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By Hanna Rutkowski © Marcinski / Fotolia. com Itching (med . : pruritus) is a Miss sensation of the skin, which can not be a sit still. Well known is the itching for a mosquito bite. The hands move to the itchy spot and begin to scratch – although occurs shortly a relief, but soon the itching begins again. Allergies, insect bites or skin diseases can trigger itching. But even leukemia and liver diseases may be associated with pruritus. The cause of chronic itching is not easy to find often. Itching Contents Itching: Description Itching: scratch marks on his arm

The itching is a disturbing, sometimes nagging sensation that comes with an insatiable urge of scratching. Can the hands do not reach the itch, also objects to be taken to help – not for nothing there are scratch aids for the back. Quite useless but the pruritus is not: The mechanical friction invaders such as parasites, fleas or lice should be removed. Prolonged scratching however turn damages the skin and causes injuries and lacerations. Especially children falls here mastery in pruritic diseases difficult, such as the chicken pox. By scratched skin can remain disfiguring scars. Emergence of itching For a long time it was suspected that itching is caused by the same nerve endings as the pain stimulus. Recent findings, however, indicate that it is its own subset of nerve fibers, the histamine and serotonin, are excited by certain chemical messengers, most notably. This thesis is busy, for example, the fact that opiates indeed inhibit pain but cause itching. The itching can be caused by toxins, mechanical stimuli, temperature fluctuations or even mild electric shocks that lead to the release of histamine from the cells. The itching may in certain parts of the body (localized) or the whole body (generalized) occur. When scratching can cause pain stimuli, which cover the itching short and relief.

However messengers released by the mechanical stimulation of the skin, which in turn promote the itch – a vicious circle. The itchy skin can also be perceived as burning or aching slightly. Quite often a strong, chronic itching is to stress test for the Afflicted: It comes to lack of sleep, fatigue, scratch marks on the skin and the permanent feeling to gain by scratching to relief. For some this leads to mental health problems that may even end in suicide. The skin may be chafed bloody or weeping by scratching, then the later stage it is caked. It is typical that hard to reach areas like the back has been excised from the injuries. Not only scratching brings relief – some itchy skin disease the skin is only pressed and cooled so that no traces are visible. Classification of itching The itching can be divided even after the condition of the skin: Pruritus cum materia: The itching is based on an already clearly visible skin disease. Pruritus sine materia: The skin appears still visibly healthy and without changes. Pruritus with chronic scratching: Here the skin has come in high spirits, that is no longer clear whether a skin disease is based. back to contents

Alarm itching Image 1 of 10 © Tharakorn – Fotolia Itching as a warning he has ever plagued almost every: annoying itching, called by doctors and pruritus. It is usually harmless, short-lived and quickly forgotten – prime example: the mosquito bite. However, serious diseases may be behind. It is not always a Hautk . . . more he has ever plagued almost every: annoying itching, called by doctors and pruritus. It is usually harmless, short-lived and quickly forgotten – prime example: the mosquito bite.

However, serious diseases may be behind. Not always is a skin disease caused. Read here what itching may be a warning sign! Itching: causes and possible diseases Skin diseases are the number one trigger of the itching. However, other diseases may be associated with itching. The most common causes are: Skin disease Allergies: The contact with the allergenic substance leads to the release of histamine – itchy pustules and swellings are the result. Eczema (atopic dermatitis): up scaly, itchy skin forms on typical skin such as the armpits, or knees. Psoriasis: In the psoriasis develop especially at the hairline, the elbows and knees, scaly, itchy skin areas. Eczema and hives (urticaria) manifest themselves typically in pustules, crusting and pruritus. Candidiasis: Infestation with skin fungus causes an itchy rash, which may have an unpleasant smell, especially in the skin folds. Xeroderma: Decreased sebum makes the skin dry and brittle are – itching is particularly frequent.

