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Home Articles Medicines \x26amp; Remedies by Garreth Myers Oral herpes, also known as cold sores, can be described as small lesions that appear on the lips and in the outer edges of the mouth. These blisters usually appear in patches, clustered around the mouth. They are also filled with a clear liquid and crusted after a couple of days. Cold sores or oral herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and can easily spread from one person to another through personal contact. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HSV infection, so the blisters may recur periodically. You can try some antiviral medication to cure herpes quickly and reduce the frequency of recurrence. There are also several simple home remedies that relieve pain and discomfort caused by oral herpes. Below are a few effective home remedies that can be used to treat oral herpes at a faster pace: Aloe Vera: Most experts dermatologists suggest fresh aloe vera gel to treat herpes and other skin diseases. As experience tingling, itching or burning of oral herpes, apply the gel of aloe leaf directly on the affected area. Aromatherapy: Several people have been relieved the symptoms of cold sores successfully after using essential oils, including bergamot, geranium, rose, lemon balm and tea tree.

However, it is important to dilute the essential oil before applying it to the skin. Cornstarch: The Oral herpes can be quite fussy and can lead to a lot of skin irritation. Prepare a paste using cornstarch and a small amount of water. Apply the paste directly on the herpes and leave it to dry, before rinsing. Honey: The antiviral properties, fungicides and antibiotic present in honey allow your body to fight infection faster. Take a few drops of honey on your fingertip and apply directly in the blister Ice: Rub a piece of ice directly into the vial for about 10 minutes every hour. This relieves pain, bleeding and swelling. It also prevents the virus from spreading to other parts of the skin. Instead of ice cubes, you can also use cold water. Vaseline: Apply a bit of Vaseline on the ampoule twice a day. This prevents cracking and bleeding. It also reduces pain caused by blisters.

Salvia Tea: Prepare a cup of tea of ​​fresh sage and add a pinch of ginger powder. Drink this tea twice relieves discomfort caused by blisters. Sal: Moisten the tip of the index finger and give him a pat in a bowl of salt. Then press your index finger on the ampule for one minute. Repeat this exercise twice a day for the next two or three days. Tea Bags: Several people have managed to treat their herpes in two or three days, with the help of used tea bags. Soak regular tea bag in a saucepan of boiling water for a couple of minutes. Let the tea bag cool completely before placing it on the blister. White vinegar: This remedy helps slow the development of patches herpes. Dip a cotton ball in a bowl of white vinegar and pat him directly in the affected areas of the skin. Vinegar can reduce swelling and relieve pain greatly. It is important to understand that these remedies only relieve symptoms and speed up the healing process; They do not cure the infection that causes cold sores. In addition, it is best to consult a doctor before using any of these remedies.

References http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/cold-sore/DS00358/DSECTION=lifestyle-and-home-remedies Warning: The reader of this article should take all preventive measures you follow the instructions for home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic. the responsibilit More items Category Medicines \x26amp; Remedies

Pharmaceutical newspaper online: ear pain: a symptom, many causes

earache A symptom, many causes From Maria Pues / earache can have very different causes that are not always found in the area of ​​the ear. It makes searching that some diseases in specific age groups are more common than others. DISPLAY Earache usually fall out violently. The symptoms appear quite uniform at first glance, but the causes can be diverse, as infectious, neurogenic or injury. A first indication is already the patient’s age. Thereupon, the German Society of General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM) in their guideline “earache” out. A swimming pool lurking germs that can lead to inflammation of the external ear canal. This common cause of ear pain in adolescents is therefore also pool-otitis. Photo: Fotolia / pio3 Then earache in infants and children often occur due to acute otitis media (acute otitis media, AOM), while in adolescents inflammation of the outer ear (otitis externa) predominate.

