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After reading hundreds of websites about the Final Protocol Herpes Melanie Addington, you must be wondering if this is a scam or a truly effective product. Before answering that question, I would give my honest opinion and description about the product, because I was a victim of this condition. The truth is that I am about to reveal been highly controversial, so before opting for the book, it is very important that you know that many have achieved incredible results, while others do not. The truth is that they are very contrary opinions, and after reading hundreds of websites on the internet about Herpes, I found 2 types of opinions: On one side are those who say that herpes is incurable. Even doctors and some medical experts say the Herpes can be controlled with the use of drugs but it is not possible to cure fully. I have received hundreds of emails based on that scoop, stating that the Final Protocol Herpes is a scam, because their doctors have said that herpes has no cure. I discovered . . . What I have discovered is that people who say this have not even trying to buy the Final Protocol Herpes, and give opinions based solely on information from what they have heard from a doctor, or family member who has informed them. Even, some people only get “assumptions” or “Opinions” baseless. These people have simply heard out there what others say, and only repeat the same baseless.

On the other hand people who have completed the protocol and are surprised with the results are. It is true that at first, all this information quite confused, and that generated me doubt whether to trust the program or not. Would it be possible that with a book that teaches natural treatments to eliminate Herpes definitely could have results? Some of my biggest doubts After seeing the video explaining the program I was left with many questions, but I really was excited. Deep inside me, I knew I could be a risk, because today is very fashionable internet scams. But after seeing the product satisfaction guarantee, backed by the company marketing the product, and know that if they do not meet the promises can claim back 100% of my money, I calmed. Finally, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” Actually there are many negative people who always think of scams and nothing will work, and precisely with that attitude is that they never do anything to solve their problems. So I decided to ignore all the negative information I found and make the decision to acquire the Final Protocol of Herpes. What is the Final Protocol of Herpes The PDH (Final Protocol Herpes) is a program that was created to treat herpes, which has been listed by traditional medicine as almost impossible to cure, however the cure for herpes has been around for thousands of years, only the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has hidden from us the whole truth to be followed enriching. Before being officially launched the program, it was tested in many people.

Melanie has received thousands of emails that have been sent from all over the world, thanking him for his great help. This is perhaps one of the evidence that the program works. But perhaps the most important testimony of all these is mine. Yes, it sounds embarrassing, I also suffered the uncomfortable symptoms of Herpes, however, thanks to the confidence generated Melanie me, myself implement the program, and this also worked for me. What brings the treatment of Herpes? Initially, the program speaks of all possible types of herpes, its symptoms and its prevalence. After that, and know what exactly the kind of herpes that can be, continued the program with 3 major steps: 1. To strengthen the immune system. This step is taught how to turn our bodies into a wall impenetrable proof bullets. You will learn the secrets that will make your immune system work 24 hours a day, protecting all bacteria and viruses that try to catch it. 2. Destroying the virus

The second step is permanently eliminate the virus, killing it at the root, thanks to a series of 100% natural components. No drugs or expensive drugs and lifetime. Here they teach you how to combat any virus, with simple foods that get in any supermarket in the corner near his home. Thanks to this treatment, the virus will definitely go and you regain your health. 3. extreme Prevention In this step of the program, Melanie will teach you how to stop the virus reproducing that follow, and avoid relapse. This treatment will teach your body how to be safe and sure not to get sick again. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the book, because through natural processes, will prevent relapse again. Finally the book ends giving advice on how to keep your body healthy, and how to make your immune system is 100% attentive to any disease. Pros and Cons of the Final Protocol of Herpes Pros It will eliminate the Herpes permanently from your body.

It is much more natural and economical implement this alternative to be spending money on drugs lifetime. It will strengthen your immune system against other bacteria and viruses. If you have not had results in 60 days, you may request a refund of 100% of your money. NOTHING TO LOSE! ! Against It is not available in physical book. Only you can download it in PDF (E-Book) format. It is not a miraculous method, you have to have discipline and implement it for at least 60 days. Depending on each case, in this period of time the results will be. If you do not have the discipline to take treatment daily, this program is not for you. My personal opinion There will always be people with opinions and different ways of thinking, really that’s very respectable.

