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© Allianz Cough, runny nose, hoarseness: Only a cold, or at least a flu? Our little test reveals what could be behind your symptoms. Answer the following questions by each response and “evaluate test” at the end of the button. Then you get your evaluation of the questionnaire. When did you have your complaints? I have not felt a long time as well. The symptoms came suddenly. What are the symptoms first occurred? My nose began to run, and I had to sneeze. My whole body was taken: cough, runny nose, strong discomfort and headaches. Do you have fever? My temperature is only slightly increased.

Yes, I have a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and / or chills with sweating. Do you suffer from joint and muscle pain? I feel a little tense. Everything hurts. I feel as if I would lie on a stretching rack. What symptoms do you have? Scratchy throat, sore throat and / or cough. Your nose is running, I get short of breath. dry cough, severe sore throat, difficulty swallowing How are you in total? I feel tired and worn, but otherwise it’s all about. I feel weak and can hardly keep on my legs. Are your symptoms already decayed?

Yes, it’s a little better. No, I have been suffering for several days or even a week or two among them. Are you over 60 years old? Or you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular-suffering? No. Yes, I belong to this group of people. Are in your family, suffering from flu among friends or at work people? no Yes When you were vaccinated for the last time against flu pathogens? This is not more than one year ago. I was still never vaccinated or more years ago. display Book tips of the editors of aponet.

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Salts for allergies

© fovito – Fotolia. com  Allergies are spreading at us like a prairie fire: The number of registered patients has almost doubled in the last 20 years – is about 8 million. And there are always children often who are allergic already with four, five or six years. The cause is actually hard to understand: We are always clean, have lived almost clinical – but our environment is becoming toxic, more threatening. Our immune system, our body’s own defense, has to deal with enemies, it did not even exist a few decades ago. Our mineral content is out of balance – and may be allergic. And the more frequently. Here, nature has provided a wonderful helper to: The salts of the Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler. This can be very helpful in the prevention and in alleviating or curing allergies. Especially in children! Allergies are caused by an overreaction of our immune system to foreign protein, which was identified as “hostile” – although it often is not “hostile”.

Here, inflammatory substances are released (especially histamine), which are responsible for the allergic reactions. The reason for this incorrect response of the body is often an imbalance in the mineral content – especially a calcium deficiency – our body. The technical writer Ernst-Albert Meyer: “If we get the minerals budget back into balance and take as compensation a calcium-containing Schuessler, then we reduce the histamine release from mast cells known as the body gets so allergy under control again. . ” And that is best done by supplying Schuessler salts. Allergies can: proteins  animal hair  Dust mites  environmental toxins  insecticides  Moulds  preservatives

 drug  Foods (eg. As cow’s milk. Cereal, strawberries, shellfish)  Metals (eg. , Nickel, chrome)  cosmetics  Man-made fibers in clothing  but particularly triggered by pollen – the famous hay fever in the body occur. Allergic reactions take place mainly on the skin (eczema, dandruff, exuding vacancies) and the mucous membranes. Other typical symptoms include itching, a runny nose, watery eyes (allergic rhinitis), sneezing and shortness of breath. But gastrointestinal discomfort with diarrhea and vomiting are possible. By allergic reaction causes the blood vessels expand, and in the worst case, a shock (anaphylactic shock) with massive hypotension, respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Insecticide, for example is one of the allergens that can trigger such a shock from an engraving. This cell salts help against allergies No. 2, Calcium phosphate D 6 Ernst-Albert Meyer: “With allergies, I would like to mention as well the most important salt the salt number 2 Calcium phosphate Many allergic reactions are promoted by a lack of this salt Intake of salt point 2 (tablets) reduces the release of histamine, it is. . therefore important as a preventive measure, but can also alleviate the allergy and contain so overshooting reactions. In many cases disappear allergies after treatment with the salt number 2. In any case, its use for allergies with a doctor or medical practitioner needs to be discussed. this applies to all employed salts. ” No. 3, Ferrum phos D 12