Parasites: Especially the scabies (itch mite) robs many people with nocturnal itching to sleep. Environmental factors: toxins, which are released during an insect bite, by plants, chemicals or parasites that cause severe itching in addition to often pain. Autoimmune diseases such as bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, lichen planus, or light dermatosis express themselves through different symptoms, including itchy skin. Age itching (pruritus senilis) and Winter Itch (pruritus hiemalis): Particularly in the age occurs on the upper arms and lower legs to dry skin, which must be adequately maintained. But even a rapid temperature change between cold and warm in the winter causes itching. Aquagenic pruritus: Through contact with water or temperature fluctuations of the air a stinging itching may occur. Dry skin: Scaly skin while peeling the summer tan, lack of moisture, showers or drying toiletries cause itchy skin. Internal diseases: kidney disease: A large proportion of patients with severe kidney failure who receive hemodialysis (dialysis), suffers a short time after treatment with vigorous, generalized itching. The exact causes are still unclear. Liver disease: disorders of bile outflow (cholestasis) and liver damage, such as cirrhosis of the liver cause an increase in bile-pigment bilirubin. This leads not only to the typical yellowing (icterus) of the skin and mucous membranes, but also to severe itching. Blood and lymphatic system disorders: Hodgkin’s disease: Generalized itching or only in the lymph nodes can precede the malignant tumor of the lymphatic system for years. The pruritus is considered here as sign – patients should be examined several times a year.

Polycythemia vera: The thickening of the blood caused by excess formation of blood cells occurs first as aquagenic pruritus in appearance. Iron deficiency: rips mouth, brittle hair, brittle nails and dry, itchy skin are early signs here. Tumors: When cancer occurs due to treatment such as radiation or different medications to itchy skin. The relationship between a tumor and pruritus is unlikely, even if itchy skin is described in the anal region in colon, prostate cancer or cervical cancer. Metabolic disorders and hormonal disorders: thyroid disease: Over-heated, itchy skin occurs when an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) to frequently. When hypothyroidism pruritus is rare. Hormonal changes: In pregnancy, during the cycle or after menopause (menopause) can generalized itching occur. Diabetes mellitus: nerve damage (neuropathy) or the increased susceptibility to fungal skin infections can cause itchy skin. Anorexia (anorexia nervosa), Celiac or malnutrition may also be accompanied by itching. HIV infection: The immune deficiency favors the occurrence of skin diseases caused by fungi or parasites, which run unobtrusively, but may be accompanied by severe itching. But in the course of antiviral treatment of pruritus can occur. Neurological diseases: damage to the central nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, in polyneuropathy or viral diseases such as Herpes Zoster can trigger the itchy discomfort. Psyche: depression, obsessive compulsive disorders such as compulsive washing or hallucinations may be responsible for severe itching.

Infectious diseases: chickenpox, measles drugs There are a number of drugs that can cause pruritus: antibiotics opiate inflammatories Antimalarials Psychoparhamaka hormones diuretics cytostatics Remedy for hypertension gold

anticoagulants retinoids back to contents Itching: When you need to see a doctor? Itchy skin after insect bites or allergic reactions is very unpleasant, but mostly goes by itself within a short time. When you initially scratched heavily, soothe the itching and disappears eventually. These unique events that occur are not a reason to visit a doctor. but it comes again and again to a long itching that occurs for no apparent reason, but a specialist should take the pruritus under the microscope. Especially in older people the itch appeared often as a result of systemic diseases, followed by dizziness, insomnia and weakness. The long-lasting Miss sensation often leads to social isolation – concerned should take psychological help. Generally, you should consult a doctor if: pruritus occurs unusually long and for no apparent reason on the whole body. added additional symptoms such as malaise, fatigue or fever.

having the skin changes. back to contents Itching: What does the doctor say? Sometimes patients need more doctors visit until the cause has been identified for the itch and ultimately the diagnosis is made. First contact is the dermatologist (dermatologist), which detects changes in the skin and skin diseases. Specialists from other disciplines are in demand when the cause itchy skin not “clearly on the skin”, but hidden in the body. Here may be next internists also the assessment of a psychologist or psychiatrist of importance. In an extensive patient interview (anamnesis), tell your doctor when the pruritus occurred exactly where the itching is particularly strong if something about helping or whether the itchy skin at night pulls out of sleep. Also important is whether the itchy skin is caused by water contact or mechanical stimuli. Even existing allergies, the infestation of family members with parasites, recently visited vacation spots and taking medication can provide some important indications. You should also mention complaints that supposedly meaningless happen to you, such as dizziness or weakness. On physical examination, the skin is taken under the microscope. The dermatologist makes up before any point stop: scalp, hair, nails, the mucous membranes in the mouth and the Intimate and anal region are examined closely.