Therefore, what I say below is just my way of seeing things. For years I was taking drugs that recommended me pharmacies. These came with major side effects. I felt my hair began to fall more easily. And every time I asked about alternative medicines, the answer was the same, that would not heal Herpes. True, to buy the book you have to pay, however the value I received from this alternative treatment is much less than it would cost me frequent doctor appointments, medications send me for life, transport to up appointments, etc. And I ask you, Your doctor will return 100% of your money if the treatment does not work? Do you think taking medications for life is a viable solution? The author of this book has expressed its desire to increase the cost of it due to the great success he is having. More than 7,500 people have bought this book and the number continues to rise. Will you continue going embarrassments? Will you continue with the unbearable itching? The final protocol herpes can really help eliminate herpes definitely.

But you will find the power to make a wise decision. Remember that there is no risk, and only you win. Click here to download the book of the Final Protocol to the Herpes of their official website and permanently eliminate herpes from your life.

Causes and treatment of fever blisters

Cold sores, Gletscherbrand, cold sores, Ekelbläschen – probably you know even one of these terms for a herpes infection. contact The typical purulent and crusty blisters on the lip preferably then apparent when you can use them the least – when skiing at high altitude, during a summer holiday by the seaside, in sporting activities, the leisure activity in beer gardens or at parties. Discomfort of cold sores Initial complaints you remember as painful blisters on the lips or in the mouth. They usually announce themselves by itching, tightness and tingling in the appropriate places. The currently-through content becomes cloudy, then pimples dörren a brownish. The complaints have usually not longer than 10 days. Oral Herpes causes The first infection with herpes simplex viruses find usually takes place already in early childhood, without you noticing it. Infection occurs through direct encounters between people. After infection, the virus remains in the body and is held by protective substances in the blood in check. Sometimes can stimuli refresh “latent” virus and cause “cold sores” on the lips and in the mouth. Such stimuli are sometimes a febrile illness, but also intense solar radiation, dental use, injuries vermilion, sensitivity to foods, emotional stress, but also menstruation.

Disease risk and possible consequences of cold sores Almost all people are infected with herpes simplex virus. More than a million times a year to be visited in Germany Doctors for herpes simplex. Fever blisters are transferable, yet dissolve in people with immune system perfect no symptoms from. Fever blisters rarely leave scars. They tend, however, one always occur again in the same area of ​​skin. Should you the group of patients include severe immune disorders, the disease can spread and be fatal (encephalitis). Herpes infections of the cornea threaten eyesight. prevention Really prevent against herpes you can not. However, you have to mitigate the possibility of treatment with viral agents (antivirals) at the first symptoms. When the doctor? If you find that there is a very extensive infestation in your herpes infection or worsening condition, you should take the help of a doctor to complete.

self-help Self-help is at a herpes infection usually impossible. Sitting at your cold sores in the mouth only, you can alleviate the discomfort somewhat by rinsing with sage. Herpesviruses are highly contagious – even then when the pimples are already on healing and scab. By special hygiene to protect yourself safe from a second infection and prevent others are infected with. Regular hand washing and a private towel that is changed frequently, also contribute to the protection at considerably. In an acute herpes rash, you should also avoid using cutlery, glasses or lipsticks with others, because the liquid is highly contagious in the bubbles. Treatment of cold sores If you are suffering from herpes, it is useful to apply to the affected areas drying and disinfecting lotions (shaking mixtures). The term cover the affected skin with a cream containing virus-inflammatory drugs, such as acyclovir or vidarabine can only avert the further spread and relieve the symptoms somewhat. For arge cases or when the bubbles occur more than once, there are antiviral drugs to swallow or syringes. The Naturopathy recommends for recurrent cold sores an up to eight-week course of treatment with echinacea preparations to enhance the immune system. Natural Therapy

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The diagnostic view [Schattauer: Sixth, revised and expanded edition]

The diagnostic view Atlas and Textbook of differential diagnosis  Published by  F. W. Tischendorf  Founded by G. F. Klostermann,  H. Südhof and W. Tischendorf  With contributions from

 K. Bork, D. W. Büttner, H. Fischer,  M. W. Hartmann, H. Kaffarnik,  H. Kirchhübel, J. W. King, C.

Meyer,  G. Meyer-Hofmann, D. Reinwein,  H. Riechelmann, Ingrid Rudzki-Janson,  Dietmar Seidel, Dietrich Seidel,  E. Saturday, F. W. Tischendorf,  U. Venzlaff, J.

