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After the first infection, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) is latently in the trigeminal ganglion, and can be reactivated at any time during the life of the host. Different factors such as temperature, solar radiation, sudden temperature changes or hormonal changes can cause a reactivation of the virus, which is manifested by the appearance of small blisters popularly known as cold sores. Beyond the inconvenience caused by this virus, there are several studies that a possible link between this pathogen and the development of Alzheimer’s disease arises, as in the case of a Japanese study published in January 2013 in the journal ” Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications “. Here we present some of the results of this study. Reactivation of HSV-1 in the prodromal Alzheimer’s disease In the study they were included 85 people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, 34 people with mild cognitive impairment amnestic (prodromal stage of Alzheimer’s disease) and 28 healthy people. The avidity index of IgG antibodies to HSV-1, an indicator of reactivation of HSV-1 was measured in order to determine whether there is a relationship between the reactivation and cognitive impairment. The results showed that the rate of IgG antibody avidity anti HSV-1 was higher in people with mild cognitive impairment amnestic than in the other groups included in the study. There are several studies that defined the reactivation of HSV-1 virus as a risk factor in the onset Alzheimer’s. However, this is the first study in which it was found the presence of a viral reactivation in a stage that precedes Alzheimer’s disease, more precisely at the stage of mild cognitive impairment amnestic. Importance of antiviral treatments in preventing Alzheimer’s disease The study also indicates that the rate of IgG antibody avidity anti HSV-1 could be used as a biomarker for early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment amnestic and Alzheimer’s disease. The study further emphasizes that treatment of HSV-1 could play an important role in preventing the onset of Alzheimer.

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How to treat cold sores successfully – Health News

Approximately 1 million people in Germany suffer recurrently to cold sores. It can be prevented by immediate therapeutic intervention not only the severity of these bothersome skin disease reduced, but in many cases the actual outbreak. The initial infection with the herpes simplex virus type 1, which for the cold sore (syn. Cold sores, Ekelbläschen, Gletscherbrand) is responsible, often takes place in early childhood between 3 and 5 years without symptoms. By adulthood, more than 90% of people have dealt with the virus. About 1% of adults regularly suffer from recurrent infections, always in the same place of the lip edge. Originally got the virus through droplets contact on the lips. Passing the immune defense of the stratum corneum the virus manages to penetrate into the cell nucleus and with the help of his DNA to reproduce itself. Up to 50,000 new viruses can emerge as in the cell before it sets. Curiously, it is not possible the immune system to destroy the virus permanently, as some of them may remain unassailable asymptomatic in the dorsal root ganglia of the affected nerve cell. Certain stimuli, such as stress, mechanical stress, UV radiation, Ekelempfinden febrile illnesses or through the menstrual period, the virus manages to evade the sentinels of the immune system and multiply again in the skin cells of the lip red. First, it solves characterized from a lightweight body feeling that can be perceived as a feeling of tension, tingling, swelling, or as leichtgradiger itching. If there is no therapy, stagnant water bubbles develop in the first two days are grouped on an erythematous base which are sometimes painful and drench.

Rarely, bacterial infections with additional staph bacteria that stand by honey-colored crusting. In uncomplicated cases, the crusts repel after about 10 days. The skin remains intact. The self-leveling usually Herpes can be treated with various licensed in Germany local medicines. These include, for. Example, acyclovir, lemon balm extract, zinc sulfate in the form of creams or ointments. In oral form z. B. aciclovir or valaciclovir can be used in severe cases within the first day. Numerous home remedies, such as piercing, applying toothpaste, tea tree oil and rubbing with finely ground black pepper to be tasted. Chances of success applying honey, was demonstrated the effectiveness. But the aforementioned, locally applicable and non-prescription medicines and homeopathics, in their therapeutic effects are not always reliable. What at one sufferers helps at all does not work for the other.

By Autohemotherapy can strengthen the immune system in general. A relatively new and quite effective therapeutic principle, the treatment is with a battery powered pen, the short cuts through a directional DC field the pH of the skin of the lips under 2 and can prevent the spread of the herpes virus. A dermatologist clarification of cold sores should be done in any case to secure the initial diagnosis. Not infrequently bubbles for years misunderstood around the mouth as cold sores, while it is a bacterial infection with staphylococcus. the lip skin has recovered, the kiss experience is of course nothing in the way. Other health issues: What to do with pollen allergy? Every year . . . they come, the pollen, microscopic and for the pollen-allergic often very distressing: sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, eczema, allergic asthma and accompanying . . .