In adults are irritation of the temporomandibular joint in the foreground, with the elderly, among other boils or tooth damage. Therefore earaches are not always a case only for the ear, nose and throat doctor. More than 60 percent of children become ill until their sixth year of acute otitis media. You have then to sudden onset, severe earache along with hearing disorders. The children are weak and irritable, have a fever and feel dizzy. During the inspection of the ear, the doctor sees a bulging of the eardrum (OME). In order not to complicate the investigation, advise physicians on the use of ear drops. Often follows a AOM to an infection of the upper respiratory tract by pathogens ascend into the region of the ear. Since children are often cold, it is hardly surprising that even AOM especially common at this age. Antibiotics usually unnecessary For infants a AOM is the most common reason for antibiotic therapy. Many studies and, accordingly, the guideline rates now to restraint or a Waiting in the use, but there are exceptions. So you go around in a bilateral AOM today from a bacterial cause of what speaks for use.

But usually heals an AOM without antibiotics administration complications from. These also reduce not strong ear pain suffered by many children with AOM. In children aged two years and the guideline therefore the use of paracetamol is recommended in addition to physical protection and liquid (three to four times a day for 10 to 15 mg per kg body weight (bw), maximum daily dose 60 mg per kg body weight) or ibuprofen (20 to 30 mg per kg body weight daily, divided into three to four doses) to relieve the fever and pain. Only when not relieve symptoms after 48 hours, an antibiotic should be used. Even in younger children aged six months and can be initially awaited According to the guideline, if the symptoms are not too strong and the parents come with their child the next day again to the doctor. Children under six months and children of any age with very severe symptoms should be hospitalized. Overview of the most common causes of ear pain by age. Source: DEGAM guideline earache Infants and children youth adult Older adults Acute otitis media

Foreign bodies in the external auditory canal Parotitis (mumps) pharyngitis otitis externa tonsillitis trauma wisdom teeth Foreign bodies in the external auditory canal otitis externa Kiefergelenksarthropathie Zervikalneuralgien OME trigeminal neuralgia

carious molars Boil in the ear canal zoster oticus Tooth damage, jaw inflammation malignant tumors pharyngeal carcinomas Inflammation of the external auditory meatus Leiden adolescents or adults with an earache, provides acute otitis externa is a common cause. As often occurs after swimming, one speaks of a swimming-otitis. But not only bacteria in the pool or lake water – rather than in chlorinated unchlorinated – but also fungi, allergies, ingredients in personal care products and last but not least unsuitable ear cleaning measures can thereby cause inflammation. The outer ear responds in acute otitis externa irritated and painful with redness and scaling. Therefore, there is confusion with psoriasis vulgaris. The ear and the area around the ear can be flushed.

Important: In an otitis externa the tragus, the small, thickened cartilage at the entrance of the ear canal, unlike an AOM reacts very sensitive to pressure. In the treatment of acute otitis externa come apart from a professional cleaning of the external auditory meatus by the physician as needed antibiotics and corticosteroids in the form of ear drops or ointments are used. Only if general symptoms, systemic treatment is recommended. Six out of ten children diagnosed until their age of six men at least once in a middle ear infection. Photo: Fotolia / Photographee. eu In adults with an earache may sometimes a visit to the dentist or orthopedic surgeon to be displayed, for with them mainly manufacture of TMJ disorders, the intervertebral discs or Zervikalgelenke common causes of ear pain. So are at half the adults with no pathological ears finding the cause the intervertebral discs or the cervical spine. Often then show palpable thickening of the muscle attachments in the shoulder and neck area, painful pressure muscle attachments at the back, or aggravation of pain in neck movements. In later life must always be given to a possible reactivation of herpes zoster viruses also cause not only the known symptoms of shingles. Also in the ear canal may cause a zoster disease, Zoster oticus, in which the viruses cause inflammation of the seventh and eighth cranial nerve. The main symptoms are the typical bubble formation at the outer ear canal, which concerned also reduced hearing. Often dizziness occurs.