-W. knows  6, revised and  extended edition  With 1000 pictures,  of 985 multicolored  Schattauer  contents VII Clinical examination 1 polycythemia vera, rosacea; arterial  hypertension 47  Blue Red Skin 48 Changes in skin color 2  Polycythemia vera, chronic pulmonary heart disease,

Pale skin 2 Hypertension 49 Pseudo anemia, anemia 3 Chronic pulmonary heart disease 51 Anemia: General signs 5 Chronic pulmonary heart disease, Myokardsklerose, Iron deficiency anemia 9 carcinoid 53 Pale-yellow skin 10 mitral stenosis 55 Anemia and jaundice: Pernicious anemia 11 mitral regurgitation, mitral valve disease combined, Anemia and jaundice: Hereditary spherocytosis, “Pseudomitralgesicht” 57  Elliptocytosis 13 Congenital heart disease, aortic aneurysm 59 Anemia and jaundice: thalassemia, chronic atrophic acrodermatitis  Sickle cell disease 15 Herxheimer 61 Depigmentation skin 16  Erythema – Exanthema 62 Albinism totalis, Piebald, Vitiligo 17

Leucoderma syphiliticum, leucoderma erysipelas 63  leprosum, depigmentation Systemic lupus erythematosus 65  in pityriasis versicolor alba 19 Systemic lupus erythematosus; pemphigus Pigmented skin 20 erythematosus Seborrhoicus (Senear-Usher) . . . 67 Addison 21 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 69 Addison’s disease, Arsenmelanose, argyrosis, dermatomyositis 71  Hemochromatosis 23 dermatomyositis, Poikilodermatomyositis 73 Stauungsdermatose, chronic nephritis, drug eruptions 75  Discolorations by Atebrin 25 drug eruptions – infectious allergic Estrogen-melanosis (chloasma uterinum, rash 79

 Therapy for prostate cancer), drug eruptions: urticaria 81  Alterskomedonen 27 drug eruptions: urticaria, Becker’s melanosis, cafe-au-lait spot, angioedema 83  Ephelides, Alterspigmentierungen 29 drug eruptions – infectious allergic Pigmentfleckenpolypose (Peutz-Jeghers monastery eruptions: Stevens-Johnson syndrome,  man-Touraine Syndrome), LAMB syndrome. , , , 31 Lyell Syndrome 85 Urticaria pigmentosa 33 drug eruptions – infectious allergic  Eruptions: Masernpemphigoid; Jaundice: Acute hepatitis, obstructive;  Fat Skieren 35 mechanobullous dermatoses: epidermolysis  bullosa Dystrophic Hereditaria 87 Jaundice: cirrhosis, hemochromatosis 37

Jaundice: Cirrhosis – halonierte eyes, psoriasis vulgaris 89  Brown discoloration of the skin, white, Uhrglas- psoriasis vulgaris: nummular type mikrobiell-  nails, palmar erythema 39 seborrheic dermatitis, impetigo. , 91 Jaundice: Cirrhosis – gynecomastia, paint tongue, smallpox (variola vera), varioloid (Variola mitigata)  Dupuytren’s contracture, Rhinophyma vs. Eccema vaccinatum 93  chickenpox 95  Telangiectasia-rich nose as constitutional  Peculiarity 41 scarlet 97 Wilson’s 43 scarlet: orbital cellulitis; periorbital  phlegmonous inflammation 99 Red skin 44

 measles 101 Polycythemia vera, Pseudokonjunktivitis;  Sportsman 45 rubella, fifth disease 103 VIII contents  Circulatory disorders 142  Herpes zoster 105  Herpes zoster, herpes simplex 107 Raynaud’s syndrome (Digiti mortui), chronic  Erythema nodosum, erythema induratum Bazin, Cold agglutinin, acrocyanosis  Artifacts 109 sui generis 143  Arteriosclerosis obliterans (atherosclerosis);  Changes in fungal diseases combined with deep leg vein  the skin 110 145 thrombosis  Fungal infections caused by dermatophytes: Obliterative arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis);

