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What are chickenpox and shingles? Chickenpox and shingles are infections that are caused by the varicella-zoster virus. When you have chickenpox, your immune system makes antibodies. Most people are immune to further infection after chickenpox during the rest of his life. About 1 person in 8 is not enough antibodies develop that first time and you can catch it again. The virus remains dormant in the body. It can, in some people, reappear later in life to cause a localized rash called shingles. Most people have chickenpox as a child. It comes in a small number of adults is not like a child. If you get chickenpox in adulthood, the disease is usually more severe than in children, and complications are more common, especially when you are pregnant. There are other separate leaflets called varicella in children under 12 years chickenpox in adults and adolescents and shingles that give details of these diseases. This booklet is intended primarily to pregnant women who have been in contact with someone with chickenpox or shingles. What does “contact with chickenpox or shingles” mean?

Chickenpox A person with chickenpox is highly contagious. The virus spreads through the air from person to person. For example, if you have not had chickenpox, it is a good opportunity to catch him if: You are in the room with someone with chickenpox for more than 15 minutes, or You have any face to face contact with someone with chickenpox, as a conversation. Contact Chickenpox and pregnancy. If you have had chickenpox in the past. Chickenpox is contagious from two days before the rash first appears until all the spots have crusted over (usually about five days after the onset of the rash). For example, if you talked to someone yesterday who developed the chickenpox rash today, you are at risk of developing chickenpox if you are not immune. Herpes Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. It is contagious from the onset of the rash until all scabs have crusted over.

Unlike chickenpox, shingles is not a person with the virus coughs out. The virus is shed just the eruption. Most people with herpes have a rash on the chest or abdomen and usually is covered by clothing or bandages. Therefore, they are not likely to get chickenpox from someone with shingles if the rash is covered. Some people have herpes on exposed skin such as the face to be more infectious than if the rash is covered. In addition, someone who has herpes and have a weakened immune system (eg, chemotherapy someone who has shingles) virus sheds much more than normal. Even if your rash is covered, which they can be considered as infectious as someone with shingles uncovered. Therefore, it is difficult to give clear rules about contact with a person with shingles. If in doubt, talk about any contact with your doctor. I am pregnant and I have been in contact with chickenpox or shingles If you have had chickenpox in the past, it is likely to be immune. It is less likely to be at risk. You do not have to worry or do anything, but you may want to check with your doctor or midwife.

About 9 of every 10 pregnant women who have already had chickenpox as a child and are likely to be immune. If you have not had chickenpox or are unsure, consult a doctor urgently. A blood test may be advised to detect antibodies to see if you are immune. About 1 in 10 pregnant women who have not previously had chickenpox and is not immune. What is the blood? Controls blood test for antibodies against chickenpox virus: If you have antibodies in the blood, it means you have had chickenpox in the past, or have received the vaccine. It is then necessary to take additional measures. If you have no antibody then you are at risk of developing chickenpox. What I can do if I do not have the antibodies? They may be given an injection of immunoglobulin containing antibodies against chickenpox virus. This can prevent chickenpox developing, or is a more serious infection if it develops. It is best to have the immunoglobulin injection within four days of contact with the virus.

However, there may be some protection, even if it is given immunoglobulin to 10 days after contact with the virus. (It takes 7 to 21 days (usually 10 to 14 days) for varicella disease to develop after contact with an infected person. This is the incubation period. ) What are chickenpox and shingles? If you have not had chickenpox or are not sure. If you come into contact with chickenpox again later in your pregnancy, you can have a repeat dose of immunoglobulin whenever at least three weeks after the first dose. Why is it important to prevent chickenpox during pregnancy? For mother Chickenpox is usually a nasty disease while pregnant, even without complications. It tends to be much more serious than the children get the disease. In addition, about 1 in 10 pregnant women with chickenpox develop inflamed lungs (pneumonia). This is sometimes severe.