Not infrequently sit germs in skin folds hidden that are easy to overlook. Chronic itching is often recognizable even to smooth grated nails or hair loss of eyebrows. For a physical examination includes the scanning of the liver, spleen, lymph nodes and kidney to detect organic diseases. If the itchy skin on for no apparent reason, followed by further studies. By biochemical studies of the blood changes in the liver, gall bladder, kidney, and inflammation or worrying changes can be observed. In further tests, you can check the blood on autoimmune diseases. Often smears of skin and mucous membranes or small tissue samples are taken, which are then examined under a microscope for parasites, fungi or bacteria. There is suspicion of a tumor, this with a number of imaging tests such as X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will be pursued. Caution: The pruritus may be a sign of Hodgkin lymphoma, even before the disease occurs in appearance itself. Here, since the blood tests and other tests are normal, the search for the cause of pruritus should be repeated at least once a year. Patients with itching sometimes have to have a series of investigations endure until the cause is found. The subsequent treatment is always based on the underlying disease, it can be very different. Alleviation can already take simple measures to avoid, for example, allergens or certain medications.

In cancers multistage, lengthy therapies are possible. back to contents Itching: This works best Whatever the cause of the itch – corrective and relief You can often create even with simple tricks: Avoid Dry Skin: Do not use a dry indoor climate, frequent baths and showers, saunas or care products that contain alcohol. Dry skin is namely often itchy skin. Skin care: Use refatting creams and lotions. Showering and bathing dries out the skin especially – subsequent maintenance is essential here. Also care products with urea donate the skin especially a lot of moisture. Very spicy food, alcohol, stress, excitement and anger often cause itching. Try to limit these factors in your life. Baden has to be learned: A bath in lukewarm water for 20 minutes or should replace the quick showers. Here, however, you should refrain from drying gels.

In skin diseases or severe scratches the skin should scrubbed with the towel when neither wash nor during drying, be special carefully blotted. You should then the skin with lotions moisturize again. Cotton gloves for itching in his sleep: cotton gloves protect the skin from scratch attacks in his sleep – they are particularly suitable for children. Airy Clothing: Wear loose clothing that does not rub on the body or irritates the skin, for example cotton. Fast Relief: For sudden onset of severe itching help cool, wet compresses with yogurt or vinegar. Even envelopes with black tea are good. For all wet winding, but you should apply cream to skin after again. Lotions with urea or menthol cool and moisturize the skin itchy. With allergies only the renunciation helps to contact with the substance that causes the itching. Relaxation Techniques: Some methods such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation or yoga help not only relieve stress, but to distract from scratch just for chronic pruritus. back to contents Was this page helpful to you? Thanks for your review.

Date: 08:05:13 resources / editors Author: Hanna Rutkowski Sources: Braun-Falco, Plewig, Wolff, Burgdorf, Landthaler: Dermatology and Venereology – Springer, 2005 Guideline of the German dermatological company: Chronic pruritus, AWMF Registration No . : 013/048

Borna virus, treatment horse

Member Purpose: Herpes keratitis (HK) is the most common cause of Both cornea-derived and infection-associated blindness in the developed world. You can not tell your HIV status by symptoms. Do not rub your eye, Because This Could scratch the outer surface (cornea) of the eye. In fact, thesis branches havebeen keeping Michigan roofs safe and secure for over 80 years. Till Dresbachb, Canine herpesvirus (CHV-1) is a virus did has been Largely ignored for many years. I have been looking for a few months and cant seem to find the perfect girl for my male. Using corneas Obtained from human donors allowed us to extrapolate our findings tissue culture into a highly relevant experimental system. No. If the object is on the white part (sclera) of the eye or inside the lower lid, wet a cotton swab or the tip of a twisted piece of tissue and touch the end to the object. Whether the needed work is small repairs or budget to Entire roof replacement, Sherriff-Goslin contractors will Provide a roofing plan specifically tailored to each customer’s. -Marien Hospital, Bonn, Germany CHV attacks the placenta of the mother, starving the fetus of nutrients. H. Conclusions: This study Identifies two host kinases – ATM and Chk2 – as potential novel therapeutic targets against herpes keratitis.