Relieves inflammation, promoting blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. Pollutants of allergies are transported faster by allergies resulting damage to mucous membranes, the skin and inside the body are fixed faster. No. 4, Kali Muriaticum D6 A very important salt for detoxifying the body, is supportive in all the allergies of the mucous membranes in the nose (hay fever) and respiratory (asthma), it helps the decongestion of the mucous membranes and facilitates breathing. No. 8, Sodium chloride D 6 This salt is determined the best helper when you suffer from the annoying and dangerous hayfever. For a constantly mucilaginous nose and throat is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can even make a life-threatening pneumonia from a chronic rhinitis with runny nose, red eyes and severely impaired quality of life. No. 10, sodium sulphate D 6 Allergic reactions often lead to inflammation, interfere with the water balance and solve Wassen retention (edema) in the body. In addition, the salt no.

10 reinforces an important function of the liver substance, the liver and thus promotes the detoxification and excretion of endogenous and exogenous substances. This supports the decay of the allergic symptoms. When diarrhea is sodium sulphate of the main mineral, it stops the diarrhea, and thus prevents the body loses important minerals. Salts and the widespread disease allergy Tissue Salts are a big help from nature in the fight against allergies. They are useful in the prevention, because they upgrade and strengthen the body against the increasingly pervasive allergies. But they are also very helpful in combating existing and recognized allergies. We should use them as an accompanying measure in the fight against allergies and support medical or naturopathic therapies with them. It is of course important to ensure that the salts used can not cause allergies themselves. Latest books by Ernst-Albert Meyer:  Ernst-Albert Meyer: Your Buying Natural medicines,  Trias Verlag Stuttgart, price 7. 95 EUR

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You Have A Herpes In The Back? It’s Shingles!

In this post we’ll talk about shingles or herpes zoster, herpes on the back. Like all varieties of herpes, this is an infectious disease caused by the same varicella (or chickenpox, in some countries). To get this type of herpes, who suffers must have previously had mentioned eruptive because chickenpox is a virus that remains dormant in the body. It arises because the immune system is very weak (in cases of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc. ), by alterations in the nervous system, stress, or simply by age. It is estimated that 15% of those who have had chickenpox may subsequently suffer from shingles. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to keep reading. Herpes symptoms in the back So you can recognize if you have this infection, first it feels great pain and inside the skin, and then in the same area a rash with blisters very painful, affecting nerves in the periphery appear. You may feel fever, mild fatigue and major headaches, some feel a slight upset stomach, and because it often is confused with seasonal flu. Precisely what sets it apart is the eruption. It also feels itchy, and this appears to redden the skin, prior to the appearance of the vesicles. A tingling sensation may occur, with great pain in the areas of the back, chest, nose and eye area.

When you have herpes back because there is usually the infected nerve and is where rashes and blisters then begin, and many people describe it as a sharp, burning pain, stinging, itchy. To treat it, it is usual to use remedies to alleviate the pain and hasten drying and healing blisters. In general, the herpes will take about a month in some cases can last much longer, depending on the patient’s health. In a fairly high percentage, when the herpes appears back in the elderly, the nerve pain is and it is very difficult to remove. This is what is known as “post herpetic neuralgia. ” The vital thing in these cases is to strengthen the immune system and strengthen as much as possible. And believe it or not, this herpes can repeat, because the virus remains dormant in the spinal cord. It is likely to strengthen your immune system can clear the virus, but once this fall defenses can attack again, with varying degrees of intensity. Why tell the herpes zoster back? Because appears on one side of the body and acquires a form of strip, as if it were a belt. “Zoster” is Latin (derived from the Greek) “belt”. To ensure that your immune system is well prepared and not allow the herpes is recurrent, follow steps DEFINITIVE PROTOCOL HERPES, Melanie Addington. It is a very simple program that teaches you to continue to combat all types of herpes, no matter how long you’ve suffered their buds.

It focuses on attacking the herpes from three different angles simultaneously, thus weakening ensure full and prevent a recurrence of herpes internal back in the future. It’s a great relief! CLICK HERE TODAY and forget the fear of a new outbreak of herpes, because you’ll be healthier and stronger every day! You may also like:

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