 Tinea capitis, tinea corporis, tinea p e d u m. , , , 111 of the “diabetic foot” 147  Fungal diseases caused by yeasts: Hautsoor, thromboangiitis obliterans, Temporalarteriitis 149  Genitalsoor, tinea versicolor 113 Arterial embolism 151  Arterial embolism, iatrogenic tissue necrosis  Pruritus – scratching effects 114 (Paravasatnekrosen) 153  Scratch effects in pruritus 115 frostbite, burns, radiation injuries 155  Pruritus lymphogranulomatosus, pruritus-induced leg ulcers Arterial, venous leg varicose. , , 157  Secondary infections: impetigo; Leg ulcers of various origins:  Pemphigus neonatorum 117 leg ulcer with thalassemia major,  Epizootic: Scabies, larva migrans, myiasis. , , , 119 ulcer agranulocytoticum 159

 Epizootic and zoonotic diseases: Dress Erlau infection, leg ulcers of various origins:  Flea bites, tick bites, african ulcer syphiliticum, ulcer tropicum  Zeckenbißfieber 121 (Cancrum oris) 161  Hemorrhagic diathesis 122 Visible collateral circulation,  Influence jams 162  Physical examination methods 123  Coagulopathies: hemophilia A 125 Scheme of the body venous system 163  Coagulopathies: bleeding due to closure of the superior vena cava 165  Anticoagulant 127 closure of the iliac vein, closure  Thrombopathies: Myelodysplastic syndrome, the inferior vena cava 167  acute leukemia, Hodgkin Werlhof 129 Scheme of the portal 169  Thrombopathies: Acute leukemia; Narrowing of the axillary vein (cicatricial  Hematoma with skull base fracture and after Mamma amputation and irradiation)

 other traumatic hematoma 131 narrowing of the superior vena cava (retrosternal  Vascular defects: Purpura, Purpura goiter) 171  Majocchi, purpura senilis 133 Portal Hypertension: visible collateral  Vascular defects: Infectious-toxic purpura, circulation, hemorrhoids 173  Micro emboli in endocarditis lenta  sclerodermas 174  and meningococcal sepsis  Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome 135 scleroderma progressiva diffusa 175  Scleroderma progressiva diffusa,  Hemorrhagic diathesis, hemangiomas. 136 177 Skleropoikilodermie  Crohn Rendu-Osler, senile hemangiomas 137 scleroderma circumscribed; Amnionfurchen 179  Nodes, tumors 180

 hemangiomas 138  Hemangioma cavernosum hemangioma malignant lymphomas: Hodgkin’s disease,  Simplex 139 Immunoblastom, Burkitt’s lymphoma 181  Hemangioma simplex, Sturge-Weber Syndrome, Malignant Lymphomas: Chronic Lymphocytic  Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome 141 183 leukemia  contents IX Malignant lymphomas: Chronic lymphocytic precancerous lesions of the skin: solar and senile  Leukemia, Sezary syndrome, mycosis keratosis, Cornu Cutaneous, actinic cheilitis. , , 235  fungoides; Skin infiltrates in acute mumps, allergic and purulent parotitis,  Monocytic 185 Parotismischtumor 237 Monoclonal gammopathy: amyloidosis,  Scleromyxoedema 187 fistulae, abscesses, suppuration 238

AIDS: Hematological Complications 189 swelling and fistulae due Zahnaffektion . . 239  Fistulas in lymph node tuberculosis, AIDS: Kaposi’s sarcoma, the early stages 191  Actinomycosis, chronic osteomyelitis AIDS: Kaposi’s sarcoma, late stages 193  and Crohn’s disease 243 AIDS: secondary infections and reactions  (Herpes labialis, herpes zoster, erythema Cold abscess, Spritzenabszeß;  Exsudativum multiforme, inverse psoriasis). , , 195 rib metastasis 245 Inflammatory lymphomas: Trypanosomiasis, Spritzenabszeß, paranephritic abscess,

 Lymphogranuloma inguinale 197 Ophthalmoblennorrhoea neonatorum 247  Osteomyelitis in sickle cell disease, tropical Inflammatory lymphomas: lymphogranuloma  inguinal (Genitalulkus, elephantiasis scrotum), Pyomyositis, amoebic liver abscess 249  Syphilis (chancre) 199  edema 250 Inflammatory lymphomas: Halslymphknoten-  heart failure 251  tuberculosis, onchocerciasis; Onchocerca-  Heart failure, scrotal 253  Node; Calabarschwellungen with loiasis. , , , 201  Nephrosis, kwashiorkor 255