About 1 in every 100 pregnant women who develop varicella-related pneumonia dies from this serious infection. Inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) is a rare but very serious complication. Vary rarely, other serious complications develop. For example: myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys), appendicitis, hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), Henoch-Schonlein purpura (a condition that can affect kidneys), arthritis, and inflammation of various parts of the eye. For the unborn baby There is a small chance that the fetus a condition called fetal varicella (SVF) syndrome. This can cause the baby to be born with severe abnormalities. If you have chickenpox in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy it is not a 1 in 200 chance of the baby developing FVS. If you have chickenpox between 13 and 20 weeks of pregnancy it is not a 1 in 50 chance that the baby developing FVS. If you have chickenpox after 20 weeks, the risk of the baby developing FVS is very low, with no cases reported in women who developed chickenpox after 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you have chickenpox within seven days before or after birth, your newborn baby may develop a severe form of chickenpox. Some newborn babies who develop chickenpox die from the infection. What if chickenpox development while I’m pregnant?

Most pregnant women who have chickenpox recover completely and the baby is fine. However, as discussed above, the disease tends to be unpleasant and there is some risk of complications. In summary: Consult a doctor immediately if you suspect you have chickenpox during pregnancy or within seven days of giving birth. If you develop chickenpox, you (and your newborn) should be checked daily. You may need an evaluation of the hospital if you have lung disease, is a smoker, or are taking a treatment that affects the immune system (such as steroids). Consult a doctor immediately if you have: a severe skin rash, a rash bleeding problems chest / breathing, drowsiness, vomiting or bleeding. You may need hospital treatment. Antiviral drugs are an option for the treatment of chickenpox, but to be of benefit, should be initiated within 24 hours of the rash appears first. Not cure the disease, but tends to make it less severe. It can help prevent the development of complications in mother and baby (described above). It is likely that you mean a detailed ultrasound 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, or five weeks after the infection has cleared up if the infection was later in pregnancy. The aim of this is to look for signs of fetal varicella syndrome.

If you develop chickenpox within seven days before or after the birth of your baby, the baby can be given immunoglobulin treatment (described above). The aim is to prevent chickenpox developing baby. Avoid other pregnant women and newborns until all the spots have crusted over (usually 5-6 days after onset of the rash). Can I be vaccinated against chickenpox? There is an effective vaccine that protects against the virus that causes chickenpox. Immunization with this vaccine is offered to health workers (doctors, nurses, etc. ) who have not had chickenpox so they are not immune and can get chickenpox. If you are not sure if you have had chickenpox, a blood test can check if you have previously had. (About 1 in 10 adults who have not had chickenpox as a child. ) Workers not immune health should consider being immunized before becoming pregnant. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also recommends varicella vaccination should be considered by all non-immune women before they become pregnant, or shortly after giving birth.

broken mouth open tongue

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14:17 V. A. rheumatoid arthritis 13:46 Cannabis in chronic pain 03. 05. 2008, 22:43 # 1 wishes all broken mouth open tongue Hello my dears, I’ve already looking under browsed and tried what I had found, namely lemon cooking with water and rinse mouth and chewed on a clove . . .

. . . . . . . . . but unfortunately it did nothing. * sniff * I am now the second week on only 7. 5 mg MTX, not like before 15mg, and yet my mouth just do not heal, no on the contrary

they have in the course of the day ignited even more (thick yellow bubbles) I very much thirst and from time to time when I drink I’m the tongue hurt anymore, I looked at it and saw that the entire left side of the tongue is open, direction tongue tip is a bubble, and on the tongue so ca . center is a 50 cent large vacancy and now my upper lip on . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . go I got the lips thick with Bepanthen creamed and yet they burst on when I’m just bit the mouth to drink on . . . . .

that can not well be AUA It is clear that weekend and tomorrow’s future in-laws of evelyn come to grill her oh woe ouch ouch has any of you still a hausmittel could help what ? ? ? you are always soooo helpful ! ! ! ! ! ! THANK YOU for ever now ! !

Monday to begin the big gum treatment, I can now cancel again, I can bite but not open correctly * sigh * but otherwise I’m fine for my relationships ! ! I’d not complain really. I wish you all a wonderful and painless erholsammen Sunday I wish you all the best, no pain and eternal combat readiness! take care of yourselves! best regards Elke Who has no courage to dream, also has no strength to fight! 03. 05.