If a Faszialisparese, a facial paralysis added, it is called a Ramsey-Hunt syndrome. Treatment is here as with shingles by systemic administration of antivirals, such as acyclovir, valacyclovir or brivudine, plus analgesics and if necessary drying topical. The analgesic therapy should be initiated within the first three days. /

Physical herpes simplex virus-1 therapy with the diode laser

In the specialist literature therapeutic success in the herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) treatment by means of laser treatment very controversial. On one hand, patients documentaries are presented, which are coupled with an immediate or timely pain control and a drastic reduction of herpes phases (Förster, Cernavin, Deumer 2010), on the other hand are the reports against designating the laser therapy as a trigger factor of Herpes simplex virus-1 recurrences (Great 2003). It is of general clinical interest, investigate the causes of the widely diverging therapeutic success. The infection rate of the German population with the HSV-1 is very high, it is about 90% (Whitley 2002). The chemotherapeutic agents regularly used in the treatment of HSV-1 infection are generally accepted, but the nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic side effects should not be overlooked. When aciclovir therapy leads to a significant reduction in the antibody cytokine and interferon y (Hayashi et al. 1997). Last remains to note that regardless of the high infection rate are the HSV-1 virus associated with severe general diseases (Hashido et al 1997;. Liu et al 2001;. . Whitley et al 2001). On top of that is important to highlight one that 98% of all the patients with previous treatment methods are not satisfied and an elimination of pain subjectively perceived have (Deumer Master Thesis 2010). The sores are very painful, and the surrounding tissue is strong berührungsdolent.

These patients are subject to severe distress. This observational study aimed to investigate the one hand the extent of the disease process can be shortened by standardized laser parameters, and on the other to answer the question whether a analgesia in skin pigmentation and the lipstick can be achieved with single laser parameters independently. Material and Methods The observational study, the physical therapy of diode laser treatment, 810nm, with determination the question analgesia and reduction of herpes stages schematically (n = 101 patients). For this evaluation of symptomatic profiles of HSV-1 infection, the initial phases were included one to three after the schematization of Whitley (2001). Data collection and treatment was carried out in the period between June 2008 to June 2010. The laser parameters were independent of patient parameters (skin type) and the herpes stages (stage one to three according to Whitley) identical for each treatment. It carried two treatments at intervals of 24 hours (± four hours). The laser parameters from our own preliminary study (. Deumer Master Thesis 2010 Fig 1) were: – Diode Q810, A. R. C.

– Wavelength: 810nm – Operating mode: continuous wave (cw) – 1 Watt – Time: 30s / cm2 – Fiber: 300 microns – Distance to the skin surface: 8mm The diseased skin surface was determined in the unit cm2 using a template. The diverse three-dimensional surface topography of the skin was not included in the calculation and neglected in the treatment, that is, the fiber distance from the skin surface related to the healthy skin edge portions of efflorescence. The edematous altered tissue and the raised papules and vesicles were not included in the distance from the skin surface. The fiber guide was made perpendicular to the skin surface. The laser treatment began in healthy edge area and then went in a circular motion to the center of the cutaneous efflorescences. The patients have been elucidated as follows: 1.

No contact with the wound. 2. disinfecting hands. 3. Dexpanthenol ointment for dry lips, application by means of cotton swab. 4. Discard all previously applied cosmetics and other utensils which have come directly to the infection in contact. data collection In the totality of the patients account for 88% (89 patients) in the female, and 12% (12 patients) to the male sex (Fig. 2). The thesis that women often show the HSV-1 symptoms than men, is confirmed by the number of cases once. However, it remains unoccupied by sole evaluation of this observational study. The age distribution of the patients involved in the investigation period shows that the HSV-1 infection can occur at any age (Fig.

3). Here, it is not distinguished whether it is patients with infection or to patients with recurrence. The largest group of patients treated with 95% form the over 18 year olds. This is not surprising, since the HSV-1 infection is a persistent infection that trigger factors for recurrence needed (Gross et al. 2003). These external influences such as sun exposure and stress are usually manifested in adulthood. Furthermore, should not go unnoticed that the shape of my data collection, the infants should not have reached. The initiation of treatment comprised the herpes stages one through three. The crust layer was excluded from the start of therapy, as this was the goal of therapy. to detect the phase one, was very difficult (Fig. 4). After an incubation period of six to eight days, the blisters occur in less than twelve hours (Lamey and Biagioni 1996). Up to 7% of patients it was not possible to treat this stage.