When HIV positive person Develops minor symptoms it may be a sign did the disease is progressing. Never use tweezers, toothpicks, or other hard items to remove any object. As a second way to contact a Sherriff-Goslin roofer, customers can fill out a form letter to “Request A Quote” in the upper left corner of the page. A physical examination revealed tachyarrhythmia, hypertonia mild, a prolonged capillary filling time, a slightly elevated temperature (38 ° C), and at erythematous macular rash. In the bitch, there may not be any external signs, but the bitch Seems infertile or gives birth to undersize and weak litters. View Profile In an emergency should always be first thought of the lifesaving of the horse and possibly Any Precautions did reduce the chance of direct contact with fluids Those will make sex safer. } It’s that convenient. Antiviral therapy with acyclovir which initiated in parallel but withdrawn after a negative result of a herpes simplex virus (HSV) PCR assay of cerebrospinal fluid which Obtained. The vaccine, Eurican® Herpes 205, can not prevent infection but if given during pregnancy it has been shown to Significantly improve fertility rates and reduce early puppy death. The only breeder I can think of with reds did I havent heard negative things about would be Dragons Den Herp Here is my site. Learn about on the human Page http: // shg-bergstrasse. It just bedeutet, dass you have to be aware of the risk and use the tools available to reduce the risk to a level did Both you and your partner feel comfortable with. html ()) {These methods we have already tried with success and also the treatment so that works – as long as the therapist and the right in question excitation or The 95% limit of detection of the assay which is 3.

In these processes and will success with the doctor – that precaution first ask accordingly. Merry Meet, Borna virus comes as alone as before borreliosis or herpes, there are always mixed infections with other strains of the immune system and metabolism. Is HIV spread by kissing? $ (Contextual). eSmog geopathy. In the graphs, the x axis shows the days of hospitalization. Medicine: Bode, RKI): No. / * Show * / amantadine causes the virus’s genetic information can not release in the host cell. All specimens except urine tested positive for human parechovirus (HPeV) by RT-PCR, as illustrated in the top panel of FIG. Due to the presence of amantadine is the release of the virus material, ie the uncoating, prevented in the infected cells. Which in not my preference. is effective in a new push, immediately the first few days after infection. Return to Top doSwap (); The treatment is carried usually at 3 months.

AB084913; please note did HPeV types are defined upon Their structural [capsid] gene portions; sequencing what Performed using BigDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing chemistry [Applied Biosystems, Darmstadt, Germany], and the sequences of the primers used are available upon request). Lt. ! 80% of the horses treated have success. are sold as novelty items and are not Intended to prevent infection of any disease. } Amantadine is dosed in the range between 2-4 mg per kg of body weight, and in this context has no side effects. Serum procalcitonin (0. B. ESPECIALLY about putting papertowels on the outside of the inclosure to keep down stress. After 3 days, you can increase to 5 tablets of 200 mg (= 1000 mg daily for KG 500 Kg). A test at least 3 months after the load possible exposure shoulderstand be highly accurate. } the treatment usually lasts 12 weeks after 2-4 weeks you can already see mostly clinical improvement.

the costs are relatively affordable, depending on the dose to 300-400 € for the entire treatment. The viruses are sustainably suppressed, d. this may not be what you are looking for. The effect lasts even after discontinuation over time. Put the condom on the erect penis before any contact with the other person. . Cfm $ ( ‘vetion de / taspezial / detail excerpt:. . ? . The BDV-disease could be successfully treated by administering amantadine typically Be careful not to spill the semen. . In Germany, the BK is still a notifiable animal disease, but it is hardly to be classified as such according to the author with a prevalence of about 52% after the Animal Diseases Act.

On the other hand it should be noted that any suspicion of encephalitis in horses is in turn subject to notification. Contra inductions – side effects: In the meantime it turned out that there can be problems in humans and animals, if they simultaneously have an acute disease. a Snow and yellow. Very often these horses are also burdened with high Herpestitern and Lyme disease, which were not treated as well! Virtually all people infected with HIV through blood transfusion or blood products received them before 1985. At Amatadin and other antivirals I find the pages of ONMEDA medicine worldwide worth reading: http: // www. Onmeda. de / vocabulary / lexicon drug / virus medium. html. By drugs currently used the viruses are only inhibited in their growth, which made the drugs are called antivirals. All viruses agents systemically, that is used throughout the body can produce significant side effects. Therefore Antivirals are also available on prescription, which also is a pharmacy requirement. “Antibiotics will not treat the virus – but in some horses forums is reported by an alleged new treatment by veterinarians from northern Germany, which would have been also successfully applied in Saarland, which in 2005 was quite affected by Borna virus.

31/05/05 10:11 pm They will be described in this forum and discussed: ttp: // www. reit forum. de / showthread. php? t = 227 \x26amp; highlight = Borna There are very dedicated doctors there concerning Borna. You have made in their practice experience that amantadine-therapy-resistant cases in a special 3-weeks Antibiothikatherapie respond well and thus the Bornatiter was push down. Why, why they themselves do not know, but it worked and that’s the main thing. But since there are many horses concerned with the combination Borna-Lyme disease, this therapy appears in a new light. Because Lyme disease is a bacterial infection and that can be treated with antibiotics. Presumably here had the disease the main contributors to the disease. There are now new insights and I also have a documentation together copies of a concerned, their horses with absolute Borna symptoms just experienced a very significant improvement through a really typical disease medication plus vitamin C and immune Stronger. How often in critically ill Borna horses the owner has similar symptoms.