2008, 23:05 # 2 Small sweet tooth Love Elke, I feel for you. I also constantly with red and torn mouth problems! Cuddles! Only House Mediocre is probably because, unfortunately, nothing. I voted for the mouth a cortisone / fungal ointment and a zinc ointment and mouth a cortisone flushing. At the dentist you rich my mouth and lips thick with Vaseline! Try it once a zinc ointment! Get well soon and best regards, Mimmi Beware of desiring everything you see;

to believe everything you hear; to say everything you know; do everything you can. Inscription in the Franciscan Monastery Lyon 03. 05. 2008, 23:17 # 3 tierliebe Hello Elke, unfortunately I can not you raten. Habe a geographic tongue and therefore feel for you! Get well and good Sunday Gr cat mouse

display 03. 05. 2008, 23:18 # 4 sharpie Hello Elke I can also empathize supergut It helps me best Zinksalbe . . . I am the mouth and nose. At first I thought that would be a cold but it is not. Zinc ointment soothes, so I can only recommend.

03. 05. 2008, 23:46 # 5 registered user Or zinc capsules takes Anika always. Get well. Love from Patty Diagnosis: seronegative spondylarthritis with peripheral joint Betei ending, chronic iritis, intestinal Betei ending, asthma, lymphoedema, phenprocoumon treatment, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), glaucoma, Karatakt, hypertension Daughter has only disease Bekhterev and now a juvenile idiopathic arthritis Polyarticular History 04. 05.

2008, 10:57 # 6 registered user Hello Elke, how long you take for general MTX – I had down also strong inflammation of MTX up to the neck. Could barely swallow and severe pain, also palate open. Covered only angina, but the ENT doctor said allergic reaction from MTX. For me it had to be discontinued. I would in your place me Monday equated with Rheumadoc connected. Side effects one must unfortunately often tolerate, but it should be ascertained whether there are allergic ist. – yes Sounds all not well with thee. I also use zinc ointment – is quite ok. Get well from Padost 06.

05. 2008, 06:57 # 7 registered user Hello Elke, I had the mtx always under the treatment with. mouth angle blades, un dentzuendung in gum. after which was behandlun GMIT interrupted mtx, these inflammations were gone un not dhabe get back. trial please Deoch to talk with your, maybe it would thereof. get well nadia 06. 05. 2008, 09:54 # 8

registered user Love Elke, try getting penaten very thick (with NEM Q-tip) to make it. If my mouth tear, I do it overnight and after two nights it is O. K. But with you it’s much worse, so do not know if it brings what. Wish you very doll that is quickly better. This is otherwise about something better for you, is yes times really good news, I’m happy for you and keeping my fingers crossed that it now remains the case. Many greetings from Antje Antje Hamburg is Strong, who has more dreams than reality can destroy. 06.

05. 2008, 09:59 # 9 offline Hello Elke, can it be that you vitamin (b 2- c) – have or iron deficiency? I am now the second week on only 7. 5 mg MTX, not like before 15mg, and yet my mouth just do not heal, no on the contrary they have in the course of the day ignited even more (thick yellow bubbles) to blacken the documents yellowish, then a bacterial infection has been grafted. Here then helps only a antibiotische- disinfecting ointment. get well! 06. 05.

2008, 10:37 am # 10 registered user Love Elke! Have with me, in the book “Natural Medicine Chest” Pawlak Verlag, rummaged! Here You watch: Mouth sores (aphthae) Symptoms: Inflammatory lens Large blisters on the mouth, very painful, Waterclear to pus, covered with a gray yellowish to whitish, more or less adherent coating. Reason : Viral infection, often in the wake of a gastric catarrh or Darmfäule, often with hydrochloric acid deficiency in gastric juice. Treatment: General:

As with other diseases like symptoms may occur in the mouth, must always of the physician the exact nature of the diseased ung notice. Furthermore, each treatment must also aimed at the elimination of triggering factors. the following measures are supportive sense. Local activities: The infected mucosa with myrrh tincture dab. Several times a day thorough mouthwashes with one of the following mixtures: 30 g lemon juice and 70 g of rose water or 30 g Efeublüten, 20g thyme and 30g of sage mix, pour boiling water over 2 tablespoons of the mixture with 1/4 liter of boiling water, let boil again briefly, strain, add 1 glass of white wine, leave to cool for 15 minutes, rinse mouth. Others : The occurring primarily in children, painful aphthous stomatitis as the cold sore (qv) caused by the herpes virus.