There 68% of 101 patients with stage two were treated. Typical findings initially clear blisters that later purulent deteriorate itself (Brown et al. 2007). The possibilities for classification of disease stages allow a breakdown into papules and vesicular (Gilbert et al. 2007). In my statistical analysis no subdivision of the bubbles quality was made, but only as stage two, the bubble-stage, respectively. Was to see a fusion of the vesicles and exuding wounds in clinical disease, it has been associated with phase three, which had some influence with 25% in the statistical survey. anesthesia Within my application study I dealt especially with whether analgesia under physical therapy, laser treatment, is possible. This question has been intensified by the standardized laser setting. The selected laser settings referring to data of my master’s thesis (Deumer 2010), which reflected good treatment results. A distinction of the different skin pigmentation and the variety of vermilion was disregarded (Moll 2005). The elimination of pain with the diode laser was 97% (n = 101, Fig.

5 and 6). The results are consistent with the elimination of pain by laser treatment in different departments (Lampert, Gutknecht, Deumer 2010; Simunovic 2000; Bernatzky 2007; Schwabe 2002). Although 67% of patients were free of pain within the first hour and a total of 97% of all patients an analgesic effect was achieved, this result needs to be assessed very critically, since pain is a complex subjective sensation. The resultant action potentials in nociceptors are switched peripherally about the axons and dendrites to the second neuron in the spinal cord. They arrive on the formation reticulare to the limbic system. In this central switching the action potentials are perceived as pain (Rassler was born in 1995, Fig. 7). Shorten the herpes episode In addition, the surveillance should check that may be neglected on a uniform laser adjustment in HSV-1 infection, the skin pigmentation, especially the melanin and the vermilion border. A cold sore episode takes untreated least seven to ten, sometimes up to 14 days. The HSV-1 infection is typically characterized in their course through five phases (Whitley et al. 2001). The incubation period of HSV-1 infection is six to eight days.

The bubbles appear then in less than twelve hours. the virus is transmitted by droplet and contact infection. From the site of infection, the virus via nerves migrates into the ganglion Trigeminal where it then its genetic material deposits in the cell nucleus (Matz 2004). Under the laser therapy the crust stage was after two treatment with 94% (n = 101) achieved (Lampert, Gutknecht, Deumer 2010; Fig. 8). There is evidence that the treatment with the diode laser at 94% of patients led to a clear reduction of the HSV-1 symptoms and secondly, that the various stages of HSV-1 infection were partially skipped (see Fig. 9-12 ). Summary This observational study was to clarify whether it is advisable to use one standardized laser adjustment in HSV-1 infection. If the neglect of skin types advisable or this parameter must be taken into account. The lip is without pigment or has only a few melanin deposits. The absence of pain during treatment is 97% (n = 101). The results are consistent with the elimination of pain by laser treatment in different departments (Simunovic 2000 Bernatzky 2007 Schwabe 2002).

Moreover, it should be made clear to what extent the laser treatment with standardized parameters engages in the disease course of HSV-1 infection. The starting points were the HSV-1 phases one through three (division Whitley). Evaluation criteria for successful treatment, the stage was set four. Diodes attitude was 810nm, 1 Watt, 300 . mu. m fiber, 30s / cm2, continuous wave mode. The skin type is negligible. In 94% of patients (n = 101) regardless of treatment initiation the crust stage could be documented after only two days. Conclusion Last remains to mention that the diode laser treatment was received with great enthusiasm by 97% (n = 55) of patients (Deumer thesis 2010), if, however, the diode laser treatment is a successful method of treatment than with conventional therapies, remains unassigned by this application observation. However, this application shows reporting that the disease HSV-1 infection still has many talking points. Literature from the author. This article was written by:

