Some Home Remedies to End Cold Sores

Toothpaste can really help against herpes, assuming that contain zinc. Therefore, although a sealing x-anybody toothpaste may protect against other infections, but only with zinc paste actually accelerates healing. Zinc compounds kill germs that accumulate in the wound, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing. But do not think that the best cream zinc can stop the herpes virus. This is replaced with another home remedy lemon balm, as researchers have recently shown that it works. In the test tube, they showed that the oil plants keep the virus under control and can reduce infection of a cell culture by over 97 percent. Melissa oil stops viruses before they can reach the cells. Apply quickly so that the skin can suck. Initial tests on humans are very promising. Hygiene standards for cold sores Simple hygiene rules can significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of cold sores. Even if stings you: do not scratch or rub the bubbles. Otherwise pathogens on hands can go to the eyes, nose or other body parts.

The patient after the first onset of symptoms is contagious until the last scab falls off. Causing viruses are present in saliva. Therefore, plates or towels should not be shared. Kissing is at this time is taboo: “This protects the partner or child of infection. ” The toothbrush should be changed after resolution of infection. Cold sores usually treated with over the counter creams. These drugs should not be applied with fingers, but with an applicator or cotton swab. Even without drug patches may help. Bubbles cover allowed a moist wound healing. If herpes has not improved after five days, consult a doctor. Do this even if the bubbles appear frequently, up to six times a year. Or when in the eyes, nose or genital region dealing with severe or lasting blisters. Finally, the bad news is that the herpes virus is transmitted not only kissing and drinking glasses.

Also with towels, napkins, dishes and towels, which should include a wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees. CLICK HERE TO KNOW HOW TO ELIMINATE HERPES FOREVER! WITH NATURAL METHODS Very Interesting Articles