The disease lasts 1-2 weeks; it is as by douching and Pinselungen fought with chamomile extract. An old home remedy: fresh or dried blueberries chew. Lovely food lots (lot cool milk). In severe cases, the doctor administered antibiotics. If desired, I also write a report on “cold sore” It has only one heart, if it has for others. Friedrich Hebbel Vita 06. 05. 2008, 23:05 # 11 ErikaSt mucositis

Hello, I advise you also to leave you examine the doctor because you have so many probs since it can be easily overlooked something. In support, I think it is to take sensible alternative means, or if the symptoms are quite low. However, I think that even here the Doc should be asked whether this is because ok. So I advised my HA against the mucosal inflammation in the mouth to gargle with tea, namely sage leaves and Kardamonsamen each alternating daily. Also helpful is chamomile tea or a solution of Kamillosan, also in rotation with other teas. The tea should be bought at the pharmacy as it ensures only there that the plants are included with the medically active ingredients in the leaves and fruits. I had then helped the teas when I open Aphten had during MTX injections in the mouth, but not nearly as pronounced as you describe to your. Some commentators have also written by Ananssaft, but there were also critical voices who founded spoke against Ananssaft. I think if you are looking at “MTX” and “mouth”, you would have to find older issues. I wish you that you could be helped competently already. best regards heather

07. 05. 2008, 05:55 # 12 registered user Hello Elke, Unfortunately I have no “remedies” for you! However, I would have a clue what it could be!  Posted by Elke Hello my dears, . . . .

. I have very much thirst . . . . . House you up Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) can cheken? Very, very much thirst . . . . . is a sign, but does not sien, a diabetes go!

Just open wound that does not heal (want)! Las simply sober your long-term glucose levels (HbA1c) determine.  Posted by Elke . . . . . And now my upper lip goes on Have villeicht cold sores? Since it suffices most a transition to the pharmacy! There you will be helped! (Z.

B. Zuvirax, or so anyway) Get well! greeting do to Last edited by Antun (07/05/2008 at 13:49) 07. 05. 2008, 23:53 # 13 registered user The one with the torn mouth I know quite well and I’ve tried quite a bit. One should remember that there may be a fungal infection once. (Of course, must not – but it is a possibility).

In case you can not expect any success with the ointments. Nystatin or AmphoMoronal helps pretty quick. One has then a longer time to finish the treatment. 08. 05. 2008, 22:18 # 14 wishes all Hello my dears, I thank you for the many helpful info ! ! ! ! I was yesterday to blood decrease and have also asked there (and get) the values ​​you Lilly (nicely reported that thou art !

! ‘m) watch with after, although it was slightly better yesterday. this morning I get up and got her mouth barely on I stood before the mirror and did not look bad, were both mouth angle so each about 1 cm to the upper and under lip WHITE I am a qutip rod gently ran Auaaa and was on both pages this white coating / strips of skin? Disconnect, underneath was / is now raw meat, brushing teeth went so well we do not * shame-bah * my gum is coated white and can be removed in part and is also raw meat / bloody, my tongue has several white spots and in between them is also open I . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . had this afternoon when internist / cardiologist schedule for the start of the TNF treatment on Tuesday and he looked once on it and said as a mushroom has set with filters on the open and this unfortunately just at MTX or all supresiva medis often is so. I told him that it SOOOO hurts, whether I drink or eat, whether it is hot or cold, with or without carbonated ever does everything badly hurt, talking itself that hurts Now I Nystaderm-S milk, which flush 2 hub in the mouth and the mouth back and forth and swallow, to einzucremen still Multilind with Nystatin and zinc oxide to the mouth angle and lips, he hopes that helps me, but I want it to on tuesday show definitely my rheumatologist and where appropriate to me something else can write and deny whether and how long MTX is really necessary. in any case I would go in the pharmacy is still a lot fetched from your aids, so I have good substances, now I hope I wake up tomorrow and my mouth will be slightly b eater ! ! it really is a battle, but I keep fighting, I hope to, I want it soon “good” I feel the same without or with less corti, I’m frugal and looking forward about little things and so I fighting now more than ever. However, thanks to my rheumatologist who supported me love greeting and I wish you all, happy, get well soon to all who do not feel so hot and fits you on ! ! ! !