Ophthalmologists: No self-medication with antibiotics or cortisone – Health, Medicine, experts, doctors, dentists, hospitals –

Eye drops containing cortisone or antibiotics should be used only after medical consultation. (Photo: Bilderbox) (Dbp / auh) “Eye drops containing antibiotics or cortisone are valuable drugs, but their use belongs in the hands of an experienced ophthalmologist. ” Professor Bernd Bertram, Chairman of the Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA), has with this statement points to the long-term health risks of self-medication with prescription eye drops. The eye is red again? Because the temptation is great to resort to the eye drops that are still of earlier problems in medicine cabinet and who at that time so well helped. But this tactic, as convenient as it may be, according to BVA can have fatal consequences. Because the possible causes of “red eye” are manifold: A foreign object may fall into the eye, the cornea may have been violated, viruses – for example, herpes simplex – or bacteria may have infected the eye surface. For example, if a virus triggers the inflammation, antibiotics and cortisone can not do anything, they can even harm. Treatment must turn against the specific cause be targeted. Antibiotics are used too often “Every unnecessary antibiotic therapy favors the development of resistance,” Professor Bertram: There are increasingly developing into bacterial strains which the active ingredients can no longer harm.

A valuable weapon in medicine will dull. Apply cortisone with prudence Containing cortisone eyedrops may in certain diseases such as iridocyclitis – inflammation of the iris and ciliary body – be indispensable, makes Prof. Bertram clear. But if ophthalmologists prescribe cortisone, then they should check always if side effects occur: Intraocular pressure may increase, so that a glaucoma (glaucoma) may occur. Some patients may develop (cataract) and within a remarkably short time a particular form of cataract. In addition, the body’s defense is weakened by cortisone. If an infection with bacteria, herpes viruses or fungi can be dangerous: “In these cases, the disease caused by cortisone even be worse because the cortisone reduces the body’s defense against germs,” ​​explains the ophthalmologist.

The shingles vaccine will arrive in Spain in 2014

One in four people could suffer throughout his life a Herpes Zoster. A pathology result of reactivation of latent varicella virus have spent many children. Age is the main risk factor for developing this type of herpes characterized by pain. Monday eleven scientific societies have presented the first consensus document for the prevention of this disease whose vaccine has been effective in United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. and it is expected to reach Spain along this 2014. This was stated by Chief of Clinical Microbiology and Infection Control Basurto Hospital, in Vizcaya, Ramón Cisterna, together with the coordinator of the Working Group of Infectious Diseases and Immunization Diseases of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (Semergen) Jose Luis Cañada, and the secretary general of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family (SEMG), Pedro Javier Cañones. Shingles is a common, debilitating viral disease caused by reactivation of the chickenpox virus, which causes great pain to affect any of the body’s nerves. So much so that within suicides motivated by pain is one of the most common causes. This type of herpes affects 25% of the population throughout its life, and its main risk factor is age. Specifically, the chances of having this disease are doubled when the barrier of 50 years exceeded. Currently there is no treatment that is able to actually prevent the onset of this disease, manifested by burning and stinging sensation in the area where days after wounds, which usually heal over the weeks appear. The problem is the pain that remains after these injuries, so that if extended for more than a month is considered that the patient suffers from post-herpetic neuralgia. This is a very incapacitating pain that can become chronic and that affects all areas of life of those who suffer this complication of shingles due to the intensity of pain.

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katieholmespictures. com/misc/news/2005a/0114/bbpew. jpg spree1 2005-01-16, 22:46:32 bildklau ! ! ! pic does not appear) RMA 2005-02-06, 02:28:51 Once again ‘n bissl replenishment . .