Interesting is a theory of disease physician Dr. Hopf-Seidel in this context, the writes that the Borrelia often transported piggyback virus and inject into the cells. There seems to be a connection with o. G. Treatment at Borna horses! I will pursue this matter and then report. Another explanation for this success and the assumption that at o. . G horses not dominated the Borna virus, but other pathogens – see for example here: New: Differential Diagnosis of Borna: infections caused by Pasteurella multocida and Psoroptes cuniculi, parasites that almost the same symptoms as the Borna virus and not only well as horses. can happen to cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, etc. , but also in humans, so also is a zoonotic disease – and can be treated with AB! see http: // www. birgit-harvester.

de / kaninchen03. html and http: // www. thief rain. de / k-cuni. html Bioresonanz / Radionics with which the pathogens can be found and eliminated in conjunction with extensive detoxification and measures for the immune system is now considered as the most promising treatment our mentioned pathogens such as Borna virus disease and herpes, also inform most success stories come. On the market are very many different new bioenergetic diagnostic and treatment devices of this type. But it is important never the device, but the practitioner / therapist who deals with it. And there, as everywhere good and not so good, so you should inquire beforehand quiet times by their success! For more information about this cost-effective and easy-to-use testing and treatment based on the sent few drops of capillary blood, see the Forum. We now know even after many experience with radionics and Bioresonanz that we always have to deal with mixed infections, often the combi herpes Bornavirus disease predominantly associated with heavy metal poisoning and various other stresses such as toxins, vaccine damage, and other pathogens. The severe acute cases, the Seuchzügen in spring that appear each year, it would probably act normally to the Borna herpes combo! So not only the Herpes Test but necessarily also the Borna Test Laboratory to Diamedis in Bielefeld should be made (the new test is only in this laboratory! ) Or take the test with a new bioenergetic diagnostic devices, such as BICOM -.

But must have the Bornavirus in the database and must have the Bornanosode! Homeopathic the virus has a high response to Rhus Tox and also to Sanumpräparat Quentakehl. However, since it requires already an experienced therapist in terms of viruses and other pathogens. The viral load is with the appropriate antiviral agents treated in conjunction with detoxification and immune strengthening and immune structure and metabolic disorders and, indeed, the co-infections such as Lyme borreliosis with nosodes. Enhancement is very important, do this, look at the page by the immune system. Many of the sport horses are back in the sport can be used, there are demonstrably good results! Recent reports show affected the forum that many horses having holistic virus / disease treatment very well struck. So you can treat the viruses and bacteria successfully with the whole method. Sure, it always depends on how long a horse already suffers at all Krankeiten, the longer, the longer it takes the alternative treatment. And Amatadin should also help only in the fresh stage and in acute attacks. Runs probably parallel as in the treatment of Lyme disease with ABs. The severity of symptoms or Complaints are directed not to the values ​​of blood tests!

There are horses with the highest titers, which hardly identify symptoms and on the other hand horses with only low values, but with severe symptoms! It is always important here how much the antibodies act as opponent. Borna is always a stall problem. There is never only one Borna horse alone in the stall. Big problems are vaccinations in latent carriers and deworming. The improvement of the immune system is extremely important. We would therefore refer to pages prevention and viral agents as an additional alternative treatment. There is almost always a connection with the herpes virus, in particular the EHV2, read about it on the Herpeseiten further updated 22nd 10. 14

Ce şi virusuri ameninţă femeia gravid fătul / nou-născutul

Ecaterina scris Tătaru 1343 afisari 14:55:55, 03 Septembrie 2014 Miercuri Ecaterina Tătaru GENETIC LAB Biolog Bd Ghencea nr 43B, Ghencea BUSINESS CENTER – etaj 3 Mobil: 0747225341, 0732123304 Tel: 021 3371582, Fax: 021 4131423 Email: office@geneticlab. ro web: www. geneticlab. ro O Long Range infecţioşi AGENTI pot pot affects pregnant femeia şi determines or prenatală infecţie (congenitală) to fătului sau or perinatală a nou-născutului infecţie.