I wish you all the best, no pain and eternal combat readiness! take care of yourselves! best regards Elke Who has no courage to dream, also has no strength to fight! 08. 05. 2008, 22:45 # 15 a boarischer Schwob Hello kanns you well empathize already had very bad Aphten attacks and cracked lips. Once I had distributed 28 canker sores at once in the mouth and on the tongue, because I’d have cried so bad was that .

. . but I have taken, that was not bad * g * The one with the mouth I got with B12 injections to grips very quickly even within a few days. The canker sores recur again and again, and the only thing that helps somewhat is myrrh tincture – burns like hell, but after that you have peace for a while, and if you do it often, you can rub off the affected mucosa in thin layers which then also the inflammation disappears. . . . Good luck and I wish you heal fast! regards ak Stray – brooder – Lebeweib! Year 1979

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Still 1 week and everything goes wrong scratches in the car, herpes

Hello dear now it will take a week and so everything goes wrong, this is normal? It all started Tuesday, I got herpes and my lip just looks insanely great! Then I had also Tuesday still a fitting has collapsed in dreimel me the circuit and the seamstress then canceled the appointment, as it was too dangerous simply. Wednesday I had to go back there and it worked, fortunately. But today is just the next blast happened, I come from the dentist sit in my car and just want to drive off as increases the guy next to me in his Porsche skin his door in my car and as I watched him twitches of only his shoulders and easy drives away, madness ! ! ! Bin then this afternoon to the police, of course scratches in the car and were able to locate him, but of course, says that can not even get away and had me first on the nose bind he is lawyer and it all before with its partners in the firm has discussed and which are in his opinion. Then he wanted a comparison and I should come to the office, I think the spider I leave now first morning with us antanzen. Jetzt I gespaBekommt times to hear the first tomorrow ! ! ! !

! ! Well anyway, I’m curious what comes around tomorrow! Wish me fingers crossed that the damage is at least still regulated. U for the next week, I hope ! ! ! easy jtzt only good weather and no more mishaps [List =] [/ list] Hello Meiki, You poor! That really does not sound nice and very annoying. But if you have so much bad luck in advance, then it can only wedern good!

I press’ you fingers crossed firmly (for tomorrow and then of course for gaaaaanz lot of sun and nice moments at your wedding! ) Cheer up! best regards Desideria Hello Meiki, gaaaaaaaaaanz quiet. Clear, understand that you are super mad at the guy, so it’s probably not – hope you can some you. As for the rest: always apply cream Herpes beautiful carefully, this is almost impossible to see in a week – and the rest is makeup. I was two weeks before the wedding one week sick – flu, 40 fever, bed rest, and yet soooooo much to do. When I was through, my sweet was my turn. The civil he survived only with acetaminophen and had a bit of sleepwalking go. For Church’s went thankfully, would have been a shame otherwise. Oh yes: I have been staying on the forehead as a hyperactive sebaceous gland – which produces, when I’m under stress, then as a proper bump as big as my little finger nail.

With OP there’d ne scar, so I live about every two years with the bulge. Thrice You can guess when it was the last time active . . . . Of course I was absolutely miserable. But, you know what? At the wedding you is suddenly not care – and photos can be great retouch today sooooo! I was still beautiful – in any case, all claims ! ! So do not you Graem, the herpes can be done quite quickly gone ! ! Love Meiki,

I believe that everything must be so, otherwise it would be all too boring. Moreover, these are then in retrospect the best stories, although you could certainly easy without all the stress. So cheer up and enjoy the last week of Vorbereitungen. Ganz greetings. P. S. The guy has incidentally made a Fahrerflucht guilty. He would have to know if he is a lawyer ! ! ! ! Sure you can watch tomorrow some when it comes to the damage. Much is eaten not nearly as hot, had cooked.

Good luck. Let yourself not be intimidated by the top smart ! ! ! Och you arms, hope you can regulate the level of satisfaction with the car all . . . As a lawyer, he should know that the hit and run’s actually, or am I wrong ? ? ? ? For me it is also one more week .