. http://img208. imageshack. us/gal. php? g=20050206katieholmes00011ga. jpg\x26amp;cols=3 RMA 2005-02-12, 11:48:38 Is the club dead? : Confused: abaddon 2005-02-12, 12:03:20

I think they are somehow completely un-erotic; ( Tobe1701 2005-02-12, 12:16:33 I think they are somehow completely un-erotic; ( Well you said this. Tobe1701 2005-03-04, 17:34:23 Katie Holmes And Chris Klein Split March 3, 2005 One of Hollywood’s sweetest young couples, KATIE HOLMES and CHRIS KLEIN, has called off Their engagement, gemäß to Us Weekly magazine. A spokesperson for Holmes tells the publication thatthey Decided to Go Their Separate ways about two weeks ago, but “want to stay friends and will continue did part of Their relationship. ” The popular actors announced Their engagement in December of 2003, after nearly five years of dating. Holmes is best known Perhaps by audiences for her role as Joey Potter on TV’s “Dawson’s Creek.

” Klein gained recognition with movies like “American Pie” and “Election. ” Pirx 2005-03-07, 19:19:48 Today the ancient ham “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” comes on Pro7, Holmes. Evidence, Watson? Na Please Holmes. (Http://www. tvtoday. de/tv/programm/_popup/popup. php? key=20050307Ax2015xHSxfilxPRO7x\x26amp;sparte=fil)

That’s usually not your type, Watson. May I call you Katie, Holmes? NO! Tobe1701 2005-03-07, 20:02:41 I wanted it even report, but here’s nothing going on;) Delicious scenes :) oktolyt 2005-04-29, 11:38:59 TOM CRUISE has a new girlfriend in the shape of newly-single actress KATIE HOLMES. The movie superstar has been spotted wining and dining the former DAWSON’S CREEK beauty, and now his sister and publicist LEE ANNE DEVETTE has confirmed the rumors of a romance are true. The new golden couple, who are separated by 16 years, are currently enjoying a romantic getaway in Italy, where Cruise is scheduled to receive a national award for his contribution to cinema this weekend. Holmes announced her split from fiance CHRIS KLEIN in February (05) and what romantically linked to JOSH HARTNETT, while Cruise split amicably with Spanish lover PENELOPE CRUZ load year (04) and had reportedly been dating Latina model SOFIA VERGARA. http://katieholmes.

com/ DrumDub 2005-04-29, 13:07:04 and here the entire message from the German media: http://www. spiegel. de/panorama/0,1518,353806,00. html deekey777 2005-04-29, 13:13:04 Haha! ! !

oktolyt 2005-04-29, 13:17:47 Ha-Ha ! ! ! Hm? Tobe1701 2005-04-29, 13:39:56 Cruising Tom also has a fine knack . . . deekey777 2005-04-29, 17:31:49

Mission Impossible (http://max. msn. de/star_reports/specials/tom_cruise) His new lover is 16 years younger than him – but that has not only advantages: Katie Holmes, new girlfriend of Tom Cruise, has her own ideas from the first time Can action star Tom Cruise master this “Mission Impossible”? His new girlfriend Katie Holmes, known from the television series “Dawson’s Creek” is only 26 years old and claims to be a virgin. She’s waiting for Mr. Right, and sex is for them only after the marriage in question. Can wait the 42-year-old Cruise? As was now known to have Cruise and his new several weeks ago a relationship. But only now he appeared with her in public: The two are currently on a romantic break in Rome – accompanied by numerous paparazzi. The tabloid “Sun” suspects that although a romance, but it is no passion between the two. Holmes had himself described and recommended as “boring, boring, boring”: “If you want something dirty, I’m not your case.

” They wanted to remain a virgin until they marry. Fake or love? Maybe it creates the experienced Cruise, retune his new flame. At least he pulls out all the stops: The couple lived in a suite for 3000 euros per night in the Roman hotel “Hassler” as the “Sun” reported. Cruise is said to have placed a value on a romantic atmosphere. He ordered a plethora of roses and let decorate the room with it. Jewelers have delivered jewelry for Katie, and in the suite were more than 40 Georgio Armani outfits ready for them. Whether this relationship is actual true love or a PR stunt is questionable. Katie will soon be seen in the Hollywood movie “Batman Begins”. “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise also comes this summer to the movies. A little hype can not hurt both films. Already in his relationship with Penelope Cruz were rumors, the relationship was a publicity stunt to push their movie. But the film flopped and Cruise \x26amp; Cruz were at least three years an pair.