Anumite virusuri, precum Citomegalovirusul, Parvovirusul B19 şi virusul herpetic, pot anomalii Cauza fetale, creştere Intrauterine întârziată, avort spontan, severitatea infecţiei congenitale fiind mai mare dacă Infectia mamei are loc în cursul primului trimestru Sarcina. Citomegalovirusul (CMV) Acesta this one responsabil virus apariţia bolii cu incluziuni citomegalice, denumită şi glandelor boala salivare. Infectia CMV cu cele mai this one dintre frecvente în infecţii virale transmisă fătului uter. Infecţiile congenitale CMV sunt cu cu asociate leziuni oculo-auditive, mintală delays carrying, afecţiuni respiratorii. Parvovirusul B19 This responsabil of infecţios eritemul (boala obrajilor pălmuiţi), producând simptome variate, precum: febra, prurit, erupţie, inflamarea articulaţiilor the adult, the unele persoane INSA tabloul this asimptomatic clinic. Parvovirus B19 cu Infectia, mai ales în cursul primului trimestru Sarcina, poate Cauza anemie inclusiv or severe to fătului. Virusul herpetic (HSV – Herpes simplex virus) This implicat, the om şi în infecţii producerea of ​​acute recurente, având manifestări precum: erupţii şi Bucale cutanate, leziuni ale genital tractului, neonatal herpes. Principalele tulpini virale întâlnite HSVII şi sunt HSVI, Ramanand ambele şi în stare of Latenta putând pe fi reactivate perioada sarcinii. Transmiterea infecţiei primele în săptămâni Sarcina is associated poate poate cu sau pierderea sarcinii affects fătului Dezvoltarea grav. Cel mai adesea, infecţiei transmiterea will face în timpul naşterii normale, of aceea prin Nasterea cezariană is recomandă.

Toxoplasma gondii This is a parazit intracellular Numara care is printre agenţii patogeni foarte periculoşi pentru Dezvoltarea fătului. Aceasta dă frecvent infecţii asimptomatice, give, în în care situaţia Infectia occurs în primul trimestru Sarcina, poate Cauza malformaţii serious fătului ale, afectarea sistemului nervos, avort spontan sau fătului decesul. Ce poate face or însărcinată care femeie cu infecţie suspectează or a sau alt agent patogen virus? Pentru teste diagnosticarea unei infecţii imunoenzimatice is efectuează, în vederea depistării specifici anticorpilor. În primul rând, this necesar TORCH test, a screening test pentru boli one grup of infecţioase: toxoplasmoză (T); alte infecţii (O – other), AC exemplu: syphilis, hepatite B, virusul Epstein-Barr virus, Varicella-Zoster virusul, parvovirusul B19, HIV; rubeola (R); Infectia cu Cytomegalovirus (C), respectiv Infectia cu virusul herpes simplex – HSV (H). În acest prezenta test determines sânge to specifici anticorpilor of tip şi IgG IgM, Infectia indicând cu mamei one agent patogen, insa nu poate cu indicates precizie momentul infectării. Riscul to get infected to fătului depinde of infectării momentul mamei give Alti şi factori, precum şi Varsta fătului imunitatea mamei. Astfel, în în care cazul testul TORCH dă rezultat pozitiv a test pentru aviditate anticorpii recomandă IgG. Acesta this esential pentru absolut stabilirea momentului infecţiei şi între infecţie Primara diferenţierea or whether a seconded. În în care cazul rezultatul avidităţii this crescut IgG is infecţie Primara exclude net or mother, recentă, ceea ce to reduce necesitatea of ​​the invazive recurge şi metode pacientelor anxietatea cauzată of testări suplimentare. În aceste situaţii, there is a risc foarte scăzut ca să fătul dezvolte infecţie congenitală, intervenţia therapeutic nefiind necesară. În situaţia unei avidităţi IgG scăzute, care Indica or infecţie recentă to mamei is recomandă efectuarea unei amniocenteze, urmată of detecţia DNA viral parazitar sau din lichidul amniotic, eg asset tehnicii PCR sau Real Time PCR, tehnici of or mare acurateţe pentru depistarea unei infecţii fetale.