Onchocerciasis: Chronic dermatitis,  Glomerulonephritis, Sudeck syndrome 257  Xeroderma, “hanging groin”, leopard skin,  Lymphedema, lipoedema 259  papular skin reaction to ivermectin 203 Lupus vulgaris; rhinophyma 205  Symptom “big belly” 260 Lupus vulgaris; Intracutaneous 207  Ascites, cirrhosis, 261 ovarian cyst Leprosy: Lepromatous and tuberculoid,  Obesity, abdominal wall, incisional hernia 263  Borderline type, ENL. , 209

Sarcoidosis, cutaneous leishmaniasis 211  Changes in nichtvenerischen sarcoidosis; Lues: papular Sekundärsyphilid. , , 213  Genital Diseases 264 Lues: Makulopapulosquamöses secondary  Inflammation of the glans penis and vulva,  syphilide, tertiary syphilitic changes 215  genital herpes simplex virus infection 265 Neurofibromatosis Generalisata v. Reckling-  Genital warts, hirsuties papillaris  live 217

 penis, phimosis, paraphimosis 267 Crohn Pringle, Tuberous Sclerosis Syndrome. , , , 219  Heterotopic sebaceous glands, lymphangiectasia, lipomas 221  Tanchoknötchen, lichen planus 269 Virchow gland Nabelmetastase, skin metastases . . 223  Kraurosis genital, penile cancer, Skin Metastases 225  vulvar Cancer 271 Pigment Leading skin tumors:

 Melanosis Circumscripta praeblastomatosa,  Skeletal abnormalities, postural and  malignant melanoma 229  Movement abnormalities 272 Pigment Leading skin tumors:  Nevus cell nevus, Sutton nevus, seborrheic spina bifida 273  Wart, histiocytoma, thrombosed Angioma; spondylolisthesis 275  supernumerary nipple 231 Muscular torticollis 277 Pigment Leading and hyperkeratotic tumors osseous torticollis, Klippel-Feil syndrome cal. , , 279  skin: Seborrheic wart; vulgar heart hump, chicken and funnel chest,  Wart; Calluses 233 281 Hutkrempenthorax X content

 Flat back, kyphosis 283 campodactyly (claw hand), Digitus malleus,  Hallux valgus deformity Madelungsche. , , , 331  Ankylosing spondylitis spondylitis 285  Synthesis, poly, oligodactyly 333  Gibbus: tuberculous spondylitis 287  scoliosis 289  Coxitis, youth Hüftkopfepiphysenlösung. , , 293  Change in skin attachments 334  Sprengeische deformity, shift  the scapula in Crohn v. Reckling- deviations of the coat 334

 live 295 Acquired hypotrichosis: hypothyroidism,  Rickets bowlegged, Crus varum congenitum. , , 297 Kwashiorkor, hair loss as a result rays. , , , 335  Varus and valgus 299 Acquired hypotrichosis: Toxic Hair Loss  (Thallium, cytostatics), alopecia areata 337  Signs of neurological disorders hirsutism 300 339  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,  Changes in the nails 340  Progressive muscular dystrophy,  Meessche lines Beausche transverse grooves,  Myotonic dystrophy Curschmann-Steinert. , 301 hypoproteinemic strips (double

 Isolated serratus; hereditary motor Muehrcke band), leukonychia striata,  and sensory neuropathy (HMSN), Radialis-  Leukonychia partialis 341  palsy, proximal median nerve 303  Nail psoriasis, nail dystrophy with epidermolysis  Daumenballenatrophie with carpal tunnel syndrome,  bullosa, onychomycosis, onychogryposis. , , , 343  Syringomyelia, ulnar nerve 305  Horner’s syndrome, facial paralysis, central  Oral lesions  Facial paralysis, Hypoglossuslähmung 307  and the tongue 344

 Oculomotor, Abduzenslähmung,  Herpes simplex virus infection:  Hypomimia with Parkinson’s disease . . . . 309  Herpes labialis, herpetic gingivostomatitis;  Bulbar paralysis, myasthenia gravis 311  Herpes zoster 345  Parkinson’s disease, spasmodic torticollis,  Habitual aphthous ulcers, oral mucosa  Torsion dystonia, state after

 candidose: Perleche, lip, Zungensoor. . . 347  acute ischemic stroke, multiple sclerosis 313  Geographic Tongue sive geographic tongue,  “Coated tongue” Glossitis median rhomboid,  Joint changes 314  Glossitis praeatrophica 349  Rheumatoid arthritis; hyperextensibility  Lingua villosa nigra (black hairy tongue)  the finger (constitutional anomaly) 315  Tongue discoloration by potassium

 Rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis mutilans 317  permanganate 351  Psoriatic arthritis 319  Lingua plicata, Glossitis interstitial (syphilis III)  Rheumatoid nodules, tophi 321  Actinomycosis, syphilitic Gumma  Rheumatoid nodules, tophi, xanthomas,  tuberculous ulceration 351  Ganglia 323  Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, lipodystrophy,  Heberden’s nodes, nodes Bouchardsche  Crohn Rendu-Osler 355  (Polyarthritis); nodules rheumatici

 Sjogren’s syndrome 357  (Acute rheumatic fever);  Palm keratoses (Reiter’s syndrome) 325  Changes in the gums  Joint effusion, Blutergelenk 327  and the teeth 358  Malformations and anomalies changes on oral mucosa and  the hands and feet 328 gingiva: hemangioma simplex, leukoplakia,  Klino-, brachytherapy, campodactyly, thrush, mechanical irritation, pemphigoid,  Dupuytren’s contracture 329 359 necrosis  content XI Gingivaveränderungen: gingivitis simplex, Bindehautdegerationen, conjunctival tumors:  Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis pterygium, Pinguekula, Squamous

 (AUG) AUG at AIDS with Kaposi’s sarcoma. , 361 Carcinoma, dermoid, melanosis bulbi, Periodontitis 363 nevus pigmentosus, malignant melanoma,  Bowen 395 Gingival hyperplasia 365 Gingival hyperplasia and proliferation; Corneal opacities: Arcus senilis,  melanoma metastasis; Breakthrough cysts 367 Kayser-Fleischer ring, band keratopathy, Gingivaverfärbungen 369 keratoconus, keratitis filiformis; ocular Melting and Dentinhypoplasien, pemphigoid 397  Enamel changes 371 opacities, injuries, burns and Enamel changes, Hutchinson’s teeth. , , 373 inflammation of the cornea 399  Colorations in pupil area: cataract,

Changes pharynx ectopia of the lens, Glaucoma absolutum 401 and tonsils 374 pupil, iris changes: Viral diseases: Acute viral Anisocoria, tonic pupil (Adie’s syndrome),  Pharyngotonsillitis, Monocytic, Argyll-Robertson’s syndrome, iris coloboma,  Herpangina, angina herpetic, herpes zoster. , , 375 Iridodialysis, persistent pupillary membrane, Bacterial diseases: angina follicularis, state after iridocyclitis 403  Angina lacunaris, peritonsillar, iris changes: albinism,  Diphtheria 377 Iris bicolor, congenital heterochromia, Bacterial diseases: Chronic iritis, Rubeosis, iris nodules 405  Tonsillitis, Angina Plaut-Vincenti, chronic relocations, positioners  Pharyngitis, angina agranulocytotica; (And moving) anomalies  Mycosis: thrush 379 of the eyeball: blow-out fracture,

Non-infectious mucosal changes: cavernous sinus syndrome, strabismus 407  erythroplasia; benign tumors: Iceberg tumor  changes  (Neuromas), pleomorphic adenoma, papilloma,  in bone diseases 408  fibroma 381 Tonsillenkarzinom, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Blue sclera, osteogenesis imperfecta tarda. , , , 409  Tonsils, retention cyst 383 Paget’s osteitis deformans, Paget’s sarcoma 411  Paget’s osteitis deformans, Crohn Uehlinger 413 Clefts of the stomatognathic System 384 changes in diseases  the endocrine glands 414

Cleft lip and palate 385  Hyperthyroidism, thyroid eye disease 415 Ocular changes 386 hyperthyroidism, thyroid eye disease, Swollen eyelids: allergies, ophthalmic zoster, myxedema circumscriptum Pretibial 419  Dacryoadenitis, Mikulicz syndrome 387 hyperthyroidism: Thyrotoxic crisis Swollen eyelids, eyelid tumors: pituitary tumor; acute suppurative thyroiditis;  Dacryocystitis, hordeolum, chalazion, normometabolischer bilateral exophthalmos  Basal cell carcinoma, melanoma 389 (constitutional anomaly) 421 Changes in the eyelid margin and the Lidstellung, Normometabolischer unilateral exophthalmos:  Conjunctivitis 391 meningioma, Orbitametastase, Swelling, redness and bleeding of the Orbital 423  Eye: scleritis, papillary protrusions of Struma: Blande Struma, bland retrosternal  Tarsal conjunctiva, chemosis, Hyposphagma, goiter; Thyroid tumor 425