Maybe it works also with Holmes . . . I would like her first husband, even for just one day. Tobe1701 2005-04-29, 18:49:23 Oh, the Sun writes can forget it. I do not believe a single word. Panasonic 2005-05-06, 17:24:11 Hihi http://bilder. bild.

t-online. de/BTO/promiskinomusik/2005/05/06/1__fotos/kate__475__WOW-00073978. jmh. jpg,property=Bild. jpg You are me some fetishists;) Tobe1701 2005-05-06, 17:42:08 Ah Pana, you’re not too old to fall for fakes? Yawn. Panasonic 2005-05-06, 17:53:18 Ah Pana, you’re not too old to fall for fakes?

Yawn. I have the moving images of your just seen on TV, no fake :) Santini 2005-05-06, 18:00:26 she got herpes, at her upper lip; ( but also goes away again. Tobe1701 2005-05-07, 09:15:37 I have the moving images of your just seen on TV, no fake :) Source? exxtreme 2005-05-07, 10:03:52 Hihi

http://bilder. bild. t-online. de/BTO/promiskinomusik/2005/05/06/1__fotos/kate__475__WOW-00073978. jmh. jpg,property=Bild. jpg You are me some fetishists;) Urgs . . . : | I’d rather stay at A.

Hannigan. X-D Panasonic 2005-05-07, 14:28:47 Source? Afaik Sat. 1 Blitz. RMA 2005-09-25, 12:53:19 I ity the thread so happy with some pics again promote something, but everywhere there is the Cruise with it . . . : eek:

Tobe1701 2005-09-25, 13:17:04 Yes, unfortunately. But anyway Semper Fi) RMA 2005-09-25, 13:42:25 Yes, unfortunately. But anyway Semper Fi) Understood. 😉 Zumals anyway some rumors were that the story is staged with Cruise. Tobe1701 2005-09-25, 14:59:18

Well, the DVD coming soon and latest then we will know! Tobe1701 2005-10-05, 22:50:12 Friends, club members, Mitleser. Es I’m very very sorry to post the following news. “Tom Cruise’s fiancée, Katie Holmes, is pregnant with the couple’s child, Cruise’s spokesperson, Lee Anne Devette, tells PEOPLE Exclusively. ” : Mad: :(; (: uban: RMA 2005-10-05, 23:27:53 Friends, club members, Mitleser. Es I’m very very sorry to post the following news. “Tom Cruise’s fiancée, Katie Holmes, is pregnant with the couple’s child, Cruise’s spokesperson, Lee Anne Devette, tells PEOPLE Exclusively.

” : Mad: :(; (: uban: Och nee . . . women are real net trainable . . . and in 2 years then the great howl goes like Nicole or Penelope again . . . : uup: oktolyt

2005-10-06, 06:34:28 I think I feel sick . . . ; ( Santini 2005-10-06, 11:04:04 The has determined licked at the curb, where the herpes viruses lurking darph 2005-10-06, 11:07:58 http://www. deviantart. com/deviation/19170067/

http://www. deviantart. com/deviation/19170212/ Tobe1701 2005-10-06, 11:52:46 http://img21. imagevenue. com/img. php? loc=loc26\x26amp;image=6e9_holmes_katie_16. jpg Tobe1701 2005-10-06, 13:04:01

http: //www. freekatie. net/ tid = n | Film_Kino_sp_Cruise | 689936861 |? Tobe1701 2005-10-20, 23:35:48 So, times are tough but we have to: http://img441. imageshack. us/my. php? image=katieholmescosmogirl023oz. jpg http://img441.

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