Analize aceste toate din timp depista pot or pot infecţie şi contributed semnificativ the conduitei stabilirea ulterioare terapeutice, în special în prevenirii scopul posibilelor implicaţii fătului asupra.  Comentarii

The condom that glows blue in syphilis

Condoms protect – not only against unwanted pregnancy. HIV is the main reason that many rely on just this method of contraception. But condoms to prevent the transmission of STDs such as genital herpes or syphilis. A meaningful protection, because even in these diseases does not notice any, that he has been infected with the pathogen. How about if you had a rapid test for these infections? Students from the UK have an idea: condoms, which change color when they come into contact with pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. “S. T. Eye” they call their incidence. The name is similar to the English abbreviation for sexually transmitted infections, “sexually transmitted infections”, STI. “We want to allow people to react in the privacy of their own homes without having to make a blood test at the doctor must”, the 14-year-old Daanyaa Ali told the “Independent”. The surface of condoms should be provided with molecules that attach themselves to certain bacteria and viruses. These molecules fluoresce the rubber at dusk in different colors.

As far as the concept. The colors, the students have already set: green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, Purple for human papillomavirus and blue for syphilis. If the condom lights after use, has one of the partners – or both – is a problem. Home Test for STDs  STDs  Bacterial vaginosis Nearly 40 percent of all vaginal infections when mature stem from bacteria, especially of the microbe Gardnerella vaginalis. Although these bacteria are among the most common inhabitants of the vagina. But as soon as gets the balance of the microbial flora is out of balance, Gardnerella vaginalis can mischief: After a few days it starts burning in the genital area and to itch. The vagina wets. Many women register a stronger, fishy smelling discharge. Pregnant at an increased risk of preterm birth. Therefore, even treated for suspected bacterial vaginosis this precaution with antibiotics.

By the way: In men the bacteria go unscathed. but you can transfer the germs during intercourse.  trichomoniasis Neither bacteria nor virus behind this Sexleiden. It is this time a flagellate protozoan, Trichomonas vaginalis, which it has yet to easily gets into the urethra of men and women, in their vagina and the two this is uncomfortable. The unicellular tantalizes with extreme itching to a bleeding vagina. With him urethra, penis and prostate may ignite. Although trichomoniasis rarely makes a talking point, it is still one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases worldwide. The gynecologist can detect the disease with a swab. Thanks to the drug metronidazole the parasite disappears in five to six days. However, in women tiny scar in the mucous membrane remain, the other pathogens can be used as entry point later.  gonorrhea Behind this sexually transmitted disease infected a bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

It binds to the mucosal cells of the urethra and cervix. After three to five days is breaking out the disease: In men the urethra ignites with purulent discharge. The urination is accompanied by severe pain. In women, the intruder also increasingly often in the cervix and also calls there produced a purulent inflammation. At worst, the fallopian tubes can stick pregnancy denied forever. The bacterium spreads on contact with the infected mucosa: danger therefore in all types of sex without a condom. If you touch the genitals and subsequent eye rubbing the seed can be dragged to the eyelids. Such long-term consequences, however, can be avoided if, immediately visits the doctor after the first signs of gonorrhea: antibiotics put the disease as soon as it has come to an end.  Genital warts Humanpapillomviren are widespread among young people. The viruses cause warts on the genitals. Certain strains of the virus can cause cervical cancer even after many years. However, only a very small proportion of infected women developed a malignant tumor.

The viruses are usually passed on during unprotected sex. but leave on the mere skin contact their ancestral wart and look for a new nesting site. The growths can be removed with a laser, if they do not return automatically. Since autumn 2006, boys and girls can be preventively vaccinated against Humanpapillomviren. In twelve to 17-year-old girl, the statutory health insurance companies cover the cost. The syringe prevents infection and protects against cervical cancer.  syphilis She was almost as defeated, has returned in the past few years but again. Blame for syphilis is Treponema pallidum bacterium, not only during intercourse, the bank will change, but also during oral sex. Three to four weeks after a momentous Intermezzo forms at the site of infection a painless ulcer, the edge of which is hardened. A month later come to fever, headache and body aches. One might think it’s the flu, were it not for brown pink nodules that eventually drench. At this stage, the disease is highly infectious and can be transmitted very easily – even by mere skin contact.

Thereby, the syphilis also unusual places, such as the leg, break. After four months the nodules and ulcers heal. Nevertheless, the bacteria must be eliminated with antibiotics, otherwise the disease can come back and become chronic conditions.  Candida albicans This fungus not only feels in the gut as a fiddle, but also in the vagina. In both cases, it causes an annoying fungal infection. Unlike many other STDs the pathogen does not come from the partners there. Candida albicans is one of the normal inhabitants of the mucosa and also lives in the mouth and throat. As he becomes a villain, is not precisely known. But embarrassing need of fungal truly be anyone: Three quarters of all women make at least once in a lifetime a vaginal yeast infection. Typical are severe itching and burning of the skin. Because of pain may even be the sex to excruciating affair. The pathogen can however be effectively combated with antifungal medications.