 Hyphema, nodular episcleritis 393 Hypothyroidism 427 XIV employee contributions  Changes in the gums and teeth,  Erythema – Exanthema: drug eruptions,  S. 358-373  74-75 and 80-81  H. Fischer E. Sonnabend  Changes of the throat and tonsils,  S. 374-383

 Changes in fungal infections of the skin,  S. 100-112 H. Riechelmann  K. Bork clefts of the stomatognathic system,  S. 384-385  Pruritus – scratching effects: epizootic and zoonotic diseases, Ingrid Rudzki-Janson  S. 118-120  M. W.

Hartmann eyes changes, pp 386-407  C. Meyer; S. 400-405 together with F. W. T.  Nodes, tumors: AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma, etc. ,  S. 188-195 changes in bone disorders:  M. G. Hartmann Paget’s osteitis deformans, Crohn Uehlinger,

 Loiasis, onchocerciasis, S. 200-203 S. 412-413  D. W. Büttner F. W. T. together with E. Sonnabend  Pigment Leading tumors and precancerous lesions  skin, pp 228-231 and 234-235  Changes in diseases of the endocrine

 H. Fischer; S. 228-231 together with F. W. T.  Glands: Cushing’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, p 435  F. W. T. together with D. Reinwein  Fistulae, abscesses, suppuration: swelling and  Hypogonadism, S.

436-441,  Fistulae due Zahnaffektion, pp 238-241  Dwarfism, pp 442-448  E. Sonnabend  D. Reinwein  Changes in nichtvenerischen  Changes in metabolic diseases:  Genital Diseases, S. 264-271  Hyperlipoproteinemia, pp 460-465  K.

Bork  H. Kaffarnik and Dietrich Seidel  S. 460-461 together with F. W. T.  Skeletal abnormalities, postural and movement  anomalies, S. 272-299  Larger contributions to various diseases:  H. Kirchhübel and J.

-W. Knows;  F. W. T. , smaller contributions:  S. 272-273 and 284-285 together with F. W. T.  F. W. T.

together with G. Meyer-Hofmann  Signs of neurological disorders, pp 300-313  Dietmar Seidel and U. Venzlaff; Internal Diseases and Skin Diseases  in blacks, with particular reference  S. 304-307 together with F. W. T.  tropical diseases:  F. W.

T. together with J. W. king  Changes of the oral mucosa and tongue,  S. 346-347 leprosy, pp 208-209  J. W. king  F. W. T.

together with K. Bork PDF version

ICD-10-GM-2016 L01.0 Impetigo [each pathogen] [any location] ICD10

ICD-10-GM-2016 L01. 0 Impetigo [each pathogen] [any location] ICD10 L00-L08 Infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue Info. : If the infectious agent are given an additional code (B95-B98) is to be used. excl . : Angulus infectiosus oris (by): Candidiasis (B37. -) Angulus infectiosus oris (by): riboflavin (E53. 0)

Angulus infectiosus oris (by): o. n. A. (K13. 0) Granuloma pediculatum (L98. 0) Hordeolum (H00. 0) Infectious dermatitis (L30. 3) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g .

: erysipelas (A46) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : Erysipeloid (A26. -) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : infection by herpes virus [herpes simplex] (B00. -) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : infection by herpes virus [herpes simplex] in the anogenital (A60. -)

Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : Molluscum contagiosum (B08. 1) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : mycoses (B35-B49) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : pediculosis, Akarinose and other parasitic infestation of the skin (B85-B89) Local skin infections that are classified in Chapter I, as e. g . : Viral warts (B07)

Panniculitis: lupus erythematosus (L93. 2) Panniculitis: neck and back (M54. 0-) Panniculitis: relapsing [Pfeifer-Weber-Christian disease] (M35. 6) Panniculitis: o. n. A. (M79. 3-) Zoster (B02. -)

L01. – impetigo excl . : Impetigo herpetiformis (L40. 1) Pemphigus acutus neonatorum (L00. -) L01. 0 Impetigo [each pathogen] [any location] Incl .

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