. . Someday rash behind me, who was away again fortunately after two days. Have otherwise no problems with the skin and could not believe it. Yes, who knows what we still have to expect everything so the next few days . . . We should maybe start a poll, by what Wehwechen you last week to fight so . . . best regards Susanne Hello meiki,

You poor. I have the problem with herpes also. I probably owe my last appointment cosmetics. unfortunately I could not comply with the agreed schedule because in our office for the time ausnahmezustand there and I did not come away quite time. now not has dodged to my actual beautician, but a young girl that has probably been very generous. while they must have pushed me take a blackhead on a herpes bubble, I had under the lip. on all cases I had the next day a whole field full of bubbles under the lips. hab for such cases but zovirax tablets at home. have the same inserted and the next day were the bubbles away. the stupid is just that which is skin naturally hurt and need to heal a week, but that would have to be with you even ausgeh’n. you get into the pharmacy. I’ll Dürck fingers crossed that you get the quick away. Thank you!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You give me hope that everything still is good ! ! ! ! One should he think would have known what he is doing, but has so out spoken, that he looked on me yes and I said nothing because I ask myself yet, well as because even if the guy sitting in the car looks at me stupid, then so setting off a dumbass. ! ! ! ! ! On the subject of herpes again was with my beautician and sent to the pharmacy to buy me was pure balm oil, and I realize already that helps very well ! ! !

! ! Although this stuff burns like fire but it dries out the bubbles from directly, I can only recommend ! ! ! Get tomorrow is definitely again tell what out of it by car become ! ! Oh Meiki . . . . . .

Come let yourself time to hug, comfort and press firmly. So a losing streak just before the wedding is really crap, but it’ll get better. The herpes story will be up to the big day certainly as good as healed and when the balm oil helps even now, then I’m for you good things. The thing with the car’s outrageous and as has been said, this type of Fahrerflucht guilty and such one priceless behavior sorry speaks again for snobbish Porsche driver. I express fingers crossed that you can really fiddle the opinion tomorrow this guy and he let it fly loses out . . . Toi, Toi, Toi . . . If you give us about how the matter proceeds? best regards Jana

What isn a sch. . kerl? no, no, because you can really nothing more to say. let me know what came out in conversation Hello Meiki, that too I’m terribly sorry for you. One week you still have? When it comes (so you do not fully have to work or even have to organize a lot of things), but just do ne week vacation. Just relax, read n book, lay hold sun, go for a walk . . . And the Porsche driver you let your in-laws who have been doing this.

LG, Marei Meiki new wedding tyler Joined: 07/08/2006 Posts: 16 Posted: 12/08/2006 13:52 Post subject: News from my car scratches Hello my dears , thank you first of all have for your encouragement, I was at least somewhat comforted So just arrived said Porschefahrer yesterday over the car again to juxtapose! He has brought along directly times his wife an expert and his wife! His wife seemed angep times right . . .

could because they antanzen here on a Saturday but as I said I did not scratch but he and then you have to stand by it! need him much then, but everything from the Gsicht when he saw my friend he indeed knew and said directly to me that I could have say (but I do not see a way or his fault, it would have with a stranger fix ) In short, I must now then bring Monday my car to his friend in the workshop and the damage will be fixed ! ! ! So girls, it is getting better and my herpes also heals! Maybe everything is really still until next week ! ! ! ! Many greetings and thanks for your fingers crossed Meiki ! ! !

! Up Pitschy premium wedding tyler Joined: 21/03/2006 Posts: 120 Location: Drangstedt Posted: 12/08/2006 14:53 Post subject: Na siehste, then everything is gone smoothly, would indeed like the face seen by the Porsche-types when he saw your friend Make a wish nor a good week before the wedding and the herpes goes away very quickly . . . LG Peggy

Wedding is on 17/08/2006 Up Wedding fever premium wedding tyler Joined: 21/01/2006 Posts: 361 Location: Delitz Posted: 12/08/2006 16:00 Post subject: Hi Meiki, na the good news and the Porsche-type but are really seems to be in the Unsympath person. Hopefully you have a car in the workshop get again 100% down – because with the experience of the types I would be careful if he wants to repair the car in a workshop of his acquaintances. In such matters I am bitten and real pessimist. Looking forward, however, this is the herpes history already on healing and until next week to the wedding everything is back paletti

best regards Jana Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!