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Myocarditis (myocarditis) – Causes

Myocarditis is caused primarily by viruses. However, other pathogens and drug or autoimmune responses can cause myocarditis Updated on 01/28/2015 Caution: even the heart can be drawn at a feverish infection affected PhotoAlto / RYF Myocarditis is rare mainly caused by enteroviruses, adenoviruses, parvovirus B19, herpes viruses, by cytomegalovirus virus, hepatitis C virus and HIV. The show molecular studies of heart muscle tissue, which was taken in patients with suspected myocarditis using a special catheter (myocardial biopsy). Myocarditis, however, can also be caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa and parasites. Also hypersensitivity reactions to certain drugs and autoimmune reactions play a causative role. In the latter, the defense system of the body attacks “mistakenly” endogenous structures. Finally may be caused by radiation therapy of the chest as well as certain medications and drugs myocarditis. Pathogens such as viruses, which cause a heart muscle inflammation, the immune system can often eliminate already within a short time. This is known from histological examination of biopsy-derived cardiac muscle tissue.

However, the virus does not rarely leaves a genetic information in the form of nucleic acids (viral genome) in the cardiac muscle cell. This can be maintained over long periods of time and inflammatory reactions lead to a worsening of the disease symptoms. Finally, may persist (chronic myocarditis) by an autoimmune response even after elimination of the virus is a chronic inflammation. Before with severe forms of chronic myocarditis is an antiviral or immunosuppressive therapy used, must be clarified whether a virus persistence or not.

Road Test: 10 Cheap Road professional models – FIT FOR FUN

The Road Test: Alpine passes, Cobblestone – Tour de France decides not only the best form between victory and defeat. Races are always a battle of material. Because so that drivers start rolling without waste of energy, is continually evolving. Light, stiff and comfortable are the tools the professionals be – properties that are manageable barely under one roof. But a material makes the impossible possible: Carbon! But top equipment and best technology comes at a price. Good carbon bikes are to have until 2000 euros, more than 5000 euros you have to shell out part, if you want to go in the future on a original wheel of a professional team. But do not worry, it is also considerably cheaper. In our test bike we have ten bikes with aluminum frame of the price range 1000 euros with an absolute high-end machine is compared (Specialized Tarmac SL3 6999 euros, 6. 4 kilos). Road test: good and cheap (er) Good news: Almost all road bikes are worth the money. However, the test also shows – and unsurprisingly: The beginner bikes have nowhere near the same quality frames and components facilities.

After all, the Shimano Ultegra circuit our test winner is just one step below the top group Shimano Dura Ace, which provides the 6000 Euro expensive Profirad. but particularly striking is the difference in weight: The heaviest testbike you need up to 3. 9 kilos up balancing the mountain – an extra effort of about seven percent. Whether you want to avoid this extra work with a Superbike is up to you. But in every case: The bike should fit you perfectly, so it does not again disappear at the first minor ailments in the basement. buying Advice Especially as a beginner you should buy your bike in the shop. There you can often complete a test drive – so you play it safe, that you really like the wheel and the seating position is correct. Who ordered for reasons of cost to an Internet provider, you should at least know his custom frame size and be prepared to still carry out some installation work (see our bike shipper test). For the correct frame size, first determine your stride. Given clamp standing (barefoot) a level as high as possible between the legs. Measure the distance from the top of the level to the floor. The value corresponds to your stride.

Use the formula “inseam (in cm) x 0. 66” You calculate then your frame size – at least as long as this is understood by the manufacturer as the distance between the bottom bracket and the middle of the top tube. If the frame size is given to the top edge of the seat tube, simply add 1. 5 to 2 centimeters – combined with our Road Test see so your individual dream bike. More called the trend of the new e-bikes, also pedelec, see the jump! Info for Road Test We have ordered 10 racing bikes around 1000 Euro. An experienced test crew assessed the equipment. Higher scores were on wheels, which were equipped with Shimano Ultegra and quality Alubauteilen. In addition, quality and workmanship of the frame have been checked. In practical tests each bike was driven in verscheidenen situations (such as in the mountains), and directly comparable to a professional bike from Specialized. BULLS Desert Falcon 1 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN

Price: 999 EURO CONTACT: www. bulls. de WEIGHT: 9. 2 kg (size 52) FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 6061 CIRCUIT: Shimano Ultegra; 3x FSA cranks FRAME / FORK: ••••• AMENITIES: ••••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: ••••• PLUS: Excellent features, flashy paint, top price / performance MINUS: welds not cut off the frame

Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6000 Euro; + 2. 8 kg CONCLUSION: FIT FOR FUN test winner! THE racing trumps its harmonious overall appearance, the best circuit under any test wheels, balanced driving characteristics, good components and the competitive price. CANYON Road Lite 6. 0 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 999 EURO CONTACT: www. canyon. com WEIGHT: 8,5 kg (52)

FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 7005 CIRCUIT: Shimano 105; 2-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: ••••• AMENITIES: •••• PRICE / LIES TUNG: ••••• PLUS: Lightest testbike, anodized frame, good workmanship MINUS: a switch group worse than the test winner Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6000 Euro, + 2. 1 kg CONCLUSION: The shipping Bike offers super attachments (Ritchey), a good circuit and the lowest weight in the test. Solid Sports Equipment perfect for ambitious skiers but also for beginners! QUANTEC Race Comp

Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 1099 EURO CONTACT: www. quantec-bikes. de WEIGHT: 9. 2 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 7005 CIRCUIT: Shimano 105; 2-SRAM cranks FRAME / FORK: ••••• AMENITIES: •••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: •••• PLUS: With newest switching group Anbauteiel Deda

MINUS: Wheel Decoration only glued, simple tires Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 5900 Euro, + 2. 8 kg CONCLUSIONS: All-inclusive wheel: rigid, by the straight fork extremely maneuverable and around well equipped – the only test bike with the brand new Shimano 105! We are only the paint something to dull. STEVENS Stelvio Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 1099 EURO CONTACT: www. stevensbikes. de WEIGHT: 8.

9 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 6061 CIRCUIT: Shimano 105; 3-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: •••• AMENITIES: •••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: •••• PLUS: solid equipment, beautiful overall appearance, comfort seatpost MINUS: simple saddle Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 5900 Euro, + 2. 5 kg CONCLUSION: The Stelvio is the ideal vehicle for sportive and ambitious bikers. Somewhat weaker switching group as the winner, but without any flaws – but without highlights.

CANNONDALE Caad 8 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 1099 EURO CONTACT: www. cannondale. com WEIGHT: 9. 1 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 6061-T6 CIRCUIT: Shimano 105; Cranks FSA 2-fold compactly FRAME / FORK: •••• AMENITIES: ••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: ••••

PLUS: Good frame processing and optics MINUS: simple saddle, poor brakes, tires Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 5900 Euro, + 2. 7 kg CONCLUSION: Stiff and agile frame with very good handling characteristics. However, with weakness in the equipment. We are particularly disturbs: Trains rattle in uneven ground. BERGAMONT Dolce 5. 0 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 999 EURO CONTACT: www.

bergamont. de WEIGHT: 8. 8 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 6061 CIRCUIT: Shimao 105; Winches: 3x Truvativ Elita compact FRAME / FORK: ••• AMENITIES: •••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: •••• PLUS: Very stiff frame, relatively easy MINUS: Low comfort, danger from short wheelbase Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6000 Euro, + 2.

4 kg CONCLUSIONS: Relatively easy, with good handling characteristics and components. Drawback: The short wheelbase makes the bike although maneuverable, but by grinding the toe in the curve on the front tire. TRENGA DE SLR 5. 0 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 1099 EURO CONTACT: www. trenga. de WEIGHT: 9. 0 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 7005

CIRCUIT: Shimano 105: 3-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: •••• AMENITIES: •••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: ••• PLUS: Above average frame processing, good wheels MINUS: Simple saddle, very hard and not very comfortable Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 5900 Euro, + 2. 6 kg CONCLUSION: The frame is processed very noble and expensive and has nice details (eg the saddle clamp and cable guide on the frame. ). The equipment could be better. CUBE peloton

Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 899 EURO CONTACT: www. cube. eu WEIGHT: 9. 2 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 7005 CIRCUIT: Shimano Tiagra; 3-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: •••• AMENITIES: ••• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: •••• PLUS: Successful appearance, good frame processing, Deda-carbon fork

MINUS: inferior cranks, favorable switching group Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6100 Euro, + 2. 8 kg CONCLUSION: The Road of the cube makes visually looks very impressive. The handling is good. Although low in price, but with significant weaknesses in the equipment. For absolute beginners Road. FOCUS Variado Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 899 EURO CONTACT: www. docus-bikes.

com WEIGHT: 10. 3 kg FRAME MATERIAL: aluminum 6061 CIRCUIT: Shimano Tiagra; 3-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: ••• FEATURES: •• PRICE-PERFORMANCE: •••• PLUS: frame processing, overall appearance MINUS: Supreme court with the Test, favorable switching group Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6100 Euro, + 3. 9 kg

CONCLUSION: A direct and very agile road bike. The painting catches the eye and is perfectly matched to the other components (eg. As stem and fork). However, the weight is too high. GIANT Defy 2 Klas Neidhardt / FIT FOR FUN Price: 999 EURO CONTACT: www. giant-bicycles. com WEIGHT: 9. 8 kg FRAME MATERIAL: Alu 6000

CIRCUIT: Shimano Tiagra / Sora mix; 3-way compact cranks FRAME / FORK: ••• FEATURES: • PRICE-PERFORMANCE: ••• PLUS: Comfortable frame, sanded and polished welds MINUS: Worst switching groups mix in the test, high weight Most favorable VS. PROFI-BIKE: – 6000 Euro, + 3. 4 kg CONCLUSION: Shapely frame Comfortable. Unfortunately, the greatest weakness in the test with respect to the entire equipment. Especially the brakes below the level of all other racing wheels!