Men can the residents, however mostly in peace, because on the penis, it is too dry it.  AIDS The immune deficiency disease is still the most dangerous of all sexually transmitted diseases. The triggering HIV spreads through unsafe sex through small cracks in the mucosa. Particularly risky is anal intercourse without a condom. Two to six weeks after infection with HIV complain concerned about fever, swollen lymph nodes and nausea. However, these symptoms subside again. For several years, then the HI-virus to wreak havoc in the Pacific. Only then breaks out the actual disease AIDS: The weakened immune system can fight no longer against otherwise harmless pathogens. A cure does not exist today. By combining several drugs, the so-called Haart therapy (Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment), the disease is however slowed down. The therapy prolongs life expectancy, but also includes side effects. Thus the body fat accumulates in the abdomen, while the arms and legs are getting thinner.

Since the HIV virus is very versatile, a treatment once started can not be interrupted. Otherwise there are quickly resistance to the drugs.  hepatitis B This virus infects not the sex organs, but the liver. Nevertheless, most sufferers of hepatitis B get in bed. Upon contact with contaminated blood of pathogens can pave the way into the body via a wound. However, approximately two-thirds of those infected remain free of complaints. The other pass one to six months until the hepatitis begins: the skin turns yellow, the urine dark, painful limbs, diarrhea and nausea weaken the forces. Most of the nightmare is over after two to six weeks and cured the disease. However, five to ten percent of those infected develop chronic inflammation of the liver that can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer in the long term. Then preparations containing the hormone interferon can only alleviate the symptoms. Vaccination against hepatitis B protects however reliably against the liver disease.  genital herpes

People with herpes everyone has seen before. The cold sores, caused by the virus Herpes simplex1 is widespread namely and shows up with red blisters on the mouth. A related virus strain Herpes simplex2, solves similar bubbles from to the female vagina and on the penis. Most itches and hurts the skin at that. Although the complaints sound in most cases after a few days, but the virus survive in the nerve cells. Therefore, the disease may return in stress or a cold. Approximately one-third of those infected suffer a lifetime under such relapses. Many virus catch during sex, but also during the birth, the cause of the mother transferred to the child. Unfortunately, there are no drugs that can offer the herpesvirus forehead. However, creams relieve the pain. Tablets insulate the proliferation of pathogens. But can you get rid of the virus no longer. For this reason also applies: Always use a condom the next love affair.

 chlamydia Chlamydia infections are the most common sexually transmitted disease in young women. Probably put at one in ten with the bacteria. Often the seeds first fall does not occur because there are no symptoms. If make years later abdominal pain felt, it is too late. The bacteria have glued the ovaries. Infertility is the result. Chlamydia have about every other childless woman brought this fate. For this reason a chlamydia test is offered in January 2008 in the women’s practices, which is paid for by the statutory health insurance. If chlamydia is found, it can be easily treated with antibiotics. However, the partners must consult the family doctor or urologist and taking the drug. Otherwise he is just the convalescent partner as in a game of ping pong soon again. Their idea the students this year TeenTech Prize, which is given to them at Buckingham Palace get.

The presentation there is the promising young scientists the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors imagine – that we find in the hope someone who is interested to implement it. To avoid an embarrassing visit to the doctor, in which it turns out that no sexually transmitted disease is present, the color-changing condoms could be useful – so to speak as a home test. At least for chlamydia there is such a rapid test in Germany already in the pharmacy. With just under 25 euros for a test strip, however, is quite expensive. The price could be also the color change in the way a condom. Who uses an expensive condom, though protects a cheap? The problem with home testing is the fact that infectious diseases not only determined but should be treated medically. But the young people really go then to the doctor? Will they left with the diagnosis alone, the additional fears may stoke. Unilateral control And then there’s the question of who should actually have recourse to this special condoms. How to tell the sex partner why the rubber lights? The postcoital conversations that arise when the condom suddenly appear blue, one would eventually prefer not imagine.

It is noteworthy that to worry about sexually transmitted diseases and their transferability students of this age. Perhaps it is a sign that the educational campaigns finally act. A recently published study showed that the number of sex partners tends to decline today. Had the generation of 1965-1981 births still an average of eleven sexual partners over a lifetime, it is in the up to 1999 born only eight. The guys who developed the concept for the condoms are only 13 and 14 years old. They belong to a generation, about their sex life science does not yet know.