over her eyes. In general should be avoided to scratch the blisters, as disturbing as they may be. Thus, the risk of developing ocular herpes can be greatly reduced already. The first occurrence of the disease is often an infection of the superficial layer. A corresponding treatment this usually heals quickly. But as the herpes viruses remain in the body, the disease can occur repeatedly. To a new eye herpes thrust can cause, among other things: Exterior irritation,

stress and infections In later episodes Herpes on the eye always the deeper layers of the cornea are affected with, which can lead to the cornea to dense scarring. It can then lead to a swelling and clouding of the cornea, which can lead to blindness in the affected eye. Self test eyesight How good is your eyesight? Test your visual acuity online. Answer to 15 short questions. Click here directly to the test eyesight For more information on ocular herpes can be found at: For more information on general topics, see: For an overview of all topics of ophthalmology under Ophthalmology A-Z.

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Il virus Hiv dell’Aids, i condilomi e l’genital herpes

Anche se oggi l’attenzione è rivolta soprattutto all’AIDS (trasmessa dal virus dell’HIV), è bene anche ricordare le altre malattie provocate as virus, per esempio i condilomi, le infezioni erpetiche, l’epatite A e B. In particolare , nei casi in cui si verificano rapporti “a rischio” (non protetti con partner occasionali o con un partner stable surface, però, ha avuto a sua volta rapporti “a rischio”) si dovrebbero effettuare controlli medical Periodici, per rilevare, così, l’eventuale presenza di infezioni e iniziare in modo tempestivo il trattamento più idoneo. AIDS Anche se l’è una AIDS non patologia urogenital, può essere trasmessa sessualmente ed è importante perticolarmente esserne informati. Il virus dell’AIDS è un retrovirus (genere di virus A RNA, ossia acido ribonucleico, appartenente alla famiglia Retroviridae, a cui fanno capo tutti i virus tumorali) che attacca alcune cellule del sistema immunitario, i linfociti CD4 principalmente, indebolendolo fino ad annullare la risposta contro virus, batteri, protozoi e funghi. La distruzione del sistema immunitario causa una sindrome che si chiama AIDS (Sindrome da immunodeficienza acquisita). Una persona Affetta since AIDS è maggiormente esposta all infezioni. Quando una persona entra in contatto con il virus dell’HIV può diventare sieropositiva (quindi risulta positiva alla ricerca di Anticorpi dell’HIV nel siero). Questo può verificarsi dopo un certo periodo, detto periodo finestra, che può durare fino a sei mesi. Il test quindi non indica la presenza del virus, ma solo degli Anticorpi specifici che il sistema immunitario ha sviluppato dopo il contatto con il virus. Se il test risulta negativo va comunque ripetuto allo scadere dei 6 mesi, calcolati a partire dall’ultimo episodio ritenuto “a rischio”. Un persona che è positiva al primo test, viene sottoposta ad altri test di conferma. In seguito vengono effettuati test per se valutare e quanto il virus HIV ha danneggiato il sistema immunitario: fondamentale è la conta dei linfociti CD4.

L ‘esame che misura la quantità di virus nel siero è fondamentale perché permette tra l’altro una verifica indiretta dell’efficacia dei farmaci antiretrovirali. Esistono anche alcuni esami che servono a individuare i ceppi mutanti resistenti ai farmaci. Se si una persona ritrovano gravi danni al sistema immunitario e la presenza di infezioni opportunistiche (ossia le infezioni che colpiscono con maggiore facilità i Pazienti affetti as AIDS, per esempio la polmonite), si l’diagnostica AIDS. L’infezione as HIV si trasmette in tre modi: per via ematica: le trasfusioni di sangue infetto possono trasmettere il virus HIV, come anche lo scambio di siringhe infette sessuale per via per via verticale, ossia la madre può trasmettere il virus HIV al figlio durante la gravidanza, al momento del parto o durante l’allattamento. Torna su Condilomi Si tratta di escrescenze della pelle di tipo verrucoso che di colpiscono preferenza le zone genitali, sia nel maschio sia nella femmina. Sono generalmente provocate dal virus HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) e si trasmettono prevalentemente con l’attività sessuale. I sintomi sono molto Lievi, a meno che non si sovrapponga un’altra infezione. Si possono verificare, oltre alla crescita di escrescenze nelle zone genitali, perdite di sangue e prurito.

I condilomi vulvari sono simili all verruche che si possono manifestare in altre parti del corpo. Si diffondono più facilmente in condizioni di umidità elevata e sono più frequenti vaginal in caso di aumento delle perdite vaginali, come nel caso della candidosi. I condilomi più piccoli possono essere con trattati applicazioni locali, quelli più grandi richiedono la Rimozione chirurgica. Nel trattamento di queste lesioni è semper raccomandabile poter effettuare l’esame istologico di tutta la lesione asportata. Se non trattate possono persistere per diversi mesi e persino anni. Le lesioni possono aumentare di numero e spargersi in zone anche distanti. Con il passare del tempo, se non trattate, possono anche scomparire. Poiché i condilomi si possono trasmettere con rapporti non protetti, in caso se ne riscontri la presenza, anche il partner Andra attentamente controllato ed eventualmente curato. Torna su genital herpes L’genital herpes è una patologia causata as virus herpes simplex di tipo II ed è un’infezione a trasmissione sessuale molto somigliante a quella provocata dal virus dell’herpes labial di tipo I. Si tratta delle cosiddette “febbri” ossia source bollicine fastidiose che appaiono sulle labbra ma anche in altre zone della cute solitamente durante un’influenza, un periodo di stress, una intensa esposizione al sole. Esse sono alla dovute replicazione del virus all’interno delle cellule.

La prima volta che si l’contrae genital herpes, i sintomi sono in genere abbastanza importanti: alla presenza di bollicine Bianche, in numero variabile da due venti fino a e più, si accompagna un senso di prurito e tensione fastidiosamente doloroso. Ogni tentativo però di portarsi sollievo grattandosi è inibito dall’estremo dolore che anche lo provoca sfiorarsi. A questi si sintomi unisce inoltre spesso febbre e delle rigonfiamento ghiandole inguinali e rossore generalizzato della parte interessata. Il virus dell’herpes una volta contratto tend a rimanere all’interno del corpo umano per ricominciare a replicare in momenti di deficit immunitario, ma gli Episodi successivi sono molto meno drammatici in quanto il sistema immunitario conserva la memoria del virus e ne Arresta la replicazione in tempi molto più brevi. In presenza dei sintomi descritti è necessario sottoporsi a una visita ginecologica. Il trattamento per eccellenza è quello a base di farmaci antivirali, che non solo mitigano i sintomi ma riducono la durata della malattia. È necessario astenersi dai dai primi rapporti Sessuali fin sintomi e in realtà si pensa che che siano coloro affetti as genital herpes Possano trasmetterlo anche nei periodi di latenza. Un comportamento corretto da parte dei portatori di genital herpes sarebbe quello di comunicare al partner lo stato di possibile contagiosità. Torna su